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The XIVth Imperial Legion is a legion of the Garlean Empire levied by "The Black Wolf" Gaius van Baelsar in Final Fantasy XIV.



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Version 1.x[]

After successfully capturing Ala Mhigo, the XIVth Legion was poised to annex the rest of Eorzea. As next part of their invasion plan, the legion attempted to capture Mor Dhona due to Lake Silvertear believed to be a nexus of aetherial energy (and therefore a risk of fueling primal summonings in defense of the realm). What Garlean scholars failed to take into consideration was the legends surrounding its guardian: as the fleet moved into Mor Dhona airspace, the Father of Dragons, Midgardsormr, emerged from the lake. After centuries of absence, the king of kings called forth the Dravanian Horde with song to repel the Garlean fleet. Even the mighty Agrius super-dreadnaught could not withstand the terrible power of Midgardsormr's energy blasts, and it fell into the lake with the great wyrmking coiled around it. The ceruleum fuel tanks ignited, killing Midgardsormr and destroying the seal on the flow of aether at the lake, creating a blinding pillar of light.

With the loss of the Agrius, Gaius was forced to withdraw the surviving fleet to Ala Mhigo. Worse yet, the breaking of the seal gave the native beast-tribes an abundant supply of aether to summon their primals in response to both the Garlean invasion and disputes with the city-states. For ten years, the invasion of Eorzea was put on hold, beginning the Age of Calm.

Emperor Solus zos Galvus, seeing the crisis in Eorzea, approved of Nael van Darnus's more extreme plan: Project Meteor. In response to the implications of this threat, the city-states reinstated the Eorzean Alliance and recreated the Grand Companies. Gaius and his Legion were ordered to aid van Darnus with his plan. However, the Legatus did not approve of his peer's apocalyptic plans, and secretly aided the Eorzean Alliance in their efforts to thwart the White Raven.

A Realm Reborn[]

Although the Emperor abandoned any plans for Eorzea after Project Meteor was less than successful, Gaius van Baelsar would not give up his ambition to bring Eorzea under his control. With the aid of a spy planted in the Grand Companies by High Legatus Varis yae Galvus, the XIVth Legion quietly set up several outposts in Eorzea in the years after the Calamity.

In addition to reusing Nael van Darnus's old fortress Castrum Novum (now called Castrum Centri), the Legion set up a major stronghold at Northern Thanalan, as well as additional bases in La Noscea, the Black Shroud, and Coerthas. They also performed research expeditions into the Binding Coil of Bahamut at Castrum Occidens, as well as a Provisional Research Camp in the wreckage of the Agrius.

Using the ancient anti-primal weapon unearthed at Ala Mhigo, the Ultima Weapon, Gaius hoped to subjugate the city-states and beast-tribes. Though the beast-tribes backed down, the Eorzean Alliance responded to his ultimatum with Operation Archon: shutting down his supply lines and besieging Castrum Meridianum. A team of adventurers destroyed the Ultima Weapon and Gaius himself seemingly perished as the inner Praetorium collapsed from the damage caused by Ultima.

Since the apparent fall of the Black Wolf, the XIVth Legion remained dormant within the bases, and their most senior known surviving officer, Nero tol Scaeva, later disappeared in a Voidgate at the Syrcus Tower and re-emerged to defect to Garlond Ironworks. After Varis zos Galvus becomes the Emperor of Garlemald, the remnants of the XIVth Legion are absorbed into the forces of the succeeding XIIth Imperial Legion as well as the reformed VIIth. Gaius later reveals that he survived the Praetorium's destruction and lives on as the Ascian-hunting mercenary "Shadowhunter".

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Musical themes[]

"Steel Reason"

"Steel Reason" plays in all the battles against the tribunes of the XIVth Imperial Legion, except for Gaius, who has his own battle theme, "Bite of the Black Wolf".

Behind the scenes[]

An unfinished Garlean outpost can be seen from near the Monument Tower in the Coerthas Central Highlands. According to a developer interview,[citation needed] it was to be called Castrum Aquilae and was abandoned due to the extremely cold weather that gripped Coerthas.



The XIVth Imperial Legion is inspired by the Legio XIV Gemina, the legion of the Roman Empire levied by Julius Caesar in 57 B.C.