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All's well that ends well-ethy.


Yoran-Oran is a non-playable Tarutaru character in Final Fantasy XI. He is the former minister of the Federation of Windurst's Rhinostery, an organization focused on the study of plants. He prefers a scientific approach to problems and pursues data where others might draw hasty conclusions. He is known for appending "-ethy" to arbitrary words when he speaks and has a tendency to faint when stressed.


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Yoran-Oran assumed leadership of the Rhinostery prior to the Crystal War when the previous minister, Iru-Kuiru, was banished. As a person more interested in books than combat, his greatest challenge during the war was returning a lost romance novel to the library.

Before the fall of Tavnazia Yoran-Oran was summoned there to appraise a rare statue. He analyzed traces of dirt on the recently-excavated artifact and determined that it had come from the sea north of Jeuno. There was also evidence of Gustaberg soil on it, however, which Yoran-Oran could not explain. He never suspected the relic's actual connection to Al'Taieu.

In the peaceful years following the war, Yoran-Oran leaves the Rhinostery to Rukususu and retires to a manor in Windurst Walls. He spends much of his time researching Mandragoras and advertises his willingness to buy anything adventurers might find on the plantoids. He subsequently receives a rudely composed letter that had been attached to one of the critters in the Boyahda Tree. Yoran-Oran realizes that it is a call for help from Zonpa-Zippa, a colleague believed to have died during the Crystal War. He delivers the missive to Apururu, the author's daughter, and leaves her to investigate its accuracy.

Yoran-Oran is called to Heaven's Tower with fellow retired ministers Koru-Moru and Shantotto when the baby star trees there begin to deteriorate. Citing reports of problems with Sarutabaruta's water, Yoran-Oran hypothesizes that low magic levels in the irrigation are the source of their troubles. The other professors ignore him, however, preferring their own notions about soil and light. All three therefore implement separate solutions but none manage to improve the situation.

Yoran-Oran suggests that they begin taking the issue seriously by searching past events for the origin of the problem. Koru-Moru proposes that the trees are holding a grudge over a bag of seeds he had stolen while Shantotto muses that an abandoned magical doll might have cursed the lot of them. Both concepts are soon discounted and Yoran-Oran expresses disappointment in the unscientific proposals of his partners.

After reviewing other research into the health of the Great Star Tree, Yoran-Oran and his colleagues order the Toraimarai Canal searched for any source of trouble. This provides evidence that magical stagnation under Windurst is responsible for the decline of the star trees. It also locates an anomaly which is revealed to be a bud of the Great Star Tree itself. Koru-Moru and Shantotto are disappointed and bored by this discovery but Yoran-Oran is elated. His excitement is tempered, however, when he considers how weak and imperiled the star tree would have to be before it would attempt such an extension.

Chains of Promathia[]

Yoran-Oran fears his reputation is ruined when the Chebukki Siblings storm into his home and accuse him of being their long-lost father. The fact that he had once journeyed to their birthplace, Tavnazia, makes their story seem plausible to onlookers. Yoran-Oran resolves to use a Mimeo Mirror to display his memories of the time and restore his good name. The siblings rapidly lose interest in him, they believe their father would have more money, and move on before he can assemble a functioning mirror.

Still flustered from the previous intrusion, Yoran-Oran is more shocked when Sin Hunter Shikaree Y and a pair of lackeys barge into his manor. They demand that he surrender magicite which he does not have and draw bows against him. Prishe arrives to prevent Yoran-Oran from being shot but the trackers turn their weapons on her instead. Finally Shantotto enters and compels the hunters to stand down. Yoran-Oran watches as Prishe demonstrates her inability to hand over the magicite and thereby convinces Shikaree Y to change her tactics. He is then relieved to see his uninvited guests depart as quickly as they had arrived.

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