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Party receiving wound damage.

Wound icon. Wound (ブラッド, Buraddo?, lit. Blood) is a type of damage sustained by a unit in battle in Final Fantasy XIII-2. In addition to standard damage, certain specific attacks may also deal wound damage, which reduces the afflicted unit's maximum HP.

In battle, damage indicators are highlighted in dark red with the word "Wounded" underneath the amount of wound damage dealt. In the battle heads-up display, a transparent segment to the far right of the units' HP gauges graphically shows what percentage of wound damage has been dealt of a unit's total HP.

Party members can deal wound damage on enemies via the active Saboteur role. All Saboteur abilities deal Wound damage, although the abilities Wound and Woundga deal significantly more. Wound damage cannot reduce a target's HP below 25%, and the amount of wound damage dealt is based on the target's wound resistance. This is of limited use against opponents that cannot heal, but is useful against those that can, particularly against Caius Ballad.

Wound damage can be partially restored in battle by using Wound Potions, Elixirs, Phoenix Downs (on KO'd characters), and certain Feral Link abilities, and is completely restored when the battle ends. The status Vigilance reduces the amount of wound damage inflicted by 33%, while Curse magnifies attacks that cause wound damage by 33%.

The passive ability Woundward I, II and MAX also reduces wound damage by 20%, 40% and 70% respectively. Furthermore, Sentinels have heightened resistance against wound damage while sharing a reduced bonus with allies. Easy Mode reduces incurred wound damage by 66% and automatically restores max HP over time.