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Wybir is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She appeared during the carpenter questline.


When the adventurer joins the Carpenters' Guild, he takes care of the Oak Atrium's younglings. In a show of thanks to Gods' Quiver for keeping Gridania safe, younglings have been busy making new arrows as a gift. The adventurer delivers the arrows to Wybir in Quarrymill. Wybir accepts the arrows and says that she would like to use some to practice her aim, but her bow has suffered a crack and she is afraid to pull it out and asks the adventurer to help repair it.[1] Later, when Marcelloix prepares an excursion to take the children to the forest, Wybir sees an opportunity to return the kindness by cleaning up the monsters on the way and escorting them to the Mirror.[2]




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During an instance in the Carpenter quest "Spanning the Spectrum" in version 1.0, Wybir is an ally npc who faces enemies while the adventurer needs to craft the Atrium Arrow.


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