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Xagor's Castle on the Pureland map.

Xagor's Castle (ラグナ城, Raguna Shiro?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III. It is unknown what the castle's original name is or even if it was created by Xagor himself, or if it was simply captured by Xagor's forces. Even so, the people of Donmac refers to it by the name of Xagor's Castle. The castle, and the surrounding area called Goht was recently protected by a barrier until Dion blew it up. The next protection came from its natural environment, being surrounded by the mountains, but Talon2 swept in and blew a path for both Arthur and Borgin, allowing them both to reach the castle.

Inside the castle, there is a new type of damaging floors in the form of electricity. Jumping above it will prevent the player from taking damage. There is a back door that leaves the castle, if the player wishes to leave. The door is pretty easy to distinguish.


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Arthur will come across Ballor and mistaken him for Xagor, but he will correct him on that and engage him into battle. After his defeat, he tells Arthur that he is too late and Borgin says that only Sol can stop him now.

Arthur arrives at the top of the castle and find Sol. As he is holding on to Xagor's soul, he wants the party to attack and kill him which in turn will also kill Xagor. Unfortunately, Xagor manages to awaken and attacks the party. Luckily, during the battle with Xagor, Talon2 will eventually assist Arthur by firing its main weapon.

Once Xagor is defeated, Sol will thank Arthur and uses his last breath to destroy the Water Entity. He also tells Arthur to hurry back to his own World through the Hole in the Ocean.

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  • Venus
  • FireFan
  • Gill Man
  • Anubis
  • Shogun
  • Garuda
  • Removed
  • 210mm
  • Ballor (Boss)
  • Sol (Boss)
  • Xagor (Final Boss)



Xagor's Japanese name, Ragnar, is a reference to Ragnarok. Ragnarök is an event in Norse mythology that is similar to the Apocalypse. It is an event that is set off by the death of the god Balder, which was orchestrated by Loki. The Ragnarok was a final clash of all the major entities of Norse mythology. This caused all of the human spirits up in Valhalla to come down for the final battle.

This bloody encounter ebbs with the destruction of the universe and Balder along with a little handful of entities that are put in the bodies of children and only contain memories of the world before Ragnarok. Those entities would become mortal, and would live again in a new world of plenty and just existence.