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World of Nil (無の世界, Mu no Sekai?) is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is accessed through the Dark Gate. The World of Nil is a world of nothingness. The party travels there to find the Emperor and finish the reign of chaos once and for all. It is mostly blank, devoid of vitality with roads and soil being entirely white and some paths being composed of bones, giving it a deathly aspect, although some parts have flora. The World of Nil is made up of four subsections, the Forest of Nil, the Mountain of Nil, the Castle of Nil and the Edge.

The World of Nil and its subsections house powerful equipment as well as the strongest random encounters in the game, most involving boss-level threats. Because fighting here can drain the party of their MP and items, it is recommended to be above Level 66–67 and stock on as many items as possible before challenging the dungeon. Otherwise the Moogle Charm is useful as it can be difficult to proceed otherwise.

Fortunately for the player and if strong enough to take the brunt of the mobs, the World of Nil houses several teleporters (close to the Save Points) that can take the player back to the Dark Gate and close to the Orb that replenishes HP/MP. By taking advantage of this, the player can easily perform Level grinding and also master their jobs at a fast rate since the battles give 40–50 AP at average. Furthermore at the castle of Nil the Movers may be found which yield tremendous amounts of AP provided the player is capable of defeating them quick.


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The party travels into the World of Nil after Vata sacrifices himself to allow them to pass. The party seeks the Avalon Emperor to defeat him for good. The party reminisces about their relationships and how they've changed as they explore the malignant world.

In the deepest sections the party finds the true Imperial throne and none other than Elgo whom the party believed dead. Elgo reveals his true identity as the Emperor of Avalon and that he wished to get the Crystals to become immortal and rule for eternity. The Crystal, sensing the danger, broke itself up to prevent Elgo from achieving his goal and split him into two halves: the Avalon Emperor and his more benevolent self The Mask formed from Elgo's doubts, which Elgo casts aside as his "weakness". The party denies this saying the Elgo who helped him was the true one. Elgo claims to have planned everything from the beginning from the Dimensional Shift up to the party's journey, and that he had been checking on them by traveling the dimensions through the power of Nil.

Elgo asks the party to relinquish their Crystals to him and in exchange will herald them as heroes of the his new era. The party refuses claiming their journey was of their own volition, and faces Elgo who proves a difficult opponent by extracting the power of Nil. The party presses him further, forcing him to extract even more power, but Elgo loses control of it and is swallowed by Nil. The power of Nil starts to rampage into the world so the party ventures to stop it. The party faces a heavily mutated Elgo, now named Chaos Elgo, a monstrosity with control over both Light and Darkness. When the party is weakened by a Dark Flow their numerous companions appear in spirit, keeping the monster at bay while restoring the party to full strength. The party battles the monster once more and destroys it.

With the destruction of Elgo, the light swallowed by Nil begins to cause a reaction and is about to implode. The party attempts to escape while the twins Alba and Dusk stay behind to keep the explosion back. Before they are killed the spirits of their deceased companions teleport them away while dealing with the explosion, allowing all of them to escape while the world returns to normal, finally at peace.

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  • Red Dragon
  • Blue Dragon
  • Electric Image
  • Frozen Image
  • Nil Protector
  • Elgo (boss)
  • Chaos Elgo (final boss)