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I'm observing! A natural philosopher must always observe. I came here to observe a rare breed of wyrm called the vyraal. The top of this windmill seemed the perfect spot for my observations, but... I suppose I must have dozed off.

Wyrm Philosopher

Wyrm Philosopher is a scholar who studies wyrms in Final Fantasy XII involved in the sidequest that lets the player fight Hell Wyrm. He appears as an Archadian nobleman with white long hair tied in a ponytail and white beard and mustache dressed in a white and teal nobleman's attire. He is discovered sleeping in a windmill on the Cerobi Steppe. The Wyrm Philosopher uses a generic NPC character model and is not voiced.


Wyrm Philosopher on a windmill.

The Wyrm Philosopher can be found in Windmill #10 in the Northsward zone of the Cerobi Steppe after slaying the Mark Vyraal, and getting the Dragon Scale reward from the petitioner. After giving the Dragon Scale to Wyrm Philosopher he will reward the party with the Age Worn Key that opens the Hall of Wroth God in Sochen Cave Palace, leading to Hell Wyrm.