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Yawn in Final Fantasy VI.

Yawn (あくび, Akubi?) is a recurring enemy ability in the series. It typically puts targets to Sleep.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Yawn is an enemy ability used by Suriander and Wartpuck. It inflicts Sleep on the target.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

MP 55
Effect Sleep
Duration 90 sec
Casting Time 3 sec
Recast Time 60 sec
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Light
Jobs BLU 64

Yawn is a Blue Magic spell learned from Apkallu. It puts all enemies within range to Sleep for 90 seconds. It costs 3 Blue Magic points to set. When set, it grants CHR +1 and HP +5. It takes 3 seconds to cast and can be recast every 60 seconds.

Yawn is also an enemy ability used by the Apkallu family.

World of Final FantasyEdit

Yawn is an active ability that inflicts Sleep on all targets for 4 AP. It can be used by Quachacho.



A yawn is a reflex consisting of the simultaneous inhalation of air and the stretching of the eardrums, followed by an exhalation of breath.

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