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Wrist Halo

The Wrist Halo is a wrist-mounted digital device worn by Aki Ross in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

Operating as a data storage device, the Wrist Halo displays information such as text and maps[note 1] by a hologram projected from the wrist. The Wrist Halo has also been used as a radar, alerting Aki to the presence of Phantoms. Essentially, it is a prototype holo-distance-gauging device. The Spiritual Energy Positioning System, or SPS, scans for pre-programmed, specified spiritual energy reading by a SE sonar with a scanning radius of approximately 100 meters.

SEIKO created a wristwatch based on the Wrist Halo's design.



  1. When Aki Ross is overlooking Old New York, the map on the wrist halo is an actual map of the streets of New York as of 2001.