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World of Illusions.

The World of Illusions is a location in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.


The World of Illusions serves primarily as a depot for item farming, as the missions within routinely drop materials for raising characters, relics, and summons. Each mission costs SP to play, with the amounts increasing as the relative difficulty level increases. Players are awarded 1 SP per player rank, presently not to exceed 200 at rank 200 or higher. SP recharge at a rate of 1 SP per three real-time minutes; or, if the player wishes to undertake a mission absent sufficient SP, they can refill it instantly with a Stamina Potion, itself obtainable through rewards or exchanges.

All missions are open every game day once the player completes associated main story quests and do not expire. However, Ultimate summon missions require the target summon to have reached the initial cap at level 20 in order to progress through gates. All new missions may be accompanied with an additional event draw and reward period in the first two weeks of issue.


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