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Yeti's Cave is a dungeon in Final Fantasy VI. It is a secret icy cave located beneath the cliffs of Narshe, and is accessed via a passage opened when the esper, Valigarmanda is thawed in the World of Ruin. Most of the enemies here can inflict Imp. The cave is also the lair of the Tonberries and Umaro.

Locations Edit

FFVI Yeti's Cave Map


Yeti's Cave contains two main levels, a switch room and Umaro's lair. Internal connecting shafts are painted red to the map left.

The cave is entered by falling down from an upper cliff and the starting position is about five steps up from the spot marked white on the map.

The upper level contains three shafts that lead to two treasure chests and an exit to the lower level. If the player walks over a tile painted with a colorful dot (to the map) on the upper level, a trapdoor will reveal itself and send the party down into a lower level point marked with the same color. The lower level contains one treasure chest and stairs back to the upper level and the switch room.

The switch room has two trapdoors that can be operated with switches: the left trapdoor sends the party back down to the lower level and the right one connects to the lair of Umaro. The lair contains a bone carving and an exit shaft back to the inner part of the Narshe Mines (marked cyan to the map).

Quests Edit

Tonberries Edit

If the player opens the left-most treasure chest, a monster-in-a-box encounter against three Tonberries will commence. They have 14,001 HP each and can be rather difficult to deal with. Tonberries appear on the Veldt and can be used to farm Minerva Bustiers since they have them as a rare steal and a rare item drop.

Recruiting Umaro Edit

Umaro can be found from his lair at the end of the Yeti's Cave. If the party examines the bone carving, a magicite Midgardsormr can be seen in the eye. Should the player choose to remove the magicite, Umaro will come trampling down from the exit shaft and the party has to fight him for the possession of the magicite. Should the party succeed in defeating Umaro, he can be recruited if the party brings along Mog who can talk to the yeti.

In the Mobile/PC version, recruiting Umaro earns the Bone Carver achievements.

Items Edit

Enemies Edit

FFVI Android Yeti's Cave - Umaro's Lair

Umaro's lair.

Start of the Cave, Lower Level, Switch Room Edit

Upper Level - Treasure Room Edit

Umaro's Lair Edit

Musical themes Edit

"Umaro's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI

"Umaro's Theme" is the background theme of its cave.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

The Yeti's Cave is the setting for a regular dungeon and it is also the name of a "++" difficulty battle in the Challenge Event Assassin in Black.

Yeti's Cave Edit

FFRK Yeti's Cave FFVI
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Trivia Edit

  • The Yeti's Cave seemed to originally have an exit point to the Overworld; if the player walks over a tile marked white to the map above, an event flag will be set that is designed to create a dummy cave opening in the World of Balance. However, the opening doesn't connect anywhere and cannot normally be seen because Yeti's Cave is only accessible in the World of Ruin.
  • Dummy version of the Yeti battle can be found hidden within the game data and suggest that Umaro was designed to be encounterable also in the World of Balance.
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