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Yego or Yego of the Gamma Star is an antagonist and later a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a member of the Orders ranking third in the organization's hierarchy. She debuts in Season Two during the Crystallis chapter.



Yego is a tall, dark-skinned muscular young woman with black hair in dreadlocks. Her unsleeved black clothing exposes her toned abdomen. She wears green sunglasses and a pair of tight black jeans. In combat she uses her signature Fast Lash a whip with several strands. She usually has a small malboro pet on her arm.


Although an efficient combatant and a ruthless hunter, this only covers her loneliness. Being raised by malboros since she was born, Yego knew not of human love nor what it means to have a parent or the bond that it embodies. Her interactions with society were not pleasant either when she was taken by the Orders and forced into brutal training and obedience. This has made her yearn for love, which is a concept she cannot fully understand. Through her company with the Sworn Six, she learned camaraderie and bonded with humans like her. Due to her upbringing as a feral child, she speaks the malboro language and withstands their terrible breath, although it does weaken her.


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Early life[]

Yego was abandoned as a baby and discovered by a colony of malboros. Yego grew with them and while happy with her "family" she was aware she was not like them. Her first interaction with other humans was when Aldore soldiers attacked the area where the malboros lived. Yego retaliated while mounting a malboro, rousing the interest of Distorque of the Orders who took her in and submitted her to a tormentous upbringing. Yego and her mastery over malboros allowed her to earn the third highest rank in the Orders, but she remained terrified of her adoptive parent.


Soon after the Sworn Six of Paladia defeat Zolulu and Delulu, Yego mounting her malboro declares she will hunt them down by orders of the Emperor. The Sworn Six struggle fending her off, as Yuraisha strengthens them. They repel the malboro but her smaller malboro pet "reactivates" the mount, forcing the Sworn Six to retreat. Yego feeds her malboro ride and tells it to rest as they will chase the Sworn Six later.

While the Sworn Six are preparing to allow Yuraisha to cast a spell to communicate with all of Paladia, Yego returns and engages Mid and Cid whom she takes hostage before retreating.


Yego takes Mid to a prison known as Camp Danacos where she interrogates her about Cid. Mid explains Cid is her father, a concept Yego struggles to comprehend. Mid extols the importance of a parent-child bond and asks about Yego's past. The Sworn Six arrive to free Mid, but Yego blocks their escape route. Mid tries to convince the Sworn Six that Yego isn't evil and for her to join them. The Gamma Star, yearning for a parent, requests Cid to be her father. Cid declines, saying this is impossible as Mid is his only daughter.

Yego has her malboro devour Mid to allow her a "spot" as Cid's daughter. Cid attacks Yego who cannot fathom the reason and goes berserk. The Sworn Six defeat her and Yego is miserable knowing the sadness in her heart will never go away. She requests to be killed, but Cid refuses as it is not something Mid would have wanted. Yego's malboro ride regurgitates Mid alive and Mid deduces Yego never planned to kill her. Mid requests Yego to join the Sworn Six as having missed her father for 700 years allows her to sympathize with Yego's loneliness. Yego accepts as her baby malboro is held by Ignacio while the rest of the Sworn Six accept her as well. Yego presented Cid to her malboro friends as "her important person".[1] The malboros mistakenly believed this meant boyfriend, and they surrounded Cid and bathed him in their putrid fumes.

When Distorque arrives at an Aldor checkpoint to deliver his punishment, Yego is naturally terrified. When Raegan's group encounters Distorque again at the Jima Wetlands, Yego runs off not wanting to be punished. Distorque beats her up but Yego refuses to submit, claiming that the Sworn Six are her family now. Raegan saves her and Cid is happy that Yego refused to break.


When Cid, Sieghard, Fina, Sakura, Mid and Raegan check on the Magitek Weapon Development Facility, Distorque and Shamlin arrive to take Yego back. Yego refuses but is revealed to have a tracker/bomb inside her in case she went rogue. Yego reluctantly returns to Distorque's side to spare her new family when it's revealed that Distorque has the detonator. The group goes to rescue her, and when Shamlin kills Distorque, Yego destroys the detonator apologizing for worrying her new father.


When Raegan's group go to stop the emperor from activating Weapon, Yego considers using the bomb in her body to end the emperor for good. She talks with Cid about it determined to pay back her new family for taking her in. When the time comes though Cid spares her only wanting her to live and be happy.

Aldore Tower[]

Yego seperates from the party with Mid when she senses a Malboro rider nearby. She manages to take it out with Mid but ends up too injured to continue. She runs into Domino and Shatal outside and is taken by them to get medical treatment.

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Yego is fought twice as a boss, once during Crystallis and once more during Visectrum. With 1,500,000+ HP she is formidable for a story boss although a veteran player should easily defeat her. Yego debuffs the party's stats and uses the malboro's signature Bad Breath and other variants to inflict several status ailments on a regular basis; the worst ailment is Berserk inflicted to one unit at a time. She will also heal for 150,000–200,000 HP at certain intervals.


The player should aim to defeat her fast as the longer the battle takes, the more they may be overwhelmed by status ailments. It is best to equip as many ailment immunities as possible and use units with innate ailment protections or provide them through buffs. Yego's Berserk cannot be prevented but it can be managed. A unit with Provoke will redirect the Berserk towards it while leaving rest of the party unscathed (said unit should be expendable). If the player cannot defeat Yego before Provoke runs off, the player could prepare two said units and then dispel them and reapply Provokes alternating between them.

Yego has no elemental weaknesses or resistances so any damage dealer works. Buffs and debuffs should be applied consistently.


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