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This is the script for World of Final Fantasy and the Maxima version.

Prologue - Awake at Last[edit | edit source]

? ? ?: Prologue - Awake at Last

? ? ?: Tick, tock, tick, tock...
? ? ?: Tick, tock, tick, tock...
? ? ?: Tick, tock...

(The Brother)
(The Sister)

? ? ?: Time to wake up.

(In The Twins' Room)

? ? ?: Huh?
? ? ?: *Yawn* What a nap...
? ? ?: ......
? ? ?: Oh, right. I gotta get to work.

(In Plaza 99)

? ? ?: Am I gonna make it? The boss hates when I'm late.
? ? ?: Then again, it's not like business has picked up any.
? ? ?: Maybe we should start selling sandwiches along with the coffee.

(In North Promenade)

? ? ?: *Yawn*... The streets sure are quiet today.

(In Nine Bean Coffee)

? ? ?: Hey, I'm here!
? ? ?: Huh? How'd she get in if no one's here yet?
? ? ?: Good morning! I'm real sorry. I hope you haven't been waiting long.

(The Customer)

? ? ?: Oh, right! She needs some water.
? ? ? (2): Oh, no thanks. A pint— I mean, a cup of coffee, please.
? ? ? (2): Oh, and bring the whole jar of sugar. I'm gonna need it.
? ? ?: Right, that's one cuppa joe. And I'll get you one of the big jars.
? ? ?: Ugh. Has nobody made the coffee yet? Come on, get it together, guys.
? ? ?: I'm sorry, miss. This might take a while.
? ? ? (2): Hey, no hurry! Time's not an issue.
? ? ?: Here you go.
? ? ? (2): Thank you.
? ? ? (3): There you are! Lann!
Lann: Keep it down, Reynn. How 'bout acting your age, huh?
Reynn: Hey, don't talk down to me. Listen, last time I checked, little bro, I've been around a few minutes longer than you.
Lann: Okay, okay! I get it already! Very sorry!

(Reynn / Lann)

Lann: So, what's up? I'm all ears.
Reynn: Well you don't have to get all sarcas— Uh...
Reynn: You really are all ears.
Lann: Uh, what?
Reynn: Forget it. So Lann, have you seen anybody this morning?
Lann: Well, yeah. I'm looking right at you, aren't I? And there's that customer.
Reynn: What?
Reynn: Aaah! H-hello.
Lann: You didn't even see her? Dude.
Reynn: Yeah, but... Ugh, look. Come with me right now.
Lann: Wha— Easy!

(Back out in North Promenade)

Reynn: There's nobody here!
Lann: So it's a quiet morning. Maybe they just...
Reynn: I. Mean. No one!
Lann: Huh?
Reynn: Lann, have you bumped into anyone today? Besides her?
Lann: Uh...now that you mention it, I guess not.
Reynn: And this isn't setting off any alarms?
Lann: Should it?
? ? ?: You two really don't remember a thing.
Reynn: Huh? What was that?
Reynn: Who are you? If you're from around town, then I don't know you.
Lann: Reynn, manners.
? ? ?: You two really don't remember a thing.
Reynn: Would you please just answer my question?
Enna Kros: You can call me Enna...Kros. Enna Kros will work.

(Enna Kros)

Reynn: Okay, well...we woke up to a ghost town this morning. Maybe you know why?
Enna Kros: Yes, you're quite alone. But you always have been.
Reynn: Huh?
Enna Kros: This world, it's always been the two of you. A world without time, one that ended when it began.
Lann: Wha? That's the weirdest thing I've heard.
Enna Kros: But don't worry. Just because the world ended, doesn't mean that it's going anywhere.
Enna Kros: You know, I have been checking up on you two. Until now you were nothing but blank stares.
Enna Kros: So imagine my surprise when Lann took my order! What a morning.
Reynn: Okay...now you're kind of scaring me.
Enna Kros: So! Now that you're awake, we've got a story to tell.
Enna Kros: Which brings us to...Tama!
Tama: Right the-here!
Lann: Aaah! Who the honk put this thing on my head?!
Reynn: Yeah, I did try to mention it before.
Enna Kros: You take it from here. I'll go on ahead and link up a path.
Tama: You the-got it!
Reynn: Huh? H-hey, you can't just leave!
Tama: Salu-the-tations! My name is Tama and I'm the-here to help out. Does anyone the-have any questions?
Lann: Hmm... Wait, I've got tons of questions!
Lann: Why were you sitting on my head? And how the honk can a fox even talk?!
Tama: That's the-seriously the first thing on your mind?
Tama: Ugh... Now I the-see why Enna Kros was just about the-ready to throw in the towel.
Lann: We're not allowed to be confused?!
Reynn: Hey whoa, take it easy there, Lann.
Lann: I thought you were upset too!
Tama: Let's start the-over. I'll make us some the-coffee.
Reynn: Oh yes please!
Lann: But...I already made some coffee before you got here. How can you just roll with this, Reynn?!
Tama: Chill the-ouuut. You'll live the-much longer.
Reynn: Yeah, Lann. You shouldn't start out your morning with so much stress.
Tama: Oh! Would you the-like some sugar?
Reynn: Three cubes for you, right, Lann? I'm good with just one.
Tama: Okay! I'll the-go and put the coffee on.
Lann: But I just said I... Ugh. You know what, just give me my dang cup of coffee.

(Back in Nine Bean Coffee)

Lann: "Mirage Keepers"? Me and Reynn?
Tama: That's the-correct!
Tama: Those the-marks on your arms are proof. You were born to work the-miracles!
Reynn: Miracles?
Reynn: Our arms can...do that?
Lann: Dude...
Tama: How could you the-forget? You used to command a whole the-legion of them. You were masters of them: powerful, living illusions known as "Mirages"!
Tama: In the-fact, even the Pleiad answered to you, and those are the seven strongest Mirages of all! With their power, you could have the-ruled all over the world!
Reynn & Lann: Oh...
Reynn: So...we could have ruled the world? Because, what, we controlled these "Mirages"?
Tama: Well, that's what I the-heard.
Lann: From who?
Tama: What do you mean? Enna Kros the-told me, of course!
Tama: But enough the-reminiscing. I've gotta the-teach you two to use Mirages again.
Lann: What? How's that?
Tama: First off, I'm the-going to present you with my very own prismarium!
Lann: So what does it do?
Tama: With this prismarium, the Mirage inside becomes yours, and you can the-make it do the-anything and the-everything you command.
Tama: So, let's the-try it right now in glorious combat!
Lann: Wait, what? Huh?

(Battle Vs. Yurugu)

Tama: Okay, go ahead and the-throw some attacks out there.
Tama: To take action, you need to spend something called Action Points, also the-known as AP.
Tama: You automatically gain a little the-bit of AP each the-time your turn comes around in battle.
Tama: The amount of AP you need depends on the-what you're trying to do. So make the-sure you use them wisely!


(Tip Jar: Active Time Battle (ATB))
(Tip Jar: Assigning Button Shortcuts to Abilities)

Tama: Yeah, that's the way to the-do it!

when the Yurugu takes damage

(Tip Jar: Action Points (AP))

Tama: I the-knew that you had talent!

when the Yurugu is weakened

(Tip Jar: Battle Modes)
(Tip Jar: The Classic Battle Menu)

Tama: All right, all right, I think I've seen enough for one the-tussle.

when the Yurugu is defeated

(In Nine Bean Coffee)

Tama: The-figure it out yet? The two of you were un-the-surpassed. No the-Mirage could stand up to you!
Lann: Dude. Seriously?
Tama: Dude, the-seriously.
Reynn: It's hard to believe.
Enna Kros: I'm sure it is. As far as I can tell, you two have lost everything—all the memories and experience you've ever accumulated.
Enna Kros: Oh...but wait. Of course that would have happened when you and this world were spliced out.
Reynn: Huh?
Tama: So not only did they the-lose the Mirages they had, they've been the-stripped of all their memories of the Mirages too?
Tama: But, I guess that explains why all their other memories seem to be largely un-the-affected.
Reynn: What?
Enna Kros: Listen. Let me show you something.

(In Sylver Park)

Enna Kros: There, just beyond this light, lies another world called "Grymoire."
Enna Kros: That...is where you'll find all the Mirages you've lost.
Lann: You mean they're all inside this gate?
Enna Kros: You got it. Are you ready to conquer them again?
Reynn: So, um, if we do manage to find all the lost Mirages... does that mean we'll be able to remember the things we forgot?
Enna Kros: Well, I don't know about that. After all, you lost your memories. It's not the same thing as forgetting them.
Reynn: Oh...
Enna Kros: But, even if you don't remember Grymoire, Grymoire still knows a lot about you.
Enna Kros: You're certain to find traces and records of your past.
Lann: Okay...so, like...
Reynn: You're saying, whether we remember anything about ourselves or not, we can still find clues about our past and the things we've done?
Enna Kros: Correct. And if you keep on gathering Mirages, I think you might even meet your family in due time.
Reynn: Our family?
Lann: Huh? Well I guess, it does make sense that we'd have parents.
Enna Kros: Oh yes. So then... You going? You going? Will you journey to Grymoire?

Chapter 1 - Land of the Lilikin[edit | edit source]

? ? ?: Chapter 1 - Land of the Lilikin

(In Wellspring Woods)
(Wellspring Woods)

Lann: So, this must be Grymoire.
Lann: Wha—?
Reynn: Ha ha ha! Lann, you look like such a little dweeb!
Lann: I know, we look ridiculous!
Reynn: Huh?
Tama: Oh, don't the-worry. I'm sure that's how every-the-body in this world must look.
Tama: Enna Kros just wanted to make sure you had a nice and the-handy way of blending in.
Lann: That is awesomely weird.
Reynn: Well, this kind of works out. We won't have anybody gawking at our arms.
Lann: Way to find the silver lining.

(Tip Jar: Lilikin and Jiants)
(Tip Jar: Tapping into the Tip Jar)

Lann: I guess we should head straight down this path?
Reynn: It's the only direction we can go. Think you can manage to not get lost? You know, just this once?
Lann: What? I'm not gonna get lost! ...Yet.

Lann: Oh, hello! I spy another Mirage.
Tama: That is the-called a chocochick.
Tama: What are you the-waiting for? Go on and imprism the-it!
Lann: Okay!

(Battle Vs. Chocochick)

Reynn: So what now?
Tama: First, you're the-going to need this!
Reynn: It looks sort of like a prismarium. What is it?
Tama: That's the-called a "prism." Use it to the-make the chocochick's prismarium!
Tama: Every time that you find a new the-Mirage you haven't seen before, it'll be recorded in Enna Kros's special Mirage Manual.
Lann: Whoa! Does it even have pictures?!
Tama: You the-betcha! And the-whenever you add a new Mirage to the manual, you receive one of its prisms! But only the first time, the-mind you.
Tama: Okay, first, try the-weakening the chocochick. Then the-use your prism!


(Tip Jar: Imprisiming Mirages)
(Tip Jar: All About Prismariums)
(Tip Jar: Mirage Data and the Libra Ability)

Tama: There! A prismtunity! Use the "Imprism" command to the-claim that Mirage for your own!
Tama: Go on! The-select the "Imprism" command!
Tama: You might have to try different things before certain Mirages will let down their guard and the-give you the chance to imprism them. Think the-outside of the box!

when the Chocochick takes damage, creating a prismtunity

(Tip Jar: Creating a Prismtunity)

Tama: Hey the-look, you did it! Now that the chocochick is inside the prismarium, it's yours to the-keep!

when the Chocochick is imprismed

(In Wellspring Woods)

Reynn: Cool! I can see the chocochick running around in the prismarium!
Tama: Pretty the-neat, huh? Next, why the-don't you have a go at "stacking" that chocochick on your head?
Tama: Here, watch, I'll the-show you!
Reynn: Oh, now I get it! So when I saw you perched on Lann's head back in Nine Wood Hills, that's what you call "stacking."
Tama: Yup, that's the-right! While I'm up the-here, I get to take it nice and the-easy.
Lann: Uh, is that stacking or slacking?
Tama: Better the-yet, your magic and other abilities have the potential to change, too. It all depends on how your stack is the-configured!
Lann: Huh? Oh, I don't need any action figures when I get to blast out super-attacks like a super-robot!
Tama: Well, just be the-careful. Stacking doesn't the-make you invincible. Some the-enemy attacks have the power to unstack you.
Reynn: In other words: bye-bye, super-robot, so to speak.
Lann: Yowzers. That does sound like bad news.
Tama: It's true that we are individually the-weaker when we're unstacked, but look on the bright the-side. Since we each get our own the-turn in battle,
Tama: we can use the extra moves to have one member attack and another the-heal. It can be very the-helpful.
Tama: Depending on the situation, you might even the-decide to unstack yourselves by choice.
Tama: Think the-carefully, and choose the best setup for the job.

(Tip Jar: Should I Stack?)
(Tip Jar: Setting Up Your Stacks)
(Tip Jar: Get Wise About Mirage Sizes)

Tama: By the way, you two can the-switch between Jiant size and Lilikin size.
Tama: Depending on your size, you can the-make different stacks.
Tama: You aren't the-allowed to put big things on top of the-small things when creating a stack,
Tama: so to get on top of a Mirage, you need to the-be in Lilikin form.
Tama: The best way to the-learn is to try it once you've rounded up a few more Mirages. You'll pick it the-up in no time!

Reynn: Huh? A dead-end?
Lann: But there's nowhere else to go. What are we gonna do?
Tama: Never the-fear!
Tama: Look the-closely. This may appear to be a wall, but it's actually a Gimme Golem!
Reynn: Is this a Mirage, too?
Tama: Not in the traditional the-sense of the word. But you'll see these pests all over Grymoire,
Tama: and unless you the-give them what they want, they'll give you a hard the-time and block the way.
Lann: So what is it they want?
Tama: It really the-depends on the Gimme Golem, so the first thing you'll have to the-do is examine it.

Gimme Golem: Gimme gimme...

[In-game text: You see a lusterleaf reflected in its eye...]

Lann: So where do we find that?
Tama: That chocochick you just imprismed ought to be able to track the-down what we need.
Tama: But first things the-first. You're going to have to unlock the right ability on the chocochick's the-Mirage Board.

(Tip Jar: Using Mirage Boards to Power Up)
(Tip Jar: Support Abilities: Stroll)

Reynn: Hey, the chocochick's come along for a stroll.

Tama: Yay! You the-found it! Now, try examining the Gimme Golem one more the-time.

Lann: Whoa! It vanished!
Reynn: That's so cool! I guess the chocochick found us just the item we needed.
Tama: Yup-the-yup!
Tama: With the help of a Mirage or the-two, there's nothing that you can't accomplish.
Tama: And Mirage Boards are for much the-more than unlocking abilities.
Tama: You can also use them to change your Mirages into new and the-powerful forms.
Tama: So be sure to keep on the-leveling up and working on your Mirage Boards! Pretty soon you'll be bouncing and the-trouncing across Grymoire like a pair of the-pros!

(Tip Jar: Nightmare Difficulty *(Available when playing a New Game+ file in the Maxima version))

Reynn: So...Tama, I noticed Mirages disappear when we defeat them. Why is that?
Tama: Most of the Mirages you see in Grymoire don't actually the-technically belong in this world.
Tama: And so, when one of you guys the-gives 'em the old KO, they can't maintain their presence here anymore. They fizzle the-out and go back to their own worlds.
Reynn: Huh...
Reynn: Wait. Now, that's weird... Who was it that told me all this before? Ugh, it's like...right there, on the tip of my tongue...

Lann: Now what's this?
Tama: This is the-called a murkrift. Inside, you're the-likely to find Mirages that are, shall we say—
Lann: Mirages? Oh man, let's go catch 'em!
Tama: But—

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