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Xagor? You fools, Xagor is the very ocean you see everyday! Only a part of him is here.


Xagor is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy Legend III, acting as the leader of the Masters and residing within a castle high atop Mt. Goht. He created the Water Entity, which was slowly flooding the World and unleashing monsters upon humanity. To stop the Water Entity, the main characters from the future were sent on a quest through time and Xagor's minions were sent to dispose of their threat.



A huge lump of flesh with tentacles, it is later revealed that it has multiple mouths on its body. Xagor is modeled in the appearance of Azathoth of the Cthulhu mythos.


Xagor is a powerful being, he's the embodiment of the oceans of Pureland itself and only a small part of Xagor resided within the castle. Xagor plans on merging with Sol to become even more powerful.


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Xagor also had a massive forcefield around his territory to prevent anyone from entering, this forcefield is powered by the Barrier Machine that is guarded by Agron. Despite this shield making his territory almost impenetrable, he was shown to be able to influence others via an unknown force as was shown during the battle with the Dahak at the entrance of the Southwest Ruins.

Despite all his power, the party managed to find their way into his stronghold via the Underworld, defeating all his minions and breaking the Barrier Machine. They stormed his castle, however thanks to a confrontation with Ballor, they learn that Xagor is far more powerful than they ever imagined. A being that is the embodiment of the oceans of Pureland itself, and that only a small part of him resides in the castle.

Ballor also informs them that Xagor is merging with Sol to become even more powerful. By the time the party face Xagor, he's being held inside Sol who is struggling to keep the evil entity's soul from taking over. This prompts the party into having to kill Sol in an attempt to stop Xagor from escaping. However, despite their efforts, Xagor succeeds and materializes, gloating that with Sol gone, he shall now rule the world. Xagor then proceeds to fight the party and proves to be a powerful opponent, so much that the sentient Talon2 also joins in to aid the heroes in the final confrontation.

After Xagor's defeat, he seemingly vanishes from existence. Sol also sadly perishes, but informs the party that he will destroy the Water Entity with his final breath.

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After a few turns fighting Sol, Xagor will merge with him and the party will now fight against Xagor. He has the Flare, Lit X, and Magma spells, all of which hit every single character in the party. In addition to these spells, Dk-Force is a single target ability that deals damage. Its also immune to every status ailment except Fell, and is also weak against Mystic.

Xagor will eventually put up a Barrier that reduces damage from everything except for the mystic swords. The Talon will eventually assist the party by attacking Xagor at the end of every turn with its main weapon.



Xagor's Japanese name, Ragnar, is a reference to Ragnarok. Ragnarök is an event in Norse mythology that is similar to the Apocalypse. It is an event that is set off by the death of the god Balder, which was orchestrated by Loki. The Ragnarok was a final clash of all the major entities of Norse mythology. This caused all of the human spirits up in Valhalla to come down for the final battle.

This bloody encounter ebbs with the destruction of the universe and Balder along with a little handful of entities that are put in the bodies of children and only contain memories of the world before Ragnarok. Those entities would become mortal, and would live again in a new world of plenty and just existence.

Alternatively, Xagor's Japanese katakana could be a phonetic spelling of "Laguna", relating to Xagor's existence as an embodiment of Pure Land's ocean bodies. Laguna is the Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Tagalog, Spanish and Portuguese word for "lagoon", a shallow body of salt water separated from larger seas by small sandbanks or coral reefs. Additionally, Laguna is a Spanish term for a "mental blackout" – periods where one loses consciousness and is unable to remember what happened during that time when one wakes up. In Basque, laguna means "the friend".