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Yojimbo is a daemon in Final Fantasy XV fought in caves in several late game dungeons, and during the A Fistful of Gil hunt.

A yojimbo fights in the Cleigne Crossroads of Totomostro at night with a team name the Bodyguards. It has a chance of using an instant kill hit when there is only one opponent left.


A humanoid daemon that dwells in the darkness of subterranean locales like the Crestholm Channels and Costlemark Tower. It boasts prowess in close-range combat and enough power to rend opponents with a single strike of its sword.
Size: 9.22 ft. Weight: 660.7 lb.
A daemonic swordsman deemed a cut above the rest. This yojimbo has been sighted around the Longwythe Rest Area, once even encroaching upon a nearby civilian residence. Hunters suspect it retreats into the Balouve Mines during the day, but their efforts to track it down have been unsuccessful.
Size: 9.35 ft. Weight: 688.9 lb.


A Fistful of GilLongwythe Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Yojimbo x1The Three Valleys (Nighttime)6117,450 gil, Anti-darkness Inners★★★★

The hunt becomes available after the player fells the aramusha in the Balouve Mines.





Much like any of its brethren, yojimbo is often seen strutting and wandering aimlessly around its potential arena. It uses both physical and magical attacks, and is weak to polearms, firearms and lightning. It uses magical ice-elemental attacks capable of inflicting Frozen status, and dark-elemental attacks capable of causing Instant Death.

Unlike ronin, yojimbo has more tricks up its sleeves. It charges up its katana and then plunges it into the ground to unleash daemonic dark-elemental energy that rises out of the ground as spikes. It also unveils the bag at its belt to shower the party with a Gil Toss.

It can instantly kill with its draw attack; even if the player is focused on the yojimbo as it charges an iai strike, any member of the party that stands nearby is in its radius of effect when it draws the attacking blow.


It is best to keep on the defense and strike whenever possible when the yojimbo is open, as many of its attacks are blockable and can be retaliated against. All measures used against ronin apply to yojimbo as well. Lightning-elemental elemancy can deal a lot of damage to it, and can be used from a safe distance. Venomcast spells poison yojimbo as well. Techniques are useful; Gladiolus's Dawnhammer can deal a lot of damage and Ignis can empower Noctis's weapon to become lightning-elemental.

Eating food that provides Death-Defying is recommended (Fettini di Cernia at Altissia or Tide Grouper Carpaccio at camp), or otherwise equip Safety Bits or Ribbons. The Medjay Assassin's Robe also makes wearers immune to instant death. Mitigating the Death status will make yojimbo's instant death attack deal only damage; the Danger status is always a step above KO, especially if one has the Danger Recovery Boost abilities unlocked in the Recovery Ascension Grid.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Etymology and allusion[]

Yōjimbō (用心棒) means "bodyguard" in Japanese.

The enemy is based on the enemy of the same name from Final Fantasy VI, as well as the aeon Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X. In Final Fantasy XV yojimbo uses gil to attack, as an allusion to the aeon that required to be paid when summoned in Final Fantasy X. Its bestiary entry says it can rend opponents with a single strike of its sword, calling back to the aeon Yojimbo's Zanmato.

The name of the hunt for Yojimbo, Fistful of Gil, refers to the 1964 spaghetti western Fistful of Dollars. The film is known for having lifted its story from Akira Kurosawa's 1961 film, Yojimbo.

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