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The World of Light is one half of the World of Respite created by the gods Materia, and Spiritus. Act 1 of the main scenario of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia takes place here. The World of Light consists of ten primary regions.

List of locations[]

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The World of Light was created by Materia and Spiritus to provide respite to their warriors after their bodies and spirits were worn out by the cycles of battle. They fashioned the different regions of the world using the combined memories of their chosen warriors so that the world would appear familiar and comforting.

Shortly after the creation of this world it was disrupted by Torsions that twisted the fabric of reality and connected to the warriors' worlds of origin. Materia and Spiritus began summoning more warriors to try and solve the problem while using the ones they already commanded to deal with the problem.

The first characters to appear in the World of Light are the Warrior of Light, Rem Tokimiya, and Vivi Ornitier. The Warrior is found unconscious by the latter two after losing a battle with Garland. They soon encounter Mog, an ancient moogle charged by Materia with finding warriors to protect the world, and under his guidance they begin traveling to seal the Torsions.

As Mog leads them from region to region, the party expands as more warriors are summoned to the world by Materia and Spiritus. Eventually the party learns that Mog is under the control of an entity known as the Blackened Will who used the Torsions to feed on energy born from battles near them. Vayne uses Mog to open a path into the Dimensions' Labyrinth, where Will emerges from Mog's body. After the party defeats it, Materia prepares to send her warriors back home. However, Mog reveals that there was another sinister force at work, and the party agrees to continue their journey. Materia suspects that something is interfering with the world's crystal core, as the Torsions remain.

The party finds the crystal core being fed on by a planesgorger, a larval form of Shinryu, and defended by several warriors of Spiritus. The core shatters after being bled of its energy. Although the Crystal of Light is destroyed, the corresponding Crystal of Darkness from the world's other half takes up the strain. Materia dispatches the party on their next task to gather Brilliance and restore the Crystal of Light.

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