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Worm is a genus in the Amorph family in Final Fantasy XI. Worms are capable of moving sporadically by burrowing and reemerging somewhere else, but will readily cast Earth-elemental spells at opponents outside of melee range.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Tunnel Worm
  • Carrion Worm
  • Stone Eater
  • Dirt Eater
  • Giant Grub
  • Rock Eater
  • Earth Eater
  • Maze Maker
  • Land Worm
  • Ore Eater
  • Abyss Worm
  • Amphisbaena
  • Flesh Eater
  • Desert Worm
  • Sand Eater
  • Glacier Eater
  • Cave Worm
  • Sand Digger
  • Kuftal Digger
  • Mountain Worm
  • Mold Eater
  • Burrower Worm
  • Leujaoam Worm
  • Rockmill
  • Slime Eater
  • Rock Grinder
  • Ectozoon
  • Entozoon
  • Nightmare Worm
  • Boulder Eater
  • Metalcruncher Worm

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Bedrock Barry
  • Bigmouth Billy
  • Megamaw Mikey
  • Morion Worm
  • Mountain Worm
  • Olgoi-Khorkhoi
  • Phantom Worm
  • Trembler Tabitha
  • Amicus Grip
  • Pallid Percy

Special attacks[]

  • Full-Force Blow: Single target damage and Knockback.
  • Gastric Bomb: Single target Water damage and Attack Down.
  • MP Absorption: Single target MP Drain.
  • Sound Vacuum: Cone attack Silence.
  • Sandspin: AoE Earth damage and Accuracy Down.
  • Tremors: AoE Earth damage and Dexterity Down.
  • Spirit Vacuum: Extreme single target TP Drain (ignores shadows). Used only by Anemic Aloysius.


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