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The Youth League Headquarters is a location in Final Fantasy X-2 situated atop the Mushroom Rock Road at the ruins of the machina cannon that was destroyed by Sin in Final Fantasy X. It is the base of operations of the Youth League faction helmed by Nooj, who makes his residence at the HQ.


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Following the Eternal Calm, the Youth League built their base of operations at the summit. The Gullwings can visit the headquarters after finishing the gauntlet. They meet Lucil and talk to Maechen who will regale a lengthy story to the party. He shakes Yuna's hands afterwards, and becomes uncharacteristically flustered. If the Gullwings side with the Youth League over the awesome sphere debacle, they can access the headquarters any time, but if they side with New Yevon, they are denied access. After the Gullwings complete the tournament held by Youth League, Lucil holds a speech about Spira's future as everyone applauds.

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Musical themes[]

The theme that plays at the headquarters is "The Youth League". It is the 20th track on the first disc of the original soundtrack.


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