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Uses Zinger to possess one of the party, remaining hidden until that character is Wounded. Careful of long battles where he Wounds your party one-by-one.

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Wrexsoul is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. It is a demon, a monster formed of the countless souls lost in the course of an ancient conflict, that is latched Cyan because of his despair over what happened to Doma, to the world, and to Elayne and Owain. It is flanked by two Soul Savers. Wrexsoul feeds on Cyan's sorrow, anger, and hate.


Wrexsoul starts off using an attack called Fury, which makes it disappear and possess a character's body. This has no effect on the character, but Wrexsoul cannot be targeted. It won't reappear until the possess character is considered Zombie, Petrify, or KO. The easiest way is to cast Break on a character and cure the ailment with Soft or Esuna.

The Soul Savers are weak and can be easily defeated, but they revive after every death. Because of this, the party members should petrify and heal themselves to force Wrexsoul to appear in battle. Once he reappears, Wrexsoul can be attacked until it uses Fury again. This pattern repeats until the player defeats Wrexsoul.

Wrexsoul's special attack, Doom Strike, is only used when sketched or Wrexsoul is confused.


It is possible to defeat the Soul Savers permanently and never have to fight Wrexsoul. Due to their final attack the Soul Savers revive when killed, but if the player kills them using Banish, this stalls their final attack and prevents their revival—when both Soul Savers are killed by Banish the battle ends and Wrexsoul is considered defeated. However, winning this way forsakes the Guard Bracelet Wrexsoul drops. If Wrexsoul is present when both Soul Savers are killed by Banish, the battle will end when he next uses Fury.

Another way to easily beat him is to have a character equipped with Icebrand and a Gauntlet to attack him.

AI script

At beginning of battle (only done once per battle): Fury

Attack Turns:

1st Turn: Attack (100%)
2nd Turn: Attack (100%)
Set Var0

If Var0 is set:

1st Turn: Target: All monsters with Reflect status
Thundaga (66%)
2nd Turn: Target: All monsters with Reflect status
Thundaga (66%)
3rd Turn: Target: Random Player
Fury (66%)

If Var0 is set:

If attacked by "Attack": Attack (33%)

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

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FFRK Wrexsoul FFVI

Wrexsoul also appears as a Final Fantasy VI realm boss. His mechanics are slightly different to accommodate the limited resurrection abilities in the game. Now when a character is possessed by Fury, Wrexsoul will reappear when that character is attacked and not slain. If the a Soul Saver is defeated, instead of regenerating, they instead power up Wrexsoul. Finally, Wrexsoul has a lower priority of using Fury than he does in the original game.



Wrexsoul's Japanese name (アレクソウル, Arekusouru?, lit. Alexsoul) suggests it may be associated with the esper Alexander. The fact that it is obtained upon Wrexsoul's defeat also helps confirming this.

The name "Wrexsoul" was originally selected by 1994 Super Nintendo version translator Ted Woolsey.

The soul, in many religious, philosophical, psychological, and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.


  • Wrexsoul's origins are different between the Japanese version, Ted Woolsey version, and the re-translated version. In the Japanese version, Wrexsoul is an amalgamation of souls that lost their minds in the war 1000 years ago (War of the Magi). In Ted Woolsey version, "Wrexsoul is a composite monster, made up of wretched spirits who were dispatched in meaningless wars". This translation makes it sound like Wrexsoul's birth is due to the Gestahlian Empire's result of conquest. In the re-translated version, "Wrexsoul is a monster formed of the countless souls lost in the course of that ancient conflict". Similar to the Japanese version of referring to the War of the Magi in a vague way with the "that ancient conflict", but the entire scene makes it sound like its referring to the events of the Siege of Doma instead.
  • The Japanese name Alexsoul may be short for Alexander's Soul. Wrexsoul is sitting on the throne, and the Alexander magicite is found on the throne after its death. There is a possibility that Alexander might have become corrupted and became a monster during/end of the War of the Magi.
  • The battle is similar in theme and style to Gi Nattak from Final Fantasy VII.

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