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Yuffie Kisaragi is the playable character in "Episode INTERmission" of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. She wields a shuriken as her weapon that can be used in both ranged and melee combat. Her main strengths are in versatility and evasiveness, able not only to change between physical and ranged attacks using Throw, but to change the elemental affinity of her attack on a whim. Yuffie's stats are also perfectly balanced, allowing her to play to any role desired, and though her HP is a little lackluster, her skills include the ability to dodge many powerful attacks with ease.

Yuffie is the only playable character in "Episode INTERmission". During "Wutai's Finest", she can partake in odd jobs and play the Fort Condor minigame. In "Covert Ops", Yuffie teams up with Sonon Kusakabe, becoming able to synchronize their attacks together with when synergized. In this chapter, she can also play the Shinra Box Buster minigame.

If Yuffie is transformed into a toad, she appears as a green toad with a headband, her protective gauntlet, and a miniature 4-point shuriken on her back. She can still synergize with Sonon while in this form.


Yuffie's default stats.

Yuffie can attack both in close-range and long-ranged and has balanced stats, good for both magical and physical combat. Yuffie's main strength lies in her versatility, allowing her to easily switch between different damage-dealing roles at any given point during battle. Her mobility and evasiveness rivals, if not surpasses Tifa's, as while she has relatively low durability, she can easily kite around and avoid many enemy attacks. She excels in dealing damage from afar and to hard-to-reach parts of enemies, and can imbue her weapon with any type of elemental damage without having to rely on the Elemental Materia Elemental Materia.

Yuffie's main mechanic is her unique ability, Throw. By default, Yuffie uses her shuriken for melee physical attacks, but with Throw, Yuffie's weapon is thrown towards and sticks to an enemy, dealing continual passive damage for around 10 seconds (longer with certain weapon upgrades); while the weapon is on an enemy, Yuffie's normal attack becomes ninjutsu and deals ranged magical damage, and Yuffie can "detonate" her weapon on the enemy with Windstorm for a powerful physical Wind-elemental blow. Elemental Ninjutsu allows her to change the element of her ranged attacks during Throw, and some of her abilities. Art of War boosts the damage Yuffie can deal with her ninjutsu by 30%.

Throw is also used for movement. When her weapon is thrown, Triangle becomes Retrieve, in which she can recall the weapon early by leaping towards it. This allows her to move quickly between enemies, as she can throw and retrieve her weapon right away to close distance to an enemy and deal damage by double-tapping Triangle. This also allows her to continuously attack enemies in mid-air, by throwing and retrieving her Shuriken while juggling them, specially when she has the fastest aerial speed in the game. A simple combo to infinitely juggle opponents is Triangle, Triangle, Square,Square,Square and repeat.

When her weapon is on an enemy after throwing, the player can also hold Square to retrieve it instead of using Triangle (which makes Yuffie lunge forward) to perform an attack reminiscent of Landscaper, which pulls lighter enemies towards her while retrieving her weapon. Holding Square while wielding the shuriken will instead make her jump backwards and unleash a small explosion that deals Wind Elemental damage.

Yuffie has a native Precision Guard mechanic that avoids all damage if the player guards within a perfect window. Not all enemy abilities can be precisely guarded against, and Yuffie must have a hold of her weapon to be able to guard. Precision-guarding an enemy's attack may put them into Pressured state, and Yuffie has some weapon passives that grants buffs when she precision-guards.

Throughout most of "Episode INTERmission", Yuffie is paired with Sonon Kusakabe. By synergizing, Yuffie unlocks powerful versions of many of her abilities, at the cost of a slower ATB buildup for both during synergy.


Level EXP HP MP Strength Magic Vitality Spirit Luck Speed SP Weapon Level +


Yuffie wields shuriken, though can still attack with a magical attack when her weapon is thrown to an enemy. Yuffie's normal attacks use either her Strength stat when her weapon is not thrown, or her Magic stat when her weapon is thrown. The main choice between her weapons comes down to the unique abilities they unlock when leveled up.


Yuffie's default shuriken is the File:4-Point Shuriken from FFVII Remake icon.png 4-Point Shuriken, which has balanced stats and is her fastest weapon if the player is good at performing precision guards. Her File:Boomerang from FFVII Remake icon.png Boomerang favors her Magic stat and teaches the Brumal Form ability, which allows Yuffie to perform a dodge, even in mid-air, and regenerates most of the ATB spent if an attack is successfully dodged.

Yuffie's File:Steel Reaper from FFVII Remake icon.png Steel Reaper favors her Attack stat and its unlocked abilities further improve Yuffie's physical attacks. It teaches Banishment, which deals more damage the more ATB gauges Yuffie has used in battle before casting it. File:Cacstar from FFVII Remake icon.png Cacstar is a DLC weapon with good stats. It is Yuffie's most powerful weapon, and its upgrades greatly increase the rate of and empower her critical hits.


Yuffie's abilities vary greatly, but play into her versatility as a damage dealer and also her evasiveness. Though her abilities are each widely different in function, they each play a different situational purpose, and are loosely connected to play well together. Many also play into her Throw ability, and as such, switch between ranged and melee attacks depending on the need.

Yuffie's Elemental Ninjutsu, Windstorm, and Banishment all play into a magic damage role. Elemental Ninjutsu allows her to imbue her ranged attacks during Throw with a certain element, and will also change the element of her Banishment attack. Banishment is a single magic blast with great area of effect, that deals more damage the more ATB Yuffie has spent in battle. This incentivizes Yuffie to use other abilities to charge it to a full Banishment III, and to use Elemental Ninjutsu to target any elemental weakness her enemy has. Windstorm is an area-of-effect Wind Wind-based attack that hits wherever her weapon is at the moment; it can blast enemies at a distance when her shuriken is thrown, or it can pull enemies toward her during melee combat.


Art of War is a melee range multi-hitting physical attack on a single enemy that causes the enemy to take increased ninjutsu damage after use. While it is unremarkable on its own, it can be effective when setting up a stronger attack, and is also especially powered in its synergized form. Brumal Form allows Yuffie to evade almost any attack when timed right, and will recover ATB upon successfully dodging an attack. As well as being crucial to evade some powerful abilities from foes, it is also a great way to build ATB for Yuffie's other abilities. Yuffie's last ability, Cactuar Caper, learned from the DLC weapon Cacstar, is similar to Throw, but attacks multiple targets rather than sticking to just one, and can deal great damage but also leave Yuffie vulnerable.

As well as her core abilities, Yuffie learns Mug from the Thievery weapon passive, allowing her to specialize in thieving. When synergized with Sonon, she unlocks Synergized Art of War and Synergized Windstorm, where the former can deal heavy physical damage to enemies, and the latter can deal heavy wind-based elemental damage and also increases stagger bonus damage. The Summoning Materia Summoning Materia available in INTERmission are the free DLC summons Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle, and Cactuar, as well as Ramuh whom Yuffie must best in Chadley's VR Missions.


Yuffie joins the party with Steal Materia Steal Materia, Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia, Healing Materia Healing Materia, Parry Materia Parry Materia, and Assess Materia Assess Materia. These are at level 1 aside from the healing materia, meaning she starts with no offensive spells. The player can get new materia from finding them as treasure, as rewards from odd jobs and minigames, and from buying from vending machines and shops. Her Summoning Materia Summoning Materia is Ramuh, scored from Chadley's VR Mission in Sector 7 Slums.

Yuffie has two animations for Deadly Dodge Materia Deadly Dodge Materia, depending on whether she is holding her weapon. While wielding it, she spins sideways with her weapon, covering large range around her; despite the range the angle which she uses is less optimal for crowd control, unlike Cloud's. While not wielding her weapon (after using Throw), Yuffie will cast a ninjutsu that creates spinning blades around her that persist for around two seconds; this ability has high crowd control potential, specially if she is surrounded. This makes very versatile when using Deadly Dodge, giving more options for crowd-control when surrounded by enemies.

Despite the fact Yuffie can imbue her attacks with elemental damage through Elemental Ninjutsu, she still benefits from the Elemental Materia Elemental Materia. That's because Elemental Ninjutsu will only affect her ninjutsu attacks, and her Banishment ability, while elemental materia will add damage of the paired element to all of her physical attacks and abilities, besides spells and ninjutsu attacks.

In order to maximize the potential of both Yuffie and Sonon, the ATB Assist Materia ATB Assist Materia is key to enable them. Since Sonon has a naturally slow ATB build-up, having this materia equipped on Yuffie remedies this issue.


Yuffie and Sonon synergize their attacks from FFVIIR INTERmission.png

Synergized has Yuffie and Sonon combine their strengths at the cost of ATB filling slower. To synergize, both Yuffie and Sonon need to be in the party and both party members must be alive. When synergized, Yuffie and Sonon focus on the same opponent and Sonon will match Yuffie's damage type (physical weapon strikes or magical ninjutsu). The pair can use Synergized Art of War, Synergized Windstorm, Ninja Cannonball, and (with Sonon's Marshalist's Staff sufficiently upgraded), synergized limit break. Being synergized has many benefits outside of the specific compatible abilities. The pair is not as easily interrupted and recover from being knocked down faster (Sonon catches Yuffie, which can negate follow-up damage). The pair can double up their magical ninjutsu skills, which is especially good for staggering some enemies with an elemental weakness. Simply attacking a Pressured enemy when synergized can stagger them fast. Precision-guarding while synergized causes Sonon to counterattack Twirling Lunge with no ATB cost.

Limit breaks[]

Yuffies limit break stance from FFVIIR INTERmission.png

Yuffie's limit break is Bloodbath, which hits the enemy with a barrage of attacks. She and Sonon can gain the ability to synchronize their limit breaks with a weapon upgrade from Sonon's File:Marshalist's Staff from FFVII Remake icon Marshalist's Staff.


Yuffie is playable in Episode INTERmission. In chapter 1, "Wutai's Finest", she is mostly alone, but in chapter 2, "Covert Ops", she is joined by Sonon, and gains the ability to synchronize her attacks with his.