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Yggdrasil is a tree in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is made up of several levels containing a variety of monsters and treasures. It has a secret entrance located to the north of Alfheim, inside that of a cave, known as Cave to Yggdrasil.


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Upon realizing where the cave had lead, the party ascends the world tree, meeting a young boy lurking in the shadows. He introduces himself as Prince Adrian and says he won't be a hindrance as long as they promise to investigate what has happened to the King of Alfheim. Following their meeting with Prince Adrian, Gramps has another headache.

Upon arriving at the top level of the world tree, the party hides behind a column to avoid elven guards. Nacht, Diana and Alba deduce they must be near the king. Upon listening to talk about the king, Gramps grows quiet and pale. Glaive notices the old man's behavior and urges him to return to Verde. Gramps has another headache and regains his memories about Yggdrasil. The party is bewildered, but they are interrupted by Prince Adrian calling out to the guards about the humans, leading the guards out of their positions, beckoning the party to follow him. Arriving above Yggdrasil, the party finds themselves in a room with the Elf King, Cilque and Prince Adrian. The Elf King is bewildered at the appearance of Gramps, and Alba comments they may be long-lost brothers. The Elf King reveals he thought Gramps was dead, with Gramps mentioning how he has lost everything, his memories, his name and his sight, while still being able to recognize the familiar voices he hears.

A flash of light engulfs the room as the Crystal within Nacht's possession sparkles. The Elf King morphs into an old man draped in a yellow robe. Cilque and Prince Adrian step back in horror as the Elf King turns out to be an imposter. The old man introduces himself as Asmodai of the Earth and reveals that Gramps had traded his eyesight and memories in exchange for the survival of his wife and child. The party realizes Gramps is the actual Elf King, King Freyr of Alfheim. Asmodai comments on the strange behavior of the Crystal atop the world tree, citing the fulfillment of a prophecy as its trigger. Asmodai says their meeting is a fated thing and that they merely delivered the Crystals to him. The Warriors of Darkness battle Asmodai while Gramps suffers more headaches.

Asmodai summons a shield of miasma preventing the party from damaging him while he ferociously attacks them with crippling status effects, which effectively decimate the party in battle with a final upheaval. Asmodai, realizing victory is within his grasp, prepares a final spell to eliminate the party until Prince Adrian pushes him aside, receiving the brunt of Asmodai's deadly attack. As Prince Adrian falls to the ground, Freyr stands up, aghast by what has happened. Asmodai proposes a blight upon the Elven race, beginning his incantation. Freyr stands in the way of Asmodai's attack and falls to the ground after protecting Cilque and an unconscious Prince Adrian. The Prince comes to and beckons to his father with no response, as the party also regains consciousness and calls out to Gramps.

Freyr regains consciousness and engages Asmodai in battle. Asmodai uses his miasma to protect him while Freyr attacks him to no avail. Asmodai threatens to choke Freyr with the severity of his miasma, with Gramps retorting he would gladly give his life to prevent the fall of Alfheim via Asmodai's continued atrocities. Freyr breaks through Asmodai's miasma, and reveals he's regained his memories and that he's going to use the last of his strength to obliterate Asmodai. Freyr unleashes an attack called "Decisive Shot" dealing a grandiose amount of damage to Asmodai, but also causing a recoil severely damaging both Asmodai and Freyr. Asmodai's miasma vanishes, leaving him vulnerable. Freyr comments on his supposed prophecy ending with the fact the future isn't set in stone before falling unconscious. The party, realizing their initiative, engages Asmodai in battle.

Defeated, Asmodai swears the prophecy will be fulfilled, and vanishes in a flash of red light. Cilque and Adrian call out to Freyr as the party gathers around him. Freyr wonders why his eyes are soaked with tears, while Cilque, Prince Adrian and the party reassure his survival. Freyr turns once more to the odd sensation, wondering about its occurrence until his final breath. A shimmer of light gathers around one of the World Tree's seeds, with the seed revealing itself to be a crystal. The crystal dissipates into a group of shimmering lights, bathing the party in its glow, and granting them the power of the Ranger. The party looks on towards the horizon wondering about their next move.

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Underground Level[]

Item Place
Mage's Staff Chest
Golden Needle Chest
Echo Grass Chest

Middle Level[]

Item Place
Ether Chest
Hi-Potion Chest
Sallet Chest
Sacred Candle Chest

Upper Level[]

Item Place
Ether Chest
Elixir Chest
Phoenix Down Chest
Remedy Chest
Great Bow Chest
Cat Claws Chest
Linen Cuirass Chest

Top Level[]

Item Place
Ether Chest




In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is an immense tree that is central in Norse cosmology, in connection to which the nine worlds exist.

The world tree is a motif present in several religions and mythologies, particularly Indo-European religions, Siberian religions, and Native American religions. The world tree is represented as a colossal tree which supports the heavens, thereby connecting the heavens, the terrestrial world, and, through its roots, the underworld. It may also be strongly connected to the motif of the tree of life.


  • In the battle between Freyr and Asmodai, Freyr will not die even if his HP has been reduced to 0 similarly as happened with Galuf inside the Guardian Tree during his battle against Exdeath in Final Fantasy V.
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