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This beautiful and enigmatic Miqo'te is often seen wandering the lands of La Noscea. Her mastery of the arcane arts and conversance with ancient tongues mark her as far more than a simple traveler.

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Y'shtola Rhul [ɪʃˈtoʊ.lə ˈruːl, jəʃˈtoʊ.lə], also known as Master Matoya, is a character in Final Fantasy XIV, introduced as the Scion representative for players who start in Limsa Lominsa and appearing throughout subsequent expansions as an ally of the Warrior of Light. In version 1.0, Y'shtola appeared at the beginning where she helped the adventurer during the Aurelia attack on the ship.

Although Y'shtola's role in the main scenario is shared together with the Warrior of Light's allies, she is the main representative for Final Fantasy XIV in crossover titles that feature protagonists across the Final Fantasy series.


Early life[]

Y'shtola came from the Sharlayan colony in the Dravanian Hinterlands, where she spent much of her youth as a student of Matoya. Fifteen years before A Realm Reborn, the threat of the Garlean Empire prompted the colonists to abandon Dravania and return to the Sharlayan motherland. Every member of the colony except for Matoya left the Dravanian Hinterlands and sailed north, including Y'shtola, who was a teenager at the time.

Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Yshtola Ninja

Y'shtola in version 1.0.

Y'shtola asked around each guild about the treasure in Seal Rock. During her investigation, she heard about an unprecedented Sahagin attack on Lominsan ships and the southern lighthouse, led by a shadowless man, and that while these attacks happened a pirate group called Kraken's Arms landed on Seal Rock.

Discovering that a pirate called Emerick may know something, Y'shtola headed for the Mealvaan's Gate where he was supposed to be hiding from another pirate band called the Sanguine Sirens. She discovered a tablet containing information about the treasure of Seal Rock and was attacked by the Sanguine Sirens who were also after Emerick. Y'shtola forced them to retreat.

Y'shtola was with Thancred Waters, Yda Hext, and Papalymo Totolymo when Gaius van Baelsar attacked the adventurer. She and her companions defended the adventurer and briefly fought Gaius. She protected Thancred with magick before she, the other Circle of Knowing members, as well as the adventurer, were injured by a blast from an imperial Dreadnought.

When the adventurer was being honored for his or her victory over Nael van Darnus, Y'shtola was with her friends.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

At the Battle of Cartenau, our leader was taken from us. But we did not stray from our purpose. We sought out Minfilia and others with her talent, and together established the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Y'shtola Rhul
Y'shtola Barrier

Y'shtola protects her friends from the Empire's bullets.

Having joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Y'shtola crossed paths with the Warrior of Light who started their journey in Limsa Lominsa, in a cave linked to the mystery behind recent kidnappings around Summerford Farms. After Y'shtola recited an ancient poem carved into the cavern walls, an enraged Goobbue attacked the pair whom they were forced to kill. As the Warrior of Light picked up what was later revealed to be one of the Crystals of Light, Y'shtola examined the beast and discovered a rope-cutting knife stuck in its body. Y'shtola has been investigating Lahabrea's activities in La Noscea, appearing when the Ascian summoned a clay golem to attack the Warrior of Light who has a vision through the Echo, seeing events from Y'shtola's past.

Much later, Y'shtola aided the Warrior of Light in Swiftperch when the Ascian appeared in retaliation for the thwarted Sahagin plot. When the Warrior of Light was invited to join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, Y'shtola rigged an Aetheryte Crystal to allow access to the Navel where the Kobolds' primal, Titan, awaited. After Titan's defeat, Y'shtola spied Nero tol Scaeva observing the fight, and discovered Lahabrea with him. Since she remained in Limsa Lominsa to continue investigating, she was not present when Livia sas Junius raided the Waking Sands and captured Minfilia Warde. Y'shtola met with Yda and joined in the rescue operation at Castrum Centri. The two confronted Livia at the Garlean base, intent on exacting retribution, but imperial reinforcements forced them to retreat and they joined the others.

After their group moved to Revenant's Toll, Y'shtola and Thancred investigated a strange instance of crystal theft near Horizon in Western Thanalan. They learned that the Amalj'aa were the culprits with help from someone in the Brass Blades tipping them off. To confirm the traitor's identity, Y'shtola posed as a miner as part of a trap involving a shipment of crystals. The raiders turned out to be Serpent Reavers, intent on collecting crystals for the Sahagin to summon Leviathan. With the imminent return of the Lord of Whorls, Y'shtola accompanied the Scions to warn Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn and strike against the Sahagin and their primal.

After the defense of Ishgard from the Dravanian Horde, Y'shtola attended a celebration in Ul'dah alongside the other Scion leaders. A conspiracy to assassinate Nanamo Ul Namo was carried out when Ilberd Feare betrayed the Scions, who were falsely accused of regicide. Yda and Papalymo stayed behind to cover the others' escape. Finding themselves pursued by the Brass Blades and traitorous Crystal Braves in a hidden tunnel, Y'shtola and Thancred remained behind to ensure that the Warrior of Light and Minfilia escape by causing a cave-in. Y'shtola used the ancient spell Flow (エンシェント・テレポ, Enshento Terepo?, lit. Ancient Teleport), a powerful teleportation magick that sent the user to another place in the form of aether along the Lifestream, to transport herself and Thancred to safety. While Thancred ended up somewhere else, Y'shtola became trapped within the Lifestream.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

FFXIV Y'shtola Returns

Y'shtola being brought back from the Lifestream by the seedseer siblings.

After a thorough investigation, Pipin and Urianger discovered Y'shtola's fate and learned she was in danger of dissolving within the aetheric currents if not restored in time. To bring her back, the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud turned to Kan-E-Senna for assistance in asking the Elementals of the Twelveswood to gather her. They learned from the Elder Seedseer that Y'shtola's younger half sister, Y'mhitra, was needed to find Y'shtola's exact whereabouts in the Lifestream because their aetheric makeup was similar. With the assistance of Y'mhitra and the Seedseers, Y'shtola returned to Eorzea in a comatose state and is taken to the inn to recover.

After she awakens, the Scions told her they needed to make an aetheric device to pierce through an Allagan barrier at Azys Lla. While she did not know how to create such a device, Y'shtola suggested heading to her hometown in the Dravanian Hinterlands to seek the aid of her old mentor, Matoya. Though initially weak, her time in the Lifestream had granted her extraordinary spellcasting abilities. Meeting Matoya at her cave, Y'shtola stayed behind to assist her clean up her home while the Warrior of Light headed to the Great Gubal Library to obtain the knowledge needed to build an aetheric ram that Matoya had hidden long ago. Matoya privately noted the change in Y'shtola's eyes, aware her trip through the Lifestream had blinded her and that she was now consuming her own aether to "see" magickally, shortening her lifespan.

Y'shtola traveled to Azys Lla to assist in stopping Archbishop Thordan's plan. She stayed behind with Alphinaud and Estinien Wyrmblood to halt the pursuing Garlean troops, allowing the Warrior of Light to make their way to the Archbishop. After the Archbishop was killed, Y'shtola escaped on the Enterprise along with the others, being the first to realize Estinien had not escaped with them.

On the shores of the great lake in the Dravanian Hinterlands, she bore witness to the rise of the primal Alexander from its depths. In light of the primal's summoning, Y'shtola made for Matoya's cave to seek her assistance in slaying it while the Warrior of Light and the party assaulted Alexander and the Illuminati from within. Y'shtola recognized "Travanchet" when Mide Hotgo revealed how she got the mysterious horn used to summon Alexander, and felt indirectly responsible for having failed to stop him fifteen years ago in La Noscea.

Y'shtola headed to Idyllshire to meet with Krile Maya Baldesion, who had arrived in Eorzea to aid the Scions. They traced where Thancred had ended up when Y'shtola used the Flow spell, and learned he had drifted to the Dravanian Forelands where he emerged in the wilderness. While checking with hunters and the Vath for any sightings, the Scions encountered the Warriors of Darkness attacking Ravana in Lost ast Gnath. The mysterious party reacted with suspicion and hostility, apparently knowing who the Warrior of Light was. The altercation was cut short when Thancred arrived and reunited with the Scions.

Y'shtola later confided to the Warrior of Light that she suspected Thancred's transit in the Lifestream may have sealed his ability to use magick (as it did for her eyesight).

Y'shtola monitored the cocoon of the light above Baelsar's Wall, watching for any further activity from Ilberd's primal sealed within.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Shortly after the Scions arrived at the Ala Mhigan Resistance headquarters at Rhalgr's Reach, Garlean forces attacked. Crown prince Zenos yae Galvus severely wounded Y'shtola, and although Krile managed to save her life, she remained too injured to participate in the liberations of Doma and Ala Mhigo.

After recovering, Y'shtola helped search for Alphinaud Leveilleur who had disappeared in the Burn. She commented on the presence of Allagan ruins in the region, and that it would be possible to use them as a barrier against the Garlean Empire. She returned with Hien Rijin and the Warrior of Light to Azim Steppe where she activated a device to manipulate the aether in the Burn.

Y'shtola and the other Scions attended a meeting of the Eorzean Alliance with Doma, during which the Scions heard a mysterious voice and Thancred lost consciousness. Y'shtola, Alisaie, and the Warrior of Light met with Urianger, who had also heard the voice, but during the conversation the mysterious phenomenon recurred and Urianger and Y'shtola also lost consciousness.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Her penchant for pragmatism is matched only by her thirst for knowledge. Though she is renowned for her consummate mastery of white magic, she now turns to the dark arts that she might better contend with the challenges that lie ahead.

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FFXIV Urianger and Y'shtola the First

Y'shtola and Urianger arrive in the First.

Y'shtola and Urianger's souls, like Thancred's before them, had been accidentally summoned by the Crystal Exarch to the First, the world reflection from whence the Warriors of Darkness hailed. The Exarch had intended to only summon the Warrior of Light, explaining that the First was being consumed by light, and if not stopped, the world would be rejoined with the Source causing the Eighth Umbral Calamity. Y'shtola journeyed to the Rak'tika Greatwood to await the Warrior of Light's arrival.

As time flew differently in the First, three years passed for Y'shtola before the Warrior of Light arrived. During that time, she joined a group of dark-worshipers known as the Night's Blessed and took the alias of "Matoya" as per their custom to never speak their true names aloud beneath the light. Two years before the Warrior's arrival, the Night's Blessed headquarters burned to the ground during a sin eater attack. Y'shtola guided survivors to make a new home in Slitherbough and thus became the leader of Night's Blessed.

When the Warrior (now known as the "Warrior of Darkness" as per their mission to stop the Flood of Light on the First) arrived in the wood with Thancred, a reincarnation of Minfilia, Urianger, and Emet-Selch, Y'shtola initially doubted the Warrior's identity because of how much light they had absorbed. Upon learning that their mission was to find and slay the Lightwarden hiding in the forest, she helped them travel deeper into the woods to reach Yx'Maja, where the ruins of the Ronkan Empire were found.

They discovered where the Lightwarden was hiding and entered the ruins to unlock the path. Ran'jit and an emissary of Eulmore attacked them, claiming to have poisoned the Night's Blessed. During the ensuing fight Ran'jit and the emissary fell down a pit, and Y'shtola dived in after them, seemingly sacrificing herself to get the antidote from them to her friends. In truth, she used the Flow spell again to escape, and Emet-Selch pulled her out of the Lifestream as a gesture of good faith. After destroying the Lightwarden, Y'shtola examined the ancient cave paintings and wondered as to their significance. Emet-Selch explained the murals depicted the story of how his people long ago summoned Zodiark and Hydaelyn, and after the latter defeated the former, Zodiark was imprisoned and the world divided into fourteen parts: the Source and its thirteen reflections.

After helping defeat the remaining Lightwardens, Y'shtola followed the Warrior of Darkness into the Tempest to confront Emet-Selch. Comparing the underwater ruins to the painting in the Ronkan cave, she concluded they were the remnants of the ancient Ascian city of Amaurot of which Emet-Selch had spoken. After Emet-Selch's defeat, she returned to the Night's Blessed while the Crystal Exarch looked for a way to return their souls to the Source.

The Exarch called upon Y'shtola and her companions to inform them of their bodies' degrading conditions back on the Source. Deciding time was of the essence, they sought a way to transport their souls alongside the Warrior of Darkness back home. At the Exarch's suggestion, they hoped to gain the assistance of one well-versed in soul theory, a Nu Mou recluse named Beq Lugg who has made their home in a former elven palace known as The Grand Cosmos. After enduring the Nu Mou's trials, the group persuaded them to lend their help by telling their story. Y'shtola assisted Urianger create auracite needed to anchor their souls, but they soon discovered their plan was flawed. Y'shtola sent the Warrior of Darkness back to the Source to inform their comrades of the situation, while the party explored alternative methods of storing their souls.

Some time later, the Warrior returned with news: Zenos yae Galvus yet lived and the Empire was working on new Weapons. While the Exarch and Beq Lugg continued their research into creating suitable soul vessels, Y'shtola assisted the Warrior of Darkness gather the residents of Crystarium to inform the masses of the truth behind Ardbert and his friends. When the Ascian Elidibus exploited this and showed up in Ardbert's body to convince the people to become new Warriors of Light, Y'shtola and the Warrior of Darkness returned to the Qitana Ravel in hopes of uncovering more stories about the ancients.

They discovered a tomb of a Ronkan archmage, and after hearing her story from the Viis, concluded she had the Echo. The mural of the archmage and the reports of those on the Source experiencing a vision of star showers led Y'shtola to believe that there was a connection between the Final Days that had destroyed the original planet and the Echo. After confronting Elidibus led to no answers, Y'shtola and the party searched for more ruins of Amaurot, once more beseeching the aid of Bismarck. They discovered the facility known as Anamnesis Anyder, and inside found a device that replayed a meeting of the dissident ancients that would go on to summon Hydaelyn. A further recording detailing Elidibus becoming Zodiark's heart only served to confuse the party. Y'shtola remained behind to get the device working again while the others returned to the surface. She learned Elidibus's true nature as a primal of his former self, and confronted him on his objective alongside the Warrior. Following Elidibus's defeat, the Scions returned to their world after setting their affairs in order.

Once back on the Source, Y'shtola accompanied Alphinaud to Limsa Lominsa. They joined Alisaie's group to seek Matoya's help in finding a cure for tempering. Matoya agreed to help despite being annoyed Y'shtola used her name as an alias while on the First.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Well versed in arcane and ancient wisdom, Y'shtola's pragmatism is matched only by her thirst for knowledge. Her relentless studies have revealed the edges of a greater truth, and only time will tell where this new perspective will lead her.

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Arriving in Old Sharlayan alongside her comrades, Y'shtola joined Krile's party to investigate the Forum's policies about the Final Days. They journeyed to Labyrinthos where Sharlayan academics had been conserving animals and plants from across the realm for unknown purposes. When they met Erenville, a gleaner contracted by the Forum, Y'shtola sent the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, and Alisaie as toads to follow him. They learned that the higher-ups had been increasing the gleaner's workload to prepare for something.

Do as you must then, but we Scions will fight. Until the heavens fall, until our last breath!

Y'shtola, challenging the Forum.

They were caught by the authorities because G'raha Tia had been using magick in the Studium library. They were brought into the Forum for questioning, and Y'shtola challenged the Forum upon their refusal to act in the event of the Final Days. The Scions, and by extension, Krile's Students of Baldesion, were banned from researching further.

The Thavnairian party informed the appearance of the rogue Ascian Fandaniel and that the Arkasodaras there had been kidnapped to fuel the Telophoroi tower. Y'shtola joined the Scions at the Tower of Zot, where she alongside Krile, Urianger, and G'raha Tia stayed behind to heal the kidnapped civilians. After the satrap thanked them of their actions, Y'shtola and the group learned about akasha, the power of emotions.

When the Eorzean Alliance formed the Ilsabardian Contingent, Y'shtola joined Thancred and Urianger at seeking for allies. Upon learning Lyse Hext was back in action as the leader of Ala Mhigan and Ul'dah contingents, they had a friendly banter. Y'shtola's role in the contingent was to provide succor alongside G'raha and Urianger. She also joined the main force at infiltrating the Tower of Babil.

After the Warrior of Light destroyed Zodiark on the moon, Y'shtola followed them alongside Thancred and Urianger. They gleaned that the moon was actually an evacuation device for the people in the Source to escape the planet in the event of the Final Days. At the Watcher's bidding, they visited the moon caretakers, the Loporrits. After helping the rabbit-like people to better facilitate the moon for the Source's people, Y'shtola alongside the Warrior and Thancred returned to the Source.

That night, Y'shtola visited the Warrior's room, worrying about their well-being, after the incident at the First where they had consumed the Lightwardens' light. The next day, Krile informed the Scions that Thavnair has been hit by strange phenomena. The Scions traveled there to find the sky burning and beasts similar to the ones they saw in the recreated Amaurot, led by a creature the locals refered to as a "blasphemy". They joined Vrtra and the Radiant Host in Vanaspati, and defeated the blasphemy. As the blasphemy evaporated, Y'shtola was horrified: she never saw the beast due to her aether-linked eyesight because the creature, who had once been a Thavnairian citizen, had its aether rotten to the core when it transformed, until there was no aether left. She concluded that those who transformed into beasts, could not be saved: only death would free them.

The Scions returned to Radz-at-Han to investigate the origin of the blasphemy they defeated. After Y'shtola and Thancred finished their rounds, the Scions compared notes, and determined that negative emotions, such as fear and despair, served as the catalyst for transformations. Y'shtola pointed out that when the Final Days struck Amaurot, it was not the people who transformed: rather, it was the ancients' creation magicks infused with fear and despair that had caused them to create untold horrors, surmising that if they had simply lost control, it would have manifested in many different forms. Alphinaud pointed that while this was a common thread, it was not completely identical, surmising the difference between the ancients and modern people: the latter's souls were sundered, and maybe that single variable made all the difference.

When Matsya came to the city to inform that Palaka's Stand had been struck by beasts, an elderly woman flew into panic, fearing for her grandson. She transformed into a beasts, with many others following. Y'shtola and Thancred engaged them, while others helped the survivors to safety. The Warrior, Alphinaud, and Alisaie went with Matsya to Palak's Stand while Y'shtola, Thancred, and G'raha held ground at Radz-at-Han.

After quelling the crisis and Vrtra reveling himself to his people, the Scions were granted a reprieve. They agreed they had to get to the core of the problem, Y'shtola believing Hydaelyn had the answer, but She had been silent since the Tower of Babil. When the Warrior reminded about the Watcher advising them about the flower, Elpis, Y'shtola was left wondering what that name meant, as she had not seen any mention of it while studying the Anyder. G'raha suggested they ask Elidibus within the Crystal Tower on the First, but only the Warrior could do that. In the meantime, Y'shtola decided to consult Master Matoya to see if she knew of a way to reach Hydaelyn in the aetherial sea.

Unfortunately, Y'shtola's and Matoya's efforts were for naught. They could only determine that the Forum had a different means from the Antitower to communicate with Hydaelyn. The Warrior's trek into Elpis itself, however, revealed the source of the Final Days: Meteion and her sisters, singing a song of oblivion infused with despair-ridden dynamis, an energy based solely on emotion. The Scions offered to help the Forum with their starship, persuading them to grant them access to Hydaelyn through the Aitiascope. As they journeyed through the aetherial sea, they found Her with the Mothercrystal. Hydaelyn tested the Scions to see if mankind had the strength to overcome despair, and they defeated Her. Y'shtola theorized that Hydaelyn had sundered Etheirys to reduce aether within all living beings, so that it would be easier for them interact with dynamis. From there, Hydaelyn waited for the day mankind would be strong enough to overcome despair, so that one day they could defeat Meteion. Hydaelyn confirmed this. She granted the Scions a crystal, which contained the record of Meteion's nesting place and also infused Warrior's crystal of Azem with her remaining power. With that, Hydaelyn affirmed her love for her children and returned to aetherial sea with a smile.

Now that the Scions had learned Meteion's location, the starship Ragnarok was repurposed to travel to her nesting place in Ultima Thule. The Scions took the craft with the Loporrits and journeyed there. Meteion appeared within the ship, and as it entered her realm, everyone began to suffocate. Thancred struck at Meteion, but when the others got back up, he was gone. As the Scions explored Ultima Thule, they learned it was a dynamis-infused realm where Meteion had created a number of simulacrums of devastated worlds they had visited. Only by overcoming the despair through sacrificing their bodies could the Scions journey forward. Among the simulacrum of the Ea, an alien race, who had succumbed to despair when they learned the universe was doomed to a universal cooling. Y'shtola reasoned with the Ea by proclaiming that even in the face of inevitable end, she would never agree to live in ignorance. Until the end comes for her, she would continue to seek knowledge. This eliminated despair in this part of Ultima Thule. Urianger joined her, as she sacrificed herself to allow the Warrior, G'raha, Alphinaud and Alisaie to move on, but also telling the Warrior that they could use Azem's magick to bring them back as long as their souls remained, but warned them not to do so.

After everyone, except the Warrior, had sacrificed themselves, the Warrior encountered Meteion. Recalling the words of Y'shtola and others, they used Azem's magick to summon Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus from the aetherial sea. Using their creation magicks, they created a bed of Elpis flowers from the Warrior's mind, which broke Meteion's hold over the despair that once reigned supreme in Ultima Thule. With hope restored, the Warrior could summon their comrades back, and Y'shtola claimed they should be thankful. The Scions entered Meteion's nest after Meteion's individuality reemerged.

After tackling their way through three different images of despair-ridden worlds, the Meteia grew frustrated how the Scions were still able to stand. They merged into the Endsinger, and defeated the Scions, forcing the Warrior to send them to safety. While in the Ragnarok, they prayed for the Warrior, allowing them to defeat the Endsinger. The lone surviving Meteion, returned to her original form, informed the Scions that the Warrior was on their way, but by the time they did, the Warrior all but dead. They survived, and Y'shtola criticized the Warrior for fighting alone, forbidding them from doing that again, claiming her heart could not bear it.

Following the Final Days' aversion, the Scions publicly disbanded and Y'shtola returned to her master's cave to compile all of her research notes from her time with the Scions, and to begin researching traversal between the shards of the Source in earnest. She also planned to write a book about the Scions' adventures.

When Y'shtola could not find any notes from the Great Gubal Library for traveling between the Source and the shards, she returned to Sharlayan and studied for three days straight in the Noumenon, until exhaustion got the better of her. The Warrior and G'raha arrived to invite her to seek ancient ruins beneath the Bounty and caught her asleep, choosing not wake her. When she awoke and heard her friends proposal, she joined without hesitation. After recruiting Urianger, the companions met with Estinien on Thavnair and set sail.

After fighting their way to the vault, they found a large urn. Y'shtola was keen to open it, until Vrtra, in Varshahn's body, arrived and stopped them. Vrtra then told them the story about himself and his long lost sister, Azdaja. Learning the urn contained a voidgate to the Thirteenth, Y'shtola was most intrigued, since it could provide an answer to travel between the Source and other shards without restrictions. She asked Vrtra's permission to study it, and he granted it.

Y'shtola and the Warrior learned that Hannish alchemists had discovered means to utilize the voidgate, but the records of it had been sent to Sharlayan and locked within Noumenon's restricted section. The two traveled to Sharlayan to ask the Forum's permission to gain access to it. They first consulted scholar Montichaigne, who was willing to assist them, but noted that his word alone would not be enough. He suggested they try to plead a more influential member of the Forum, like Fourchenault Leveilleur. They met him, and while he was reluctant to speak for their behalf, he decided to support them, feeling he owed Y'shtola and the Warrior for saving the world, and that this time they were going through official channels to access the records. His and Montichaigne's word was enough for the Forum to grant permission, yet Fourchenault voiced his concern for accessing restricted section.

Within the restricted section, the Warrior found the tome in question, which indicated that Hannish alchemists had created an artificial Atomos to serve as gatekeeper to allow travel through voidgates. Y'shtola returned to Thavnair and informed Nidhana who accepted without hesitation to assist Y'shtola in developing the artificial Atomos.

Since the Thirteenth was a world consumed by the Flood of Darkness, Y'shtola needed to ascertain how its corruptive influence would affect non-voidsent. She held an experiment in which she summoned two nixxie familiars, one carrying a warding scale and one without, into the Thirteenth. The one with the warding scale was unharmed, and the other was so deeply affected by Darkness it would have turned into a voidsent. This proved that warding scales provided a perfect protection, yet Y'shtola noticed that even with the protection, the scale showed signs of degradation. She and the Warrior went to Rhalgr's Reach to have Garlond Ironworks work on the scales to give a proper reinforcement, so that they would not degrade.

When the artificial Atomos was finished, and the warding scales reinforced, Y'shtola, the Warrior, Varshahn, and Estinien prepared to travel to the Thirteenth. Y'shtola gave the Warrior Hydaelyn's Crystal of Light they had used to track Meteion, feeling Hydaelyn's Chosen should be the one to carry it, since its main purpose was served, and she also felt the Light within it could be helpful in the Thirteenth. They used the voidgate to travel to the Thirteenth to search for Azdaja. After fighting their way through the Fell Court of Troia and defeating a powerful voidsent called Scarmiglione, the archfiend of earth, they began to explore the area. They were directed to a powerful and clever voidsent whom the Warrior recognized as the reaper avatar to Zenos Galvus. Yet this time, the voidsent did not wish to fight. The Crystal of Light reacted to the voidsent and purged the excess Darkness within it, transforming the voidsent into a young Hyur-like woman.

The woman agreed to tell the companions what they wanted in exchange for aether, due to her voidsent-nature of being constantly aether-starved. Y'shtola agreed to give some of her aether. Since the woman lacked a name Y'shtola named her "Zero". They had differing interpretations to the name, with Zero claiming it means "nothing", but Y'shtola claimed meant a "beginning". Zero told them about Contramemoria, a war in which people summoned powerful beings called eidolons to war and conquer, while another group of people, called Memoriates, fought them. Y'shtola believed eidolons were the same as primals in the Source.

Before revealing any more, Zero demanded the aether she was due. Before Y'shtola was able to give it, they were attacked by reincarnated Scarmiglione. Estinien was baffled how Scarmiglione was still alive, but Scarmiglione said there was no death in the Thirteenth. Y'shtola realized that since Light represented forces of tranquility and stasis, Darkness represented forces of constant motion, which meant the soul within the Thirteenth could not find rest; it was constantly reincarnated unless another voidsent devoured it. Zero stepped away, not willing to help until she was paid. The others engaged Scarmiglione's minions, but he reanimated them continuously. Y'shtola asked Zero if there was a way to stop them. Zero was not going to move until she got what was owed. Y'shtola pointed out that she was indebted for accepting her name. Even though Zero never asked for her name, she nevertheless accepted it, and joined the battle, revealing her Memoriate powers; she sealed off Scarmiglione's voidsent into crystals and prevented them from being reanimated. When the party defeated Scarmiglione, Zero did the same for him, defeating him for good, as she claimed the transformation was permanent.

Zero received her aether from Y'shtola, and took them to her domain, where she had allowed weaker voidsent to find safe haven under her watch. The domain was assaulted by Barbariccia, the archfiend of wind. While the Warrior dealt with Barbariccia, Y'shtola, Estinien, Varshahn, and Zero dealt with her minions. Once the Warrior defeated Barbariccia, Zero dealt the finishing blow to her, but fainted, having drained her aether. Y'shtola suggested they take her to the Source to recover, since with its rich ambient aether, she would recover faster, and they would not have to give their own aether.

After Zero woke up in the Source and received a tour of Radz-at-Han, Y'shtola began to explain the history of the Source and its reflections, the Scions and their struggles, including how they saved the First, a world that nearly suffered a similar fate to that of the Thirteenth. Zero was intrigued that maybe her world could be saved but claimed that Y'shtola and others could do what they liked, as she had no intention to save the Thirteenth, but she also did not object helping them as long as she was paid.

When Vrtra gathered the Warrior, Y'shtola, Estinien, and Zero for a new trek into the Thirteenth to search for Azdaja, he suddenly roared atop of Meghaduta, calling to his sibling. He briefly felt Azdaja's presence in the Source, and tried to call to her. He received no response and the presence disappeared. The presence he felt came from an unlikely destination: far in the north, in Garlemald. Though suspicious, Y'shtola agreed they should investigate. Estinien contacted Alphinaud and Alisaie, who were still in Garlemald helping the refugees, and the group traveled to meet them in Tertium.

Recently Garlemald had suspiciously increased contact with voidsent coming from the north, where Garlean Reapers once trained. There was no direct route to their destination of Lapis Manalis, so the group decided to look for a way and at the same time assist the refugees. Y'shtola did her part alongside Estinien.

After finishing their tasks with the refugees and securing passage to Lapis Manalis, the group traveled there. They fought their way through beasts, abandoned reaper training constructs, and voidsent, eventually encountering and defeating Cagnazzo, Golbez's archfiend of water. Cagnazzo had used Azdaja's eye to lure the group to Garlemald, confirming Y'shtola's suspicions that the ordeal was indeed just a distraction. After discussing the situation and bidding farewells to Alphinaud and Alisaie, the group returned to Radz-at-Han.

A massive surge of aether erupted from the direction of Alzadaal's Legacy. While the Warrior, Vrtra, and Zero remained in Thavnair to deal with voidsent invasion, Y'shtola and Estinien headed to the Alzadaal's vault, only to confirm that Golbez's archfiend of fire, Rubicante, had destroyed the vault and the voidgate as well; Cagnazzo had lured them to Garlemald so that Rubicante could destroy the gate, denying the heroes access to the Thirteenth.

The Warrior defeated Rubicante and learned that Golbez's domain was located on the Thirteenth's moon. Y'shtola encouraged Vrtra that Azdaja was still alive, seeing her eye as the proof. She decided to search a new method to open a voidgate to the Thirteenth.

Y'shtola, with the aid of Urianger, eventually devised a method to open a new gate to the void: they would use the chasm where Zodiark was imprisoned to form the gate. Y'shtola departed with Nidhanna and other Thavnairian alchemists to prepare Mare Lamentorum for the gate opening.

Preparing the grounds took longer than expected, but they were able to open the gate. She traveled to the Thirteenth's moon with the Warrior of Light, Zero, Estinien, and Vrtra to rescue Azdaja. While scouting the immediate area, Y'shtola noticed traces of Zodiark's aether linger in the chasm where his prison used to be. Golbez revealed himself and transforms Azdaja into a voidsent servant. Y'shtola helped hold back Golbez's minions while the Warrior of Light engaged him. The party failed to beat Golbez before he used Azdaja's body to summon Zeromus, a powerful voidsent made from Zodiark's aether. Realizing that Zeromus was too powerful, the party was forced to retreat.

Back at Vrtra's palace, Y'shtola debriefed the party and began discussing how to best proceed given the limited time they had before Zeromus broke into the Source. Estinien asked couldn't they just deal with Zeromus in the Source, but Y'shtola said doing that would result in the loss of Azdaja's soul, as souls within the Thirteenth will not return to aetherial sea. Y'shtola determined that a being of extreme darkness was best countered with a weapon forged with pure light and hinted to the Warrior of Light that the First had an abundance of Light to use. She departed to enlist the aid of Thavnair's Alchemists and other experts from around the world.

Y'shtola returned to Thavnair with aether transmitters made by Garlond Ironworks. Her theory was to plant them in Nabaath Areng in the First to transmit Light from the Flood there to the Crystal Tower, and then use the tower to transmit the Light through the rift to the Thirteenth. Warrior and Zero traveled to the First to plant the transmitters while Y'shtola went to make preparations on the moon.

After the Warrior and Zero returned, they once again prepared to use the voidrift back to the Thirteenth's moon. Using aether transmitters there, the Light from the First punched a hole to the Darkness covering Golbez's domain. As the heroes journeyed through the Lunar Subterrane, they encounteerd a discarded memoria crystal that transferred them inside of the memory of the original Golbez. He and his friend Durante had attempted to save their home, Baron, but during the fight, a dark memoriate had corrupted Golbez, forcing Durante to slay and trap his friend's essence into memoria. Durante had taken up his friend's identity, making the party realize they had been fighting Durante all this time.

Golbez appeared and revealed he was had unleashed the Flood of Darkness; the Ascian Igeyorhm had tricked him into killing the Watcher on the Thirteenth, but by doing that, he had also destroyed the last shred of Light on the Thirteenth, unleashing the Flood. Y'shtola pointed out this result was as Emet-Selch had told them; back then the Ascians did not yet know the full extent of the Rejoining, as they needed a Calamity of similar proportions in the Source as well, but since this did not occur, the aether of the Thirteenth had nowhere to go when the Flood happened. Golbez now intended to have Zeromus to break the veil between worlds and release all voidsent to the Source so that they can finally be free from the purgatorial state of undying.

The heroes stood up against him, and Y'shtola, Zero, Estinien, and Vrtra held off Golbez while the Warrior descended to face Zeromus. Golbez claimed the Warrior would be lost just like them, but Y'shtola reminded that time and again the Warrior had stood up against insurmountable odds and always prevailed. Golbez was defeated, and Zero convinced him to save their world without dooming another. They followed the Warrior and arrived to assist just as Zeromus was reanimated after the Warrior defeated it. Working together, the heroes dispersed Zeromus to allow Zero, who used the Light she had collected from the First, to seal it in memoria and allowing Vrtra to call to Azdaja and save her.

As the heroes began to leave, Zero remained in the Thirteenth with Golbez to help restore it. Y'shtola gave Zero a nixxie to help her remain in contact with her friends in the Source. Vrtra threw up a homecoming party for Azdaja at Radz-at-Han, to which Y'shtola also took part.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail[]

Y'shtola didn't take part in the rite of succession for the throne of Tuliyollal, but when the mysterious dome appeared in Xak Tural, and Tuliyollal came under attack by the forces emerging from it, Krile brought in her and G'raha Tia for their expertise of such mysteries. Krile then explained about, what Gulool Ja Ja had told her, Wuk Lamat and Koana about the golden city. Gulool Ja Ja had initially believed the city was the room at the end of Skydeep Cenote, but in reality the city was actually located beyond the gate located there. Twenty years ago, Krile's grandfather, Galuf Baldesion, was summoned by Gulool Ja Ja to investigate the city, and it was then hat the gate opened. Y'shtola then determined the gate led to another reflection of the Source, stunning everyone present. Continuing the tale, when the gate opened, two Lalafells emerged from the gate carrying a baby and a mysterious artifact. The baby was taken by Galuf and the artifact by Ketenramm, but all present there were left with more questions, what this was about. Galuf took the baby to Sharlayan and raised her as his granddaughter, which meant the baby was Krile.

Eventually, the Scions and others present managed to conclude that the appearance of the dome and the strange ships and soldiers are somehow connected to the golden city and the reflection. Y'shtola wanted to see the dome for herself before pursuing another avenue about the gateway. She determined the dome was made of high concentration of lightning energy, and that alone made touching the dome fatal.

When Zoraal Ja resumed the attack on Tuliyollal, Y'shtola was seen defending Shaaloani alongside its inhabitants. After repelling the invasion, she joined with Alphinaud and Estinien in dealing with Zoraal Ja for good. After he was defeated, she examined the gateway above the room. Although it looked like a voidgate, it didn't lead to the Thirteenth; instead it was a gate to the another reflection. Queen Sphene then appeared and took the artifact that functined as the key to the gate in Skydeep Cenote. She then retreated through the gate with the intention draining the Source of aether in order to maintain her people, the Endless. She closed the gate behind her, leaving the Scions no direct means to follow her.

The Scions determined Sphene had retreated to the reflection, and that their only way to there was the gate in Skydeep Cenote. By using the clover earring Krile wore, they managed to open it. Y'shtola then advised everyone that beyond lies another reflection, and they have no way of knowing, which one it is, short of asking an Ascian. The Warrior, Wuk Lamat, Krile, Graha Tia and Erenville went through, while the others remained behind to ensure nothing comes out. Eventually, Sphene was defeated and the Endless were ended. Y'shtola and the others returned to Tuliyollal to celebrate, where Y'shtola studied the Tuliyollal Saga herself.



FFXIV HW Y'shtola (Trust)

Y'shtola in Heavensward.

Y'shtola is a Miqo'te of the Seekers of the Sun with a light brown skin and brown facial markings, light teal eyes, and platinum blonde hair with two frontal pigtails tied with rings. She dresses in a white dalmatica with silver patterns and the mark of the Circle of Knowing on its left arm, blue trousers, and black ankle boots. She wears a visual device on her neck that allows her to analyze aetherial activity in the environment. She has the tattoo of an Archon on her neck. She wields a one-handed conjurer wand that resembles a tree branch.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, her eyes turn pale white as a consequence of using the forbidden spell, Flow, rendering her physically blind. Y'shtola wears a new outfit provided by Tataru Taru, a long-sleeved white top with extended sides and back, short black shorts, black thigh-high boots, and a black bolero shrug over her shoulders. She wields the staff Truth Seeker. The player could unlock this outfit upon reaching Y'shtola level 80 in Avatar mode.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Y'shtola delves into black magick and discards her white clothing in favor of black robes with gray fur, and flat-heeled boots. She wields a new cane called Nightseeker made from Deadwood.

In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, upon reaching Garlemald, Y'shtola will switch over to a Crystarium robe to stave off the cold.


FFXIV SH Y'shtola 2

Y'shtola in Shadowbringers.

Constantly at each others throats like rabid...gods I'm beginning to sound like her

Y'shtola noticing a similarity to her former master.

Y'shtola is introduced as "Cultured Conjurer", a moniker that reflects her calm composure. She is a taciturn, well-spoken voice of reason even alongside her equally scholarly peers among the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, providing sharp, relevant insight that hardly ever strays from the matter at hand. This is in contrast to Thancred Waters, who frequently flings charismatic and flamboyant one-liners to be deflected by her stoicism.

Y'shtola's gall comes out when her patience has been tried, or as a counter to others' bold, irrelevant, or confrontational comments. She derives some of this audacity from her former master, Matoya, the two exchanging quips and subtle insults. Despite this, they care deeply for each other as Y'shtola holds her former master in the highest regard, and Y'shtola tries to avoid disrespecting her.

Y'shtola also is naturally cynical of people who hide the truth and their intentions. She quickly lost trust with the Crystal Exarch shortly after being summoned to the First due to his secretive nature, and attempted to avert the calamity her own way rather than cooperate with him. She only does so once more after the Warrior of Light arrived in the First.

Y'shtola has a cultured and refined diction which, although grounded enough to differentiate her from the theatrical likes of Urianger Augurelt, grants an air of wisdom to her. She is uninterested in romantic affairs, bluntly refusing the Oronir leader, Magnai Oronir, telling him to try again when he "becomes a man". During her time with the Night's Blessed, she has come to silently acknowledge Runar's slight feelings for her, though she knows she can't return them. Despite this, Y'shtola still considers Runar a good friend.

Y'shtola has a dry sense of humor, and oftentimes strikes back at the Warrior of Light when they reply her with a flirty or humorous dialogue choice. However, should the Warrior respond with a more serious and academic-minded response, Y'shtola quickly voices her approval.



FFXIV Y'shtola Battle

Y'shtola in battle.

Y'shtola fights alongside the player as a guest character in many of the main scenario quests. She is a Conjurer and uses a Budding Maple Wand as a weapon. She can use many of Conjurer abilities, such as Stone, Stone II, Aero II, and Cure. As the instances she features in were programmed at a much earlier point of the game, she (and several other Conjurer NPCs) will occasionally use spells that used to be in a Conjurer's repertoire, but are no longer available, such as Stoneskin.

In Heavensward she switches to using a long two-handed staff and her combat ability is greatly increased. She can use a few unique spells that are not available to player characters' Conjurer or White Mage classes. One such ability is Spiritual Ray (named in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT).

FFXIV Y'shtola Role-play

Y'shtola in Role-Play mode.

In Stormblood, Y'shtola becomes a temporary playable character during the second half of the MSQ duty instance "The Will of the Moon". She has access to stronger versions of Conjurer spells in the form of Aero of the Seventh Dawn (Aero II), Cure of the Seventh Dawn (Cure II), Stone of the Seventh Dawn (Stone IV), and can replenish her MP with Aetherwell. Though having no Limit Break, she will use Spiritual Ray upon completing the Active Time Maneuver at the end of the battle.

In Shadowbringers, Y'shtola is available as an NPC ally during dungeons using the Trust System. Though her class is listed as Sorceress, she uses renamed versions of Black Mage spells as well unique versions of her aforementioned offensive White Magic like Aero and Stone. She can also cast Cure in an event of emergency.

Triple Triad[]

Y'shtola Card
FFXIV TT Y'shtola
Card No. 49
Total stats 20
Type Scion
Description "The seas continue to rise while the lesser moon continues to fall, and ilm by ilm, the world becomes ever more unlike itself."
Obtain Won from Gegeruju, Eastern La Noscea (35,30).
Won from R'ashaht Rhiki, Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (13,12).
Heavensward Y'shtola Card
Card No.
Total stats
Type Scion
Description "If the Ascians will go to any lengths to resurrect their god, then we must needs be as committed to our cause─to unmask them and their schemes, and to crush them both utterly."
Obtain Defeat 60 different Triple Triad NPC's.
Shadowbringers Y'shtola Card
Card No.
Total stats
Type Scion
Description "Did you really think I would go gently into that dark night with so much left undone? So many mysteries left unsolved?"
Obtain Hargra, Rak'tika Greatwood (18.6, 26)

Other appearances[]

Y'shtola has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

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Final Fantasy Lost Stranger[]

FFLS Y'shtola


Y'shtola is referenced when the protagonist assumes that the Catter race are Miqo'te.


Y'shtola appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set she appears in is titled "ファイナルファンタジーXIV.[2]


Y'shtola was initially voiced by Emily O'Brien in the English version. Since the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, she is voiced by Robyn Addison.

She is voiced by Ai Kayano in the Japanese version.



Y'shtola pendant.

In May 2018 Square Enix releases a silver Y'shtola pendant with a green gem as part of the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary campaign. The reverse side of the pendant simply reads "Final Fantasy" with a carving of a crystal. Y'shtola is depicted in her Dissidia Final Fantasy appearance, and is released alongside pendants of the other Final Fantasy protagonists.



Y'shtola's name follows naming conventions for Seekers of the Sun and means "Shtola of the Y (Jaguar) Tribe, daughter of Rhul".



  1. Y'shtola's younger sister Y'mhitra Rhul is 26, and Y'shtola said she was Alphinaud's age when the Sharlayan Colony was abandoned, 15 years ago, which would make her approximately 32.