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YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse is a level 80 set of 24 player raids in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, based on Square Enix's 2017 action RPG NieR:Automata.

Yosuke Saito and Yoko Taro work as guest creators for the events.


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The white clad dwarven sister of a pair of twins that reside in Komra. A cunning genius prone to flashes of brilliance and rushing into a situation headstrong.


The black-clad dwarven brother of a pair of twins that reside in Komra. A cautious and methodical thinker who often acts as the brakes to his sister's more outlandish plans and ideas.

Dig Site Chief[]

A dwarf of the Gogg clan of Komra put in charge of the excavation of the newly discovered machine graveyard in the depths the of the Duergar's Mountains. Acts as a surrogate parent to Anogg and Konogg.


A mysterious woman found within the excavation tunnels that calls herself an 'android'.


An android identical in appearance to 2P but appears to be opposed to her plans.


An android encountered within the depths of the Copied Factory controlling the various 'machine lifeforms'.

Red Girl[]



The village of the Gogg tribe of Dwarves, who are best known for constantly feuding with their neighbours, the Tholls. The discovery of the machine lifeforms during routine mining operations sparks off a chain of events, with tragic consequences for the village.

Excavation Tunnels[]

A series of mines dug out by the Goggs, accessible by an entrance to the southeast of Komra. Anogg's workshop and the entrance to the Copied Factory are located here; it is also here where 2P and the machine lifeforms are first encountered.

The Copied Factory[]

A large industrial facility, located in a valley filled with lush vegetation. It is inhabited by aggressive machine lifeforms, but who built it and why remains unknown. Its exact location on Kholusia is left unspecified.

The Puppets' Bunker[]

What appears to be the crash site of an immense circular structure. The bunker is situated in a sandy basin behind the Duergar Mountains; Mt. Gulg can be seen in the background while exploring the wreckage.

The Tower at Paradigm's Breach[]

An immense, pale tower that rises out of the wreckage of the Puppets' Bunker. It is circuited with various networks and empty spaces, leading up to the sky where it welcomes whatever lies beyond.


Name Level Min Item Level Final Boss Unlock Release
The Copied Factory. The Copied Factory 80 435 9S-operated Walking Fortress On the Threshold On the Threshold 5.1
The Puppets' Bunker. The Puppets' Bunker 80 465 Compound 2P Everything You Know Is Wrong Everything You Know Is Wrong 5.3
The Tower at Paradigm's Breach. The Tower at Paradigm's Breach 80 495 Her Inflorescence Brave New World Brave New World 5.5

Musical themes[]

YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse features many tracks taken directly from NieR:Automata, as well as new compositions that combine themes from both NieR:Automata and Final Fantasy XIV.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The quest line and associated alliance raids feature many references or allusions to characters, locations and plot points from the Drakengard and NieR games:

  • Characters 2B and 9S, two of the three protagonists of NieR:Automata, appear throughout the quest line.
  • The role of Anogg and Konogg as enigmatic siblings who dispatch the player on quests is similar to that of Devola and Popola, major characters who appear in both NieR and NieR:Automata.
  • The Copied Factory is modeled after the Abandoned Factory, the first location visited in NieR:Automata. An Engels robot is fought as the boss of the Abandoned Factory; similarly, an Engels is encountered as the penultimate boss of the Copied Factory in Final Fantasy XIV.
    • The unintelligible voice that can be heard at the beginning of the Copied Factory is a reference to a similar occurrence in the Abandoned Factory in NieR:Automata.
  • The Goggs' festival is a reference to the Amusement Park in NieR:Automata; the background music for this area even plays in Komra following the white-garbed androids' attack.
  • The Puppets' Bunker is modeled after the Bunker in NieR:Automata, where it functions as the headquarters of YoRHa. The main ring, 2B's bedroom and the command room can be explored; the command room even has the "Glory to Mankind" message repeating on the displays around the room.
    • The energy rings generated by the Serial-813P-operated Aegis Unit feature symbols taken from the Celestial Alphabet, which is used frequently throughout the Drakengard and NieR games. The same symbols later appear during the battle with the False Idol/Her Inflorescence.
      • Interestingly enough, the Serial-813P-operated Aegis Unit is designed to resemble a mechanical flower upside down. This can be considered an allusion to a major antagonistic entity in the Drakengard/NieR universe called "the Flower" or "Black Flower" whose goal is to bring about complete annihilation. The Flower is directly responsible for the birth of the Intoners in Drakengard 3 and the Cult of the Watchers in Drakengard, which in turn is indirectly responsible for the Red Eye Disease from the same game, the White Chlorination Syndrome, Legion and Red Eye creatures from NieR:Gestalt/RepliCant and the Logic Virus from Nier:Automata.
    • The battle against the 905P-operated Heavy Artillery Unit features the remnants of Operator 21O, a supporting character from NieR:Automata.
    • The Compound is a reference to the form the machine lifeforms assume to create Adam in NieR:Automata. Compound 2P's appearance as a colossal white figure with glowing red eyes is likely a reference to The Giant, the final boss of Ending E in Drakengard.
  • The Tower at Paradigm's Breach is modeled after the Tower, the final area in Nier:Automata. The Ego Collective areas are based on the 'hacking spaces' periodically visited throughout the game. The transformed appearance of the "Beyond", where the final battle against Her Inflorescence takes place, is based on the appearance of Tokyo in Ending E in Drakengard.
    • The Tower features numerous bosses from NieR and NieR:Automata; the Knave of Hearts, Hansel and Gretel are all fought in the original NieR, while the battle with Xun-Zi and Meng-Zi on the elevator is based on a similar sequence in NieR:Automata, where A2 and 9S must battle Ko-Shi and Ro-Shi during their ascent to the top of the Tower. The Red Girl, an important character in the latter half of NieR:Automata, is fought as a regular boss before later merging with the Seed of Destruction; her habit of creating multiple copies of herself inside the virtual space is directly based on a similar scene in NieR:Automata.
    • The appearance of the final boss of The Tower at Paradigm's Breach, Her Inflorescence, is reminsicent of both The Giant in Drakengard and the final boss of Drakengard 3. The prominence of the flower in its design is likely a reference to the character of Zero in Drakengard 3, who has a flower growing in her right eye socket. Her Inflorescence's name is also a direct reference to the aforementioned entity known as the Flower.
  • The featureless white orb discovered by Konogg is a Seed of Destruction. Seeds of Destruction are highly mysterious and dangerous objects which appear in Drakengard and Drakengard 2, usually with disastrous results for everybody. They have the ability to replicate whatever is placed inside them.
    • The Red Girl's transformation into the False Idol upon entering the Seed of Destruction is similar to the events of Ending B in Drakengard, where Inuart places Furiae's corpse in a Seed, hoping that she will be revived - only for the Seed to resurrect her as a hideous creature that sets about killing everything.
  • The description for the Breach Coins, which are obtained by completing the Tower at Paradigm's Breach, mentions that they are "stamped with the words “The Arc.”" This is possibly a reference to the "ark" that is launched into space by the Tower in Ending D of NieR:Automata.
  • The interface of the Portable Archive acquired during the quest line is modelled after the main menu in NieR:Automata.
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