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Yoyobina is a non-player character in original Final Fantasy XIV. He appeared during Ul'dah's main story and during the gladiator questline.


When Momodi suggests that the adventurer visit the Coliseum, Yoyobina introduces the location and introduces him to Greinfarr.[1]

Later when the adventurer joins the Gladiators' Guild, the adventurer meets Yoyobina in Gridania asking J'moldva to return to the Coliseum. Through a flashback of the echo, the adventurer discovers that due to J'moldva losing to Greinfarr in the finals of a turner at the Coliseum, the public's fury got out of hand and the Ala Mhigans considered her a traitor.[2] Trying to avoid a worse future scenario, Yoyobina acts as the coliseum's messenger and announces that the Coliseum will waive all fees for future Ala Mhigan gladiators.[3]




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