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With the help of her childhood friend Erenville, this beloved member of Tuliyollal's ruling family has recruited the Warrior of Light to aid her in the rite of succession. Wuk Lamat must win the throne if she wishes to preserve a peaceful nation for her people, and so has joined the contest against rival claimants of formidable ability.

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Wuk Lamat [ˈwʊk ləˌmɑːt, ləˌmæt] is a character in Final Fantasy XIV, introduced at the end of Endwalker for a key role in Dawntrail. A Xbr'aal and daughter of Gulool Ja Ja, Wuk Lamat is responsible for petitioning the Warrior of Light's assistance in a rite of succession in Tural.


Before Endwalker[]

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Wuk Lamat accompanied Erenville from Tural to Old Sharlayan to recruit the Warrior of Light's support in the upcoming rite of succession for the throne of Tuliyollal. She asked Erenville about the greatest warrior in all of Eorzea, and he told her everything he could about the Warrior.

Wuk Lamat met the Warrior, G'raha Tia, and Krile Maya Baldesion outside the Studium. Excited about the Warrior, she asked for their help, but getting ahead of herself, she then asked them to join on a hunt to get to know the Warrior better. Erenville suggested they answer to a petition of hunting down the reason previously docile animals on the Isle of Haam had gone wild. Krile wanted to join as well, so she left to make preparations, while the rest traveled to the isle ahead.

On the isle, Wuk Lamat, the Warrior, G'raha, and Erenville put down a large colibri. When it got back up, Krile defeated it for good by utilizing the pictomancer skills she had been practicing. Wuk Lamat was convinced that the Warrior was just the one she wanted to help her. Krile wanted her to confirm the authenticity of the letter she had found addressed to her grandfather, Galuf. In the letter, he was asked to investigate the golden city in Tural. Wuk Lamat confirmed that while the letter's signature was genuinely her father's, someone else had written it for him, as the letter was in Eorzean and not in Turali. This made Krile to want to know more.

The hunters took the colibri to Last Stand for dinner, where Wuk Lamat told them about the succession rite. For eighty years Tuliyollal had been living in undisturbed peace, but her father was getting old and he had decided to surrender the throne to someone to carry on his legacy. There were four contestants in total, but Wuk Lamat was adamant that one of them could not be allowed to win. Erenville clarified that this particular contestant was way too ambitious. Now that the Garlean Empire was no longer a threat, he had set his sights on conquering lands of the east if he won, dragging Tuliyollal once again into a period of war. Wuk Lamat asked the Warrior again to help her, but the Warrior could not answer yet.

Later, after getting some background information about Tural, the Warrior decided to support Wuk Lamat. She received the assistance of Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur. When they heard about the cultural diversity of Tuliyollal, they thought the example could be useful for the Garleans to better form new relations with their neighbors. Wuk Lamat happily accepted their help.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail[]

At last, we are come to the land you call the "New World." To my home, Tural!

Wuk Lamat
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Wuk Lamat CG trailer screenshot

Wuk Lamat in cinematic trailer.

Wuk Lamat has cream-colored fur, green eyes, a short snout, and long brown hair wrapped in Turalian dressing and feathers. She alternatively wears a golden tiara or head wrap, as well as and brown leather clothes with orange highlights. Upon returning to Tural from her trip to Sharlayan, she discards the head wrap.

Despite being a Helion, Wuk Lamat's eyes are capable of narrowing into cat-like slits similar to a Lost when overcome with anger.


When first introduced, Wuk Lamat is shown to be loud, jovial, and expressive with a slight tendency to be wanderlust when first visiting Old Sharlayan and the Isle of Haam. She is also rather humble and informal despite being a princess to the Dawnservant of Tural, as Wuk Lamat dislikes the formal use of titles and such when first meeting with the Leveilleur Twins. Erenville is often the one who criticizes Wuk Lamat's "boorish" tendencies, especially her table manners and cursing during battles, and wishes she would consider her station. This suggests the two have known each other for some time, with Wuk Lamat stating they were as "thick as thieves" during their youth, though Erenville states they are merely acquaintances.

While Wuk Lamat projects a front of boisterous strength and fearlessness to the Warrior while hunting with them on the Isle of Haam, she's petrified with fear after encountering a giant colibri for the first time, especially being startled when the giant bird spoke. G'raha also noticed her hand trembling after Krile finished the beast off, implying that Wuk Lamat was slightly terrified and fears appearing weak in front of others. This confident front also led Wuk Lamat to make some more questionable decisions leading her to get in over her head, such as trying the spicy curry that Zero made popular. A decision she would come to regret but refused to openly state so and instead scarfing down more meat to wash out the taste of the spice. She attempts to do the same when Wuk Lamat becomes seasick as the group traveled to Tural, which none of her companions believed her claims that she was fine.

Most notably, Wuk Lamat is loyal and proud of her homeland, especially with her adopted father, the Dawnservant, Gulool Ja Ja, who raised her as if she were one of his own. Wuk Lamat wishes to honor her father's legacy by continuing the plentiful peace he had forged by winning the rite of succession contest but also to prevent another contestant from claiming the throne who has ambitions of conquest. Angered that this rival would ruin everything her father had built just to drag her nation back into war after Tural already suffered so many years of inner turmoil, Wuk Lamat refuses to allow that to happen. In this, Wuk Lamat isn't taking chances to prevent war from happening, hence why she sought out the Warrior of Light's assistance in the rite. Wuk Lamat may enjoy a good fight and a bountiful hunt but war is out of the question for her. This puts her in contrast to her rivals in the contest, who see the position as Dawnservant as a means to an end to accomplish their goals and visions for their homeland. Wuk Lamat doesn't wish to enforce any beliefs or vision onto the people, she only wishes to continue the peace and happiness her father had spend decades forging.

Beneath her boisterous and jovial front, Wuk Lamat does possess some insecurities regarding her bid for the throne as Dawnservant as compared to her siblings, Koana and Zoraal Ja, Wuk Lamat has little to her name to back up her bid. She doesn't have Zoraal Ja's natural fighting prowess or Koana's academic talents which led to many innovations being introduced to Tural. As a result, many within her homeland initially had little faith in her chances to win the rite of succession. Though Wuk Lamat is quick to turn the other cheek when hearing these opinions, its clear that Wuk Lamat feels inferior compared to her more successful brothers. However, as Namikka, her nursemaid, would state, Wuk Lamat possess a strength that her brother's do not, which would later be revealed to be her endless compassion and love for her people, her interest in the various cultures of Tural and of her desire to keep the peace her father had created. This makes her much easier for the Turalli people to approach and connect with, ultimately making her more popular with the general populace.


Wuk Lamat is an NPC featured in Main Story Quests starting with patch 6.55 during post-Endwalker, appearing in quests, cutscenes and solo duties. She then appears as a selectable party member in every story dungeon of patch 7.0 of Dawntrail through the Duty Support system. As a party member, she uses the Intrepid class, a variant of Warrior which is unique to her. Depending on the player's role, she can either act as a tank or a DPS. She also appears at the end of these dungeons as a non-interactable NPC, speaking to the player when approached.

Wuk Lamat is playable during one solo duty in patch 7.0 of Dawntrail, in which she uses skills based on the Warrior job. Uniquely, Wuk Lamat is able to gain Limit Break gauge at set points during the solo duty when an attack is properly avoided, allowing her to use Limit Break attacks for high damage.

Behind the scenes[]

Initially unidentified, Wuk Lamat first appeared in the final cutscene of Patch 6.5 of Endwalker, in the quest Growing Light Growing Light, seen from the waist down disembarking alongside Erenville.

Throughout the cutscene, Wuk Lamat remains silent, teasing her presence for the then upcoming Patch 6.55. Upon examining the game's data, players discovered her model used for this cutscene included only the legs and waist, with holes cut out where her tail would be as to not give away her identity as a female Hrothgar. Datamining further revealed that the model had a unique rig and animations for certain emotes, further fueling speculation of the upcoming release of playable female Hrothgars.

She was fully revealed, alongside the full trailer and playable female Hrothgars, during the 2024 Tokyo Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival keynote. Wuk Lamat was the first female Hrothgar to appear in Final Fantasy XIV, although the Hrothgar are based on Ronso from Final Fantasy X, which did have women present.


In English, her voice actress is Sena Bryer, based out of Los Angeles. This makes Wuk Lamat the first main character, since Patch 2.55, to be voiced by an LA-based actor, following the change of the primary voiceover venue to the London-based Side UK, with Heavensward.



Like a few other Xbr'aal characters, Wuk Lamat seems to be named after a specific date from the Maya tzolk'in calendar, possibly her date of birth. The tzolk'in calendar is a cycle of numbered days running alongside a cycle of named days with a date format of (number)(named day).

Wuk is the Classic Maya word for 7, and is associated with the "Jaguar God of the Underworld." [3][4] The number 7 can be a reference to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, as well as Dawntrail being the patch 7.x series.

Lamat is the Yucatec Maya word for the 8th named day in the tzolk'in calendar cycle. It is associated with the planet Venus and the "Starry Deer Crocodile" god, which may symbolize the night sky.[5][6]

Lamaty'i is a term of endearment used by Wuk Lamat's family, such as Gulool Ja Ja and Koana, and eventually her Scion allies.