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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* Among the Dreamhare type enemies in ''Final Fantasy XII'', Wyrdhares are the friendliest and have the shortest ears.
* The Wyrdhares resemble the Dreamhare-type enemies in ''[[Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift]]''.
* The Wyrdhares resemble the Dreamhare-type enemies in ''[[Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift]]''.
* The Original Japanese Guidebook cites the Wyrdhares' MP as being 1750 - 1765, but subsequent guides list it as 999.
== Related enemies ==
== Related enemies ==

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The Wyrdhare is a beast/dreamhare-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII found in the Salikawood. It is docile until attacked.

A single Wyrdhare is fought in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode at Stage 63 along with several others dreamhare-enemies, including Fury.

Bestiary entry

Page 1: Observations

Being a creature with a body the color of ripe red fruit, and silken hair white as snow. Though of a warm, personable nature, they are very wary of predators approaching from the rear and turn to attack at the merest hint of danger. Their feather-like ears are highly sensitive to movements in the air, detecting the slightest stirrings caused by the approach of predators. Adored as a symbol of joy, it is popularly believed that those fortunate enough to glimpse a wyrdhare are destined to enjoy happiness in life.


Page 2: A Curious Treasure

Do you know why the wyrdhare is considered a symbol of good fortune? Why, it is on account of the light that radiates from its body, much resembling the light of the stars used in fortune telling and divination. The source of that brilliance is none other than the dust that stirs up around it as it scampers and whirls in the gloaming. The fine particles on its fur glitter like stars in the light, making it pleasing to the eye, and securing its position as a good luck charm withal. This dust, in turn, is called stardust, and is highly valued.




While docile, Wyrdhares may use Hi-Potions on other units (including party members) when they are low on HP. When attacked they run away, usually in the direction of other Wyrdhares, so that they can attack the player party in packs.

Unlike most docile monsters, the Wyrdhare may use any magick on any other monster and even the party unless provoked. When approached, the Wyrdhare always stares at the party leader. Wyrdhares usually run away when attacked unless it is attacked when with a group of other monsters, especially other Wyrdhares and the Pumpkin Heads.



Wyrd is a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly corresponding to fate or personal destiny. The word is ancestral to Modern English weird, which retains its original meaning only dialectically.


Related enemies

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