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Yahse Hunting Grounds.

Yahse Hunting Grounds is an area in Final Fantasy XI. Enormous trees dominate the landscape, with their twisted roots blocking the pathways, hindering the progress of the pioneering effort.

Location Edit

Located in the East Ulbuka Territory along the coastline of Ulbuka, this battlegrounds is named after Yahse Karieyh, the founder of the Order of Karieyh, and is one of two expansive jungles found close to the Sacred City of Adoulin. Adventurers may ride a boat through the Senroh Sea from here to reach Eastern Adoulin. To the north and west are tunnels that lead one to the Moh Gates.

Several paths in the Yahse Hunting Grounds are blocked off by Knotted Roots that hamper the colonization effort. Only Pioneers with the survival skill "logging" are able to clear the Knotted Roots in order to advance through the area. A number of wasp nests that spawn Ulbuka's multifarious menaces can also be found in the area.

Two Ergon Loci can be found in this area. One of them, known as Luminous Isle, is an island off the shore of the beach, which requires the survival skill "watercrafting" to reach.

Map Edit

Connected Areas Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Barnacled Orobon*(caught fishing)
  • Beady Panopt
  • Bight Uragnite
  • Broad Scarlet
  • Burning Mantis
  • Calfcleaving Chapuli
  • Canopycrusher Beetle
  • Crusty Crab*(caught fishing)
  • Edacious Orobon
  • Fiery Wasp
  • Frondescent Leafkin
  • Hinterland Peiste
  • Jungle Baelfyr*(during hot spells)
  • Luckybug Hoarder
  • Monstrosiraptor
  • Nettled Wasp
  • Pinetorum
  • Shy Heartwing
  • Twitherym Infestation
  • Ulbukan Sheep
  • Umbril*(during dead of night)
  • Velkk Marauder
  • Verdant Treant
  • Wooded Ungeweder*(during winds)
Notorious Monsters
  • Alluring Orobon*(spawned during quest)
  • Bothersome Chapuli*(spawned during quest)
  • Numbing Blossom
  • Startled Uragnite*(spawned during quest)
Reive Enemies
  • Cerise Wasp
  • Knotted Root
  • Lancing Wasp
  • Quivering Twitherym
  • Red Dropwing
  • Shrubshredder Chapuli
  • Temblor Beetle
  • Thrashing Mantis
  • Wasp Nest

Music Edit

"Into Lands Primeval - Ulbuka" plays while exploring the Yahse Hunting Grounds. For normal battles, the track "Steel Sings, Blades Dance" is used, whereas "Breaking Ground" is played during Colonization and Lair Reives.

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Trivia Edit

  • Yahse Hunting Grounds is the only outdoor area in Seekers of Adoulin where a Naakual cannot be found.