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Yonin is a level 40 Job Ability for Ninjas in Final Fantasy XI. it cannot be used with Ninja as a support job.

It increases enmity generation and enhances the "Ninja Tool Expertise" effect, but impairs accuracy. Enmity increase is approximately +30, decaying to +10 over the duration. Accuracy penalty is approximately -30, decaying to -5 over the duration. Improves evasion and reduces enemy's Critical Hit Rate when the user is in front of target. It lasts for 5 minutes and can be recast in 5 minutes. It shares its timer with Innin, so only one can be used every five minutes. Yonin wears off when the player changes areas and it can be dispelled.

  • The 'Ninja Tool Expertise' Effect of Yonin might be 25%, but more testing is needed.

This job ability was added in a 2009 version update. As players' levels get higher, jobs like Dragoon and Samurai begin to generate much greater enmity, impairing a Ninja's ability to tank. Yonin causes every action the Ninja takes to generate more enmity, causing enemies to be more likely to focus their attacks on the Ninja. It improves the Ninja's evasion, making it easier to dodge attacks and maintain Utsusemi shadows longer, and it reduces the enemy's critical hit rate, aiding the Ninja's survival. It also enhances (and even grants, if the Ninja has not yet obtained it) the Ninja Tool Expertise job trait, causing Ninjutsu to sometimes not expend ninja tools when cast. The downside is that it impairs accuracy, making it harder for the ninja to deal damage.


Yonin translates loosely as "Exposed (open) Ninja".