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Yuffie has come to Midgar at the behest of the interim Wutai government to wrest a powerful orb of materia from Shinra's evil clutches. First, however, she must find her Avalanche coconspirators, and to do that, she has to look for posters of moogles and a man with a moogle hat.


Wutai's Finest is the first chapter of "Episode INTERmission" in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in the Sector 7 Slums. The chapter comprises the first half of the episode, as Yuffie Kisaragi arrives in Midgar. Yuffie introduces herself as an elite special forces operative for the new Wutai government, in search of Avalanche's support to infiltrate the Shinra Building.


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Yuffie comes to Midgar to steal a legendary materia from the Shinra Electric Power Company, rumored of being in the works. She makes her way through the mostly abandoned slum areas littered with rubble and monsters, shocked at the state of the supposed megalopolis. She runs into strange men dressed in long dark cloaks with number tattoos on their arms, who do not defend themselves even when monsters attack them. She is crept out how the men are acting and makes haste to the slums' inhabited area by following moogle posters from Avalanche to guide her.

Yuffie surprises the local neighborhood watch by arriving from the monster-infested scrapyard and makes her way to the local clinic that has a moogle doll outside. The clinic is a front for a local Avalanche cell, led by Zhijie and ran by Nayo, Billy Bob, and Polk. Yuffie's partner, Sonon Kusakabe, is not there though he arrived days ago, and she scouts out the area while waiting for him to return. She learns to play Fort Condor, a tabletop tower defense game that gained popularity recently, and takes on Chadley's VR mission. She finds a Wutai supporter called Old Snapper advertising the Happy Turtle bar with an unusual campaign; Yuffie partakes and scores a materia as a reward. She impresses Wymer, the local neighborhood watch leader, by venturing into the abandoned factory in the area despite the monsters that lurk within.

Yuffie meets Sonon at Avalanche's hideout.

Finally meeting up with Sonon, the two team up to infiltrate the Shinra Building and make way to Scarlet's weapons research facility in the basement. Sonon is a former student of Yuffie's father, the former leader of Wutai, Godo Kisaragi, who is currently imprisoned while a new government has taken over. Yuffie does not want to hear about her father, but Sonon still respects his old master, and so agrees to follow Yuffie's lead even if he is her senior. Yuffie is pleased with her status as "boss", and the mission is underway.

They realize their goals differ from the aims of the Avalanche cell that has agreed to help them; while Yuffie and Sonon feel but hatred for Midgar and Shinra both, the Avalanche members seek to liberate the city from Shinra. Yuffie considers it impossible to separate the two, the city being entirely Shinra's creation. Yuffie and Sonon learn of the infamous "splinter cell" of Avalanche that also resides in the slums, which ias behind the recent attacks on Midgar's mako reactors. Yuffie thinks the splinter cell has the right idea on how to attack both city and Shinra at the same time, and secretly thinks they should have partnered with them instead. Barret and Tifa Lockhart are members of this splinter cell, returning from their bombing mission on Mako Reactor 5, looking dejected, informing Biggs that they lost contact with the hired member of the group, the mercenary Cloud Strife.

Corneo's lackeys looking for "bridal candidates".

When Nayo takes Yuffie and Sonon to meet a contact who would provide them with forged Shinra employee ID cards to get into the Shinra Building, they are accosted by Don Corneo's lackeys looking for "bridal candidates" to recommend to the Trio back in Wall Market. They take a liking to Nayo, infuriating Yuffie when being overlooked for "being a kid". They beat the lackeys up who depart after hearing they have secured an excellent candidate already.

Yuffie discards her moogle costume disguise.

Nayo, Yuffie, and Sonon meet up with the contact in a warehouse who gives them Shinra ID cards. Zhijie has gotten into trouble, Shinra having arrested him and is currently escorting him out to the factory in the outskirts. Yuffie and Sonon follow and save Zhijie while battling a Shinra mecha built to resemble a centipede. Zhijie has learned Shinra is going to destroy the Sector 7 slums, and Yuffie asks him to inform the "splinter cell" as well. They return to find the "clinic" ransacked, the locals shocked that an Avalanche hideout has been uncovered in their midst. Yuffie and Sonon make their way to the train station where the last train heading topside is about to depart, as the train schedule having become erratic after the recent bombing on Mako Reactor 5. To their relief, they spot Nayo, Billy Bob, and Polk in the crowd, also leaving the slums.

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