Yaibal is a boss in Final Fantasy X-2. He is fought at Mushroom Rock Road in Chapter 5 and can be fought in the Fiend Arena.

Stats[edit | edit source]


Fiend Arena

Battle[edit | edit source]

Mushroom Rock Road version[edit | edit source]

It is highly recommended to take him out first as he can revive knocked out allies. He is not a very powerful enemy, though it is recommended to have Protect up in case he does manage to deal some damage.

Fiend Arena version[edit | edit source]

Yaibal is much tougher in the Fiend Arena than in Mushroom Rock Road. Boasting 64,400 HP and high Strength and Defense, he has access to dangerous abilities, including Supreme Gems, which deal 2,343~2,646 HP damage to the entire party; Blessed Gems, which deal 8 hits of 234~264 HP worth of Holy-elemental damage to one character; Mega-Potions, which he uses to heal himself and his allies for 2,000 HP; and Petrify Grenades, which have a 100% chance of petrifying the whole party, costing the player the match and the competition in the Youth League Tournament. Yaibal can even use Soul Springs to steal 937~1,058 HP and up to 1,058 MP from a character, as well as Chocobo Wings to put his entire party in Haste.

Having Stoneproof or Ailment Def. is extremely helpful to block Yaibal's Petrify Grenades. In addition, the player should always have at least 3,000 HP to be sure to survive Supreme Gems, as not even changing the Cheer Meter to 0 stars will reduce the damage done from it.

Creature Creator[edit | edit source]

The player can recruit Yaibal into the party anytime during the game by setting up a Trap pod SP in Mushroom Rock Road. He becomes unavailable after the player completes the events in the Den of Woe; attempting to recruit him from this point on will bring up either Nooj or Lucil instead.

Yaibal fights almost identically to his Mushroom Rock Road boss counterpart, except that he can learn Mega-Potion after being healed in battle.

Fiend Arena[edit | edit source]

Yaibal is an optional boss in the Fiend Arena in the Youth League Tournament. He can be fought by himself or together with Lucil and Elma.

AI script[edit | edit source]

The following script is for the Fiend Arena.

Turn 1
 If (Has less than 1/4 of max HP remaining)
  Use Mega-Potion
  If (A character is not in Petrification status)
   Use Petrify Grenade
   Use Normal Attack on random target

Turn 2
 If (Has less than 1/2 of max HP remaining)
  Use Soul Spring (2/3 chance) or Supreme Gem (1/3 chance)
  If (Is not in Haste status)
   Use Chocobo Wing
   Use Normal Attack on random target

Turn 3
 If (Has less than 1/8 of max HP remaining)
  Use Supreme Gem
  Use Normal Attack on random target

Turn 4
 If (Has less than 1/4 of max HP remaining)
  Use Blessed Gem on random target

Turn 5
 Use Normal Attack on random target

Repeat from Turn 1

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