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Yakusoku no Basho / Tatta Hitori no Mikata is a single for the theme song for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The single includes two vocal tracks by Mai Fukui including both the 2 tracks' respective instrumental versions.

A limited edition DVD features the music video for "Yakusoku no Basho" as well as a promotional video for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Track list[]

  1. Yakusoku no Basho — 6:10
    (約束の場所, Yakusoku no Basho?, lit. The Promised Place)
  2. Tatta Hitori no Mikata — 4:31
  3. Yakusoku no Basho (Instrumental) — 6:10
    (約束の場所 (Instrumental)?)
  4. Tatta Hitori no Mikata (Instrumental) — 4:31
    (たったひとりの味方 (Instrumental)?)

Bonus DVD[]

  1. Yakusoku no Basho (Music Video
    (約束の場所 (Music Video)?)
  2. FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Promotion Video TGS 2011 Ver.


Yakusoku no Basho

  • Composition: Koichi Tabo / Arrangement: Yohey Tsukasaki
  • Lyrics: jam

Tatta Hitori no Mikata

  • Composition, Arrangement, Lyrics: Simon Isogai
  • Horn Arranged by Simon Isogai & Harapon


Yakusoku No Basho entered the Oricon Singles Chart Top 30 at number 26 on the 5th of December.[1] The single had sold 6,615 copies within its first week of release[2] and peaked at number 24 by the 26th of December.[3]