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This article is about the adult enemy wyverns. For the Dragoon's pet wyverns, see Wyvern (Dragoon).
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Wyvern are the most prevalent of the three dragon-like monsters in Vana'diel in Final Fantasy XI. Wyverns tend to be gold in color, and have very good sight; wyverns can see in front of them and from the side for a very long distance. The notable difference between a wyvern and a wyrm is the fact wyverns rarely fly. With a wide wingspan and two primary legs, wyvern are almost birdlike in appearance (compare to the rocs).

Defeated wyverns can leave behind skin, skulls and wings—each of which has their uses by expert crafters. Some of the more notorious wyvern have developed a taste for hoarding treasure akin to their larger wyrm cousins. Defeating these creatures can be almost as rewarding as defeating a wyrm itself.

It should be noted that these wild wyvern are distinctly different from the domesticated pet wyvern, which are smaller and significantly more docile than their wild counterparts.


  • Ajattara
  • Blazedrake
  • Firedrake
  • Flamedrake
  • Hurricane Wyvern
  • Ignidrake
  • Ladon
  • Pyrodrake
  • Skoffin
  • Typhoon Wyvern
  • Watch Wyvern
  • Wyvern

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Aiatar
  • Andras's Vouivre
  • Blizzard Wyvern
  • Bune
  • Centycore
  • Chaos Wyvern
  • Cyranuce M Cutauleon
  • Festive Firedrake
  • Gorynich
  • Guivre
  • Haietlik
  • Kindred's Vouivre
  • Lightning Wyvern
  • Radiant Wyvern
  • Scitalis
  • Seiryu
  • Simorg
  • Tatzlwurm
  • Terrormonger
  • Ungur
  • Vouivre
  • War Ajattara
  • War Wyvern

Campaign Allies[]

  • Bravo

Special attacks[]

  • Blizzard Breath: Ice-based breath attack (only used by certain Notorious Monsters).
  • Chaos Breath: Dark-based breath attack (only used by certain Notorious Monsters).
  • Deadly Drive: Single target damage.
  • Dispelling Wind: AoE Dispel.
  • Dread Shriek: AoE Paralysis.
  • Fang Rush: Single target damage.
  • Hurricane Breath: Wind-based breath attack that removes one piece of equipment (only used by certain Notorious Monsters).
  • Radiant Breath: Cone breath attack Light damage, Slow, and Silence.
  • Tail Crush: Single target damage and Poison.
  • Thunder Breath: Lightning-based breath attack (only used by certain Notorious Monsters).
  • Wind Wall: Evasion Boost.



A wyvern is a medieval European mythological winged creature with a dragon's head, reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. They appear in many crests of Europe's ancient families, symbolizing strength. The word wyvern comes from wivere, which means serpent.

One of the species is called Seiryu. The Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. According to Wu Xing, the Taoist five-elemental system, it represents the wood-element, represents the east, and the spring season. Thus it is sometimes called the Azure Dragon of the East. It is known as Qing Long in Chinese, Seiryū in Japanese, Cheongnyong in Korean, and Thanh Long in Vietnamese.