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Wraith is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in various main quests. It is a floating daemon surrounded by green flames.


A macabre daemon that levitates over imperial soil. Its custom of keeping victims at arm's length gives way to grappling on occasion, as this stalker seeks to squeeze the very life from its prey.
Size: 9.67 ft. Weight: 338.4 lb.



Wraith uses both physical and magical attacks. It employs fire-elemental attacks, and is weak to ice, one-handed swords and firearms. It can dematerialize and thus momentarily become untargetable, before re-materializing somewhere else. It can envelop the area around itself with its green wisps, dealing fire damage.


As wraiths are slow-moving the player can get behind them for blindside attacks that may also trigger blindside-links with nearby allies.

Etymology and symbolism[]

Wraith is a Scottish dialectal word for "ghost," and/or "spirit".

In traditional Japanese folklore beliefs souls that died in a sudden or violent manner, or ones that did not get the proper burial rituals performed upon them, may linger in the physical plane as yūrei, analogous to western legends of ghost. Yūrei are frequently depicted as being accompanied by a pair of floating flames or will o' the wisps that are separate parts of the ghost rather than independent spirits, similar to how flames surround the ghostly Wraith and its ilk.

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