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Yu Hayakawa is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. At twelve years of age their parents, the geologists Joe Hayakawa and Mary Hayakawa, left their island home of Sadoshima in Japan for their second trip to Wonderland. He is one of a set of twins, with his sister Ai Hayakawa a little older.

Yu is the more impulsive of the pair, and the more trusting, as seen in his attempts to befriend Kaze. Early in the series he finds a hair clip with a chocobo feather. and by wearing this he can feel the emotions and desires of the chocobos he encounters.

His name is written Roman letters in an episode and in Japanese materials as "Yuh".[1]


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Twelve years before the main setting of Final Fantasy Unlimited, Yu and Ai were a part of Chaos, but split from the main body for unknown reasons. When Joe and Mary Hayakawa, who had recently lost an unborn child, found the twins still in the form of babies, they took them in and raised them as their own children without knowledge of their origins in Wonderland. After his parents left from Wonderland for the second time, Yu took charge of most of the household tasks, such as cleaning. Some time after that Ai convinced him to follow their parents into Wonderland with her.

Soon after boarding the train to Wonderland, Yu and Ai discovered Lisa Pacifist following them, and though Ai was initially distrustful, Yu attempted to befriend her. After arriving at their first destination, Yu discovers Kaze while chasing a chocobo. Though initially shocked by Kaze's strength, Yu attempts to befriend him, even leading them aboard the train just before it departs while Kaze is in a daze from his memories. While at their first stop, Yu discovers a chocobo, which he later names Chobi, and a hair clip that allows him to feel the emotions of chocobos. Using his new found power, and his love of animals, Yu befriends Chobi who then accompanies him for the majority of their journey. It is rare to see the pair separate after this encounter.

After traveling with Lisa and Ai for some time, and eventually helping to submarine crew of Jane, he is separated from the rest and winds up inside Earl Tyrant's fortress, Gaudium. He discovers that his parents are being controlled by Herba, one of Earl Tyrant's lords. After escaping with the help of Chobi, Yu becomes sullen and silent, not understanding the nature of his parents' imprisonment, believing they have forgotten about him, and serve Earl Tyrant of their own free will.

Yu, Ai, Kaze, Makenshi and Lisa are captured by Earl Tyrant, and the twins' nature as part of Chaos is revealed. After they shake off their initial despair after learning of the truth behind their parents' capture, the twins call out to Kaze, allowing him to destroy Chaos with the Magun.

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Musical theme[]

Yu has his own theme, "Yu's Theme" (ユウのテーマ, Yū no Tēma?). It evokes Yu's kind but naive personality. Composed by Shirō Hamaguchi, it is the fourth track in Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Music Adventure Verse 1.

Behind the scenes[]

Illustrations during early production show Yu fighting with a sword.



is Japanese for courage. It also evokes the English "you", matching with his twin Ai ("I").


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