Wyvern is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Rock of Ravatogh and the Steyliff Grove maze, as well as during the Verinas Mart Under Threat Hunt.

A pair of Lv.28 wyverns fights in Cleigne Crossroads and All-Star Monster Mayhem in Totomostro under the team name Ravatogh Runners.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

Scaled monster that evolved from a tiny avian reptile on the Rock of Ravatogh. Its scales are thick enough to withstand intense heat and aridity. Although its wings cannot create enough propulsion to allow for flight, the wyvern can still glide through the air and dive down to snatch up prey.
Size: 19.09 ft. Weight: 1.04 t
Highly active specimen among the Ravatoghan wyvern population. It is known for spreading its wings and flying far from its volcanic perch to hunt for prey and strike fear in the hearts of citizens living at the foot of the mountain. Although no damages have been officially reported as of yet, the Hunters have had their collective eyes on this creature for some time.
Size: 19.16 ft. Weight: 1.08 t
Wyvern that inhabits the inner sanctum of Steyliff Grove. Scientists speculate this particular specimen diverged from the flock that roosts atop the Rock of Ravatogh roughly a century ago. Though slightly stronger than its progenitors, it is more or less identical from a physiological perspective.
Size: 20.01 ft. Weight: 1.19 t

Hunt[edit | edit source]

Verinas Mart Under ThreatVerinas Mart - Ravatogh1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Wyvern x7Ravatoghan Trail (All Times)387,290 gil, Sapphire Bracelet★★★

Stats[edit | edit source]

Lvl 38 Enemy


Lvl 86 Enemy

Battle[edit | edit source]

Wyverns in Steyliff Grove Menace.

Wyverns are weak to firearms, shields and ice and resist lightning and light. They appear in groups. Wyverns walk on two legs, swiping at the player with their claws. They can jump high into the air and spread their wings to glide and to descend upon the player feet first (can be parried). They can spin fast to whip with their tails.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Throwing ice elemancy at them can engulf groups of them in a blizzard. When one is gliding overhead, the player can hold the Defense button to be ready to parry.

Creation and development[edit | edit source]

FinalFantasyVersusXIII combat 2.jpg

Wyverns with a different color scheme can be briefly seen in the 2011 gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A wyvern is a medieval European mythological winged creature with a dragon's head, reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. They appear in many crests of Europe's ancient families, symbolizing strength. The word wyvern comes from wivere, which means serpent.

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