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The Xaela Au Ra in Final Fantasy XIV are composed of dozen of clans that inhabit the Azim Steppe. Each clan has its own traditions encompassing a wide range of practices from spirituality to marriage and everyday life. In addition to tribe naming acting as surnames, to which tribe a Xaela Au Ra belongs can be determined from the colors of their clothing.

Notable tribes[]

The following tribes feature significantly in the main story of Final Fantasy XIV.


The members of the Oronir tribe believe themselves to be direct descendants of Azim, the tribe's god of the sun.[1] They wear yellow robes. Along with the Buduga tribe, the Oronir inhabit the Dawn Throne.

Notable members


A violent tribe whose members are taught from a young age not to fear death. While they are quick to attack other tribes, mortality rates are high, so that their numbers never grow very high.[1]

Notable members


A small tribe of devout worshippers of the elder gods, the Mol consult with their deities (via a shaman conduit) before making any tribe-related decisions, from the direction of their next migration, to the beasts they will hunt each day for food.[1]

Notable members


The Buduga live alongside the Oronir upon the Dawn Throne. They are a male-only tribe who kidnap males from other tribes to maintain their numbers.

Notable members
  • Daidukul Khan (Leader)


The Qestir are responsible for creating and maintaining Reunion, an important settlement for gathering and trading in the Azim Steppe. Reunion is a place where the various tribes, each with radically different traditions, can gather, communicate, and trade despite inter-tribal conflicts. Violence is forbidden.

The Qestir believe that all words are lies, instead mainly communicating through gesture, facial expressions, and body language. They value actions as being the true bearers of intent. The Qestir wear light pinkish brown robes and face masks that cover the nose and mouth, probably relating to the Qestiri belief that all words are lies.

The Qestir established and run the meeting place and trading outpost Reunion.

Other tribes[]


One of the larger Xaela tribes.[2]


Women of the Bayaqud tribe have multiple husbands.[3]


The Bolir collect dung to dry and turn in to charcol, and then sell the charcoal to other tribes to economically support themselves.


In the Dazkar tribe, women do all of the hunting. Dazkar men do not often socialize with people outside of the tribe.[4] The Dazkar wear light gray robes.

Notable members
  • Chambui
  • Chambui's Husband


The Gesi are skilled hunters who value quality weaponry. A radical Gesi named Jebei, bearing a grudge against the larger and more established tribes, attempts to trick the struggling trader Gascot into selling him bombs and foreign weapons to destroy Reunion and stregthen the power of his tribe.[5]

The Gesi wear dark gray robes.

Notable members
  • Jebei


One in every three Himaa pregnancies results in twins.


One of the larger Xaela tribes.


A tribe of Xaela who live in the cave "The Hundred-and-one Revelations" as atonement for their greed. Having attempted to take everything, they are left with nothing. They live to protect the Udgan, a tribesmember able to reveive divine revelations and see potential futures.

To quote Baavgai, "We live here to make amends for our sins. In the past, having grown drunk off its own greed, our tribe embarked on a mission to subjugate all that it possibly could. In response to our insatiable greed, the gods punished the Uyagir by unleashing giant, oliphant-like beetles upon our land. The beetles left absolute devastation in their wake. ... It took some time, but after a while, we regained the trust of the gods. Those who began receiving divine revelations were proof of that."


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