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Yorcia Weald is an area in Final Fantasy XI.


Situated above the Cirdas Caverns, Yorcia Weald flourishes with a cornucopia of ancient vegetation that remains fundamentally unchanged since before the time of the founder king.

While the Battlegrounds and Hunting Grounds each contain dense groves of verdant trees, those of Yorcia Weald grow so close together that their collective canopy keeps the forest floor shrouded in darkness.

This atmosphere proves to be an ideal breeding ground for a vast array of menacing wildlife, perverted by the poisons that endlessly seep from the caverns below. This climate is particularly kind to plantoids, as they can be seen swishing through breaks in the trees throughout the weald.

Connected Areas[]


Notorious Monsters[]


"Water's Umbral Knell"

"Water's Umbral Knell" plays in Yorcia Weald.


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