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Wutai Village is the primary settlement on the nation of Wutai in Final Fantasy VII. It is mentioned in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- but the village itself can never be visited, although there exists two Wutai shops the player can access from the menu.

Wutai Village is Yuffie Kisaragi's hometown. The village is located on the north of the island on the west side of the world map. Visiting Wutai is optional.


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Some time after the capture of Fort Tamblin the first AVALANCHE resistance group set up their headquarters in a Wutai Village Pagoda. During Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- the Turks discover the base and attack, but AVALANCHE is warned by their financier and protector in Shinra, Rufus Shinra, and the group's lieutenants escape. Shinra defeats the AVALANCHE forces at the base and destroys the Pagoda, thinking they have defeated AVALANCHE. The surviving leaders regroup on the Da-chao Statue and prepare for more attacks on the corporation.

During Final Fantasy VII, if Yuffie is among the the party after they escape Rocket Town by crashlanding the Tiny Bronco in the ocean, she suggests heading west "for no reason at all". If the party ever ventures to the western island, Yuffie comes out to distract the party, but they are ambushed by Shinra soldiers. The party blames her, but she declares to have no ties to Shinra. After defeating the soldiers Yuffie is nowhere to be seen, and the party realizes their Materia are gone.

The party runs into the Turks.

They track Yuffie down in Wutai village where the shops refuse to sell to them, and they find the Turks Reno, Rude and Elena relaxing in the local bar during their vacation. Though Elena is alarmed by the party's sudden appearance, Reno and Rude tell her to calm down as they are off duty. While the party hunts Yuffie around the village with her escaping every time they approach her, Shinra soldiers part of the force that confronted the party earlier rush the bar to seek the Turks' aid in catching Don Corneo, a Midgar Slums crime lord who has been spotted in the area. Reno and Rude ignore the request because they are off duty, and the soldiers storm out. Elena is unhappy the soldiers will report on them to the head office and leaves in a huff.

In an extravagant house the party finds Yuffie confronting her father, the village elder Godo, about the state the village is in, having deteriorated into a kitschy tourist resort from the proud warrior town of ninjas of the olden days. Godo tells her she is insufferable and she flees, the party being unable to catch her. They finally corner her when she hides in a pot outside the bar and force her to show where she hid their Materia. Yuffie leads the party to the basement of her house and divulges a sob story on how she only hunted for Materia to bring back the former glory of her nation, but the party is unwilling to listen. Yuffie says they can get the Materia by pressing a switch on the panel in the basement, but once they do so they are trapped inside a cage and Yuffie runs off, laughing.

Corneo shows off his hostages.

They escape and pursue Yuffie to a hidden passage under Godo's house where they run into Don Corneo and his lackeys holding Yuffie and Elena captive. Shinra soldiers barge in and charge at Corneo, but he evades them and the soldiers end up battling the party instead. During the commotion Corneo flees with Yuffie and Elena to the Da-chao mountains. Outside, the party meets Reno and Rude who are looking for Elena, and they decide to temporarily join forces. They climb Da-chao and find Corneo has tied up Yuffie and Elena on a statue's face. He sends a Rapps after the party but they defeat it. When Corneo threatens to drop Yuffie and Elena to their doom Reno and Rude arrive and Rude shoots Corneo, making him hang on the edge. While Corneo is hanging on the edge, Reno asks him questions in which Corneo couldn't answer, so Reno steps on the don's fingers, causing him to lose his grip and fall off the cliff. Reno gets a call from the headquarters to hunt down Cloud and his friends, but ignores the order as they are off duty, and the Turks depart.

Yuffie takes the party to her house, grateful of having been saved, and returns their Materia, but mixes up the order when placing them back to her comrades' weapons and armor. Yuffie begins her long-winded apology during which the party walks out, and she chases after them asking not to be left behind, brandishing the last Materia on her palm, the MP Absorb Materia she swiped from the party during their search for her in the village, willing to relinquish this one too. The shops open for business and provide the party with equipment.

In the pagoda Yuffie fights through the guardians of the village to find Godo at the top floor as the ultimate challenge. Surprised the highest-ranking warrior in the town is her father, Yuffie fights him and emerges victorious. Afterward, she lectures the guardians of having given up on Wutai as their strength could be put to use to bring back the nation's glory days. Godo has a change of heart and relinquishes the village treasure, the Leviathan Materia, to Yuffie, and asks her to accompany the party in their quest to save the Planet while he and the other guardians will watch over Wutai. As the others depart Godo catches Yuffie before she leaves, and says maybe the party will no longer need all their Materia after their quest to save the Planet is over. Yuffie gets the hint and runs after the others, laughing.

In the novella On the Way to a Smile it is told that the lifestream had ravaged Wutai during Meteorfall, and many had contracted Geostigma. At the end of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the epidemic is cured.

During Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, when talking to Yuffie while aboard the Shera, she briefly mentions that Deepground had attacked Wutai, though the attack was halted by her father and the Wusheng.

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Location of Wutai Village, indicated by crosshair.

Wutai Village is located to the North on Gaia's Western island mass.



Old Man's House[]

During Yuffie's sidequest, she hides behind the screen. This is the second location where she hides, following the Item Shop.

Cat's House[]

A HP Absorb Materia can be found upstairs after Yuffie's quest has been completed. Prior to this, the cats block the way upstairs.

Cat's House Passage[]

Yuffie's House[]

After Yuffie is caught in the jar outside of Turtle Paradise, she takes the party here and imprisons them in a steel cage.


Turtle's Paradise Flyer #6 can be found here during or after Yuffie's quest.


Weapon Store[]

Weapon shop.

The party cannot buy anything here until Yuffie has returned the Materia to the party at the end of her sidequest. On the other hand, if the player has not recruit Yuffie then this shop will be open from the first visit.

Turtle Paradise Bar[]

Turtle's Paradise.

By finding all of the Turtle Paradise Flyers in the game and reading the notice outside the bar, the player receives these items from the manager behind the counter:

The Turks are found drinking here during Yuffie's sidequest, during which she also momentarily hides in the big pot outside the bar.

There is a sign for "Adamantoise Paradise" in the town of Lestallum in Final Fantasy XV in allusion to the Turtle's Paradise pub of Wutai.

Item Store[]

If the party has recruited Yuffie, the party must enter the item shop and take the MP Absorb Materia from the chest to continue the quest.

Da-chao Statue[]

Don Corneo holds Yuffie and Elena captive here until the party (along with Reno and Rude) rescue them. A Dragoon Lance can be taken from a chest in the cave at any time. After obtaining the Leviathan Scales, the lava can be bypassed and an Oritsuru and Steal as well Materia obtained.

Wutai Head Temple[]

The party can rest here for free, and find a Magic Shuriken and Hairpin. Some Shinra soldiers are fought here as a boss battle during Yuffie's quest.

Guest Room
Izayoi Room
Main Hall
Hidden Room

After escaping from the cage in Yuffie's House, the party can bang the gong to open the door to get in here and find Don Corneo with Yuffie and Elena. The passage leads to the house from the Main Mountain. There are two treasure chests down here containing a Swift Bolt and an Elixir.

Noren Passage
Revolving Door Passage

Godo's Pagoda[]

Battle background.

After completing Yuffie's quest, the five bosses can be battled one on one by Yuffie—one on each floor. After completing the quest the player earns the Leviathan Summon Materia. Godo will also drop the All Creation item, the final Limit Break for Yuffie.



Retrieving stolen Materia[]

The player can reach the island after acquiring the Tiny Bronco, but the sidequest can be completed any time before returning to Midgar at the end of Part II, even with Tifa or Cid as party leader. If Yuffie is in the party when the player acquires the plane, she will suggest going that way. After Yuffie has been obtained as a playable character, she will come up and steal the party's Materia when they enter the island.

During this event the party is ambushed by Shinra soldiers, and during the ruckus Yuffie escapes with the Materia. After this the player can no longer leave the island before having recovered their lost Materia; the party leader simply refuses to board the Tiny Bronco or Highwind. Yuffie can carry 48 Materia at most (not counting materia she has equipped), so if the player has more they won't lose all of their Materia, however, Yuffie prioritizes stealing high level and rare Materia first.

The priority is as follows:

Looking for Yuffie in Godo's house.

Once the party enters the village they must locate Yuffie, and the weapon shops don't agree to sell to the player before she has been found. She can be found hiding in the item shop, stealing the Materia the player takes from the chest, but the chest is blocked by a girl until the player talks to the Turks at the bar. She can be found in the room with the old man and a girl hiding behind the screen. North of the village the player can enter a big house where the village elder, Godo Kisaragi, resides, to witness a scene with Yuffie. Finally Yuffie hides in the pot outside Turtle's Paradise bar, where the player can get her.

Yuffie leads the player to a base of a house where she promises to give back their Materia. Instead, she traps the party under a cage and escapes. The player can take advantage reading the sixth flyer and then leaving the house, to then read the notice outside the bar, and get all 7 items from the manager behind the counter from the Turtle's Paradise sidequest (assuming the player previously read the other five flyers).

North of the village the player can play the gong opposite of the house to open a secret passage way, where they find Don Corneo has kidnapped both Yuffie and Elena, a member of the Turks who was on holiday at Wutai. Don Corneo escapes with his hostages and the player must talk with the Turk Reno and must team up with him and Rude to search the Da-chao mountains.

On the mountains the player finds Don Corneo with his hostages, but he is not willing to give them up, and instead sends Rapps at the party. After defeating Rapps the Turks intervene and dispose of Corneo. Yuffie is so grateful of having been rescued she gives back the party's Materia, plus the MP Absorb Materia she stole earlier.

After the quest the player can buy stock from the weapon shop, visit the "Cat House" to obtain a Materia, and visit the Pagoda with Yuffie in the party to do another sidequest.

If the player completes the sidequest they get an option not to fight the Turks in the winding tunnel in Midgar near the end of Part II of the game. After said events in Midgar, the side quest is no longer available.

Date mechanics[]

Final Fantasy VII has a hidden affection value that determines whom Cloud will go on a date with in Gold Saucer later. The value is determined by the dialogue and party member choices made prior to the date.

Going through the entire Wutai sidequests boosts Yuffie's points +10.

Turtle's Paradise[]

A bar named Turtle's Paradise in Wutai Village in has flyers posted all over the world. If the player reads all the flyers, and the notice outside the bar itself, and then talks to the person manning the bar in Wutai, they get a reward. The quest can be completed after gaining access to Yuffie's house during her Wutai quest.

Pagoda battles[]

Yuffie must be in the party to start this sidequest, which means the player must have completed the stolen Materia quest, or held off long enough for it to become unavailable (Part 3). The quest entails battling five bosses one on one with Yuffie—one on each floor. After completing the quest the player earns the Leviathan Summon Materia. Godo will drop the All Creation item, the final Limit Break for Yuffie.

Dying in these battles does not constitute a Game Over as long as at least one other party member is alive. Depending on how early the player attempts these battles, they can be difficult, but there is a resting place near the tower where the party can stay for free. All bosses are susceptible to Poison. A suggested low level strategy is to have Yuffie afflicted with Sadness, which reduces damage by 30%, have Big Guard, a healing ability, and to poison the enemy.

Godo uses the missable E.Skill Trine; to get Trine to all four Enemy Skill Materia in the game, the player will need to wait to challenge him until after they have the Highwind.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Item Shop[]

Name Cost
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Tent 500 gil
Fire Veil 800 gil
Swift Bolt 800 gil
Choco Feather 10,000 gil

Weapon Shop[]

This shop is closed during the "Stolen Materia" sidequest.

Name Cost
Murasame 6500 gil
Diamond Knuckle 5800 gil
Chainsaw 6300 gil
Aurora Rod 5800 gil
Gold Barrette 6000 gil
Slash Lance 6500 gil
Blue M-phone 5500 gil
Razor Ring 6000 gil
Shortbarrel 6400 gil

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- shops can only be visited from the menu.

Happy Turtle Shop[]

Happy Turtle Shop found in a treasure in Mission 4-3-6.

Name Cost
Fira 3,000 gil
Blizzara 3,000 gil
Thundara 3,000 gil
Cura 3,000 gil
Regen 5,000 gil
Barrier 4,000 gil
Magic Barrier 4,000 gil
Dispel 5,000 gil
Dash 5,000 gil

Wutai Secret Shop[]

Wutai Secret Shop opens after completing Mission 4-2-6.

Name Cost
Quake 18,000 gil
Hell Firaga 15,000 gil
Hell Blizzaga 15,000 gil
Hell Thundaga 15,000 gil
Drain Blade 10,000 gil
Power Drain 14,000 gil
Aerial Drain 18,000 gil
Status Strike 40,000 gil
Status Ward 40,000 gil
Elemental Strike 40,000 gil
Elemental Ward 40,000 gil
Firaga Blade 10,000 gil
Blizzaga Blade 10,000 gil
Thundaga Blade 10,000 gil


Wutai Head Temple - Main Hall

Musical themes[]

The eponymous theme "Wutai" plays in the Wutai Village. The "Turks' Theme" plays at the Turtle Paradise bar when the Turks are there, and in other Turks-related scenes. "Stolen Materia" plays after Yuffie locks two party members in a cage in her house, and once again when she and Godo agree to steal the party's Materia at the top of the pagoda. "Descendant of Shinobi" is Yuffie's theme and plays in other scenes associated with her. "Don of the Slums" plays when Don Corneo makes an appearance in Wutai.

"Wutai" is included on the third disc of Final Fantasy VII Vinyl Limited Edition compilation album.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Behind the scenes[]

According to the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega[1], during early plans for Final Fantasy VII, Wutai was much different from how it appears in the final product: Wutai was to be a town built around the Temple for the "Wutaia faith", a religion dominated by female hierarchy that worshiped a female deity. The current hierarch was to be the young Sasame-no-Himemiko, the 89th in line. Due to Sasame being only 15 years old, the real leader would be the high priestess, Izayoi. Godo would not have been the leader, but rather the head of the Kisaragi family, the servants to the Wutaia leader.

Shinra's goal in the town would have been to build a Reactor to harvest the rich mako below "Ten Faced Mountain", as Da Chao was originally called. Presumably the Wutai War would not have occurred, but the leaders of the Wutaia faith and the townspeople would have opposed to Shinra's plans of building the Reactor, and in turn, Shinra would have imposed high custom charges on goods entering Wutai, to make the people of Wutai suffer.

Sera, a spy for Shinra, would have tried to lure the leaders of Wutaia faith to Shinra's side and corrupt Sasame against Yuffie, who was trying to help out the town by stealing the party's money. However, with Izayoi's assistance, Sera is found out and defeated. She runs off to Ten Faced Mountain to try to blow it up, thus freeing room for the mako reactor. The party would then rush off and presumably stop her.