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Y'shtola is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy Maxima. She is a Grymoirian incarnation of Y'shtola Rhul originating from Final Fantasy XIV, and is the sole character representative for that game. Y'shtola does not make an appearance in the game's main storyline, but information mentioning her is present in excerpts of Old Personal Postings and the Who's Who of her presence in Grymoire long before Lann and Reynn's awakening.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Robyn Addison / Ai Kayano
Age in Grymoire: 23 (eternally)
Notes: Cat ears and tail / Resistance movement member / May have been a Champion in the past
A Mysterious Organization
In the Grymoire before Reynn and Lann awoke, there was an organization that quickly caught on that the Bahamutians were a threat to the world and moved to thwart them through various means. Y'shtola was a member of this organization, which through their use of the code word "Wild Rose" can be speculated to be connected with the resistance movement that Firion belonged to. On a side note, the "Y" at the beginning of her name is her clan name (akin to a last name), making "shtola" her first name.
First World of Origin:


Collecting all five excerpts of Old Personal Postings scattered through Grymoire unlocks Y'shtola's Champion Jewel Y'shtola's Champion Jewel, which can be bought at The Girl's Tearoom for two Arma Gem Arma Gems. Equipping this Mirajewel on Reynn makes her take on the appearance of Y'shtola, and inherits the abilities Ethereal Pulse Ethereal Pulse and HP++.

Musical theme[]

An arrangement of "Torn from the Heavens" plays when Reynn is equipped with Y'shtola's Champion Jewel. The player may also select this theme as the background music for battles from the Config section of the main menu, labeled as "Champion Theme: Y'shtola".