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The Wreath of Snakes is a Trial Trial from Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, and is the final fight in the Four Lords questline. This fight pits players against the Azure Dragon: Seiryu.



Having quelled the raging aramitama of the fearsome Byakko and the fiery Suzaku, the time has come for you and yours to confront the fourth member of this legendary band of heroes: Seiryu. Have no doubt that his trial will prove every bit as challenging as his comrades', for not only must you contend with the auspice himself, but his host of minions as well...

In game description


The wandering minstrel has never been one to pass up an opportunity to take artistic liberties for the sake of drama. On this particular occasion, he has embellished the circumstances surrounding your battle with Seiryu of the Four Lords on a secluded isle in the Ruby Sea. Indeed, no one could have possibly predicted that a Hingan tanka would possess such power as to spirit you through time and space unto an alternate reality, but seeing as you and your (imaginary?) comrades are in this (imagined?) realm, you may as well make the most of it.

In game description



  • Fifth Element - Raid Wide AoE
  • Infirm Soul - Tank buster.
  • Serpent Descending - Red AoE markers that target players.
  • Kuji-Kiri - The boss moves to the middle of the arena and cross pattern AoE's form all over the arena.
  • Summon Shiki - The boss will summon Three fans, the blue one will be tethered to one of the healers, and the red ones will tether two dps and follow them when they move. The healer will want to move adjacent from the blue fan, and line stack with the party. The two dps must face their fans away from the party to avoid clipping the stack. After that two players will get marked by two rock golems, have those players run to the golems and face away from the party.

After all the AoE's are done additional enemies will spawn, and after defeat they will explode. Two sets will appear before Seiryu casts Strength of Spirit and begin phase two. At the beginning of Phase two players will end up in the water and must swim to land to avoid damage. Here Seiryu will cast Summon Shiki once more, and snakes will appear on one side of the arena and push players to the other side. After two of those he will give a stack marker to a player and attack them with Forbidden Arts. Another add will be summoned and he will raise his left or right arm to damage a side of the arena.

The rest of the mechanics are repeats from the first phase of the fight until blue markers appear on the ground, here players need to stand in them to receive less damage from Serpent's Jaws.


Most of the first phase is similar to the first phase but the tank buster here is called Cursekeeper the main tank will get a debuff that will deal massive damage to the party if they are hit with the tankbuster. So the off tank will have to provoke the boss to take the big hit. the only difference in the summon shiki phase is that the golems have tethers that spawn on DPS that will need to be taken by tanks. The adds will now be in three sets and the bigger add will cast stoneskin that will need to be silenced.

During the second phase anyone caught in the water will be given a vulnerability debuff.

The second phase is similar to the normal encounter just sped up and dealing with more of everything. One thing to note is that Cursekeeper will need to be done two times in a row. Players will also have to split into two groups for the Forbidden Arts stack, it will attack one healer then the other after. Players will have to split into two groups of four to survive. This will also need to be done for the Serpent's Jaws ability, as either the DPS or tanks/heals will be marked with red AoE markers that will kill a player with a red marker and inside the meteor AoE's.




Musical Themes[]

The first phase of the fight has the theme "Answer on High" playing and during the second phase "From the Dragon's Wake" will play.


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