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Better known as Iceheart, Ysayle stands as leader of the heretics—those who have pledged their allegiance to the dragons. Denouncing the teachings of the Holy See, she means to put an end to the Dragonsong War.

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Ysayle Dangoulain is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. Also known as Lady Iceheart (氷の巫女, Kōri no Miko?, lit. Shrine Maiden of Ice), she leads the heretics—those who have pledged their allegiance to the dragons. Denouncing the teachings of the Holy See, she means to end the Dragonsong War. Like the adventurer, she is one of Hydaelyn's chosen.


Final Fantasy XIV[]

Ysayle manifested the Echo at young age. While frightened of seeing visions of a woman and dragons, the Seventh Umbral Era buried her hometown of Falcon's Nest and Ysayle's people sought refuge in Ishgard. They were turned down and everyone Ysayle knew and loved died in an avalanche. She went to Dravania where she met the dragon from her visions, Hraesvelgr, before meeting Marcechamp and making her home in Tailfeather.

Ysayle learned of the nature of her visions as she resolved to restore the peace between her people and the dragons so no child would suffer as she did. Under the name of Lady Iceheart, she gained a following of heretics dedicated to Saint Shiva that became active throughout Coerthas during the Seventh Astral Era.

Ysayle inside the Snowcloak.

While rarely appearing, Ysayle makes her presence known when she has the heretics waylaid shipments of crystals, with Alphinaud Leveilleur learning her plan to summon Saint Shiva as a primal, and alerts the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. With the new crisis, the Scions and Crystal Braves join the Temple Knights in infiltrating the Harriers den around Snowcloak.

After scouting through a treacherous tunnel leading through the glacier, the Warrior of Light encounters Ysayle near an aetheryte crystal. Introducing herself, she states her intention to end the Dragonsong War and questions the Warrior's resolve of allowing the bloodshed continue. Before she teleports away, she declares what the heretics are doing is for the greater good of Eorzea. Further pursuit is halted as she seemingly disabled her destination aetheryte.

You should never have come here, Warrior of Light. I labor only to forge a lasting peace. A peace you would deny us out of ignorance and blind faith. No matter. If it is our fate to be at odds, then it is mine to strike you down.


With the aid of an expert from Sharlayan named Moenbryda, an experimental teleport using white auracite is used to trace Ysayle to the Akh Afah Amphitheatre. Believing she is summoning Saint Shiva's spirit, Ysayle transforms into the primal Shiva. After forced back to her original form, Ysayle condemns the Warrior of Light as a blind fool like those in Ishgard. She asks the Warrior seek out the Keeper of the Lake and to not "squander Mother's gift". As she fades into a portal, she recites the words of the Mother crystal: "Hear... Feel... Think..."

You fight in a war you do not understand—a pawn of liars and schemers. And they are no less ignorant than you! Following the creed of their fathers without question, never thinking to ask why. Trapped in a delusion of their own creation and blind to the truth.

Iceheart to the adventurer

Ysayle reappears when she and her harriers break the outermost ward of Daniffen's Collar at the Gates of Judgement, right as the Dravanian Horde mobilizes under Nidhogg's roar. This enables Nidhogg's champion, the great dragon Vishap, to launch an attack on the Steps of Faith in an attempt to disable the remaining wards. After Vishap is slain by the Warrior of Light and the main host is driven off, Estinien vows to hunt her down.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

I will make this right. I am neither a saint nor a savior—just another sinner. Yet I will not forsake this cause. I cannot. I will see this cycle broken and peace restored. I... We can do naught else, for we are now as one...


Ysayle confronts the Warrior of Light at Coerthas Western Highlands and Midgardsormr appears before her, much to her surprise. He tells her that while their goals are the same, their paths are different, and reveals he knows she possesses the echo. She regrets the loss of innocent life in her last attack, having underestimated the rancor in the hearts of the dragons. Ysayle explains the story of the Dragonsong War to the Warrior of Light and why she wants to end it before taking her leave.

Ysayle later encounters the Warrior, Alphinaud, and Estinien in the Cinders after they light a heretic signaling fire, intending to draw her out. Curious, she listens to Alphinaud's plan: to travel in hope of trying to resolve the matters between Ishgard and Dravania peacefully. Ysayle reveals the story of Saint Shiva and Hraesvelgr and two-hundred long peace that was broken by King Thordan, and that Nidhogg's stolen eye is the cause of the war. Estinien reveals to her the true reason not being just his eye, and Ysayle agrees to take them to Churning Mists where Hraesvelgr has sequestered himself.

Finding their path blocked until the voracious Gnath and their primal god, Ravana, are dealt with, Ysayle accompanies the Warrior of Light and challenges him to a duel to have him order the Gnath to halt their campaign. When Ravana accepts, Ysayle assumes her primal form to engage him in combat. She overestimates her strength and is defeated. Though the Warrior of Light is victorious, her confidence is shaken. The party heads to Sohm Al, regrettably being forced to kill Nidhogg's mate Tioman along the way.

Arriving in the Churning Mists, they find Hraesvelgr who refuses to aid them as Nidhogg's fury will never be sated until every Ishgardian is either dead or converted into a dragon. Though Ysayle attempts to persuade Hraesvelgr by claiming that she is the soul of Shiva reborn, Hraesvelgr laughs off her delusion and reveals the "Shiva" whose form she assumed was nothing more than "a deity of [her] own making." This shatters Ysayle's faith, and she remains behind while the Warrior of Light and Estinien travel to The Aery to confront Nidhogg.

After defeating Nidhogg, the party returns to Hraesvelgr with Ysayle learning the dragon gave his eye to his brother to have his war. Wrecked by this further betrayal, and unable to understand Hraesvelgr's emotions on the subject, Ysayle condemns the dragon for his actions before he orders her to leave while the influence of Shiva's soul allows him to show mercy. Accompanying the Warrior of Light to Ishgard, Ysayle talks the heretics into falling back by revealing Nidhogg's death and the time for the peace they fought for has come. Though the knights of Ishgard attempt to arrest her as she leaves, they are stopped by Estinien and Lord Haurchefant.

O goddess born of mine own hopes and dreams. For the last time, I beseech You! Fill this vessel with Your light! Still the hatred within our hearts and bless us with eternal grace!

Ysayle beckons Shiva for the last time.

Ysayle's last moment.

Later, the Warrior of Light and company attempt to breach the barrier surrounding Azys Lla. Having made her peace with Hraesvelgr before he is alerted by Estinien's use of the Eye of Nidhogg, Ysayle rides on the greatwyrm's back to aid the Enterprise when it comes under assault by the Garlean airship Gration. Intent to atone for spilling blood in the name of a "false cause", Ysayle jumps off Hraesvelgr and transforms into Shiva a final time to assault the Gration with Hraesvelgr's dragons as her support. Though she disables the Garlean airship enough for them to stop their pursuit of the Enterprise while her aides are destroyed, Ysayle is blasted out of the sky by cannonfire and falls while reverting to her original form. Dying, she breaks up into a luminous, blue aether that spills into the heavens.

When the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud attempt to wrest the eyes of Nidhogg from the armor of Estinien to separate him from the wyrm, a noncorporeal being in the form of Ysayle lays their hand upon Alphinaud's own. The eyes are removed from the armor, presumably with the aid of Ysayle and Haurchefant, before they are then cast into the abyss beneath the Steps of Faith.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

As Shiva, the soul of Ysayle protects the Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn (which Estinien has since joined) from Amon the Undying's Curtaincall spell in The Aitiascope.

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Ysayle is an Elezen woman with pale skin, long flowing gray hair, icy blue eyes, and pale blue lips. Unlike the other heretics, she wears a blue jacket with a skirt.


Ysayle is devoted to her cause in ending the Dragonsong War, going so far as to take the lives of innocents for her goal. Although she is fervent on her ways she is not afraid to learn the truth.

Though Ysayle at first appears to be the zealous leader of the Ishgardian Heretics that the Holy See branded her as, she only desires to end the Dragonsong War and unite dragon and man in peace. While she hates the orthodox leadership for propagating a lie on the origins of the war, Ysayle never wanted Ishgard's total destruction as Nidhogg did, only for the truth to be revealed and peace be restored. Her role as the leader of the Heretics shrouds a lonely soul, as after losing her family and people in an avalanche, Ysayle desired only for the warmth of companionship.

As an idealist for peace and for Ishgard to answer for their crimes against dragonkind, Ysayle often gets into arguments with those who prefer to make war upon their foes. As such, she quarrels bitterly with Estinien Wyrmblood. However, over time, the two come to an understanding after learning the full truth of the Dragonsong War.

Originally, Ysayle possessed a deep faith in Saint Shiva, revering her for her sacrifice in bringing peace between Man and Dragon. Even after her faith is shattered, Ysayle believes that man and dragon can live in peace again.


Triple Triad[]

Lyse Card
File:Ysyale Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 77
Total stats 21
Type None
Description "We whom gods and men have forsaken shall be the instruments of our own deliverance!"
Obtain Won from Marcechamp, The Dravanian Forelands (31, 23).

Behind the scenes[]


Ysayle is voiced by Salli Saffioti in the English version. Since the release of the English version of Heavensward, Ysayle is voiced by Siobhan Hewlett.

She is voiced by Maaya Uchida in the Japanese version. She shares all of her voice actors with her Shiva incarnation.

Musical themes[]

"Footsteps in the Snow" is a prominent theme that plays whenever Ysayle assumes her Shiva form and played during the first phase of the boss battle. The song is reused in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward during Ysayle's battle against the Garlean Airship. Her boss theme as Shiva is Oblivion.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Ysayle.png

Known as Lady Iceheart, Ysayle leads a group of heretics who oppose Ishgard. She possesses the Echo, and can summon Shiva to use her body as a vessel.

Character profile

Ysayle is a playable character who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event The Dragonsong War - Dreams of Ice as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Thok ast Thok stage on Classic difficulty.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Ysayle appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Ice-elemental Backup cards.

Triple Triad[]

Ysayle appears as a Normal Mode card in Triple Triad in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.



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