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Yatsurugi no Yuki (八剣の雪, Yatsurugi no Yuki?) (Princess Yuki of the Yatsurugi Clan or simply Yuki Yatsurugi in Eorzean customs), is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV, first appearing in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. She is an important character in the Ninja questline.


Early life[]

After Doma fell to the Garlean Empire, turncoat shinobi and mercenaries plundered the Yatsurugi clan's estates. Princess Yuki tried to confront them, only to see her vassals dead trying to protect her. With her country near ruin, she vowed to bring prosperity back to her family by finding and selling the stolen treasures.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Princess Yuki prepares to fight.

The Warrior of Light and Oboro Torioi met Yuki and her retainer, Akagi, in shortly after she dispatched the bandits who had cornered both her.[1] Yuki refused Oboro's offer of help, insisting that the shinobi of Doma had stolen her family's treasures. She left, but Akagi lingered, asking the Warrior of Light to assist them anyway, as Yuki deserved to see the value in asking for help.

To locate the last two treasures, Yuki tried to infiltrate a Salthound stronghold alone to steal black market records. Akagi, Oboro, and the Warrior of Light created a distraction to help her. Though frustrated they insisted on helping her, Yuki learned who had bought the jade jewel and stole it back, but ended up being chased by the guards. The Warrior of Light pursued and found Yuki cornered by an unfamiliar adversary in the Salt Strands. He revealed himself as Redway, a young shinobi who coveted the Yatsurugi's family treasures. As Oboro and Akagi rejoined the Warrior of Light, Redway made his escape. Yuki refused to show any sign of appreciation, but followed the lead Oboro gave Akagi about the Truehounds' next plan.

She discovered that the Truehounds were preparing to auction her last artifact: the Midare Kanemitsu dagger. Yuki proclaimed she needed no further assistance, explaining that she was traumatized by her previous vassals giving their lives to protect her when Doma was invaded. After Akagi threatened to kill himself to become another body fallen for Yuki's name, she conceded to Oboro's help, though demanded no one try to give their life for her.

Once the dagger was sold, Yuki and the Warrior of Light purchased lavender incense from Kyokyoroon in Limsa Lominsa to knock the pirates out when they would smoke their pluto. As they shopped, Yuki saw newly arriving Yatsurugi vassals, which enraged her.

In Fisherman's Bottom, the Warrior of Light switched the pluto for the incense. The party stowed away on the Truehounds' ship, arriving in the Dravanian Forelands where the buyer was. As they searched the crates for the dagger, Akagi was wounded by lingering guards while Yuki located the dagger. Redway appeared, holding the four hostage as his crew slowly woke back up. Akagi offered to give himself as ransom, but Yuki stepped forward and allows herself to be taken.

Oboro planned to get himself captured, to throw Redway (who insisted that he was a true shinobi and that Oboro was a failure) off their rescue mission. In Western La Noscea on the open sea, Akagi and the Warrior of Light saved Oboro and Yuki, her vassals, and the dagger. Captain Rosalinde, the Truehounds' leader, killed Redway for failing her expectations, and attacked the group. After her defeat, Yuki and the others returned to shore.

Yuki and her vassals could finally return and rebuild their country. Before leaving, Yuki promised to send a formal note of thanks to the village of Oboro, who despaired as he realized his cover as "training in Eorzea" may be blown.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

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Yuki is a pink-haired Raen Au Ra with white scales and a short bob cut. Her eyes are a hazel brown with matching gold limbal rings. She wears a red Rainbow Shirt of Scouting, Halfgloves of the Divine Harvest, black-colored Lord's Drawers, and Saurian Boots of Striking. In combat, she wields a pair of Ohoji Kai.


Yuki tries to act cold and aloof to match what she believes to be her clan's expectations of her as princess. She carries trauma from seeing her vassals give their lives to protect her, and becomes agitated and hostile to anyone who suggests their life is worth less than her safety. When she is able to relax, she reveals herself to be a friendly person, though is quick to criticize herself when she makes a mistake. She does not do well in common markets, as she becomes overwhelmed by all the options in Hawker's Alley.


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Yuki (雪) is a common given name in Japan, meaning "snow". It can be given to both men and women. Yatsurugi (八剣) means "eight swords" in Japanese.