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Xarcabard is a location in Final Fantasy XI. It is an ice-covered land in the Valdeaunia region, with ruins dotting the landscape. There are ruins of the Dark Kindred throughout the area, as well as some ruins from a more ancient civilization. The terrain is very mountainous, making travel in the northern parts of Xarcabard more complicated. Giants, demons and undead roam the snowy area. There have also been reports of dragon sightings.

Location Edit

Xarcabard Auroras Edit

Xarcabard Aurora

The colorful auroras found in Xarcabard.

Auroras can be found in the Xarcabard area, appearing most prominently in the foothills of the terrain leading up to Castle Zvahl. While the auroras may be mesmerizing, they can also distract adventurers from the real dangers that stalk the outside of Castle Zvahl, such as demons and undead. Adventurers are advised to explore with caution. The ahriman NM Shadow Eye can be found near the auroras in Xarcabard.

Connected Areas Edit

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Missions Edit

  • Breaking Barriers: The player must search for a figure of Garuda, located on the northern end of Xarcabard.
  • A Challenge! You Could Be a Winner: The player must successfully answer three multiple-choice questions in a row about their gameplay statistics in order to complete the challenge in Xarcabard and move on to the next challenge.

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit

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Music Edit

"Xarcabard" is the eponymous track that plays in this area. As with other original field areas, the "Battle Theme" plays during solo battles in the area, and "Battle Theme #2" plays during battles in a party.

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