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Xande is a boss in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He is the final boss encountered in the Syrcus Tower.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Compared to other bosses in the Crystal Tower raids, Xande is relatively straightforward in terms of mechanics. He has several notable attacks that are as follows:

  • Knuckle Press: Xande punches the ground beneath him, damaging any melee fighters in the way and throwing them back.
  • Aura Cannon: The emperor releases a beam of energy in a line extending to the edge of the arena.
  • Ancient Quake: Slam his staff into the ground, releasing a shockwave that inflicts earth damage on every alliance member. A stronger version called Ancient Quaga is used during his Imperium attack later in the fight.
  • Burning Rave: Several targeting circle appear beneath a number of players, which will erupt in a fiery explosion.
  • Aetherochemical Explosion: He will summon a group of yellow orbs in the arena, which will then follow to blow up dealing raid-wide damage. In order to counter this, at least one person must step into the circles around each orbs, thus erecting a barrier around it and mitigating the damage dealt.
  • Starfall: After some time, he will teleport to his throne. He will then summon a bunch of devices which, if not dealt with quickly, will cause a comet to fall on the group dealing massive damage to every player. It is better to focus first on the lesser Stonefall Circles at the edges of the arena, and in the end destroy the Starfall Circle at the center. The first time he uses this, only three Stonefall Circles appear. The second time has six Stonefall Circles.
  • Imperium: After he tries to summon the comets, he will cast an ominous black orb on the head of one party member for each alliance. The orb will then explode, leaving behind an AoE pool that grants Levitate. The damage dealt can be split between people, so it is necessary to stack up as to both mitigate damage and gaining the effect of Levitate, which is crucial in order to avoid the incoming Ancient Quaga attack. This attack is always followed up by a Burning Rave attack right as Levitate wears off.

Starfall is used at 60% and 40% health. After the second Starfall, he uses Ancient Quake much more frequently, requiring extra attention by healers.

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