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The Youth League is an organization in Final Fantasy X-2 formed by the Crusaders. Originally founded at the onset of the Eternal Calm to research Spira's history and uncover its secrets hidden in spheres, it became increasingly known as a hot-headed bunch of ruffians who only wanted to start a fight; preferably with their political opponents, the New Yevon faction. The faction's main camp is based at the Mushroom Rock Road. A new base is being built at Kilika Port. Though it is eventually completed, it is unclear if it sees much use, due to the group's dissolution.

The primary tent in the Youth League Headquarters seems to have been built upon the ruins of the machina gun used during the ill-fated Operation Mi'ihen.


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Nooj on the balcony of the Youth League Headquarters.

The Youth League was formed by a former Crusader, Nooj. Its main goal is collecting sphere recordings of Spira's history and share them with the world. This goal is what drives the Youth League to clash with the New Yevon Party who have been storing spheres of Spira's history without revealing their contents. The way the two organizations function often lead to domestic displays of violence.

After the so called 'awesome sphere' has been uncovered, the Youth League and the New Yevon fight over it. The Gullwings, a sphere hunting group, swipes it first, and it is up Yuna to decide to which faction to give it. If the Gullwings give the sphere to the Youth League, they gain their allegiance but if they give the sphere to New Yevon, the Youth League brands them as their enemy and they cannot access their headquarters. The rift between the factions grows deeper as Nooj and Baralai—the Praetor of New Yevon—go missing, until Yuna's "1000 Words" concert allows the people to see the pointlessness of strife and the war hatchets are buried. When Nooj, Baralai and Gippal return, they hold a speech in Luca announcing their intent to continue working together for the future of Spira.

By the time of Last Mission, the Youth League has split up. New Yevon is said to be heading same way.

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Notable members[]

  • Nooj: The leader of the group who has taken the title of Meyvn.
  • Lucil: Former Captain of the Djose Chocobo Knights, Lucil has become a high-ranking officer in the League.
  • Elma: Former Lieutenant from the Chocobo Knights, she followed Lucil into joining the Youth League.
  • Clasko: Former Lieutenant from the Chocobo Knights, he followed Lucil into joining the Youth League.
  • Dona: Former summoner. She is concerned as her lover Barthello has joined New Yevon.
  • Maroda: Former guardian of his summoner elder brother Isaaru.