Y'shtola Rhul [ɪʃtoʊlɑː], also known as Master Matoya, is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te Conjurer and one of the main characters from the Limsa Lominsa story in Final Fantasy XIV. Her original appearance was right at the beginning of Version 1.0 where she helped the adventurer during the Aurelia attack on the ship.

Y'shtola has become the major "representative" character for Final Fantasy XIV, typically representing it in crossover products.



Y'shtola is a Miqo'te of the Seekers of the Sun with a light brown skin and brown facial markings, light teal eyes, and white hair with two frontal pigtails tied with rings. She dresses in a white dalmatica with silver patterns, blue trousers and black ankle boots. She wears a visual device on her neck that allows her to analyze aetherial activity in the environment. She has the tattoo of the Circle of Knowing on her neck. She wields a one-handed conjurer wand that resembles a tree branch.

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In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, her eyes turn pale white as a consequence of using a forbidden spell, rendering her physically blind. Y'shtola wears a new outfit provided by Tataru Taru, a long-sleeved white top with extended sides and back, short black shorts, black thigh-high boots and a black bolero shrug over her shoulders.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Y'shtola discards her white clothing to black and gray robes after delving into the dark arts.


When introduced, Y'shtola is labeled as "Cultured Conjurer," a moniker that reflects her calm composure. She is a taciturn, well-spoken voice of reason even alongside her equally scholarly peers among the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, providing sharp, relevant insight that hardly ever strays from the matter at hand. This is in contrast to Thancred Waters, who frequently flings charismatic and flamboyant one-liners to be deflected by her stoicism.

Y'shtola's gall comes out when her patience has been tried, or as a counter to others' bold, irrelevant or confrontational comments. She derives some of this audacity from her former master, Matoya, the two exchanging quips and subtle insults.

Y'shtola has a cultured and refined diction which, although grounded enough to differentiate her from the theatrical likes of Urianger Augurelt, grants an air of wisdom to her. She is uninterested in romantic affairs, bluntly refusing the Oronir leader, Magnai, telling him to try again when he "becomes a man."


Final Fantasy XIV Version 1.0

Y'shtola in version 1.0.

Y'shtola asked around each guild about the treasure in Seal Rock. During her investigation, she heard about an unprecedented attack by the Sahagin on Lominsan ships and the southern lighthouse, led by a shadowless man, and that while these attacks happened a pirate group called Kraken's Arms landed on Seal Rock.

Discovering that a pirate called Emerick may know something Y'shtola headed for the Mealvaan's Gate where he was supposed to be hiding from another pirate band called the Sanguine Sirens. She discovered a tablet containing information about the treasure of Seal Rock and was attacked by the Sanguine Sirens who were also after Emerick. Y'shtola forced them to retreat.

Y'shtola was with Thancred, Yda Hext, and Papalymo Totolymo when the adventurer was attacked by Gaius van Baelsar. She and her companions defended the adventurer and briefly fought Gaius. She protected Thancred with magic before she and the other Circle of Knowing members, along with the adventurer, were injured by a blast from an Imperial Dreadnought.

When the adventurer was being honored for his or her victory over Nael van Darnus, Y'shtola was with her friends.

Final Fantasy XIV

Y'shtola protects her friends from the Empire's bullets.

Having joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Y'shtola crosses paths with the Warrior of Light who starts their journey in Limsa Lominsa, in a cave linked to the mystery behind recent kidnappings around Summerford Farms. After Y'shtola recites an ancient poem carved into the walls of the cave, the two are attacked by an enraged Goobbue whom they are forced to kill. As the Warrior of Light picks up what is later revealed to be one of the Crystals of Light, Y'shtola examines the beast and discovers a rope-cutting knife stuck in its body. Y'shtola has been investigating Lahabrea's activities in La Noscea, appearing when the Ascian summoned a clay golem to attack the Warrior of Light who has a vision through the Echo, seeing events from Y'shtola's past.

Much later, Y'shtola aids the Warrior of Light in Swiftperch when the Ascian appears in retaliation for the thwarted Sahagin plot. When the Warrior of Light is invited to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn Y'shtola rigs an Aethryte Crystal to allow access to the Navel where the Kobolds' primal Titan awaits. After Titan's defeat, Y'shtola spies Nero tol Scaeva observing the fight, and discovers Lahabrea is with him. Since she remains in Limsa Lominsa to continue investigating, she is not present when Livia sas Junius raids the Waking Sands and captures Minfilia Warde. Y'shtola meets with Yda and joins in the rescue operation at Castrum Centri. The two confront Livia at the Garlean base, intent on exacting retribution, but Garlean reinforcements force them to retreat and they join the others.

Through the Maelstrom

After their group moves to Revenant's Toll, Y'shtola and Thancred investigate a strange instance of crystal theft near Horizon in Western Thanalan. They learn that the Amalj'aa are the culprits with help from someone in Brass Blades tipping them off. To confirm the traitor's identity, Y'shtola poses as a miner as part of a trap involving a shipment of crystals. The raiders are discovered to be Serpent Reavers, intent on collecting crystals for the Sahagin to summon Leviathan. With the imminent return of the Lord of Whorls, Y'shtola accompanies the Scions to warn Merwylb and strike against the Sahagin and their primal.

Before the Fall

After the defense of Ishgard from the Dravanian Horde, Y'shtola attends a celebration in Ul'dah alongside the other Scion leaders. A conspiracy to assassinate Nanamo Ul Namo is carried out when the Scions are betrayed by Ilberd Feare and falsely accused of regicide. Yda and Papalymo stay behind to cover the others' escape. Finding themselves pursued by the Brass Blades and traitorous Crystal Braves in a hidden tunnel, Y'shtola and Thancred remain behind to ensure that the Warrior of Light and Minfilia escape by causing a cave-in. Y'shtola uses the ancient spell Flow to transport herself and Thancred to safety, and while Thancred ends up somewhere else, Y'shtola is trapped within the Lifestream, a living being.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Y'shtola being brought back from the Lifestream by the seedseer siblings.

After a thorough investigation, Pipin and Urianger reveal Y'shtola's fate after the "assassination" of Nanamo Ul Namo. When the ceiling collapsed over her, she used a forbidden spell called Flow (エンシェントテレポ, Enshento Terepo?, lit. Ancient Teleport), a powerful teleportation magic that sends the user to another place in the form of aether along the Lifestream. Because of the circumstances of the casting, the aether that Y'shtola became was lost, and ended up in Gridania. She is in danger of dissolving within the aetheric currents if not restored in time. To bring her back, the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud turn to Kan-E-Senna for assistance in asking the Elementals of the Twelveswood to gather her. They learn from the Elder Seedseer that Y'shtola's younger half sister, Y'mhitra, is needed to find Y'shtola's exact whereabouts in the Lifestream because their aetheric makeup is similar. With the assistance of Y'mhitra and the Seedseers, Y'shtola returns to Eorzea in a comatose state and is taken back to the inn to recover.

After she awakens, the Scions tell her they need to make an aetheric device to pierce through an Allagan barrier at Azys Lla. While she does not know how to create such a device, Y'shtola suggests heading to her hometown in the Dravanian Hinterlands to seek the aid of her old mentor, Matoya. Though initially weak, her time in the Lifestream granted her extraordinary spellcasting abilities. Meeting Matoya at her cave, Y'shtola stays behind to assist her clean up her home while the Warrior of Light heads to the Great Gubal Library to obtain the knowledge needed to build an aetheric ram that Matoya had hidden long ago. Matoya privately notes the change in Y'shtola's eyes, aware she may have been blinded after her adventure in the Lifestream and is using her new ability to "see" aether to conceal it (at the cost of her lifespan).

Y'shtola travels to Azys Lla to assist in stopping the Archbishop's plan. She stays behind with Alphinaud and Estinien Wyrmblood to stop the pursuing Garlean troops, allowing the Warrior of Light to make his or her way to the Archbishop. After the Archbishop is killed, Y'shtola escapes on the Enterprise along with the others, being the first to realize Estinien has not escaped with them.

On the shores of the great lake in the Dravanian Hinterlands she bears witness to the rise of the primal Alexander from its depths. In light of the primal's summoning, Y'shtola makes for Matoya's cave to seek her assistance in slaying it while the Warrior of Light and the party assault Alexander and the Illuminati from within.

As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness

Y'shtola goes to Idyllshire to meet with Krile Mayer Baldesion, who has arrived in Eorzea to aid the Scions. They trace where Thancred ended up when Y'shtola used the Flow spell, and learn he drifted to the Dravanian Forelands where he emerged in the wilderness. While checking with hunters and the Vath for any sightings, the Scions encounter the Warriors of Darkness attacking Ravana in Lost ast Gnath. The mysterious party reacts with suspicion and hostility, apparently knowing who the Warrior of Light is. The altercation is cut short by Thancred's appearance, who reunites with the Scions.

Y'shtola later confides to the Warrior of Light that she suspects Thancred's transit in the Lifestream may have sealed his ability to use magic (as it did for her eyesight).

Soul Surrender

Y'shtola recognizes "Travanchet" when Mide reveals how she came into possession of the mysterious horn used to summon Alexander, and feels indirectly responsible for having failed to stop him fifteen years ago in La Noscea.

The Far Edge of Fate

Y'shtola monitors the cocoon of the light above Baelsar's Wall, watching for any further activity from Ilberd's primal sealed within.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Shortly after the Scions arrive at the Ala Mhigan Resistance headquarters at Rhalgr's Reach, it is attacked by Garlean forces. Y'shtola is severely wounded by Zenos yae Galvus, and although Krile is able to save her life, she remains too injured to participate in the liberation of Doma and Ala Mhigo.

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Y'shtola in battle.

Y'shtola fights alongside the player as a guest character in many of the main scenario quests. She is a Conjurer and uses a budding wand as a weapon. She can use many of Conjurer abilities, such as Stone, Stone II, Aero II, and Cure. As the instances she features in were programmed at a much earlier point of the game, she (and several other Conjurer NPCs) will occasionally use spells that used to be in a Conjurer's repertoire, but are no longer available, such as Stoneskin.

In Heavensward she switches to using a long two-handed staff and her combat ability is greatly increased. She can use a few unique spells that are not available to player characters' Conjurer or White Mage classes. One such ability is Spiritual Ray (which was named in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT).

Y'shtola in Role-Play mode.

In Stormblood, Y'shtola becomes a temporary playable character during the second half of the MSQ duty instance The Will of the Moon. She has access to stronger versions of Conjurer spells in the form of Aero of the Seventh Dawn (Aero II), Cure of the Seventh Dawn (Cure II), Stone of the Seventh Dawn (Stone IV) and can replenish her MP with Aetherwell. Though having no Limit Break, she will use Spiritual Ray upon completing the Active Time Maneuver at the end of the battle.

Triple Triad

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Creation and development


Y'shtola was initially voiced by Emily O'Brien in the English version. Since the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, she is voiced by Robyn Addison.

She is voiced by Ai Kayano in the Japanese version.

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Final Fantasy Lost Stranger


Y'shtola is referenced when the protagonist assumes that the Catter race are Miqo'te.


Y'shtola appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set she appears in is titled "ファイナルファンタジーXIV.[1]


Y'shtola pendant.

In May 2018 Square Enix releases a silver Y'shtola pendant with a green gem as part of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary campaign. The reverse side of the pendant simply reads "Final Fantasy" with a carving of a crystal. Y'shtola is depicted in her Dissidia Final Fantasy appearance, and is released alongside pendants of the other Final Fantasy protagonists.



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