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This is the script for World of Final Fantasy and the Maxima version.

  • This transcript contains mandatory gameplay and cutscene dialogue. Field dialogue uttered by the main characters and battle dialogue are also included here. Regardless, all types are dialogue are separated with lines.
  • Transcript is sorted by each Chapter and the Postscript, then by the locations within each chapter (if applicable).
    • Within each location, the specific area within is listed at the top of a section of dialogue (if any), excluding any more within the same area.
    • When a location or character is introduced for the first time, the name appears on the screen, and is thus included in the script (if applicable).
  • Notifications from the Tip Jar are included; transcripts from each tip can be found in the main article.
  • In-game notifications and loading screen transcripts are listed after the transcripts from the storyline.

Prologue: Awake at Last[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Prologue - Awake at Last

? ? ? (Girl Who Forgot Her Name): Tick, tock, tick, tock...
Tick, tock, tick, tock...
Tick, tock...

(The Brother)
(The Sister)

? ? ?: Time to wake up.

(In The Twins' Room)

? ? ? (Lann): Huh?
? ? ?: *Yawn* What a nap...
? ? ?: ......
? ? ?: Oh, right. I gotta get to work.

(In Plaza 99)
[Field dialogue]

? ? ? (Lann): Am I gonna make it? The boss hates when I'm late.
? ? ?: Then again, it's not like business has picked up any.
? ? ?: Maybe we should start selling sandwiches along with the coffee.

(In North Promenade)
[Field dialogue]

? ? ? (Lann): *Yawn*... The streets sure are quiet today.

(In Nine Bean Coffee)

? ? ? (Lann): Hey, I'm here!
? ? ?: Huh? How'd she get in if no one's here yet?
? ? ?: Good morning! I'm real sorry. I hope you haven't been waiting long.

(The Customer)

? ? ?: Oh, right! She needs some water.
? ? ? (2) (Enna Kros): Oh, no thanks. A pint— I mean, a cup of coffee, please.
Oh, and bring the whole jar of sugar. I'm gonna need it.
? ? ?: Right, that's one cuppa joe. And I'll get you one of the big jars.
? ? ?: Ugh. Has nobody made the coffee yet? Come on, get it together, guys.
? ? ?: I'm sorry, miss. This might take a while.
? ? ? (2): Hey, no hurry! Time's not an issue.

(The Brother places the coffee on The Customer's table.)

? ? ?: Here you go.
? ? ? (2): Thank you.

(The Customer places thirteen sugar cubes in her cup.)

? ? ? (3) (Reynn): There you are! Lann!
Lann: Keep it down, Reynn. How 'bout acting your age, huh?
Reynn: Hey, don't talk down to me. Listen, last time I checked, little bro, I've been around a few minutes longer than you.
Lann: Okay, okay! I get it already! Very sorry!

(Reynn / Lann)

Lann: So, what's up? I'm all ears.
Reynn: Well you don't have to get all sarcas— Uh...
You really are all ears.
Lann: Uh, what?
Reynn: Forget it. So Lann, have you seen anybody this morning?
Lann: Well, yeah. I'm looking right at you, aren't I? And there's that customer.
Reynn: What?
Aaah! H-hello.
Lann: You didn't even see her? Dude.
Reynn: Yeah, but... Ugh, look. Come with me right now.
Lann: Wha— Easy!

(Back out in North Promenade)

Reynn: There's nobody here!
Lann: So it's a quiet morning. Maybe they just...
Reynn: I. Mean. No one!
Lann: Huh?
Reynn: Lann, have you bumped into anyone today? Besides her?
Lann: that you mention it, I guess not.
Reynn: And this isn't setting off any alarms?
Lann: Should it?
? ? ?: You two really don't remember a thing.
Reynn: Huh? What was that?
Who are you? If you're from around town, then I don't know you.
Lann: Reynn, manners.
? ? ?: You two really don't remember a thing.
Reynn: Would you please just answer my question?
Enna Kros: You can call me Enna...Kros. Enna Kros will work.

(Enna Kros)

Reynn: Okay, well...we woke up to a ghost town this morning. Maybe you know why?
Enna Kros: Yes, you're quite alone. But you always have been.
Reynn: Huh?
Enna Kros: This world, it's always been the two of you. A world without time, one that ended when it began.
Lann: Wha? That's the weirdest thing I've heard.
Enna Kros: But don't worry. Just because the world ended, doesn't mean that it's going anywhere.
You know, I have been checking up on you two. Until now you were nothing but blank stares.
So imagine my surprise when Lann took my order! What a morning.
Reynn: you're kind of scaring me.
Enna Kros: So! Now that you're awake, we've got a story to tell.
Which brings us to...Tama!
Tama: Right the-here!
Lann: Aaah! Who the honk put this thing on my head?!
Reynn: Yeah, I did try to mention it before.
Enna Kros: You take it from here. I'll go on ahead and link up a path.
Tama: You the-got it!
Reynn: Huh? H-hey, you can't just leave!
Tama: Salu-the-tations! My name is Tama and I'm the-here to help out. Does anyone the-have any questions?
Lann: Hmm... Wait, I've got tons of questions!
Why were you sitting on my head? And how the honk can a fox even talk?!
Tama: That's the-seriously the first thing on your mind?
Ugh... Now I the-see why Enna Kros was just about the-ready to throw in the towel.
Lann: We're not allowed to be confused?!
Reynn: Hey whoa, take it easy there, Lann.
Lann: I thought you were upset too!
Tama: Let's start the-over. I'll make us some the-coffee.
Reynn: Oh, yes please!
Lann: But...I already made some coffee before you got here. How can you just roll with this, Reynn?!
Tama: Chill the-ouuut. You'll live the-much longer.
Reynn: Yeah, Lann. You shouldn't start out your morning with so much stress.
Tama: Oh! Would you the-like some sugar?
Reynn: Three cubes for you, right, Lann? I'm good with just one.
Tama: Okay! I'll the-go and put the coffee on.
Lann: But I just said I... Ugh. You know what, just give me my dang cup of coffee.

(Back in Nine Bean Coffee)

Lann: "Mirage Keepers"? Me and Reynn?
Tama: That's the-correct!
Those the-marks on your arms are proof. You were born to work the-miracles!
Reynn: Miracles?
Our arms that?
Lann: Dude...
Tama: How could you the-forget? You used to command a whole the-legion of them. You were masters of them: powerful, living illusions known as "Mirages"!
In the-fact, even the Pleiad answered to you, and those are the seven strongest Mirages of all! With their power, you could have the-ruled all over the world!
Reynn & Lann: Oh...
Reynn: So...we could have ruled the world? Because, what, we controlled these "Mirages"?
Tama: Well, that's what I the-heard.
Lann: From who?
Tama: What do you mean? Enna Kros the-told me, of course!
But enough the-reminiscing. I've gotta the-teach you two to use Mirages again.
Lann: What? How's that?
Tama: First off, I'm the-going to present you with my very own prismarium!
Lann: So what does it do?
Tama: With this prismarium, the Mirage inside becomes yours, and you can the-make it do the-anything and the-everything you command.
So, let's the-try it right now in glorious combat!
Lann: Wait, what? Huh?

(Tutorial battle: Yurugu)


Tama: Okay, go ahead and the-throw some attacks out there.
To take action, you need to spend something called Action Points, also the-known as AP.
You automatically gain a little the-bit of AP each the-time your turn comes around in battle.
The amount of AP you need depends on the-what you're trying to do. So make the-sure you use them wisely!

(Tip Jar: Active Time Battle (ATB))
(Tip Jar: Assigning Button Shortcuts to Abilities)

(When the Yurugu takes damage.)

Tama: Yeah, that's the way to the-do it!

(Tip Jar: Action Points (AP))

(When the Yurugu is weakened.)

Tama: I the-knew that you had talent!

(Tip Jar: Battle Modes)
(Tip Jar: The Classic Battle Menu)

(When the Yurugu is defeated.)

Tama: All right, all right, I think I've seen enough for one the-tussle.

(After the battle.)

Tama: The-figure it out yet? The two of you were un-the-surpassed. No the-Mirage could stand up to you!
Lann: Dude. Seriously?
Tama: Dude, the-seriously.
Reynn: It's hard to believe.
Enna Kros: I'm sure it is. As far as I can tell, you two have lost everything—all the memories and experience you've ever accumulated.
Oh...but wait. Of course that would have happened when you and this world were spliced out.
Reynn: Huh?
Tama: So not only did they the-lose the Mirages they had, they've been the-stripped of all their memories of the Mirages too?
But, I guess that explains why all their other memories seem to be largely un-the-affected.
Reynn: What?
Enna Kros: Listen. Let me show you something.

(In Sylver Park)

Enna Kros: There, just beyond this light, lies another world called "Grymoire." where you'll find all the Mirages you've lost.
Lann: You mean they're all inside this gate?
Enna Kros: You got it. Are you ready to conquer them again?
Reynn: So, um, if we do manage to find all the lost Mirages... does that mean we'll be able to remember the things we forgot?
Enna Kros: Well, I don't know about that. After all, you lost your memories. It's not the same thing as forgetting them.
Reynn: Oh...
Enna Kros: But, even if you don't remember Grymoire, Grymoire still knows a lot about you.
You're certain to find traces and records of your past.
Lann:, like...
Reynn: You're saying, whether we remember anything about ourselves or not, we can still find clues about our past and the things we've done?
Enna Kros: Correct. And if you keep on gathering Mirages, I think you might even meet your family in due time.
Reynn: Our family?
Lann: Huh? Well I guess, it does make sense that we'd have parents.
Enna Kros: Oh yes. So then... You going? You going? Will you journey to Grymoire?

Chapter 1: Land of the Lilikin[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 1 - Land of the Lilikin

Wellspring Woods[]

(Wellspring Woods)

Lann: So, this must be Grymoire.

(Lann and Reynn both appear as Lilikins.)

Lann: Wha—?

(Lann sees Reynn in her Lilikin form.)

Reynn: Ha ha ha! Lann, you look like such a little dweeb!
Lann: I know, we look ridiculous!
Reynn: Huh?
Tama: Oh, don't the-worry. I'm sure that's how every-the-body in this world must look.
Enna Kros just wanted to make sure you had a nice and the-handy way of blending in.
Lann: That is awesomely weird.
Reynn: Well, this kind of works out. We won't have anybody gawking at our arms.
Lann: Way to find the silver lining.

(Tip Jar: Lilikin and Jiants)
(Tip Jar: Tapping into the Tip Jar)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: I guess we should head straight down this path?
Reynn: It's the only direction we can go. Think you can manage to not get lost? You know, just this once?
Lann: What? I'm not gonna get lost! ...Yet.

Lann: Oh, hello! I spy another Mirage.
Tama: That is the-called a chocochick.
What are you the-waiting for? Go on and imprism the-it!
Lann: Okay!

(Battle: Chocochick)


Reynn: So what now?
Tama: First, you're the-going to need this!
Reynn: It looks sort of like a prismarium. What is it?
Tama: That's the-called a "prism." Use it to the-make the chocochick's prismarium!
Every time that you find a new the-Mirage you haven't seen before, it'll be recorded in Enna Kros's special Mirage Manual.
Lann: Whoa! Does it even have pictures?!
Tama: You the-betcha! And the-whenever you add a new Mirage to the manual, you receive one of its prisms! But only the first time, the-mind you.
Okay, first, try the-weakening the chocochick. Then the-use your prism!

(Tip Jar: Imprisiming Mirages)
(Tip Jar: All About Prismariums)
(Tip Jar: Mirage Data and the Libra Ability)

(When the Chocochick takes damage, creating a prismtunity.)

Tama: There! A prismtunity! Use the "Imprism" command to the-claim that Mirage for your own!
Go on! The-select the "Imprism" command!
You might have to try different things before certain Mirages will let down their guard and the-give you the chance to imprism them. Think the-outside of the box!

(Tip Jar: Creating a Prismtunity)

(When the Chocochick is imprismed.)

Tama: Hey the-look, you did it! Now that the chocochick is inside the prismarium, it's yours to the-keep!

(After the battle.)

Reynn: Cool! I can see the chocochick running around in the prismarium!
Tama: Pretty the-neat, huh? Next, why the-don't you have a go at "stacking" that chocochick on your head?
Here, watch, I'll the-show you!
Reynn: Oh, now I get it! So when I saw you perched on Lann's head back in Nine Wood Hills, that's what you call "stacking."
Tama: Yup, that's the-right! While I'm up the-here, I get to take it nice and the-easy.
Lann: Uh, is that stacking or slacking?
Tama: Better the-yet, your magic and other abilities have the potential to change, too. It all depends on how your stack is the-configured!
Lann: Huh? Oh, I don't need any action figures when I get to blast out super-attacks like a super-robot!
Tama: Well, just be the-careful. Stacking doesn't the-make you invincible. Some the-enemy attacks have the power to unstack you.
Reynn: In other words: bye-bye, super-robot, so to speak.
Lann: Yowzers. That does sound like bad news.
Tama: It's true that we are individually the-weaker when we're unstacked, but look on the bright the-side. Since we each get our own the-turn in battle,
we can use the extra moves to have one member attack and another the-heal. It can be very the-helpful.
Depending on the situation, you might even the-decide to unstack yourselves by choice.
Think the-carefully, and choose the best setup for the job.

(Tip Jar: Should I Stack?)
(Tip Jar: Setting Up Your Stacks)
(Tip Jar: Get Wise About Mirage Sizes)

[Field dialogue]

Tama: By the way, you two can the-switch between Jiant size and Lilikin size.
Depending on your size, you can the-make different stacks.
You aren't the-allowed to put big things on top of the-small things when creating a stack,
so to get on top of a Mirage, you need to the-be in Lilikin form.
The best way to the-learn is to try it once you've rounded up a few more Mirages. You'll pick it the-up in no time!

Reynn: Huh? A dead-end?
Lann: But there's nowhere else to go. What are we gonna do?
Tama: Never the-fear!
Look the-closely. This may appear to be a wall, but it's actually a Gimme Golem!
Reynn: Is this a Mirage, too?
Tama: Not in the traditional the-sense of the word. But you'll see these pests all over Grymoire,
and unless you the-give them what they want, they'll give you a hard the-time and block the way.
Lann: So what is it they want?
Tama: It really the-depends on the Gimme Golem, so the first thing you'll have to the-do is examine it.

(Upon examining the Gimme Golem.)

Gimme Golem: Gimme gimme...

[In-game text: You see a lusterleaf reflected in its eye...]

Lann: So where do we find that?
Tama: That chocochick you just imprismed ought to be able to track the-down what we need.
But first things the-first. You're going to have to unlock the right ability on the chocochick's the-Mirage Board.

(Tip Jar: Using Mirage Boards to Power Up)
(Tip Jar: Support Abilities: Stroll)

(Upon unlocking the Stroll ability on the Chocochick's Mirage Board.)

Reynn: Hey, the chocochick's come along for a stroll.

(Upon the Chocochick discovering something in the bushes.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Huh? It found something.

Tama: Yay! You the-found it! Now, try examining the Gimme Golem one more the-time.

Lann: Whoa! It vanished!
Reynn: That's so cool! I guess the chocochick found us just the item we needed.
Tama: Yup-the-yup!
With the help of a Mirage or the-two, there's nothing that you can't accomplish.
And Mirage Boards are for much the-more than unlocking abilities.
You can also use them to change your Mirages into new and the-powerful forms.
So be sure to keep on the-leveling up and working on your Mirage Boards! Pretty soon you'll be bouncing and the-trouncing across Grymoire like a pair of the-pros!

(Tip Jar: Nightmare Difficulty *(Available when playing a New Game+ file in the Maxima version))
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: So...Tama, I noticed Mirages disappear when we defeat them. Why is that?
Tama: Most of the Mirages you see in Grymoire don't actually the-technically belong in this world.
And so, when one of you guys the-gives 'em the old KO, they can't maintain their presence here anymore. They fizzle the-out and go back to their own worlds.
Reynn: Huh...
Wait. Now, that's weird... Who was it that told me all this before? Ugh, it's like...right there, on the tip of my tongue...

Lann: Now what's this?
Tama: This is the-called a murkrift. Inside, you're the-likely to find Mirages that are, shall we say—
Lann: Mirages? Oh man, let's go catch 'em!
Tama: But—

(Lann jumps right into the Murkrift.)

(Inside the Murkrift)

Lann: Uh...this one's not very cute.

(Tip Jar: Murkrifts: Scary but True)

Reynn: Lann! Why did you— Now what do we do?
Tama: I tried to the-tell you. Inside murkrifts, you're likely to find Mirages that are the-strong and dangerous.
Lann: You "tried to the-tell" us? Try a little harder, please!

(Unwinnable battle: Behemoth)

[In-game text: The party has fallen...]

Nine Wood Hills[]

(In Sylver Park)

Reynn: Unnh... Ooh ooh ooh ow.
Enna Kros: Oh no! Did you two die already?
Lann: What?! I died? But that's... No way.
Reynn: Maybe it's true... That Mirage in the murkrift did kinda...
Lann: Well, I'm still alive.
Enna Kros: Yes. That's because someone intervened right at the moment of your demise, and made it so the battle never happened.
Reynn: Wow, you can really do that?
Enna Kros: Of course! Although Tama's the one who does it.
Tama: That's the-right! I have the power to rewind time a little, and then the-whisk you to safety.
Although, it the-costs me a life to do it, so I hope you don't mind if I rest for a little the-while afterwards.
Reynn: A "life"?
Tama: You might not the-believe it, but I've actually got multiple lives. Back there, I had to sacrifice one of those lives to turn back time and the-save you.
You see, this girl with a ribbon the-showed up in my dreams. She's the one who taught me how to the-do it.
Lann: That makes zero sense and kind of freaks me out, but Tama, I'm impressed!
Tama: The-thanks!
Oh! But just so you know, I can only the-use my powers to protect the two of you specifically.
And only the-if you lose a fight, like what happened to you in the murkrift.
Oh the-yeah! And I can always the-recover my lives if you stay here and let me the-rest a spell.
So don't forget to give me a breather before I run out of second the-chances.
Lann: Dude! You got it. Say no more! Rest yourself silly.
Tama: Yes the-sir!
Reynn: Thanks, Tama. We really owe you one.
Especially Lann, who didn't have the good sense to listen before diving in.

(Tip Jar: When the Party Has Fallen)

(Lann notices a Lilikin running by.)

Lann: Hey. Who's that?
Enna Kros: Oh! If you mean our new guest, she claims to have gotten herself lost.
Go say hello! She's quite the character.
Lann: Uh, okay!

(Lann and Reynn walk by as Enna Kros muses to herself.)

Enna Kros: The real question is how she got here from the outside world when it's no easy trick.
She must have experience crossing between planes.

(The following lines of dialogue will play when talking to Enna Kros.)

Enna Kros:
  • Look after Tama for me. Or then again, maybe you should just let her look after you.
  • Some like to say, "Where there's life, there's hope." But that's just a saying.
  • How's the Mirage collecting going?

(In Plaza 99)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: So...she's over at North Promenade.

(In North Promenade)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Oh wow. She's so tiny! Is she a... What's the word again? Lilikin?

(Upon approaching the Lilikin.)

? ? ?: Choco-boco-lina! ...Oh!
Hello and how are you? Hmm?
Lann: Uh, good. More or less.
? ? ?: You know, what a nice, quiet place.
Reynn: Oh, uh...
Tama: So who are the-you?
Chocolatte: Oh! You can call me Chocolatte.


Chocolatte: I seem to have washed up here like a soggy yellow feather in a storm.
Reynn: Huh?
Chocolatte: I do have this funny knack for winding up in strange places.
Reynn: Uh, cool...
Chocolatte: Oh, right!
Care to shop? I've got the goods! Choco-boco-ching!

(Tip Jar: The Chocolatte Mart)

Lann: Whoa, slow down! What kind of operation is this?
Chocolatte: It's called a shop, dear.
You're in luck! I find all kinds of stuff as I bounce from point A to point Q. I'm your choco-connection!

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: So hey, are you ready to head back to Grymoire?

(In Plaza 99)

Tama: Ow!
Waaah! Show the-yourself, Serafie! I the-know it was you!
Serafie: Well, you had it coming.
You know when you awakened, you should've woke me up too. I don't remember raising you to be such a selfish selfer-poop.
Tama: Well, I don't remember you the-raising me at all!
Reynn: Who's this?
Serafie: Oh, hi. I'm just your adorable local wind pixie, aka Serafie.
My hobbies include gossipmongering and, uh, let's see... Oh, I'm good at hoarding things. Yup.
Lann: Hoarding?
Serafie: Hoarding. Why do you think I'm here?
You must have tons of prismariums. More than you can handle, right?
Reynn: Well...we're still working on it.
Serafie: Uh-huh. You'll have scads of them before long. You're gonna need a place to unload.
Lann: Yeah, they are kind of bulky.
Serafie: Well, who's got you covered? This pixie right here.
Enna Kros made me a special Prism Case that lets me keep all your prismariums safe.
Just plonk the ones you don't need in and yoink the ones you do need out.
All ploinking and yoiking must be performed within the confines of Nine Wood Hills or from an alternate location with a suitably strong connection. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.
Lann: Oh...kay.
Reynn: I'm not sure I caught every single word, but I guess..."I Agree"?
Serafie: Oh yeah. This prismarium belongs to one of my tribe. Treat it with the same boundless love and affection you feel for me.
Lann: Oh...kay.
Tama: Serafie's kind of a "special" the-case.

(Tip Jar: Storing Mirages in the Prism Case)
(Tip Jar: Seraphones)

(In Sylver Park)

Enna Kros: Anyway, I think you should be able to manage on your own from here.
Tama: You mean you're the-leaving us?
Enna Kros: Yes. You handle things now.
Tama: Oh! Okay, I the-will!
Serafie: It's cool. I'll lock this place down tighter than a malboro's bottle of mouthwash. That's a Serafie guarantee.
Reynn: Huh? B-but where are you going now?
Enna Kros: Oh, well... Somewhere else, of course.
Reynn: Yeah, that's not exactly very helpful. Look, we really need to ask you so many things!
Enna Kros: No no, you'll figure it out. I can't do everything for you now.
Reynn: Everything? But you've barely done anything.
Enna Kros: Besides, every world has its own rules. Like water dousing fire, and light banishing darkness.
Lann: Uhh, I think that's just called "science"?
Enna Kros: Well, I design mine to be so completely unbreakable that even I can't undo them.
Lann: Undo what?
Enna Kros: The rules.
Lann: Ugh... You're bad at explaining.
Reynn: You're saying you can't help because that violates the rules of the world or something?
Enna Kros: Exactly.
Lann: But why is that? I mean, come on. Just who do you think you are?
Enna Kros: Me? Oh, well...
I'm god.

(Enna Kros chuckles and smiles, as she fades away in light.)

Reynn: She's...gone.
Lann: Dude.
Reynn: I guess we can't necessarily rule it out. But for somebody calling the cosmic shots...
she seems kind of sub-benevolent.
Serafie: Well, that's Enna Kros for you, so get used to it.
Lann: So...she really is god?
Serafie: Beats me. Enna Kros is Enna Kros, wouldn't you say?
Tama: Pretty the-much.
Reynn: Uh, thanks for clearing it up.

(Tip Jar: Speeding Up Conversation)

Wellspring Woods, second visit[]

(Tip Jar: Changing Leaders)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Well, that certainly cost us a chunk of time.
Reynn: And whose fault is that?
Lann: Oh, uh...yeah! I want names!

(Upon approaching the Murkrift.)

Reynn: Lann! Don't touch it this time.
Lann: I know, I know. But...could we see all this stuff before?
Tama: Now that you've fought that thing the-once, you can see all its information.
And if you the-happen to know some Libra magic, you can peep at its data before you even jump in!
Very good thing to keep in the-mind.
Reynn: Got it.
Tama: Yup! Very good thing to keep in the-mind, Lann.
Lann: Uh, why are you repeating it? And just for my sake?

[ Opening Credits ]

Chapter 2: Foretold by Prophecy[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 2 - Foretold by Prophecy

(In Bridge Overlook)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Hey Sis, is that a town over there at the end of the bridge?
Reynn: Yeah. And I don't know why, but something about it "takes me back"...

Reynn: So, think we're supposed to get on?
Tama: Abso-the-lutely! All the-aboard!
Lann: Oh, dude!

(Inside the Cactuar Express)
(Cactuar Express - Jiant Car)

Lann: Oh. Hey Sis, let's park it here.
Reynn: Sure.

(A Black Mage and White Mage run down the aisle and see Lann and Reynn.)

Lann: Uh, hi...

(The Black Mage and White Mages run along.)

Lann: They're so tiny.
? ? ? (Cactuar Conductor): Whoa, pluck my needles! I don't know how long it's been since we've had new passengers.
Cactuar Conductor: Right. Tickets, please!

(Cactuar Conductor)

Reynn: Aaah!
Lann: Ohhh!
Reynn: A Mirage?
Lann: What? It talks?!
Cactuar Conductor: Oh, I indeedily needily am a Mirage, but I'm also the train conductor, sooo... tickets, please!
Lann: The conductor? Well, all right... If Tama can talk, then why not?
Reynn: But, the train tickets that we need—
Tama: Are right the-here!
Lann: Right the-how?
Cactuar Conductor: Wow! Semi-lifetime passes, eh? Haven't feasted my eyes on one of these in a swell spell.
Right, then. Pleasant journey!

(The Cactuar Conductor walks off.)

Reynn: Where did those tickets come from?
Tama: Enna Kros made sure I was provided with everything we could ever the-need. Yup-the-yup!
Reynn: Uh, okay then...
Lann: So why a "semi"-lifetime pass? And not a lifetime one?



Lann: Wow... This place rules!
Reynn: Yeah, it's like something right out of a fantasy.
Lann: Hey, Tama. Why don't you hitch a ride?
Tama: Roger the-dodger!

(Tama hops on Lann's head.)

Passerby: Pardon.
If I may ask, would you be kind enough to tell me what country you hail from?
Reynn: Oh, us? We're, uh...
Frightened Man: Ah! Mirages from the Bahamutian Army!

(Three Goblins appear in town.)

Lann: Baha-moo? What's...a Bahamoo?
Passerby: Well, the Bahamutian Federation has a whole army of Mirages in their employ.
Reynn: Huh? Someone's made a whole army out of them?
Lann: Sounds just fine by me. Line 'em up nice and neat for us, so we can round 'em up!

(Battle: two Goblins and Goblin Guard)

Lann: All right you Baha-moos, what's your beef? Huh?!
Tama: You the-make it sound like they're made of beef.
Reynn: Ugh... Yeah, Lann. Don't you know what's at "steak"?

(After two enemies are defeated and the other is weakened enough to be imprismed, Lann automatically uses Imprism)

Lann: Gotcha!

(Lann attempts to imprism the Mirage, but fails, and the battle ends.)

(Lann reverts back to his Jiant form.)

Lann: Whoa! What the... What just happened? Why wasn't I able to imprism that Mirage?
Tama: Didn't you see the light the-surrounding it? That means it's the-beholden to another keeper.
Lann: Be-what? B.O.? They smell?
Tama: UGH! No! What I mean is, the Mirage already has another the-master.
So until you give their boss the old heave-the-ho, you won't the-be able to claim it for yourself.

(Tip Jar: Unimprismable Mirages)

Lann: Ugh! Fire whoever wrote that little hook in.
Reynn: Lann! Ix-nay on the fourth wall stuff!
Astonished Man: Jiants...
Lann: Oh! Whoops...
Distrustful Man: Are they Bahamutian soldiers?
Grateful Woman: But they drove the Mirages off for us.
Amazed Woman: It's just like the prophecy, word for word!
Confused Man: But...which one?
Fretful Woman: Well, we know how it ends...
Passerby: Please. May I speak with you?
Lann: Huh?
Reynn: Oh, sure.

Passerby: The two of you—you've traveled here from another world.
Reynn: Oh, well... I wouldn't... I mean...
Lann: Actually, I think you're pretty much spot-on. And we're Mirage Keepers, too!
Reynn: But—Lann, don't tell her!
Lann: Why not? Face it, we're too awesome to try and hide it.
I'm like...exuding all over.
Reynn: Lann, you don't even know what "exude" means.
Passerby: There is...someone who would like to have a word with you. Could you possibly stop by Castle Cornelia?

[Field dialogue]

Lann: So let's find this Casa Cornelius place.
Doesn't "casa" mean "up"? It's gotta be higher up!
Tama: Well, you've the-got the direction correct, even if the rest of that was completely off the-base.
Reynn: That woman must be important if she's inviting us to the castle...

(If attempting to leave Cornelia at the bottom.)

Tama: Castle Cornelia is up the-near the top of the town.
Lann: Oh. Right! We should stop by.

(Lann and Reynn revert to their Jiant forms and pass by the guards at Castle Cornelia's entrance.)

Lann: Wassup, guys! Nice armor.
Reynn: Leave them alone, please.

Castle Cornelia[]

(Inside Castle Cornelia)

Princess Sarah: Thank you for coming. Welcome to the kingdom of Cornelia. I am Princess Sarah.

(Princess Sarah)

Lann: Wait, you're like, a princess?
Reynn: We had no idea!
Oh my gosh. I am so sorry Lann acted like such a royal idiot.
Lann: I'm not royal!
Reynn: Oh, and I'm his older sister, Reynn. It's an honor.
Princess Sarah: Please forgive the ruse. At first, I suspected that you might be agents sent here by Bahamut.
I was wrong. You stood up bravely against their Mirages, and kept our town safe. All of Cornelia thanks you.
Lann: Oh, I wouldn't say we were that brave. Really.
Reynn: Stop, you're so modest.
Still, the fact of the matter is, we didn't do anything all that outstanding.
Lann: Yeah, we're more the "instanding" types.
Tama: Hwah? I'm pretty the-sure that "instanding" isn't an actual the-word.
Princess Sarah: Tee hee... Ha ha ha!
Oh! Forgive me. It's just so hard to believe that you two are the stuff of prophecies.
Reynn: Prophecies? Oh, that's right... I think I heard the townsfolk going on about some kind of prophecy too.
Princess Sarah: Oh, I am sorry. If you will permit me, I will explain it from the beginning.
You see, Cornelia is an unfederated state midway up Grymoire.
Reynn: Unfederated?
Princess Sarah: Yes. Let me explain that as well. The majority of Grymoire's countries and municipalities have annexed themselves to the Bahamutian Federation, under the rule of Brandelis, the Herald King.
Cornelia, however, has continued to maintain its sovereignty.
The Federation has made attempts to erode this stance countless times.
But we have held our ground, and now Bahamut has taken to armed provocation.
Reynn: You mean like, that Mirage attack before?
Princess Sarah: Yes.
Reynn: So where does this "prophecy" factor in?
Princess Sarah: The Azure Prophecy speaks of a divergence.
When time begins its march anew, they shall return as visitors: Jiants from the Hills of a world not our own.
Upon Grymoire, they will wreak two divergent futures: one that brings salvation; and the other, ruin—
an enigma to confound even the highest mind.
Reynn: The Jiants may...wreak two futures?
Lann: "Reek", huh?
*Sniff, sniff* Oh man! Tama, this prophecy's about you!
Tama: Wh-wh-what are you the-talking about? There's nothing the-wrong with the way I smell! You big the-dummy!
Lann: Well, at least I'm dumber than you!

(Lann and Tama bicker in the background)

Reynn: I'm sorry, Your Highness. I'm afraid there's just no hope for them.
Princess Sarah: Oh. Uhh...

(Reynn thinks to herself while Lann and Tama continue bickering)

Reynn: So, "the Jiants from the Hills"... As in Nine Wood Hills?
I guess it's one of those "believe-what-you-want-to" things, but yeah, so far, it does seem to match up.
Reynn: Um, do you mind if I ask you a slightly awkward question?
If this federation is really so terrible, why have so many countries agreed to become members?
Princess Sarah: Most of the Mirages in Grymoire—not all, but certainly most of them—are now firmly under the Federation's control.
With such a powerful army behind them, citizens can go about their lives without fearing the Mirages that still roam free.
Lann: Dude, they control that many Mirages? Seriously?!
Princess Sarah: Y-yes! Uh, "dude."
Lann: Whoaaa.
Princess Sarah: King Brandelis's Herald lieutenants, known as Segwarides and Pellinore,
command all of Grymore's Mirages with the same authority as the famous Queen of the Keepers of ages past.
Reynn: So there was a Queen of the Keepers? Sounds like she was pretty powerful.
Princess Sarah: Yes, but that was more than a century ago.
Reynn: So...sorry for the string of dumb questions, but,
if the Federation can guarantee that kind of absolute protection, wouldn't it be worthwhile to take them up on their offer?
Princess Sarah: It may seem wise... But you see, membership in the Federation involves following their laws, and adoption...of a heinous creed.
It chills me, right to the marrow of my bones.
Reynn: That bad?
Princess Sarah: Yes. I beg you, see for yourselves. Once you have done so, will understand.
Reynn: All right, then.
Princess Sarah: Now then. May I ask what the two of you intend to do next?
Lann: Well, whatever's going on out there, the only thing we can do right now is just keep rounding up more Mirages, am I right?
Princess Sarah: Oh?
Reynn: Apparently, at one time we commanded a whole legion of them. But somehow, we lost them, along with our memories.
So, we're hoping by getting the Mirages back, we might stumble on some clues about our past.
Lann: That's right. So if Mirages like those goblins are bugging you, we can lay down the smack.
Princess Sarah: Lay down...the what?
Reynn: Uh, I think what he's trying to say is we'll help you out. Or at least, in the best way we know how.
Princess Sarah: Oh, wonderful! You have my thanks. Mine and all Cornelia's.
Reynn: Still, if we're going to be any help, don't you think we need to beef up our arsenal first?
'Cause we can't put up much of a fight without some strong Mirages.
Lann: Good point. Princess, do you know of any nearby places where strong Mirages live?
Princess Sarah: Certainly. If you travel to the northeast of Cornelia, you will find the Nether Nebula,
a network of caverns inhabited by many wild Mirages.
Lann: Ooh! Nice.
Princess Sarah: Not at all. Savage Mirages have been sighted in the Nebula. You may well end up dead.
Lann: Th-that's cool.
Princess Sarah: If you insist upon going, then please take the utmost caution.
Reynn: He will, Your Highness. Otherwise he's gonna be extremely sorry.
Lann: Wait a minute. Why just me? What'd I do?!

(Back out in Cornelia)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: It looks like we'll need to wind our way down to reach the exit.
Lann: Seems that way. What a funny way to build a town.
Tama: Oh, it's not that the-strange to the people of Grymoire. Hey, while we're here, why don't we ask around town and the-see what we can find out?

(Upon approaching a Gate at the bottom of the town.)

Lann: Huh? What's this thing?
Tama: Oh! I was hoping a path might link the-up here.

(Tama enters the Gate.)

Lann: Hey! Tama!
Reynn: W-wait up!

(Lann and Reynn follow after Tama into the Gate.)

Nine Wood Hills[]

(In Sylver Park)

Lann: Huh?
Reynn: Hm? We're back in Nine Wood Hills?
Tama: You see, the Gate here doesn't connect to just one the-area.
All throughout Grymoire you'll find places—safe the-locations that lead back here. Open the way to come and the-go as you please!
Lann: And how exactly do we do that?
Tama: You already the-saw. Just walk up to the right place, and that's all it the-takes.
Reynn: But surely a means of transportation that handy must come with a catch?
Tama: No the-catch! You can use the Gate as the-little or much as you like.
What's more, time in here and time in Grymoire—they don't both the-flow at the same speed.
So whatever crisis is going the-down, you can put it on hold and kick back here till you're ready.
Lann: Wow! It's like magic!
Reynn: Yeah... Really irresponsible magic.
Lann: Just imagine. Revisiting any place we've been!
We'll call it...the Super Port-A-Party!
Tama: Are you the-kidding? That name definitely the-gets an F.
Reynn: He deserves an H.
Lann: An H?! But grades only go down to F!

Serafie: Extra, extra. Read aaall about it.
Tama: Wh-what do you the-want here, Serafie?
Serafie: In case you're wondering, you can use the Prism Case anywhere you find one of these Gates.
Tama: Oh, I think I the-get it now. Gates are the-what you meant when you talked about a "strong connection."
Serafie: Heh? Oh, right, right. That's the gist of it.

(Tip Jar: The Gates)
(Tip Jar: The Adventure Log)

(Back in Cornelia)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Okay. To the Nether Nebula!

(At Nine Wood Hills - Plaza 99)
(If the player returns to Nine Wood Hills after returning to Cornelia.)
[Field dialogue]

Tama: If the-one of your Mirages has learned the "Stroll" ability,
it will follow you around in the field, just as the-long as you include it in your lineup.
Speaking of the-which, I have that ability too! So if you always the-want your adorable Tama at your side,
keep me in your lineup, okay?

(In Plaza 99, after exploring several areas in Nine Wood Hills.)

Serafie: That face! "Aww, I hate walking everywhere." I can read you like a book!
Lann: Huh? Me?
Serafie: Yeah. I know a lazy slacker when I see one.
Lann: Hey!
Reynn: What's up?
Serafie: Oh, just some news you may find of interest.
Lann: Yeah...?
Reynn: Huh?
Serafie: All throughout Nine Wood Hills, I have staked out some windways!
Reynn: Windways?
Lann: Steak! Now that you mention it, I'm starving! Have you got anything else tasty on the menu?
Serafie: Oh, sure. Here you are. Might I recommend today's special, the sahagin soup...
Reynn: Stop that! We'll never get to the point if you egg him on like that!
Serafie: Huh? You want eggs?
Lann: Oh! Fried? Sunny-side up?!
Serafie: Hmmm... All we've got is scrambled.
Reynn: Just tell us about the windways!
Serafie: Oh, those? They're basically just shortcuts.
The kids call it "fast-travel." You get to zip around every which way using one of those GUI doohickeys. Yup.
Reynn: Uh, I don't think you're allowed to go there.
Lann: So what if the food's a little gooey! I'll still eat it!
Reynn: We are not talking about food!
Serafie: Ohhh, wait, I get it! All that business about steak—that was a pun! Nice one, Lann.
Lann: Oh. Thank you!
Reynn: Don't tell me you thought he was serious!
Serafie: Heh heh, heh heh heh!

(Both Serafie and Lann start laughing together.)

Lann: Heh heh, heh heh heh!
Tama: I've realized something just the-now. We can never the-leave Lann and Serafie alone together.
Reynn: Nothing good could come of it...

(Tip Jar: Using Windways)

Chapter 3: Old Acquaintances[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 3 - Old Acquaintances

(In Cornelia Region)

(Tip Jar: Using the Map)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: She said the Nether Nebula is somewhere northeast of Cornelia, right?
Lann: Time to go hustle and rustle a little Mirage muscle.
Reynn: Just don't go hustle so much that you get yourself lost, okay? I might just leave you there.
Lann: Aha ha ha! When's the last time I got—
Reynn: Don't push it.
Lann: Okay.

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Wow, the air here is so clean!
Reynn: Yeah, right?
Lann: Ya-hoooooo!
Reynn: You're a yahoo!
Lann: No, no, Reynn, you need to shout for it to work. Ya-hoooooo!

The Nether Nebula[]

(In Cavern 1)
(The Nether Nebula)

Tama: Be the-careful. The Mirages here are a lot the-stronger than any you've faced the-before.
Lann: Yeah, let's not mess around in the Nether Nebba...thinga...nabob.
Reynn: "Nether Nebula." Do you think you can do something about that habit of forgetting the name of virtually everything?

(Upon examining the Gate.)

Lann: Oh. Here's another Gate.
Tama: That's the-right. Gates the-usually turn up in towns or at the start of most Mirage-infested areas.
You never have to travel far to the-visit the place you've been!
Whenever you want to get from point the-A to point the-B, just use the Gate as a handy little shortcut.
Lann: A "shortcut," huh?
Reynn: So like, if we wanted to go back to Cornelia right this instant,
we could just take this Gate back to Nine Wood Hills, then we can take the Gate from there to Cornelia. You see?
All in all, it makes for a pretty short shortcut!
Lann: Yeah! If it were hair...
you'd have to call it... You'd have to call it a "buzzcut"!
Reynn: Okay...

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Man, I love a good adventure!
C'mon, Sis. Let's follow this rabbit hole as far as it goes.
Reynn: Yeah, fine. Just behave yourself.

(In Cavern 2)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: This dungeon is way more dungeony than I thought.
Reynn: Did you know that originally, "dungeon" referred to the biggest tower in a castle? It's what they called the castle "keep."
Lann: Ugh, how long has it been since I've heard Reynn go off on one of her educational rants? She must be pretty upset.
Tama: The-why is that?
Lann: The more upset she gets, the more she tries to cover it up by spouting random trivia.
Reynn: You know where the word "trivia" comes from?
Lann: Sis, I think we're good.

(Battle: the player's first enemy Stack)

Lann: Are you kidding me?! Mirages can stack too?
Tama: Yup. You're not the only ones who get way the-stronger when you're piled up.
Reynn: Do their abilities change when they're stacked too, then?
Tama: Afraid the-so! Which means somebody needs to stop underestimating the enemy before he the-finds himself up to his neck in some—
Lann: Okay!
Reynn: At least he knows the warning's meant for him.

(In Cavern 3)

(Upon noticing a Puzzle Switch)

Reynn: What's this for?
Tama: It's a strange switch that the-responds to Mirages.
The Mirages you imprism the-inside these caves should be able to help you out!

(Tip Jar: Those Puzzling Puzzle Switches)

(After activating the Puzzle Switch.)

Lann: A new path! Check out that switchcraft!
Tama: Yup! Now we know "switch" way to the-go!
Reynn: Switchever one of you thinks you're being clever is about to get a knuckle sand-switch.
Lann: Guh! Did...did I just get owned?
Tama: I'm the-raising the white flag here too...

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Hey Tama, weird question: um, how come all this really useful, well-presented information keeps popping into our heads?
Tama: Oh, that? I guess Enna Kros's the-trying to give you some tips!
Lann: Dude, really? And here I thought I was some kind of super genius coming up with all the answers on my own.
Tama: I hate to the-break it to you, but you will never the-be that person.
Reynn: I know... It's so sad.
Lann: Whoa! Hey now, c'mon. You don't have to look that brokenhearted when you say it...

(In Cavern 4)

(Upon encountering a strange, large, red barrier.)

Reynn: Uh, what's this?
Tama: Oh, that's not the-good.
This is the-called a "threshold." Mirages the-create them to mark their territory.
When you see a threshold, you better watch out, 'cause the Mirages inside are extremely the-powerful.
And the worst part: if you cross it and lose a fight the-inside, I can't use my powers to rewind time and extricate you.
Lann: No extra-cation? Guess we'd better be "extra" careful, then! Duh ha ha ha!
Reynn: Ugh... Anyway, it sounds like if we're going in, we'd better go in fully prepared.
Tama: That's the-for sure. And don't the-forget to save your progress, too.

(Tip Jar: Beware the Thresholds)

(Upon noticing three structures of ice, thunder and fire elemental crystals.)

Lann: What the honk?!

(The ground starts to rumble.)

Reynn: Ah! Be careful!

(Three entities then appear in front of the crystals.)

? ? ? (Ifrit): Grrraaah!
Ramuh: Ohhh... I expected some foolhardy adventurer with a terminal case of curiosity.


Ifrit: What's this?


Shiva: Well, look who's back.


Ifrit: Ah! The half-pints. Hail and well met!
Lann: Wha— Hale and Welmet? That's not our names!
Reynn: I think he just means "hello."
Oh, and for the record, he happens to be a half-wit and a half-pint.
Ramuh: Heh...
Shiva: Ha ha ha!
Ifrit: Ha ha ha ha! You haven't changed a bit!
Lann: Huh? What's so funny?
Reynn: Oh, you're having a "Lann moment." Guess I'll just add this one to the pile.
Lann: Wait, what pile? There's a pile?
Reynn: Apparently, we've met the three of you before. Although, we don't remember it.
Ramuh: You do not remember us?
Shiva: Reeeally? No wonder they haven't summoned us.
Ifrit: Then our course of action is clear. We must ensure the pecking order is pecking in the right order.
If you seek to command the three of us again, then demonstrate your strength now or else be destroooyed!
Shiva: Destroooyed!
Ramuh: Hold now! Why must you two always let the blood rush to your head?
Ifrit: Wha...what do you mean?
Ramuh: Would you just look at them? These are not the Mirage Keepers we knew.
Ifrit: Hrm?
Lann: Hi...
Shiva: You're right. They do look rather... How do I put it?
Lann: Put what?
Reynn: Lann does set the bar low.
Tama: Like limbo the-bar low.
Ifrit: Hm? ...Ahh. I see...
Lann: See what?
Shiva: Very well. What say we pit them against just one of keep things nice and fair?
Ramuh: Hmm, agreed then. Go on. Choose from among us, and choose wisely.
Lann: Choose for what?
Ramuh: Time certainly has not made you any more clever.
Shiva: What we're trying to say is, the two of you are no match for all three of us at once. Which means...
Reynn: Right, I get it, thanks. Now let's see...
Lann: Huh? Wait, get what?

(Upon given the option to fight Shiva, Ramuh or Ifrit.)

On-screen: Who will you be tested by?
  • Shiva
  • Ramuh
  • Ifrit

(If Shiva is selected)

Shiva: Care to play? I'll send chills up your spine and right through your heart with my Diamond Dust.

(If Ramuh is selected)

Ramuh: 'Twould be foolhardy to challenge me. My Judgment Bolt strikes with such force it would shatter your very soul.

(If Ifrit is selected)

Ifrit: Choose me! I know you've missed it. Step now into the searing embrace of my Hellfire!

(After selecting any character, with "XX" being the the character's name)

On-screen: Begin the fight with XX?
  • Yes
  • No

(Battle: Shiva★ — if the player chooses her)

Tama: She looks the-ready to knock us cold!
Lann: Knock us cold for what? Help me out here!
Reynn: I hope this doesn't traumatize you.

(Battle: Ramuh★ — if the player chooses him)

Reynn: Watch it. For an old guy, he looks pretty tough.
Lann: Dude, "tough" doesn't even begin to describe it.
Tama: Be the-careful! Remember, we're still the-inside their threshold!

(Battle: Ifrit★ — if the player chooses him)

Tama: Careful! He the-looks like he's all muscle!
Lann: All right! Let's turn up the heat!
Reynn: Uh, I think he's got that part covered...

(After the battle with the chosen boss.)

Ramuh: Enough. I have seen my fill for one day.
Shiva: That was fun, for what it was.
Ifrit: A shame the two of you have so much growing up to do.
Lann: Quiet, you! I'm a hulk waiting to happen.
Ramuh: So long. We shall meet again.
Ifrit: Well, our paths may cross before you know it.
Shiva: Bye-bye for now.

(Ramuh, Shiva and Ifrit disappear, but leave behind a prismarium.)

Reynn: Huh? What's this?
Lann: A prismarium! Duuuuuuh.
Reynn: I know it's a prismarium, dummy.
Tama: You didn't manage to imprism those tough Mirages, but it looks the-like they gave you this prismarium from the same tribe as a consolation prize.
Reynn: I see. I guess we made the grade, then.

(Tip Jar: Transfiguration)
(Tip Jar: Unique Abilities)

(Meanwhile: In Bridge Overlook)

(A mysterious masked woman appears alongside a Carbuncle.)

Masked Woman: The Mirages of the Nebula have been set free...
And once again, time resumes its march.

(Back in The Nether Nebula)

Reynn: Well, we'd batter make our way back to Cornelia, before the Bahamutians get any funny ideas.
Lann: We gotta go all the way back?
Tama: You can head to Nine Wood Hills right the-now if you want to!
Lann: Huh?
Tama: Now that the boss has been the-bested, I can make you an Exit Gate right the-here and now!
Boop! Ta-the-da!

(An Exit Gate appears.)

Tama: It'll take you the-back to Nine Wood Hills, and from there Cornelia's easy.
Lann: Thanks to the buzzcut! I remember.
Tama: You don't get shortcuts much the-shorter than a buzzcut!
Wait! Unless you buzz the buzzcut, and then the-what've you got?!
Reynn: Uh, I think at that point, you call it a "bald-cut."

Nine Wood Hills[]

(In Sylver Park)
[Field dialogue]

Tama: Just head the-back to your room in Nine Wood Hills whenever you want to rest up and the-recover HP.
Reynn: While we're there, we should stop by Chocolatte's and stock up on items.
Lann: Hey, you got it.

(In Plaza 99)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Huh? Look at this stone! It's so pretty.
Tama: Oh! Those are the-called mirajewels.
They're special the-items made by isolating a Mirage's abilities.
If either the-one of you equips them, you'll be able to wield whatever the-abilities they hold.
The right mirajewels with the right the-stack can make for a powerful combination!

(Upon talking to Serafie and asking what's on her head)

Reynn: Hey,, you seem to have something sitting on your head there. What's the deal with that?
Serafie: Huh?
Guh! How did that get there?!
Reynn: You didn't even notice?!
Lann: Ha ha ha! Oh boy, what a doofus!
Reynn: Uh, have you checked your head?
Lann: Guh! How did that get there?!
Serafie: Ha ha ha! Oh boy, what a doofus.
Reynn: Both of you are doofuses!
Serafie: Hey! The word is "doofi." Here. I'm giving you this so let's just move on.

(Serafie hands the item to Reynn.)

Reynn: Uh, thank you... But, what is this for?
Serafie: The truth is...
I haven't the foggiest. Heh heh, heh heh heh! I guess when I go for a walk, stuff just finds its way onto my head.
Well, from now on, whenever you see some thingamabob parked on my noodle, you just go ahead and help yourselves.

Chapter 4: A Legendary Warrior[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 4 - A Legendary Warrior


Reynn: Okay then. Let's check in with Princess Sarah.
Sentry: It's the Bahamutian Army!
Lann: What? They're here already?

(Meanwhile: In the Cornelia Region)

(A Bahamutian Commander is seen brandishing a large gun, and fires multiple shots at a hill. Several Goblins are then created and begin building up a camp)

Sentry: They're setting up camp, right outside of town!

Princess Sarah: Reynn! Lann!
Reynn: Oh, perfect timing. We were actually just on our way to see you.

(Just outside of Castle Cornelia)

Princess Sarah: If they've established a camp near our gates, then clearly they must intend to finish us once and for all.
Reynn: So what now?
Lann: Seems to me...we're going to have to nip this little problem in the butt.
Reynn: Hm? What do you propose we do?
Lann: We should take the fight to them.
Princess Sarah: Uh, well said, but as things stand, Cornelia simply does not have the manpower.
Lann: If you can just buy us some time, we'll do the rest.
Princess Sarah: Huh?
Lann: Me and Reynn'll sneak up on their boss and take him out!
Princess Sarah: What?!
Reynn: Hmm...
Princess Sarah: I-is it really that simple?
Reynn: Well, he may not exactly look it, but Lann's pretty good in a fight.
Thing is, he used to get picked on for being such a pip-squeak.
Lann: Please! As if you were ever any taller than me.
Reynn: Well, I might have made up the "pip-squeak" part, but, he definitely did get picked on.
I think that maybe the other kids were a little creeped out by our arms.
Lann: ......
Princess Sarah: ......
Reynn: Still, we were always kind of proud that we looked like this. Because it meant we were just like our mom, right?
Lann: ...I guess.
Reynn: So! Let's talk more about Lann getting picked on! Boy, did they make him cry.
But, after I whipped him into shape, he never lost a fight again.
Princess Sarah: H-how wonderful!
Reynn: But that's not 'cause he turned into some kind of bully-destroying machine.
He just literally never picked a fight he couldn't win.
Really, his threat assessment skills were uncanny. He always knew the odds.
Heh. Call it natural cowardice.
Lann: Hey! Watch it.
Reynn: So Lann... How 'bout it? Do you think we can beat those guys?
Lann: Piece of cake! Well, not a piece of cake. More like...a very large sliver of cake.
Reynn: Well, there you have it. So, are you willing to trust us?
Princess Sarah: Very well then.
We must act. It is only a matter of time before the Federation completely overruns Cornelia.
We will fight...and place our faith in the Mirage Keepers.

(Lann and Reynn both nod. Reynn then ponders to herself)

Reynn: Huh... What a weird thing to remember. I know someone bullied Lann. But why can't I remember who?

(As Lann and Reynn make their way down)

Brigade Captain: Hello there. Are you the Keepers from the prophecy?
I am captain of the Cornelian Army 1st Brigade. Princess Sarah has appointed us as vanguard.

(Brigade Captain)

Brigade Captain: We have been informed of the particulars. We'll time our feint to when the two of you storm the field.
You can set out just as soon as you're ready.

(In Cornelia Region)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Where's the goblin camp?
Reynn: Up on that hill. C'mon!

The Watchplains[]

(At Backroad 1)

(The Watchplains)
[Field dialogue]

Tama: Cornelia's soldiers are the-fighting as hard as they can.
Lann: Let's hurry up and around and BOOOSH...knock the goblins' boss senseless!
Reynn: Ohhh-kay.
Tama: The-WHSHHH and BOOOSH!
Lann: Aw yeah!

(When talking to the soldier near the Gate.)

Soldier (1): According to the vanguard's reports, many of the enemy forces are capable of inflicting blindness.
It impairs your eyesight and causes your weapon attacks to miss more frequently, although thankfully magical attacks remain unaffected.
Oh! Why don't you take these eye drops? They'll clear up your vision in no time flat.
Soldier (1): Good luck out there! We're counting on you.

(When talking to the soldier near the slopes.)

Soldier (2): Good luck.

(Upon opening a chest containing Girl's Diary, Entry 1.)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Huh? This thing seems awfully familiar.

(Battle: Goblins bound by chains)

Lann: What're those chain things?
Reynn: Whoever the Mirages are beholden to must be close!
Lann: What? B.O.?
Reynn: Stop it.

(When talking to the injured soldier.)

Soldier (3): Nngh...

(After defeating the Goblin standing in front of the soldier.)

Soldier (3): I should have known that wasn't the last of them... Thank you. I owe you my life. I know this isn't much, but here. I want you to have this.

(When talking to the soldier at the top of the area.)

Soldier (4): The enemy commander has taken position further up the plains. Be very careful.

(In Backroad 2)

Soldier (5): Ungaaahhh!

(The Soldier is thrown back and on the ground.)

Soldier (5): How humiliating!

(A Goblin then appears and faces Lann and Reynn. After defeating it.)

Soldier (5): You didn't have to help me! I had those freaks right where I wanted them!
Still, I cannot allow your valiant efforts to go unrewarded. Here!
Keep up the good work, you two!

(The following lines are uttered by the two soldiers when spoken to, left to right.)

Soldier (6): All injured soldiers have been ordered to fall back at this point and wait for further orders. Please, finish this fight for us!
Soldier (7): If I hadn't gotten injured...

(When talking to the soldier up the steps, near the tent.)

Soldier (8): Oh, help, Captain! I'm just not cut out for battle!

(Upon approaching the Brigade Captain surrounded by Red Caps.)

Reynn: Are you okay?
Lann: We got this!

(After finishing the battle.)

Brigade Captain: Good timing.
Some of my soldiers swore they'd seen the princess on the battlefield. I suppose I got a bit careless.
Reynn: Princess Sarah was here?
Lann: What? No way. That can't be right.
Brigade Captain: I'd like to think so, but knowing her, it's possible.
Still, we must focus on the task at hand. Don't worry about me. You two should press on.
Up ahead, you will find the Bahamutian soldier in charge. He leads the goblins.
Lann: Cool. Let's do this.

(In Backroad 3)

(When talking to the soldier near the entrance.)

Soldier (9): That's odd. I could have sworn I saw Princess Sarah on the front lines...

(After defeating the Goblin standing in front of the soldier)

Soldier (10): Thanks for the help just now. You two are going up against the enemy commander, is that right?
Take this. It'll come in handy.

(The following lines are uttered by the three soldiers when spoken to: from left, center, right.)

Soldier (11): Keep the pressure on those Federation scum!
Soldier (12): We won't let Cornelia fail!
Soldier (13): It's time to show them what Cornelia's 1st Brigade is capable of!

(After making their way up the area, Lann and Reynn see Princess Sarah in the distance.)

Reynn: Huh?
Lann: The princess? Dude, she is here!

(Princess Sarah sees the twins and waves back at them.)

Reynn: Heh heh... I guess she's the hands-on type.

(A Giant Goblin climbs up from the edge of the cliff behind Princess Sarah.)

Lann: Ah!
Reynn: Your Highness! Behind you!
Princess Sarah: Huh?
Reynn: Look out!
Princess Sarah: Aaah!
Brigade Captain: Hyah!

(The Brigade Captain rescues Princess Sarah just as the Giant Goblin brings his sword down on her.)

Brigade Captain: Are you all right, Highness?
Princess Sarah: Uh, yes, thank you.

(The Giant Goblin approaches the Brigade Captain and Princess Sarah and draws his sword.)

Lann: Oh shmup! We gotta find a way down there, now!
Reynn: We can go around. If we're fast enough, we—
Lann: No! There's no time!
Reynn: Princess!
Lann: No!

(Orbs of light emerge from the sigils on Lann and Reynn's arms and fuse with the Brigade Captain, transforming him into a Warrior of Light. The warrior then attacks the Giant Goblin, sending it backwards into the gorge.)

Reynn: Princess Sarah! You okay?
Lann: Dude, that move was awesome!
Warrior of Light: I...I don't know what just happened.
Princess Sarah: I think I do. That light would explain it.
Good captain, from this day on, you shall be called the Warrior of Light.
Warrior of Light: Me? Are you sure?
Princess Sarah: Yes. The legends of Cornelia tell of others like you.
Nameless heroes with great power in their hearts: Warriors of Light.

(Brigade Captain)
(Warrior of Light)

Princess Sarah: You are a Medium. One with the potential to become this realm's Champion.
Reynn: Wait, a Medium? ...A Champion?
Princess Sarah: Champions arise at critical points in time, where they awaken unexpectedly to their miraculous power.
Candidates who hide this light within them—this strength—we call them Mediums.
The Warriors of Light, of course, are unique to Cornelian legend, but...
Mediums for other Champions can still be found throughout Grymoire to this day.
Warrior of Light: Incredible. So I'm really one of them?
Princess Sarah: Yes. There is no mistake.
Warrior of Light: I think...the light Lann and Reynn sent me was a sort of reveille. Like I'd been sleeping my whole life and finally...woke up.
Princess Sarah: ...Do you have that power? Do you have the ability to awaken Mediums as Champions?
Lann: Hmm...
Reynn: I wish we knew. Like I said, we don't remember all that much about who we are.
Wait, hold on.

(The Bahamutian Commander approaches the group, and the Giant Goblin climbs up the cliff and joins him. Both engage battle with the group.)

(Battle: Bahamutian Commander and Giant Goblin)

Reynn: Please, stand back, Princess Sarah.
Lann: This guy must be their boss.
Reynn: Lann, it looks like the soldier's human. Don't get carried away.
Lann: Reynn, I'm shocked. I don't pick on people weaker than me.
Reynn: Ha ha! I just had to make sure. Let's go, Lann!
Lann: Yeah!
Tama: This thing is the-massive!
Lann: Seriously! What do they feed him anyway?!
Reynn: Uh... Maybe we can stew over that some other time, whaddaya think?

(After the battle.)

Lann: Whew, see? Total piece of cake.
Reynn: Wait... This soldier's not human at all. Was he a Mirage?
Princess Sarah: What? No... The soldiers are human beings vying to become Architects and join the Federation elite.
What...happened to him?

(Meanwhile, elsewhere...)

(A feathered knight is seen, and suddenly looks up and around. A woman appears inside a floating crystal cage, alongside a massive knight in black armor.)

Woman in the Cage (Hauyn): Yes. That's right. They're here.
Knight in the Black Armor (Brandelis): How many years have passed?
Woman in the Cage: Some. How many is a difficult thing to gauge from in here. But...
Knight in the Black Armor: Time for us has resumed its march.

(A hologram of a knight's golden mask appears.)

Knight in the Golden Mask: Yes, what is it?
Knight in the Black Armor: You may begin. I trust you have worked out each detail?
Knight in the Golden Mask: Ohhh, I can assure you, every word.
Knight in the Black Armor: Then away with you.

(The hologram disappears.)

Woman in the Cage: And you? You aren't going to waver?
Plumed Knight: We have a prophecy to fulfill.

(The Plumed Knight vanishes.)

Knight in the Black Armor: Yes. Let us usher in a new age of history.

(Back in The Watchplains)

(Tip Jar: Combined Abilities)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Now would be a good time to stock up on items.
Lann: Good call. We've racked up a ton of gil, now that you mention it.
Reynn: You have to wonder why a bunch of Mirages are carrying so much cash.
Tama: Let's just the-say that Enna Kros—
Reynn: Never mind, I figured it was her.

Nine Wood Hills and The Coliseum[]

(In Sylver Park)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: So, why don't we go back to Cornelia and see Princess Sarah?

(In North Promenade)

(Upon entering the North Promenade, Chocolatte is nowhere to be seen and Lann and Reynn are suddenly whisked away to a dusty, barren place.)

Lann: What is this place?
Lann: Augh!

(A doppelgänger of Lann passes in front of the twins.)

Reynn: Lann! Are you all right?
Lann: Uh, yeah... Did you just see that?
? ? ? (Tonberry): Should you two be here?
Reynn: A tonberry?
Tonberry: Quite so. A tonberry through and through. Now should you children be this far afield?
Lann: Far a-what now?
Reynn: He's asking if we're lost. I guess he's got a point. I have no idea where we are.
Tonberry: As I thought. Then you should both come with me at once. It's not safe here.
Tonberry: I give you...the Coliseum.

Chapter 5: The Champion Who Saved Grymoire[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 5 - The Champion Who Saved Grymoire


(In Castle Cornelia)

Tama: From the looks of the-it, the Bahamutian encampment is going to stay a goblin the-hangout for good.
Reynn: At least they'll leave Cornelia alone for a while, now that we've gotten rid of the soldier controlling them.
Warrior of Light: Once Mirages are scattered and separated from their keeper, they revert to their wild state.
Princess Sarah: And wild Mirages are something you just...learn to get used to in Grymoire.
Lann: That's why you've got Mr. Warrior here.
Princess Sarah: Yes, indeed.

(The Warrior of Light blushes.)

Princess Sarah: However, we cannot rule out the possibility of another Bahamut attack.
What we an alliance with another country. Some sort of mutual agreement to come to each other's defense.
Warrior of Light: Actually, word has been spreading of such an organization: an anti-Federation group as large as a nation.
Perhaps the time has come to formally introduce ourselves. They call themselves the League of S.
Princess Sarah: "League of S"? Do you know of any way to reach them?
Warrior of Light: The thane of Saronia to the north has been in contact with them. I believe one of the merchants mentioned it.
Princess Sarah: Saronia, yes. They have been resisting Federation annexation.
Warrior of Light: Yes. Highness, allow me to journey there, and learn what I can about the League of S.
Princess Sarah: Alone? To get to Saronia, you must pass through all manner of places teeming with dangerous Mirages. And I...
Lann: Hey, maybe we could go instead.
Reynn: Yeah! Mr. Warrior here, he and the brigade should stick around and keep the goblins in line.
Lann: That's right. Cornelia's legendary Champion belongs right here in Cornelia.
We're the best fit for this. We've got tons of Mirages to collect and could start just about anywhere.
So, you know, it wouldn't be any trouble.
Princess Sarah: What a kind offer. You would really do that?
Reynn: Sure! You're doing us a favor by pointing me and Lann in a new direction.
We're glad to help.
Princess Sarah: I thank you. We are in your debt.
Here. All Cornelian emissaries are given these letters, as proof of their authority. It should help you on your way.
Reynn: Thanks!
Lann: Well, there's no sense in hanging around. So long! Take care!

(Lann, Reynn and Tama leave the castle.)

(Back into the town of Cornelia)

Reynn: Okay, then let's get going to this Saronia place.
Tama: Just hop on the train and take that choo-choo the-north!

(Upon taking to the Cactuar Conductor.)

Cactuar Conductor: Right. Tickets, please!
On-screen: Board the train?
  • To the north! (Saronia)
  • To the south! (Wellspring Woods)
  • Cancel

(When accepting to board the train.)

Cactuar Conductor: Go on then, all aboard.

Pyreglow Forest[]

(At Branch 1)
(Pyreglow Forest)

Lann: Holy amaze. I could stare for this place.
Reynn: Looks like we're gonna have to find a way through.

(Tip Jar: Support Abilities: Sizzle)

[Field dialogue]

Tama: If things get the-dangerous or you need a break, don't forget that you can use the Gates to return to Nine Wood Hills and take a time out.

(In Branch 2)

(Upon approaching some vines with a Sizzle symbol appearing over it.)

Lann: Whoa! How are we supposed to get past these vines?
Reynn: What's this symbol?
Tama: That's one of Enna Kros's the-patented Sizzle symbols!
Reynn: She got it patented?
Tama: That's your cue to the-bring along a Mirage that's learned the Sizzle ability.
And if you don't have a Mirage with the Sizzle ability just the-yet,
you're sure to find one close the-by, so keep looking.

(After burning way the vines.)

Lann: Whoooa.
Reynn: Nice!

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Grymoire sure has no shortage of wonders, does it?
Lann: I know. How high up are we? I wonder what would happen if we jumped.
Reynn: Hey, why don't you find out?
Tama: Go on, we're the-waiting.
Lann: Uhhh, I'll pass.

(In Branch 3)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Huh? What's that light?

(In Branch 4)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Reynn, my legs are about to fall off.
Reynn: Talking about it only makes it worse. But, you do have a point... I guess this is wearing me down.
Lann: Wouldn't it be great if the Mirages in our stacks could just carry us around?
Reynn: Oh come on, it's not that simple—
Tama: You can the-hitch a ride on your Mirages, as long as they've learned the Joyride ability.
Reynn: We can?!
Lann: Dude, YESSS!

(Tip Jar: Support Abilities: Joyride)

Forest Lake[]

(In Bank 1)

Tama: That's the-beee-yoootiful!
Reynn: Wait a sec. I know I've seen that before... But where? I can't remember.
? ? ? (Yuna): Jiants traveling with a Mirage? It seems clear the two of you are not from Grymoire.
Tama: Ah! I the-totally forgot about hiding!
Lann: Yeah, we kinda forgot to shrink down too.
Reynn: What's your name? You know, that staff—
Yuna: My name is Yuna.


Yuna: Are you Heralds? Have more of you been sent to plague us? Your kind have brought enough chaos into this world already.
Yuna: Begone now from Grymoire! You have no place here!

(Battle: Yuna and Valefor)

Tama: Maybe we should get the-going while the getting's still good!
Lann: I don't understand it. Why is she so mad at us?
Reynn: Yeah, Lann! What did you do to her anyway?
Lann: "What did I do"? Why is it my fault?!

(After the battle.)

Yuna: The way you use Mirages... Only Lusse Farna ever held such power over them.
Tell me. Who are you?
Lann: Huh? "Lusse Farna," you said? But that's our...mother.
Reynn: Hey, you're right! That was her name!
Uh, listen, you wouldn't happen to know this "Lusse Farna"?
Yuna: Let me show you something.

Lann: Huh?
Reynn: That's the earring—the same one Mom used to wear.
Lann: What? Then, it's her?
Reynn: Right. I knew I recognized it. The ornament on Yuna's staff.
Yuna: Roughly one hundred years ago, a Champion from another world saved Grymoire. Her name was Lusse Farna.
Reynn: Huh? Mom did that? But, a hundred years...
Lann: It doesn't make sense. Mom's a Champion? And this is some kind of monument to her?
Yuna: So, you keep saying that Lady Lusse was your mother. Again, may I ask who you are?
Reynn: Well, uh...

(After an explanation.)

Yuna: No memory? That is strange.
Reynn: Do you think you might be able to tell us a little more about Lady Lusse? We'd appreciate anything at all.
Yuna: I'm sorry, I only know the common legends. The ones Grymoire's people have grown up with.
Reynn: Fine. We'll take anything.
Yuna: Sometime around a century ago, the world of Grymoire was nearly destroyed by a being that has come to be known as the Demon Dyad.
Lusse Farna prevented this by creating the Ultima Gate—
a bridge to salvation from which she summoned three Heralds, straight from the realm of the gods.
Thus, she became Grymoire's Champion.
Lann: That definitely sounds like something out of mythology.
Tama: Bridging the gap between worlds is a serious the-accomplishment. She must have been the-amazing!
Yuna: That she was. But sadly, even though she managed to save the world from the Demon Dyad...
Lann: Huh?
Yuna: The Heralds... All three of them chose to remain here in Grymoire. And one of them is now Brandelis, king of Bahamut.
Reynn: Huh? But Bahamut... That's the federation that attacked Cornelia!
Yuna: Yes. After they finished "saving" the world, Brandelis and the others harnessed a legion of new Mirages,
and slowly took control of Grymoire's lands, building a powerful federation.
Reynn: "Legion of new Mirages"... Lann, you don't think there's any connection to the ones we you?
Lann: What? That's not possible. We're talking about a hundred years ago.
Reynn: But where have we been? Nine Wood Hills, which Enna Kros told us was a world without time. Right, Tama?
Tama: Right the-you are. Compared to other the-worlds, the concept of time there is, let's say...more than a little bit the-unusual.
So, if you want to know just the-how long you were there, there's really the-no way to measure!
Lann: Dude, what?
Reynn: Umm... If you don't mind my asking, what ever happened to Lady Lusse? After the Heralds came?
Yuna: Unfortunately, we don't know for sure.
Some say summoning the Heralds was an act that cost her her life.
While others say she lives as a prisoner in the Heralds' castle, her freedom lost forever.
Reynn: Prisoner?
Lann: What?! Well, then where can we find this castle?!
Yuna: I wish I could help, but I don't know where to find it.
Not just me. No one. Not even the soldiers in their army. They say Brandelis keeps its whereabouts a secret.
Lann: Huh? How do you hide a big honking castle?!
Reynn: Hey, take it easy!
Come on, it's a legend. Are you really gonna get all worked up over something carved on a rock?
They share the same name. That doesn't automatically have to mean they're the same person.
Lann: Well...yeah, maybe not. But you can't try and tell me this is just a coincidence.
Reynn: Would you listen?
All this stuff we're "remembering," like Mom's name? What if it turns out none of it is true?
But I guess there's no point in telling Lann that.
Lann: What is it already?
Reynn: Oh, just forget it.
Yuna: If it's Bahamut that you're after, you should start in one of the Federation's member states, and do your asking around there.
Saronia lies further north. I believe they just joined the Federation.
Reynn: What?
Lann: Dude, what? But I thought Saronia was the place we're going to!
Reynn: Then Princess Sarah must not have known...
Lann: Ugh... Oh well. We've already made it this far.
Reynn: Yeah. We wouldn't be very good emissaries if we turned back now. And we did promise to ask about the League of S.
Lann: I'm real sorry I raised my voice at you. I know you were trying to help us out, so thanks.
Yuna: No, I should be sorry for attacking you. It was wrong to accuse you of being something you're clearly not.

(Upon talking to Yuna.)

Yuna: To get to Saronia, you will need to pass through a frigid place called Icicle Ridge.
If you have Mirages who can use fire magic, you may find your passage considerably easier.

Yuna: "Again, it shall be Ragnarok—
"a battle...initiated by new Champions,
"and whose salvation?"
? ? ? (Plumed Knight): You're beyond salvation.
Yuna: Ah!
? ? ?: An illusion? Hmph.

(Plumed Knight)

Plumed Knight: Well, no matter. A chase is more to my liking. I tire of simply waiting.

(In Bank 2)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Huh?
Lann: What's up, Sis?
Reynn: Oh, it's probably nothing.
I just had this strange feeling...kind of familiar, but also kind of scary.

The Girl's Tearoom[]

(In Nine Wood Hills, Plaza 99 - after returning to Nine Wood Hills at some point)

Tama: Hweh? My senses are the-telling me some kind of door has appeared in Nine Wood Hills.
Lann: What's this thing?
Reynn: It sure looks like a door. But does it even go anywhere?
Lann: Hellooo! ...Let's check it out.
Reynn: Wh-wha— Hey!

(In The Girl's Tearoom)

Lann: Uh...what?
Reynn: Where are we now?
? ? ? (Girl Who Forgot Her Name): Visitors? What an unusual surprise!
Reynn: Um, who are you? And...where are we?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: My name is... Huh? It was right there on the tip of my tongue. Use it or lose it, I suppose.

(Girl Who Forgot Her Name)

Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Oh, but this is my tearoom. So who are you? Will you join me for tea?
Lann: Uh, well, you might say that we're sort of passing through. But I'm Lann, and this is...
Reynn: It's Reynn. And my brother and I are from Nine Wood Hills.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Lann and Reynn from Nine Wood Hills...
Of course! I had a dream about this! I saw the two of you come here. Today's the day.
Lann: Huh?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Right, I think I might know why you've come here. Shall we get started?
Lann: Uh... Sorry, come again? You know what me and Reynn are doing here, even though we don't have the slightest clue?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Mm-hm. You're Keepers looking for new Mirages. You've come here to touch the souls of your friends—their past, present, and future.
To step into their shoes and fight—when Mirages threaten them and they need you most—
to sway them towards success. Correct?
Reynn: Uh, I...don't know?
Lann: Whoa dude! That was a lot of words. Hey Reynn, you follow that?
Reynn: Uh-uh... Nope. I'm officially lost.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: So, whose soul will you touch?

(Tip Jar: Intervention Quests)

(When talking to the Girl Who Forgot Her Name and selecting "Trade in Arma Gems")

Reynn: Hey, what are these arma gem things?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Hm? You've found some arma gems?
Lann: We're not exactly sure what they're for, but we did turn up a few.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: That's good. They have great value here. You can think of those gems as a kind of token.
Reynn: Token?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Yes. In order to touch another's soul, or to tamper with time, first, you must offer compensation.
Hence the arma gems—tokens you can pay in recompense.
Lann: Ohhh! So the more we find, the more stuff we can do here.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: ...Right.
Reynn: But isn't that kind of dodging the question? Okay, they're tokens, but where do they come from?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: You needn't wonder about every little thing.
Reynn: Huh?!
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: The world has some secrets you're simply better off not knowing.
Reynn: Oh-kay...

(Tip Jar: Arma Gems)

(After purchasing a Champion Medal for the first time.)

Lann: What's this stuff about "invoking" Champions?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: With invocation, you can call upon the Mediums you've met for help, and then they will fight alongside you in the field of battle.
Lann: Dude, what? Really?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Really.
The catch is, you can only invoke their power for a very limited time. Basically, they pop right in and fwoosh right back out.
Reynn: Pop, fwoosh. Got it.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Mm.
Reynn: All the same, the fact that we can invoke them at all—it sounds pretty useful.
Lann: Yeah, it'll make collecting Mirages way easier.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: All right, but there are restrictions.
First, not all Mediums are Champions.
They must awaken to their true potential before you can invoke them.
Furthermore, some Champions awaken in stages, and each to their own abilities.
You'll need arma gems to awaken them, and you'll want to put some thought into who you're going to invoke, and at what time for that matter.
Lann: Uhh... Yeah!
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: And invoking isn't free. You have to bend all kinds of divine rules to pull it off, which means more compensation.
Reynn: And I guess we can't pay in arma gems?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Not the gems. Use those here to awaken Champions. To invoke, you'll have to store up a different kind of tender.
Why don't you think of it as a kind of gauge. When you have enough Champion Points you can invoke them.
Lann: Oh! That's super easy to understand. So, how do we go about storing Champion Points then?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Wear down your souls.
Reynn: Huh?!
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: To put it simply, the gauge fills when you're hurt, and when you defeat Mirages.
Lann: Umm... Right! Okay. So basically, all we have to do is keep fighting.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Correct.
Reynn: ......
Oh! I won't...overthink it.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Oh, one thing.
Many Champions can be found across Grymoire, but you will only be able to call upon three of them at any given time.
Think carefully about the situation, and choose the Champions suited to the task at hand.
Lann: But, why?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: It takes a lot of connecting the dots to make sure they can reach you. Unfortunately, three is the most that I can handle.
But if you're willing to offer up your souls as additional portals, then I could arrange something...
Reynn: pretty sure there's no way that can be good, so...we'll pass.

(Tip Jar: Mediums and Champions)
(Tip Jar: Champion Medals)
(Tip Jar: The Champion Gauge)

Chapter 6: Solace from the Ice[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 6 - Solace from the Ice

Ice Region[]

(In the Ice Region)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: D'ahh! I'm freezing my butt off out here!
Reynn: Brrr, n-no kidding. Hey, let's take shelter at that inn there.

(Inside Sherlotta's Solace)

(Sherlotta's Solace)

Sherlotta: Ohhh! Our first guests in a while. Welcome to Sherlotta's Solace.


Lann: Ahh! So much warminess!
Reynn: Oh! Um, hello there. Would it be okay if we rest here for a little bit?
Sherlotta: Sure! The Solace wouldn't be much of an inn if we turned away freezing travelers.

(Lann reverts to his Jiant form.)

Lann: Thank goodness.
Sherlotta: Oh! We don't see very many Jiants these days.
Reynn: Wha— Lann, what are you—
Lann: Whoops! ...Oh. She doesn't really seem all that shocked.
Sherlotta: Hm? Oh, well, I'm sure some folks would make a fuss. But I remember a time when Jiants wouldn't warrant a second look.
It's only lately your kind has truly gotten scarce. But even then I doubt anyone's eyes have been popping out.
Reynn: Well, now that you mention it, I guess not.
Sherlotta: Eh, don't give it a second thought. Everyone is welcome under my roof.
Although, it would help if you did a little shopping before you go on your merry way.
Reynn: Good idea. I wonder if she's got anything to keep us warm. That would help.

(After picking up a shining object near the receptionist desk.)

Reynn: Ooooh! Is this for warming up?
Lann: Oh, this looks nice and toasty.

Reynn: Excuse me. How much do you want for this?
Sherlotta: Hmm? Wait a sec. Tell me you're not planning to cross the ice fields.
Lann: We kind of have to get to Saronia.
Sherlotta: Ugh... Forget it, don't even bother.
Making the trip at this time of year would be difficult enough on its own.
But for a while now, the ridge has been overrun by nasty Mirages. No traveler is safe.
Jiant or Lilikin, you would be torn right to pieces.
Lann: Oh yeah? We can handle some Mirages. You can just point us right at those suckas. Ha ha ha ha!
Sherlotta: Huh?
Reynn: Oh, you see, we're Mirage Keepers.
And we're actually on a journey right now to gather as many of them as we can.
Tama: Yes the-sirree!
Sherlotta: Oh wow! We have had a lot of guests over the years, but you two are definitely my first ever Mirage Keepers!
? ? ? (Refia): Uh, excuse me?
Reynn: Hm?
Refia: Um... Sorry to intrude. My name is Refia.


Refia: You see, I've been stuck here in the inn for a while now because of all the Mirages in Icicle Ridge.
Sherlotta: Refia.
Are you certain about this?
Refia: Yes. I've made up my mind.
Sherlotta: Hmm...
Don't give me that look. I won't stop you. Honestly...
Ugh... Hey, Mirage Keepers.
Lann: Huh?
Reynn: Yes?
Sherlotta: You did say you're on your way to Saronia, right?
Lann: That's right.
Reynn: In fact, you might say that we're on a mission of sorts for Cornelia,
so we can't stay here long.
Sherlotta: Good grief. I must be the only one around here with a lick of sense.
Okay, fine, you win. But at least take along the warlock's warmer.
In exchange, I want you to let Refia here go along on the trip with you.
She knows a bit of white magic. You can't say no to that.
Refia: Sherlotta!
Lann: Hey, no skin off my nose.
Reynn: Or mine. Besides, if she can use white magic, she'd really be doing us a favor.
Refia: Great! Everybody wins.
Sherlotta: So! If that's settled, why not rest up before you go?

(When talking to Sherlotta.)

Sherlotta: Normally, I would've charged you through the roof for that warlock's warmer. Just so you know.

(When talking to Refia.)

Refia: If you have any Mirages that use fire magic, they should make the trip through the ridge a little easier.

(Back out in Ice Region)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Oooh! The cold doesn't seem half as bad now! Thank you, magic warmer thingy!
Reynn: You're right. I think we'll be able to cross the ice now.
Tama: Saronia, here we the-come!

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Whoa. Is that the ridge they were talking about?
Reynn: It looks like the icicles have formed a bridge across the ravine.

Icicle Ridge[]

(In Slip 1)

(Icicle Ridge)

Tama: There's only one the-way to Saronia, and that's through this ridge.

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Is that the Mirages she mentioned?
Reynn: Stay close to us, Refia. Okay?
Refia: Okay.

(If the player's party has low health after a battle.)

  • Are you two okay?
  • I'm here to help.

(The player's party HP is then fully restored.)

[Field dialogue]

(After melting the first ice obstruction.)

Lann: Whoa, it melted! Thanks, Sizzle!
Reynn: Thanks indeed. Let's keep going.

[Field dialogue]

(When sliding in the ice maze, as Lann.)

Lann: Whoa!
Now that's slippery.
Looks like there's no changing directions... We'll figure it out.

(When sliding in the ice maze, as Reynn.)

Reynn: Aaah!
Yikes. How are we supposed to get any traction?!
There's no way to turn mid-slide. We'll need to plan ahead.

(In Slip 2)

Lann: What the?!
Reynn: Look out!

(A White Nakk approaches the party and attacks.)

(After the battle.)

Reynn: That must have been those nasty Mirages Sherlotta warned us about.
Lann: We can't seem to imprism them. This'll be tricky...

[Field dialogue]

(If having trouble navigating the second ice maze.)

Tama: If you're not sure which the-way to go, don't be afraid to look at the map and-the get your bearings.

(The party is surrounded by White Nakks and initiate battle with them.)

(Battle: 3 White Nakks)

Reynn: All these wolves...
Refia: Must be a pack. They're not going to leave us alone unless we show their leader who's boss.
Lann: Right. Let's go find that scruffball and turn him into a nice scruffy prismarium!

(After the battle.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Wha—? Hey! Stop running!
Reynn: They certainly like giving us a hard time.

(In Slip 3)

(The party spots a large nakk atop a cliff before it walks out of sight.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: He's huge!
Reynn: Is that the Mirages' leader?
Lann: Good! Let's go after him!

(In Slip 4)

(The party confronts the giant nakk.)

Lann: We've got you now, furface!
Reynn: Lann, wait!

(The giant nakk howls, summoning many white nakks, surrounding the party.)

Lann: Ahhh!
Tama: I don't wanna get wolfed the-dowwwn!
Refia: I-I don't believe it. Did the wolves lure us here?
Reynn: No way...
Lann: What is it, Sis?
Reynn: Could it be...
these wolves have more brains than you?
Lann: Where did that come from? That's cold, pointing at me every time something goes wrong!
Reynn: Yeah, well in Icicle Ridge, do as the icicles do.
Tama: And icicles the-point!
Lann: What?!
Refia: Um, guys, maybe you should save it.

(The giant nakk attacks, initiating battle.)

(Battle: Grandfenrir and 4 White Nakks)

Lann: Okay, that does it! I'll show you which one of us has more brains!
Reynn: That's what I'm scared of.
Tama: We already know who's the-smarter.
Lann: I... Hey!

(After the battle.)

Lann: Oh-kay, that was fun.
Tama: Well, that's the-one way to do it...
Reynn: Refia, are you okay?
Refia: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.
Once we're out of here, Saronia's just a skip away.

Chapter 7: The Thane and the Knave[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 7 - The Thane and the Knave

(In Sarnoia Harbor)

(Saronia Harbor)

Refia: Welcome to Saronia.
Thank you for your help. I'm going to go see my uncle now. Take care!

(Refia runs off.)

Tama: Hwuh?
Reynn: What is it?
Tama: I just the-noticed... The whole the-town seems to have a threshold around it.
Reynn: Huh? Then, does that mean there's a powerful Mirage here in Saronia?
Tama: Very the-close. Keep an eye the-open.

(Reynn nods and turns to see Lann.)

Reynn: Hey. What's the matter? I thought you'd gotten kind of quiet.

(Lann reverts to his Jiant form.)

Lann: It's so cold! I thought it would be warmer in this town but it isn't! Not at a-a-a-all!
Cat: Mreowww!
Lann: Ah! What'd I step on?!
Ahh! I'm...sorry.

(The cat walks off.)

Reynn: Ha ha, you're such a weirdo. Why are you apologizing to a cat?
Lann: But, you should have seen the look on its face! Scared the honk out of me.

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Since it's our first time here, why don't we ask around and try to learn more about the place?
Lann: Sure!

(Upon talking to the blonde Lilikin.)

Blonde Lilikin: Can you believe it? If we raise our civic rank, we can spend the rest of our lives in a castle, wanting for nothing!
I've gotta get cracking on my own rank if I want to be an Architect!

(Upon talking to the male blue-haired Lilikin.)

Male Lilikin: Ugh, I hate worrying about my civic rank.
Normally I wouldn't give two shakes of a chocobo's tail feathers about it, but now that the Federation sends you to the slums if you don't try to raise it, I don't have a choice.

(In Shanty Town)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Whoa, what happened to this place?
Reynn: I know... How can it be so different from the next road over?

(Upon talking to the male blond Lilikin.)

Male Lilikin: The moment Saronia joined the Federation, things around here took a turn for the worse.
What could the thane possibly be thinking?

(Back in Saronia Harbor, after talking to the three key NPCs.)

Lann: You know, from the sound of it, they must have joined up with the Federation pretty recently.
Reynn: I think now I'm starting to see what Princess Sarah meant.
Lann: Well, for now, why don't we see if we can go talk to that thane guy about the League of S?
Reynn: I'm probably wasting my breath, but try to watch what you say around here.
Lann: Uh, sure.
Tama: Looks like the thane's manor is at the very tippity the-top of the town. Let's the-out!

(At the top of the town. Two soldiers block the entrance to the thane's manor.)

Soldier (1): I said for ya to scram, kid!
Refia: Will you just listen to what I have to say?
Reynn: Is that...Refia?
Refia: Oh! You caught up.
Lann: What's going on here? They giving you trouble?
Refia: I already told them that the thane is my uncle. I'm not allowed to talk to my own flesh and blood now?
Soldier (1): I don't care who y'er supposed to be, 'cause y'ain't seein' him!
Lann: Dude, what?
Reynn: Well, you see, sir, we are here to meet the thane, on behalf of Princess Sarah of Cornelia.
Have a look for yourselves. That's the Cornelian seal.
Soldier (1): What now?
Reynn: I expected better from you, considering you're practically our neighbors.
Lann: Yeah! You tell him, Reynn!
Soldier (2): Cornelia's got Jiants for emissaries?
Soldier (1): They got some kinda royal Cornelia thing with 'em.
Soldier (2): What? You sure?
Soldier (1): Beats me. You gonna send 'em packin' and take the risk?
Soldier (2): Wait here. I'll go check with His Thaneship.

Soldier (2): The thane says he'll see you.
Reynn: Let's go, Refia.
Refia: Huh?
Soldier (2): Hey! The girl stays here.
Lann: Refia's part of our antourage.
Reynn: That's right. She just "ant"-eceded us.
Soldier (1): But—
Reynn: Toodle-oo.
Refia: Thank you, guys! You're always there for me.
Reynn: No big deal.
Lann: Yeah, I mean, it wasn't a lie. We were all heading in more of less the same direction.

(Inside the thane's manor.)

Thane of Saronia: You must be the Jiant emissaries from Cornelia.
Reynn: Oh, uh, yes. We're here to—
Thane of Saronia: I hear the Federation finally gave up and just invaded them.
Are you telling me the invasion failed? Hm? Are you here to ask for my help?
Reynn: Yes, they did try to invade, but for the moment—
Refia: Who are you?
Thane of Saronia: Hm? Why, Refia. Is that you?
Refia: Who are you?!
Thane of Saronia: My dear, please. It's me, your uncle—
Refia: No! You are not Uncle Takka!
Lann: Wait. Sorry. What?
Thane of Saronia: Ha ha ha ha! Then I was right. If you've managed to see through this facade, then there's no mistake: you are a Medium.
Yes, I was wise to make sure you left town, and to ensure that you never returned.
Refia: Where's Uncle Takka?
Thane of Saronia: Why, he's standing right in front of you. Make no mistake, little girl. This is your uncle.
Refia: What are you...
Thane of Saronia: How intriguing. This must be an act of fate.
The Jiants from the Hills, here. And with them, a Champion's Medium!
And not just any Medium—one that bleeds the same blood as this body.

(The thane of Saronia emits a dark aura and transforms into a Bahamutian soldier.)

Thane of Saronia: Ha ha ha! It's more than fate. It has to be destiny! How can I not rise to it!
Reynn: That answers that. He's the one who put up the threshold here.

(Battle: Federation Guard)

Tama: He just the-changed sizes the way that you two do!
Lann: So is he a Bahamutian soldier?
Reynn: Well, he's nothing like the ones we've fought so far. Be careful!

(After the battle.)

Lann: Aw yeah!
Bahamutian Soldier: Heh heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha ha!
Lann: How—
Bahamutian Soldier: Why are you stopping? Show me more! Does fate bind us? Has destiny aligned us?
Show me!

(As the Bahamutian soldier walks toward the heroes, and raises his sword, he is impaled from behind with a bolt of light.)

Bahamutian Soldier: Urk!
Bahamutian Soldier: Sir Segwarides... Wh-why are you...

(The Bahamutian soldier collapses, revealing the Knight in the Golden Mask behind him.)

(Knight in the Golden Mask)

Knight in the Golden Mask: You are a fool! To so much as inquire.
An imbecile beyond belief, to let a Medium to Champion aspire!

(The Knight in the Golden Mask conjures up several energy spears.)

Lann: Uh...okay.
Reynn: That's not good...
Knight in the Golden Mask: Away from death, away from life they stay! Contain them or you'll— Graaah!

(The Knight is hit in the back by a fireball from out the manor's window. Atop the windowsill is the cat from the town.)

? ? ? (Cat): Quick, this way!
Lann: Huh? Isn't that the same—
Cat: Well, are you guys coming or not?
Refia: Huh?!
Lann: O-okay!
Tama: The-run for your lives!

(The party then jumps out the shattered window. The Knight in the Golden Mask gets up and looks out the window.)

Knight in the Golden Mask: Heh heh heh. The gods would caution us. Is this a sign that we'll not go unchallenged? That there's no way to know the pieces are aligned?
Heh heh heh, ha ha ha ha ha!

(Back in the Shanty Town)

Lann: Whew! That was too close.
Refia: Sherlotta, thank you.

(The cat that rescued the party changes back to Sherlotta.)

Sherlotta: I just knew you would get yourselves in trouble, and boy did you prove me right.
Lann: Agh! What do you call that creepy trick?
Sherlotta: You're the creepy one here!
Unbelievable. Would you just put these on? Then take another look at the town.

(Lann and Reynn are given a pair of magic monocles and look at the town through them, and notice a set of chains anchored to the town.)

Lann: Ah! What the honk...
Reynn: Huh? Is that coming out of the sky?
Tama: Let the-me! I wanna have a the-turn!
Hey! Refia, you should the-have a look too!
Lann: How do you explain this?
Sherlotta: Don't expect any help from me on that one.
After all, not even the visitor who left those monocles at my inn could tell me exactly what it's showing us or how.
From what I was told, every member state in the Federation is trussed up like this.
So I thought I'd bring the lenses here, but maybe I didn't have to.
The thane was visibly crazy. What in Grymoire is going on?
Reynn: Uh...
Sherlotta: Okay, guess we'll file that one under "no one knows."
Reynn: So, what do we do? We came here to ask about the League of S, but all we found was a lot more questions.
Sherlotta: Sorry. Did you say the League of S?
Reynn: That's right.

(After an explanation.)

Sherlotta: Oh! If that's all it is, then maybe I can help you out.
Reynn: You can?!
Sherlotta: Oh, sure. I know a few people right here in Saronia who should be able to get in touch with the League. I'll ask them to pass on your message.
Reynn: Do you mean it? Thank you!
Refia: Sherlotta's been around a lot longer than she looks, so she knows tons of people. Isn't that great?
Sherlotta: Don't you talk about my age.
Reynn: Eh heh heh...
Lann: So like, what's with you and the cat-o-morphosis?
Sherlotta: a very long story that I don't feel like telling.
But, I will say this.
Cats get around.
Lann: Huh?
Sherlotta: Yup.
Lann: Oh, uh, that's cool.
Sherlotta: Yup.
So! The real question is, what are you two planning to bite off next?
Reynn: We've still got a lot to puzzle over. But now that the League of S thing is settled,
I think we'd better resume our quest to find Mirages.
Lann: Yeah.
Reynn: Plus we've got that castle and Mom to track down along the way, too.
Lann: Sounds pretty good to me.
Refia: From here, the best place to go next would have to be the Low Seas.
In which case, you basically have no choice but to find a boat down at the docks.
Reynn: I guess this is the last town on the continent. Okay then. We'll figure something out.
Lann: So what about you two?
Sherlotta: Are you coming back to the Solace, Refia?
The wolves have been taken care of now, so the only thing to fight off is the cold.
Refia: Sure. I need some time to digest this business with Uncle Takka. The Solace sounds great...if you'll have me.
Sherlotta: Of course I will.
Refia: Well you two, thank you so much for everything. Best of luck in all your adventures.
Reynn: Thanks! Take care!
Lann: Hey Sherlotta, thanks for stepping in to help.
Sherlotta: Sure!
Sherlotta: Speaking of stepping in... I don't suppose you were planning to make it up to me? For trouncing on my tail?
Lann: Oh! So, that really was you! Gosh, I was kinda hoping you'd forget...

Chapter 8: Buccaneer Blues[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 8 - Buccaneer Blues

Saronia Harbor[]

Lann: So let's see... Refia said to borrow a boat at the docks and head to the Low Seas.
Reynn: Well then, why don't we try asking around town and see if anyone's renting them out?

(Upon talking to the blond male Lilikin.)

Male Lilikin (1): Hey, did you hear? There's a real pirate ship in the harbor! It's so cool!

(Upon talking to the gray-haired male Lilikin.)

Male Lilikin (2): You're headin' for the Low Seas? That's completely insane! I can't lend you a boat, but I'm rootin' for ya!

(Upon talking to the brown-haired male Lilikin.)

Male Lilikin (3): What's that? You want me to lend you my boat? But if I did that, I wouldn't be able to go fishing!

(After talking to the three key Lilikin NPCs.)

Lann: Ugh... At this rate, we might as well swim to the Low Seas.
Reynn: Well, you can't really blame them. They probably need every boat they've got to make ends meet.
Lann: Wait! Hold your chocobos. Didn't somebody mention a pirate ship was parked at the pier?
Reynn: Yeah, something like that. Why, what's your point?
Lann: Heh heh heh. I've got an idea. What if we beat up all the pirates and then...commodore their ship?
Reynn: What? There's no way it'll be that easy.
Lann: Well, we don't have to go in with Mirages blazing. We might just be able to sneak off with it.
They're pirates, right? Who's gonna file a complaint?
Reynn: I guess... It's definitely risky, but if we don't get our butts in gear,
Refia's Not-Uncle, or that freak in the creepy golden mask, might come along and really rain on our parade.
Lann: Lesser of two evils it is! Docks, here we come!

Saronia Docks[]

(In Station 1)
(Saronia Docks)

Tama: Not exactly the most cheerful the-place.
Lann: Yeah, and it looks like Mirages are roaming around too.
Reynn: These docks need to get docked a few points. Let's watch our step...

(Upon examining a cannon.)

Lann: What've we got?
Reynn: A cannon? What's it doing here?
Lann: Hmmm... Aha!

(Lann hops into the cannon and a Mirage with the Sizzle ability lights its fuse.)

Lann: Nice. It's a perfect FIIIIIIIIIT!

(Lann is shot out from the cannon to a platform on the other side.)

Lann: Dah! What just happened?
Tama: Naturally, this must the-be how the locals get around.
Reynn: Uh-huh. Naturally...

(In Station 2)

(Upon examining one of the bells in the area.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Wow, that creeped me out.
Reynn: What do you mean?
Lann: That chime sounded like it could wake the dead.
Reynn: You don't mean a gh-gh-gh— AAAH!
Lann: Hey, I didn't say it!

(In the Ghost Ship, after examining the three bells in the right order.)

(When approaching the pirate Moogle on the ship, initiating a battle.)

(Battle: 6 Kupicaroons)

Reynn: Gh-gh-ghosts?!
Lann: I think this might be a rare Mirage!
Reynn: What? ...Oh, that's nothing.
Lann: Since when is it nothing?!

(In Station 3)

Lann: Ooogh, I'm really starting to get sick of all this cold...
Tama: Maybe you should have thought of that the-before you came up with this plan.
Reynn: Yeah, Lann! Nobody ever said anything about having to fight past all these stupid Mirages.
Oh well. I did read that cold weather helps keep you focused, so I guess it's not all that bad.
See, shivering uses less energy than a—
Lann: Ahhh! Man, do I just love the cold! Well, come on, come on! No time like the present!

(Upon approaching the pirate ship.)

Lann: Oh! This must be it: the pirate ship.
Reynn: Yeah. I don't think there's any debate about that.
Tama: Let's be the-sneaky.

Pirate Ship[]

(On the Deck)

(Upon approaching the ship's wheel.)

Lann: I think we've got this one in the bag.
Moogle: Avast ye, kupo!
Moogle: Not so fast ye, kupo!
Moogle: Thieving pirates, kupo!
Lann: Huh? The pirates—did they just call us pirates?
Reynn: Well, I'd say the pot knows a kettle when it sees it.
Moogle: Kupo! All paws on deck, kupo!
Tama: We're out-the-numbered, kupo!
Lann: Now what, kupo?
Reynn: Stop saying "kupo!" and fight, kupo!

(Battle: 6 Kupirates)

Lann: There's only one thing to do now, kupo!
Tama: Get 'em, the-kupo!
Reynn: Guys, we're not here to have fun.
Lann: Aaand?
Tama: Aaand?
Reynn: ...We're not here to have fun, kupo.
Lann: Better.
Tama: Much the-better.

(After the battle.)

Moogle: You got us, kupo...
? ? ? (Faris): Scurvy swabs! For shame!

(A purple-haired Lilikin is seen atop the ship's mast, somersaults into the water, and rises up with a large purple Mirage. A large threshold surrounds the ship.)


Moogle: It's Cap'n Faris, kupo!
Lann: Hello!
Reynn: It's created a threshold!
Tama: Th-that Mirage must be mega the-powerful!
Faris: How kind of you gents to whip my crew into shape.
Lann: Oh, you're welcome! But I thought we just beat them up.
Reynn: That's what she's saying, you doofus.
Faris: Hmph. What are you, comedians?
Too bad. If you've the brass to steal from pirates, then you know what comes next.
So long, you clowns!
Lann: Clowns? Where?
Reynn: "Clowns"? Why is it "clowns," plural?

(Syldra lunges forward and attacks, initiating battle.)

(Unwinnable battle: Faris and Syldra)

Tama: Yikes! Just the-look at the size of that Mirage!
Lann: Tama, it's time! Make yourself big!
Reynn: Huh?
Tama: Yes the-sir!
Reynn: You can do that?!
Tama: Hrrrah! ...Heh heh. Guess the-not.
Reynn: Ugh, I should have known better than to even ask.

(After the battle.)

Tama: Don't the-give up! If we kick the bucket inside a threshold, we're all but the-done for!
Reynn: But they're...they're too strong!
Lann: Grrr...
? ? ? (Thane of Saronia): I have you now. Hide Refia all you want, but you can't play hide-and-seek with destiny. Fate has chosen us!
Faris: The thane of Saronia? Why is he here?
Lann: Guh!
Reynn: He followed us here?!
Thane of Saronia: RrraaaAAARRRGH!

(The Thane of Saronia begins to transform.)

Tama: Aaaaaah!
Faris: Wh...what the...
Tama: Out of the hydra, and into the crack-the-pot! What are we gonna the-do?
Bahamutian Soldier: Doesn't this make you just want to kiss kismet? These divine designs... Isn't fate great? Now that it's brought us together, anything could happen.
Just imagine. Are we destined for something bigger? Or could it be...our cookies are merely meant to crumble?
Now, Jiants from the Hills. These questions...are all yours and mine to answer!

(The Bahamutian soldier draws his sword and attacks, initiating battle.)

(Battle: Federation Guard)

(After several turns...)

Lann: Nngh...
Reynn: Rrgh...
Faris: You scoundrel! Find another ship to spew your bilge on!

(After the battle.)

(Faris jumps off Syldra's head, and together unleashes a powerful whirlwind.)

Bahamutian Soldier: Graaahhh!
Bahamutian Soldier: So this is how...the dice have rolled...

(The Bahamutian soldier disappears.)

Lann: Wow!
Faris: Hey. Clowns.
Lann: Huh?
Reynn: Y-yes, ma'am!
Faris: Perhaps you'd care to explain.

(After an explanation.)

Faris: So, the Federation replaced Thane Takka with one of their soldiers?
Reynn: Actually, we're not too sure about that ourselves.
Lann: But everything we've told you is true.
Tama: Honest to the-goodness!
Faris: Well, believe me, I'd not put anything past those Federation dogs,
but if they have monsters like that in power...
Reynn: Hey, um...
Faris: Hm?
Reynn: Captain Faris, you wouldn't happen to know where they're headquartered? The Federation, I mean.
Faris: Bahamut's citadel? No one knows a lick about that, lass.
Reynn: It was worth a shot...
Faris: Why? Was that your reason for trying to steal my ship? To go off on some wild goose chase?
Reynn: Uhh... The whole idea was Lann's!
Faris: You don't say.
Lann: What? Me? Oh, I would never ever—I mean I don't even like ships, not that there's anything wrong with your—Oh, please don't hurt me.
Faris: Ha ha. Belay there, lad.
Lann: Okay?
Faris: You see...
I might be able to help you gents on your way after all.
If you are the Jiants from the Hills—the ones the prophecy mentions—
then I recall the same prophecy mentioning where you're supposed to go.
Reynn: Huh? You mean there's more to it?
Faris: Ahoy, Mog! You've read the prophecy, haven't you?
Moogle: Aye, I have, kupo!
The prophecy says quite clearly that the Jiants from the Hills will collect four keys,
open up a pathway to the Crystal Tower, brave its dangers, and mount the very heavens, kupo!
Lann: Four keys, huh?
Reynn: Wait, the Crystal Tower?
Lann: Hmm... So Mog, I don't suppose you know where the four keys might be?
Moogle: I'm afraid I know of only the first one, kupo.
Lann: That's one more than I do!
Moogle: Kupo! The first key is said to lie in a... Oh, 'twas a valley of fire, kupo!
Lann: Where's that?
Faris: I can think of one place. The fire valleys in Babil, down to the south of the Low Seas.
Reynn: Ugh, there's those Low Seas again.

(Out in the distance.)

Knight in the Golden Mask: What labor, all these twists and little turns. But fate must be allowed to run its course...
Hee hee hee hee hee!

Chapter 9: The Low Seas[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 9 - The Low Seas

Saronia Docks[]

(At the Pirate Ship)

Lann: Okay, so like, all we gotta do is cross the Low Seas and find that valley of fire.
Reynn: Well...
I don't know... Are we really just gonna follow some random prophecy word for word?
But, what other leads do we have?
Fine. I guess we'll run with it.
Lann: Huh? What?
Reynn: Captain Faris, can you tell us how to get to the Low Seas?
Faris: Hmm... Perhaps. But I'll not be lending you this ship.
For one, she can't venture down sea, even if I were feeling generous.
Ah. Wait. Ahoy, Mog! Is our guest still aboard?
Moogle: Guest, kupo?
Faris: You know who. Oi. The lass in glasses.
Moogle: Oh, from the League, kupo! She might be, kupo. I'll go look, kupo.

? ? ? (Quistis): You need something?


Faris: Sorry to detain you.
Quistis: I thought we were done with our transaction. Did you find some sort of problem with the cargo?
Faris: No, the goods were sound. I've another quandary...if you'll hear me out.
Quistis: What's that?
Faris: These gents here have business in the Low Seas.
Quistis: Who are they?
Faris: The Jiants from the Hills. In the flesh.
Quistis: What?!
Lann: Ta-daaah!

(Lanns transforms to a Jiant. Reynn also changes into Jiant form as well, and hits Lann in the chest. Both change to Lilikin form.)

Reynn: Cut that out!
Sorry 'bout Lann. I guess we might be the Jiants from the prophecy, but honestly? We don't know.

(After an explanation.)

Quistis: Very intriguing.
Faris: So, they need a boat. And as I recall, you've got one.
Quistis: Well...if it's true about the Thane—that he's some kind of monstrous Bahamutian doppelgänger—
then we don't owe him anything. Which means...that the boat is up for grabs.
Faris: Aye.
Reynn: Wait, "up for grabs"? What do you mean?
Quistis: Oh, my group had some business to attend to in Saronia, so we presented the thane with a boat.
Some might call it a...a bribe.
Tama: You don't need to wheel and the-deal with a bunch of no-good monsters like that.
Lann: Yeah!
Reynn: You're not even listening.
Lann: Yeah!

(Quistis and Faris talk, while Lann, Reynn, and Tama have a conversation in the background.)

Quistis: So you're absolutely certain? You saw the thane undergo a transformation?
Faris: Aye, and then Syldra let him have it!
Quistis: Okay. Well, don't get me wrong. I can see that they're Jiants...
But I can also see they've got some growing up to do. Do you think they'll even survive the trip?
Faris: Ha. One splash in the Low Seas can't stop a prophecy.

(Quistis approaches Lann, Reynn and Tama.)

Quistis: ...Well, I guess you win. You can take the fastcraft down to the Low Seas.
Lann: Oh, sweet!
Reynn: Thank you so much!
Although, that whispering wasn't very encouraging...

[Field dialogue]

Quistis: Okay, come see me when you're ready. I'll take you to the boat.

(When talking to Faris.)

Faris: So long.

(When talking to Quistis.)

On-screen: Ready to go?
  • Yes
  • No

Quistis: Okay, right this way.
Faris: Godspeed, gents.
Lann: Thanks! Oh, right...
Where's my manners? Sorry we tried to rob you!
Reynn: We really didn't mean to cause you trouble.
Faris: You can make it up to me. Perhaps...
If you survive. Farewell!
Reynn: Huh?!
Quistis: Come on! This way.

(Out in the docks, Station 3)

Reynn: Wait, where does that road go?
Quistis: It's the way back to town. I mean, isn't that how you got here?
The other road is crawling with Mirages. Nobody uses that anymore.
Lann: Dude! Oh, I so wish we knew about that coming in.
Reynn: Well, that figures. I thought something about these docks smelled fishy.
Tama: But at least we found some good the-Mirages! No worries, the-right?
Lann: Yeah! No worries at all! *whimper*

(Quistis takes Lann and Reynn to the fastcraft.)

Quistis: Here she is.
Just gimme a sec.

Quistis: I set the helm to autopilot, so it'll take you right to the Low Seas.
Now get going, before the thane or the rest of the Federation catch on.
Lann: Wow, you're just as nice as a peach.
Reynn: Thank you for everything!
Quistis: Bye now! Don't come back and haunt me!
Lann: Huh?
Reynn: What?!

River to the Seas[]

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Well, at least it's starting to warm up.
Reynn: Oh yeah. The breeze is really nice.
Tama: I can't the-believe they loaned us this great boat! We really lucked the-out this time.
Lann: Dude, I know, right? We don't even have to steer it. I love the easy life.
Reynn: But Lann...
Lann: Hm?
Reynn: Aren't you just a little worried about what Faris and Quistis said?
Lann: What did they say?
Tama: Now that you mention it, they did kind of make it the-sound like we weren't gonna live out the day.
Reynn: Pretty much.
Lann: Wonder why.
Reynn: Hmm... What's so bad about the Low Seas?
We're just going south...right? You know, somewhere lower down on the map or something?
Tama: What if they're called "low"...because of all the lowlifes living the-there?
Reynn: That could be it.
Lann: Hey, uh, Reynn?
Reynn: Huh?
Lann: Is it just me, or is the river getting more whooshy?
Reynn: Y-you think so?
Lann: Reynn, all of a sudden, I am suddenly getting this really bad sudden feeling.
Reynn: Yeah, me too.
Tama: Bad feeling? About the-what?

(As the fastcraft approaches the edge of the river.)

Lann: Ohhh wooow...
Reynn: Note to self: the Low Seas are not south.
Lann: What the honking HAWWWNK!
Reynn: They are literally straight DOOOWN!

(The fastscraft races through the rapids and eventually falls over the edge and down the waterfall.)

Lann: Aah! Gravity, NOOOOOO!

(Lann and Reynn scream as the fastcraft plummets down the waterfall, and Tama giggles as she flies down.)

The Low Seas[]


(Lann and Reynn are washed up in shallow water, while Tama is seen relaxing on the water's surface. Lanns wakes up.)

Lann: Daaagh!

(Reynn wakes up.)

Reynn: Gaaah!

(Both get up.)

Lann: Agh, jelly sandwich!
Reynn: H-how are we alive?
Lann: Tama, you still with us?
Tama: Never been the-betterer...

(Tama shakes herself off.)

Lann: Hey! Don't do that on my head!

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Now that our boat's busted, how are we supposed to get where we're going?
Reynn: Ugh. Don't ask me.

(Upon approaching the two Sea Snakes harassing the Minimantoise, the Sea Snakes turn around and initiate battle.)

(Battle: 2 Sea Snakes)

Tama: Those Mirage the-bullies have flipped that poor little minimantoise over! How the-mean can you get?
Reynn: Hey! Cut it out! Nobody likes a bully!
Lann: Looks like you snakes need to be taught a lesson!

(After the battle.)

Lann: Huh, looks like even Mirages have to put up with mean old bullies.

(Reynn flips the Minimantoise right-side up.)

Reynn: Take care!
Lann: Reynn, c'mon!
Reynn: Huh? What?
Lann: We're Mirage Keepers! If you're gonna let 'em just swim away, then—

(Right next to Lann and Reynn, a giant Adamantoise rises up from the water, with the Minimantoise on top of it.)

Lann: Then you're...doing exactly the right thing!

(The Adamantoise roars.)

Adamantoise: ———————————————!
Minimantoise: Meeewww!
Adamantoise: Hmm?

Adamantoise: Young Mirage Keepers. My minimantoise here tells me that you saved his life. I thank you.
Lann: talked! With words!
Tama: Hwooow... A talking the-Mirage!
Reynn: Seriously?
Adamantoise: Now, tell me what a pair of Keepers like you are doing all the way out here?
Reynn: Uh, well...

Adamantoise: Hmm... Then, I shall help you find this "Babil." You are free to ride on my back.
Lann: Dude!
Reynn: Are you sure?
Adamantoise: Ohhh yes. I'll be your "fastcraft." Or my best approximation of what a fastcraft is.

Low Seas Region[]

(Tip Jar: Sharqual Attack!)

[Field dialogue]

Adamantoise: Now, off we go.
I know little about the world above, let alone this "Babil" you seek.
If you don't mind, I'll leave you to navigate.

(Upon approaching a Mega Sharqual.)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Something's swimming around over there.
Tama: I don't like the look of it one the-bit.
Lann: Why not?
Reynn: Lann, does this remind you of anything?
Lann: Hey! Let's try touching it!
Reynn: Oh, please don't.

(When touching a Mega Sharqual on the field and initiating battle for the first time.)

Lann: What now?!
Reynn: It's hostile!
Tama: And really the-strong!

(If fleeing from, or defeated by the enemies.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: That was close.
Reynn: We'd better steer clear of them.

(When touching a Mega Sharqual on the field and initiating battle a second time.)

Lann: Oops.
Reynn: Lann, what are you doing?!

(After navigating through the seas, Tama notices something coming up to the water's surface.)

Tama: Hwuh?

(Something flies out.)

Tama: Aaah!
Lann: Whoa! What was that?

(A Lilikin lands atop the Adamantoise.)

? ? ? (Rikku): Oooh! Real actual people! I thought I might've been seeing things.
Reynn: Uh, who are you?
Rikku: Oh! My bad. My name's Rikku!


Rikku: Man, I wish that Mirage hadn't come along and trashed my boat, 'cause I was having a great day of treasure hunting.
I'm a good swimmer so it's no biggie, but I was really starting to get pooped.
Then I spotted you guys sailing along on top of old Adamantoise here.
So, is there some story behind all this?

(After an explanation.)

Adamantoise: The more the merrier. Enjoy the cruise.
Rikku: Thank you!
Man, how totally awesome are you Mirage Keepers! It can't be easy befriending an adamantoise!
Reynn: Honestly, I think we just happened to bump into a really nice one.
Rikku: Hmm. Oh! So you're trying to get to the Babil region, right? You need to set a course thataway!

[Field dialogue]

Adamantoise: So, shall we be on our way?
Lann: Off we go!
Reynn: Take it away!
Tama: Let's the-go!

[Field dialogue]

Adamantoise: Which way do we go from here?
Lann: Umm...
Reynn: Well...

(Upon approaching a mountainous land.)
[Field dialogue]

Adamantoise: Oh?
Tama: The-what is it?

Chapter 10: Too Warm a Welcome[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 10 - Too Warm a Welcome

The Rainbow Shore[]

(The Rainbow Shore)

(Upon reaching the shore, Lann and Reynn hop off the Adamantoise, and change to Jiant form.)

Lann: Hup...
Reynn: Hup...
Lann: Thanks for all the help!
Adamantoise: Nonsense. No trouble at all.
Reynn: Thanks for showing us the way, Rikku!
Rikku: No problem! I needed a little breather anyway.
Reynn: So! Where are you headed from here?
Rikku: Umm...
Hey, there's a place I've been trying to reach. Would you mind if I hitched a ride a bit longer?
Adamantoise: Sure. I must head back myself. Not a problem.
Rikku: Thanks a bunch!
Okay then! Back to my regularly scheduled totally awesome treasure hunting!
Reynn: Good luck! And be careful.
Rikku: See ya!
Lann: Bye, Adamantoise! I'll come back and imprism you one day, don't you worry!

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Right, so...uh, what's next?
Reynn: Well first, why don't we look for a town?
Tama: Be the-careful. Whatever's up ahead, it's causing my Mirage-dar to go the-bonkers.

The Dragon Scars[]

(In Scar 1)

(The Dragon Scars)

[Field dialogue]

Tama: You don't want to take a spill down these the-cliffs.
Lann: Oh come on, how old do you think me and Reynn—
Reynn: Hey Lann, slapstick's less funny if you die from it.

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: The paths here are treacherous.
Lann: Yeah, watch your step or yo—
Reynn: Wow, it's even funnier the second time.

(In Scar 2)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Man, I wish I was as strong as a dragon. I'd be all like "mrrrooow!"
Reynn: Which would make you one strange dragon, but I agree. The Mirages we're facing have been getting tougher and tougher.
Tama: You the-need to learn to exploit your Mirages' elemental resistances.
Lann: You want us to blow them up?
Reynn: Um, that's "explode," and while I'd love to give you credit for the first four letters, you clearly weren't listening.
Lann: I was listening! They're mental resistors.
Reynn: Ugh! That's clearly what you've got.

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: So Tama, could you tell us more about exploiting resistances?
Lann: Kaboom!
Reynn: Would you stop?
Lann: Awww...
Tama: Right, where the-was I... Oh! You may have noticed the Mirages here like to the-fight with fire.
Reynn: But if you put Mirages with high fire resistance in your stacks...
Tama: You can the-reduce the damage you take from flames.

(In Scar 3)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Dude, it all makes sense now.
Reynn: What? The elemental resistance stuff? You actually followed that?
Lann: Sure! Basically, we need to imprism as many of the Mirages around here as we can.
Tama: Wha?!
Reynn: Whoa!
Lann: Wh...what?
Tama: You're the-right!
Reynn: Somehow, you understood what to do even if you didn't understand the whys.
Lann: Ha ha ha! I'm a man of action! I don't believe in "whys"!
Tama: That much is the-obvious.
Reynn: No one in her right mind would put "Lann" and "wise" in the same sentence.

(When trying to walk around the Gimme Golem without the fluffiflower, blocking the path.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Whoa whoa whoa! What's it doing?!
Tama: It the-knows how to play defense!
Reynn: I guess we'll have to give it what it wants...

(In the Secret Scar)

(Tip Jar: Secret Areas)

(After defeating or imprisming the Cerberus.)

(Tip Jar: Mega Mirages)

(In Scar 4)

(Lann, Reynn, and Tama inspect something, and suddenly, the ground shakes.)

Lann: Uh...Reynn? Do you hear something?

(A giant red dragon unfolds its wings, revealing its face. Reynn and Tama look in terror.)

Reynn: L-L-Lann...

(The dragon brings its head behind Lann and blows smoke from its nostrils.)

Lann: Gosh, who knew the winds of Babil could be so toasty.

(The giant dragon opens its jaws.)

Reynn: Lann! Shrink, now!

(The dragon then closes its jaws, but Lann transforms into Lilikin form just in time. Lann tumbles back on the ground, and reverts back to Jiant form.)

Lann: Aieee! Holy Mom bombs!
Reynn: Get ready!

(The giant dragon gets up and initiates battle.)

(Battle: Mega Red Dragon)

Lann: Please don't eat me! I taste awful!
Reynn: Yeah! We all taste bad! But especially Lann!
Tama: He'll make you the-want to barf!
Lann: You don't have to be mean about it!

(After the battle.)

Reynn: Ugh...
Lann: Yay for miracles.
Tama: Now's our chance to run the-past them!
Lann: Yeah, good i—
Reynn: Eep!

(Another Mega Red Dragon is seen right behind Tama.)

Tama: It's...behind the-me, isn't it.

(Out of nowhere, a glowing female Lilikin rushes in, with her right arm cocked back.)

? ? ? (Tifa): Final...

(The Lilikin strikes the Mega Red Dragon, launching it up into the sky.)

Tifa: Whoa! It finally worked!


Tifa: Oh! I can celebrate later. Come on, this way! Hurry!

(The party follows after Tifa.)

(The Masked Woman and the Carbuncle appear just after the party leaves the area. The Plumed Knight also appears.)

Masked Woman: The two of them have started something. Mediums have been awakening one after the next.
Plumed Knight: Then you mean the Azure coming true.
So what. No matter how many Champions arise, the laws of this world are beyond their power to change.
Masked Woman: The only force that can change those laws is the almighty power of a true king.
Plumed Knight: We must fulfill the Crimson Prophecy. And swiftly. Are we agreed?
Masked Woman: Yes.

(In Scar 5)

Tama: Thanks again! You really saved our biscuits the-back there!
Reynn: Who knew they came in sets?
Tifa: I'm just glad you're all right. Huge dragons live in the Scars. You're lucky you only ran into the two.
Normally, people don't set foot near the place, but I heard all the ruckus and knew something must be up.
Lann: It's a good thing you did. Gotta say, though, you pack quite a punch!
Tifa: Oh. Well...I might've gotten lucky.
Lann: Huh?
Tifa: That's actually one of my master's moves. That was the first time I ever managed to pull it off.
Reynn: Oh!
Tifa: I live to the north of here, in a town called Nibelheim.
Come on by, if you get a chance!

(Tifa then runs off.)

(Tip Jar: Champion Jewels *(Available in the Maxima version))
(Tip Jar: Morph into Various Champions! *(Available in the Maxima version))

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: I guess she's a Champion too.
Lann: I'll say! She sure punches like one!
Tama: Makes you wonder what her master must be the-like!

Babil Region[]

[Field dialogue]

Lann: She said her town was north of here, didn't she?
Reynn: Yeah. Wait... I think I can actually see it from here.
Tama: Brrr! S-something about that place makes my fur the-crawl! I don't know what it is, but it gives me the heebie-the-jeebies!

(Upon approaching Nibelheim.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Are you guys seeing this town?
Reynn: Yeah... That's where Tifa lives?
Tama: It makes Nine Wood Hills look the-humble!

(In Agarthir, if Lann and Reynn visit before Chapter 21.)


Lann: Well, this is a charming little town. But something feels kind of...I dunno, "off" about it.
I can't quite put my finger on what it is.
Reynn: Hmmm... I think it might be a good idea for us to keep a low profile around here.
Lann: Why's that?
Reynn: Because... Oh, just do it!
Lann: Uh, okay. Low profile, Tama.
Tama: Okay. Roger the-wilco...

(Tama disappears.)

Nine Wood Hills[]

(In Plaza 99 - After obtaining the Cerberus from The Dragon Scars.)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Hey, you know that really big Mirage we have? Why is it so huge?
Tama: It's more than the-huge—it's mega! A "Mega Mirage"!
Reynn: Can we even use something that big in our stacks?
Tama: Well, I wouldn't the-recommend stacking it on top of you. Not unless you want to get squished the-flat.
Reynn: Ooh, ouch, we don't want that. But we could stack on top of them, right?
Tama: You sure the-can! But you'll need to use the-both your powers in battle if you want to summon forth a Mega Mirage.
Maybe you've already the-given it a try, but still...
don't be the-afraid to add Mega Mirages to your lineup and test them out in battle.
Lann: Sounds good! I'm the kind of guy that learns best in the heat of the moment.
Reynn: In other words, you hate studying and you won't practice.

Chapter 11: Crimson and Azure[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 11 - Crimson and Azure



Lann: Hold on a sec.

(Lanns puts on a magic monocle and looks around.)

Lann: Hmm... I don't see any chain on the place.
Reynn: Well, maybe they're like Cornelia, and they haven't been annexed by the Federation.
Tifa: Huh? It can't be.

(Lann and Reynn notice Tifa.)

Tifa: Hey there, guys! It is you, right?
Lann: Hey! Super punchy girl!
Reynn: Hi! How are you doing, Tifa?
Tama: It's the-good to see you!
Tifa: Same here!
Hey, I have to ask.
What are two Keepers and a Mirage doing way down here in Babil?
Reynn: Oh, yeah. I guess we never told you, did we?

(After an explanation.)

Tifa: Oh, good! I was starting to worry.
What if I accidentally saved a couple of bad apples from the Bahamut Army?
Lann: It's weird. Why does everybody keep thinking that we're Bahamutian soldiers?
Reynn: I don't know. I guess they don't see many Mirage Keepers anymore, unless they're working for the bad guys.
Tifa: Yeah... And not just Keepers. Jiants, too.
These days, they all seem to be fighting for Bahamut.
I guess it makes sense in a way. They say the Federation conquered their homeland long ago.
Lann: Dude...
Tifa: Still, the prophecy's a hot topic around Nibelheim. Everyone in town has heard of the Jiants from the Hills.
Reynn: Ugh... I'm not sure I like being a celebrity.
Tifa: Anyway. So you're looking for the valley of fire?
Reynn: Unfortunately, that's the only real clue that we've got.
Tifa: The valley of fire... Everyone knows that bit. But no one knows which valley is the right one.
Lann: What do you mean?
Tifa: If you're looking for fiery valleys, this region is full of them.
But that's just it. Any one of those valleys could be the one the prophecy is talking about.
Oh, right! I forgot there's a summoner in town doing research on the valley! She might know.

(Lann and Reynn both nod.)

(Upon approaching the female Lilikin in the back.)

Tifa: Let me introduce the Jiants from the Hills.
Lann: Aha ha ha...heh.
Reynn: Yeah, that's us.
Rydia: Hello there. I am the summoner Rydia.


(Rydia's Mist Dragon floats towards Lann.)

Rydia: Hm? Something here is not right. Something about you...
Lann: Hey, you know...the way that Mirage follows you...
you totally remind me of Yuna! I guess it's because you're both summoners.
Rydia: Huh? You mean you know Lady Yuna?
Reynn: Yeah, we met her. Back on the upper continent. She was really a lot of help to us.
Tama: We might not even be the-here if Yuna hadn't pointed us in the right direction.
Rydia: Oh... Well then... I suppose you can't be all that bad.

(Rydia talks to the Mist Dragon.)

Rydia: There now. You hear that? These two say they're friends with Lady Yuna.
That means you can trust them. For the time being, at least.

(After an explanation.)

Rydia: So let me get this straight. You're searching for the four keys recorded in the prophecy?
Lann: Yeah. We came to Babil because we heard one of the keys was hidden here, in a valley of fire.
Rydia: Right, but you know, the keys are part of the Crimson Prophecy.
Reynn: Crimson Prophecy? So wait, you mean there's more than one version?
Rydia: Yes. There used to be a single prophecy: the Azure Prophecy.
It only spoke of four sigils, and said nothing about keys. It was much more abstract.
Fanatical Man: The Azure Prophecy is heresy!

(Two hooded Lilikins approach the group.)

Rydia: Ugh, this is no business of yours.
Fanatical Woman: Lies! Only the Crimson Prophecy is gospel!
Rydia: Ugh...
Fanatical Man: Are you a summoner or not? You should pray that fate guides you to the Crystal Tower.
Fanatical Woman: The Crimson Prophecy is clear. Flanked by Mirages, the chosen ones shall acquire four keys.
Fanatical Man: From the Crystal Tower they shall mount the heavens, where god will grant them the gift of eternity!
Fanatical Woman: So long as you know to look for the signs, the keys shall be found.
Fanatical Man: So do as the Crimson Prophecy commands of you, hmm?

(The two fanatical Lilikins walk off.)

Rydia: Ugh. All you hear these days is that nonsense!
Tifa: Yeah, no kidding. At least they're not breaking any laws or getting violent, but it's still creepy.
Rydia: What do those fools know, anyway? The Azure Prophecy was written by the First Summoner!
It's the Crimson Prophecy that came later. The whole thing is nothing but a sham.
Tifa: Still, that sham seems to be the prophecy folks believe in.
Rydia: Unfortunately so. That's why I came here to sort the truth out myself.
Tell me, then. Why are you searching for the keys like the prophecy says?
Reynn: You see...

(After another explanation.)

Rydia: So you're telling me that your mother shares the same name as Lady Lusse Farna?
And you're looking for the Heralds' castle to find her.
Tifa: I get it! If you really are the Jiants from the Hills, all you have to do is follow the prophecy, and you might wind up there anyway.
Reynn: Right. There's actually more to it.
Someone told us we would find our family as long as we kept collecting Mirages and pressing onward.
Rydia: Hmm... Well, whatever the case, it seems the only way to prove which prophecy is true...
is to accompany the two of you to the valley of fire.
In a way, you'd be accompanying me and doing me a favor.
Lann: What do you mean?
Rydia: Oh! Never you mind! So, are we ready?
Reynn: Uh, "are we ready"? We don't even know which valley to go to.
Rydia: I've already figured it out. The valleys of Babil are numbered, and I believe the one we are looking for is Valley Seven.

[Field dialogue]

Lann: All right, Placey Place! Here we come!
Reynn: Now you're forgetting entire names?

(Upon talking to Tifa.)

Tifa: A while back, there used to be a town called Mist here. But then a big disaster left the town in ruin.
Afterward, a company called Shinra came along and offered to help rebuild.
A lot can change in a decade, you know. When you look around, it's hard to find so much as a trace of Mist anymore...

(Upon talking to Rydia.)

Reynn: So Rydia, what's the difference between a summoner like you and a Mirage Keeper?
Rydia: You know, I should be asking you the same thing.
In most cases, summoners can only maintain a bond with one or two Mirages at the most.
To be called a Mirage Keeper you have to be special.
Keepers can exercise power over a countless number of Mirages.
How is it you create a bond with so many of them?
Reynn: Huh? Well...I guess I've never really thought about it that much.
Tama, can you answer that?
Tama: Hwah? Hmm... Good the-question. I never the-really thought about it as some kind of the-bond before.
Rydia: Huh? Then Tama's not your familiar?
Reynn: Familiar?
Rydia: Yes. Mine is this dragon here.
The first Mirage a summoner connects with stays by the summoner's side to give her protection.
They're sort of like guardians.
Tama: Oh, I'm under no the-obligation to protect Lann and Reynn. It's the-optional!
Reynn: Gee thanks.
Hmm, I guess that "keeping" Mirages and "summoning" Mirages must be two pretty distinct things.
Rydia: As far as I can tell, there must be a big difference indeed.

(Upon talking to Rydia again.)

Rydia: Let's head down to Valley Seven.

(In Babil Region)
[Field dialogue]

Tama: Valley Seven is east of the-here.

Valley Seven[]

(In Cauldron 1)
(Valley Seven)

Lann: Uuugh...
Tama: Ooogh... I think my fur is the-melting...
Reynn: Valley of fire, you are way, way too fiery...
Rydia: ......
Reynn: Hmm? You okay?
Rydia: Oh! I'm all right. Shall we?

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Dude, I'm burning up...
Tama: Me the-too...
Reynn: Just think about cold things! ...And then think about them melting.

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: One wrong step and we're finished.
Lann: Achoo!
Reynn: Aaah! Why are you sneezing?! It's like five hundred degrees in here!

(Upon approaching a platform coated with lava.)

(Tip Jar: Support Abilities: Chill)

(In Cauldron 2)

(The party walks forward, but a giant pillar of fire suddenly appears.)

Lann: Ahh!
Reynn: What's going on? We'll never be able to put out a fire this big. Not with the Mirages that we've got!
Rydia: I can't TAKE IT!

(Rydia runs off.)

Reynn: Ah!
Don't just stand there gawking like that! We can't just leave her to fend for herself!
Lann: Oh...right! We gotta go after her!
Tama: Wh-what he the-said!

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: I think she went back this way, right?

(In Cauldron 3)

(Upon approaching the Bomb at the end of the area, Rydia is seen cornered against it.)

Reynn: Rydia!
Lann: We're coming!

(Lann and Reynn run up to the Bomb from behind and initiate battle.)

(Battle: 6 Bombs)

Reynn: Watch out! These things could explode at any moment!
Tama: Everyone! The-use Lann as a shield!
Reynn: Right. Good idea. You ready, Lann?
Lann: Right. Wait, you're gonna use me as a WHAT?!

(After the battle.)

(The Bomb tumbles back towards Rydia.)

Rydia: No! Stay away!

(Rydia then glows, conjuring up her Mist Dragon. The Mist Dragon then dispatches of the Bomb.)

Lann: Whoa!
Reynn: Rydia! Are you okay?

(The party runs up to Rydia.)

Rydia: Ugh...
I...I hate fire. More than anything.
Long ago, the Federation decided to invade my home.
The house I was in caught fire... I was all alone, and I...
Lann: Then why'd you come to a place like this?
Rydia: You needed someone to help you, didn't you? I wanted to conquer my fears!
But...I couldn't do it. The mere sight of so much fire... It was...
Lann: Well, I'd say you did pretty great!
Reynn: Yeah, I mean, that fire Mirage? You doused it in one fell swoop!
Lann: Right? You've got nothing to be scared of.
Fire got you down? All you gotta do then is just blow it out, baby.
Reynn: "Blow it out, baby"? That's your sage advice? She's not struggling with a fear of birthday cakes.
Lann: She's not?
Reynn: No, dude.
Lann: Then... Oh! How 'bout this? Maybe she needs a party to cheer her up!
Reynn: What about anything that you're doing right now could possibly cheer her up?
Oh wait, are you trying to make fire look cool?
Tama: It's the-cooler than you.
Rydia: Hee hee! Ha ha ha!
You're so weird. Heh heh!
Lann: Huh? I am not!
Reynn: Yeah, you're way past weird.
Tama: Completely beyond the-redemption.
Lann: Heeey.
Rydia: Ha ha! So, shall we?
Reynn: Wh-what? But Rydia!
Lann: Go home. You've got nothing to prove. We'll let you know if we find anything.
Rydia: Really? How will you get past that wall of fire?
Reynn: Oh, uh...
Rydia: Look. I'll return to Nibelheim after I put the fire out for you.
Sound reasonable?
Lann: Yeah! Reasonlicious.
Reynn: You're sure?
Rydia: Yes. Come on.

(Back in Cauldron 2)

(Upon approaching the wall of fire.)

Rydia: ......
Lann: Uh, hey. You okay?
Reynn: Rydia...
Rydia: .....!

(Rydia summons her Mist Dragon, and it dispels the wall of fire.)

Lann: Aw, yeah!

(Rydia topples back on the ground. Lann and Reynn run up to her.)

Rydia: ...I'm fine. I just got a little worked up...and I couldn't keep my balance.
Reynn: Whew.
Rydia: All right then. I should return to town. I hate to leave...
Lann: Nah, you've done plenty for us.
Tama: See you the-next tama!
Lann: Hey, wait! When's the next tama, Tama?
Tama: Oh! Maybe it's the-sometime tama-rah!

(Lann and Tama both laugh. Reynn shakes her head.)

Reynn: Okay, I think their brains are fried. Safe travels, Rydia.
And thanks, for everything.
Rydia: No, thank you. Well, so long!

(Rydia and her Mist Dragon then depart.)

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: Okay, let's press on, Lann.
Lann: Right. We've got a key to find.
Tama: Best of the-luck on your adventure!
Reynn: Ha ha. You're coming too, Tama. Nice try.

(In Cauldron 4)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: I reeeally don't know about this place.
Reynn: I do. I know that it's really bad.
Tama: We can't the-give up now!
Reynn: Technically we can, but let's get this over with.

(Upon reaching the platform at the top of the area, the party sees a glowing key.)

Lann: Whoa! Is that the key?
Tama: What do you the-know? Now that was a piece of the-cake!

(As Lann approaches the key, a giant Bomb eats it and envelopes the area into an inferno.)

Lann: Hey! Give us back that key, right now!
Reynn: So much for a piece of cake, I guess...

(The giant Bombs flies to the party, initiating battle.)

(Battle: King Bomb)

Lann: Maybe he'll cough it up if we thump him on the back!
Reynn: Give it a shot.
Tama: Yeah, the-do it, do it!
Lann: Okay! Wait, where is its back?
Reynn: Seriously?

(After the battle.)

(The Key of Flames floats down to Lann, and Lann grasps it.)

Lann: Check it out! Dude! It's just like the prophecy said!
Reynn: I guess...
Lann: What's up? You don't seem very happy.
Reynn: No, it's not that at all, I just...

(The flames in the area turn from orange to blue.)

Reynn: Why'd it...get so quiet all of a sudden?
Tama: Is it 'cause we gave that bomb the old heave-the-ho?

(The ground begins to shake.)

Lann: Ah! What now? An earthquake?!
Reynn: Whoa! It must be a big one!

(A large blue Mirage appears before the party, and the area begins to flood.)

Lann: Wh...what the honking HAWWWWWWNK!
Reynn: Oh no. Anything but another FLOOD!
Tama: Oh! Mayday! The-mayday!

(The torrent of water washes the party away into a downward spiral. In the distance is the Plumed Knight carrying an unconscious Rydia on her shoulder.)

Chapter 12: Ribbit Jiggle Panic[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 12 - Ribbit Jiggle Panic

(In The Windswept Mire - Fen 1)

(Lann, Reynn and Tama are seen washed up on shallow water. The three then wake up.)

Tama: *Gasp*
Lann: Make that a double jelly sandwich!
Tama: We're...gonna need the-therapy after this.
Reynn: Ugh, please... No more cosmic flushing.
Lann: ...Where are we now?
Reynn: I don't think we're in Nibelheim anymore. Not by a long shot.

(The Windswept Mire)

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: For starters, why don't we take a took around?
Lann: Mom bombs! That is one deep swamp.
Reynn: Maybe we shouldn't go this way after all...

(After walking a bit, a grey toad appears in front of the party.)

Toad: Ribbit! Ribby ra-rib! Ribba-ribbit!
Reynn: What's with this toad?
Lann: Is it a Mirage? 'Cause it doesn't act like one.
Toad: Ribbit! Ribbit. Ribbity ribbity ribbit!
Tama: Ribbit? Ribbity-ribbit? The-rib?
Toad: Ribbit? Ribbit! Ribba ribba ribbit.
Tama: Ribbee! The-bib.
Lann: What? You speak toadese?
Tama: Of the-course I do. Listen, you can tell from his accent that he's been the-toad-cursed.
Reynn: He's a GUY?
Lann: They have accents?
Tama: Obvious-the-ly.
Ribbit? Ribbity the-ribbity tib? The-bibbit?
Toad: Ribbit! Ribbi-rit. Ribbit!
Reynn: What'd he say?
Tama: From what I gather, it sounds the-like that golden toad over there is the 'phibian that put the curse on him.
Lann: Oh, so all we have to do is defeat it.
Tama: That's the-correct. First off, you need to the-imprism it the same as always.
Lann: Okay. We got this.
Reynn: Careful you don't get toad-cursed.
Lann: Huh? You mean you're not coming?
Reynn: Well, it's game over if we both go full toad, right?
Lann: Uh...right.

(Upon talking to Reynn.)

Reynn: Are you gonna nab that toad or what?

(Upon approaching the golden toad in the pond.)

(Battle: Lucky Toad)

Lann: Ribbit, ribbity-ribbit, ribbiiit, ribbit!
Whoa! Is it just me, or does he look miffed?
Tama: Lann! Where did you the-learn to talk like that? You need to go the-wash your mouth out with a bar of soap!
Lann: What?! Dude, what did I say?!

(After the battle.)

(The party returns to the grey toad, and Reynn releases the Lucky Toad from its prismarium to remove the curse. The grey toad changes to a Lilikin.)

Snow: Awww, ha! Look who's back, baby!


Reynn: I guess you are.
Snow: You guys seriously just saved my life. Oh, the name's Snow.
I came to butt-kick the Big Jiggle lurking in this swamp.
And then along the way, I saw this awesome golden toad and thought,
Man, you don't see too many of those! But who knew? The things are contagious!
So then, Toad Me was all like, What am I even gonna do?!
Could I really eat flies or live on lily pads? Deep questions. But then you all came along and saved my warts.
Woo! You guys are the best! For real, bro.
Lann: Dude, I have no idea what's wrong with you, but as long as you're happy.
Tama: Did Lann just find someone he can talk the-down to? Never the-thought I'd see the day.
Snow: So, what's your deal? Where ya from?

(After an explanation.)

Snow: You say you got swept here all the way from Nibelheim?
Wow. And here I thought I had it pretty rough.
I mean, Nibelheim, isn't that one continent up? How are you guys even alive?
Lann: I know, it's crazy! I guess...we're getting kinda pro at it?
Reynn: I don't want to be a pro at it...
Tama: Anyway, it seems we're the-stuck here. All the goop around here makes it the-hard to look for a way out.
Snow: Oh yeah. Well, you've got that right. One false step and whsssht, you're history.
Lann: Okay, then how did you get out here, Snow?
Snow: Heh. Just, like, THIS!

(Snow summons Shiva-Ixion, which then creates a bridge of ice in the swamp.)

Lann: Whoa! Cool idea!
Reynn: Wait a minute. Are you a summoner?!
Snow: Wish I could say I was...but no.
Sadly, "summoner" is way too fancy a word for what I am.
Lann: Huh?
Snow: But...that's not important.
So, what's the game plan? I don't mind showing you the way out if that's what you want.
Reynn: How about you? Are you still gonna..."butt-kick the Big Jiggle" or whatever it was?
Snow: You know it! It shouldn't be too far from where we are now.
Lann: So it's like a Mirage?
Snow: Yup! Me and Jiggles have got some history.
Lann: I gotcha. Then maybe we can help you out.
Snow: Uh, really?
Reynn: We're sort of on a journey to round up Mirages anyway.
So basically, the more you butt-kick, the more we profit.
Snow: Ahh, I gotcha now. Well, let's team up then. That stupid Big Jiggle will never know what hit it!

(In Fen 2)

(When ambushed by a Flan.)

(Ambush battle)

Lann: Why do all the Mirages here like popping out at us?
Tama: It must be the-part of their disposition.
Lann: Too bad. I got here first!
Tama: Uh, yeah. You the-tell 'em.
Reynn: Mirages, be warned. Dis-position is Lann's position.

Snow: Okay! Today you're gonna wish you never started jiggling!

(The ground shakes, and a gigantic golden Flan appears.)

Tama: Ah, aaaaaah!
Lann: It's huge!
Reynn: Aha ha ha... Snow, which part of this thing is the butt?
Snow: Oh, it's all butt!

(The party initiates battle.)

(Battle: Golden Flan)

Lann: This mountain is so majestic, and...jiggly!
Reynn: Do you realize we're not fighting a mountain...?
Tama: My the-eyes! It's so the-shiny!

(After depleting the Golden Flan's HP, it shrinks.)

(After the battle.)

Lann: Well, we beat it but, yeah... I don't feel like we actually really beat it.
Reynn: I know. It's like we're right back to square one, except...nothing about that thing was square.
Snow: I guess we just didn't kick it hard enough.
Reynn: Snow, what exactly do you have against it again?
Snow: If I don't keep it in line, it just grows and grows.
Once, it used to be way, way bigger than this. Attacked my village. Did some serious damage.
I've found that a nice, periodic butt-kicking is the best way to keep the Big Jiggle in check.
Lann: Sounds like a big, big, BIG nuisance to me.
Snow: Well, thanks to you, I was able to smack it around a lot more than usual today.
It won't be attacking towns for a while.
Anyway... It looks like the swamp up ahead should be nice and dry now.
I think you're good to walk.
Maybe I'll see you all again sometime!

(Snow then departs.)

Lann: You know, even for a a guy who slings around ice magic, he was surprisingly chill.
Reynn: Yeah, I'll say. So, you ready to kiss this place good-bye?
Tama: I hope that the rest is the-easy going.

Chapter 13: Castle in the Desert[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 13 - Castle in the Desert

Desert Region[]

Lann: Reynn...
Reynn: Yeah? What?
Lann: This whole "adventuring" thing is hard.
Reynn: Well, the word "adventure"—
it used to literally mean "bad stuff happening to you."
Lann: Thanks for that uplifting bit of trivia.
Tama: Wait! I the-hear some activity over thata-the-way. I think we're not far from a place to the-rest!
Let's go take the-five over there!

(Upon approaching the town in the background.)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Finally, a town.
Reynn: We can't go in.
Lann: What? Why not?
Reynn: It's another Federation town. We'd better steer clear.
Tama: We don't want to run the-into those creeps.



Reynn: Excuse me. Would you mind if we rested here a bit?
Caravan Member: Sure! You can stay just as long as you like.
Huh? But just look at you two... You'll get baked alive out here dressed like that.
Wait right there!

(The Caravan Member turns around to get something.)

Caravan Member: Here. Some sunscreen. Help yourself.
Reynn: Oh, you don't mind?
Caravan Member: Please! Go crazy!

Lann: Sunscreen force fields...applied and activated!
Reynn: Thank you so much!

(Lann and Reynn walk off.)

Caravan Member: ......

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Now I'm all lathered up, I can smell 'em.
Reynn: Smell what?
Lann: Mirages! Over there!
Tama: Over the-where? To the north?

The Phantom Sands[]

(In Toil 1)

(The Phantom Sands)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Despite the harsh desert climate, Mirages here are full of life. (Spoken in an Australian English accent.)
Reynn: When did we step into a documentary?
Lann: Uh...a docu-what?

(Battle: With an enemy formation containing a Bahamutian Soldier)

Lann: Look!
Tama: A Bahamutian the-soldier!
Reynn: But why here?!

(In Toil 3)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Um, Reynn? That creepy noise that we've been hearing—I think it's getting the opposite of not less quieter.
Reynn: 'Scuse me? I'm not even going to attempt to untangle that statement...
Tama: In other the-words, this isn't going to end the-well...

(In Toil 4)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Huh? The sky's gone all orangey.
Reynn: It's getting late. We're taking too long.
Tama: We'd better get the-clear of here before the sun goes down.

(In Toil 6)

(Upon traversing more in the desert, a Sand Worm can be seen rushing from beneath the sands, and jumps onto the surface. Two more Sand Worms appear.)

Tama: Aaah!
Lann: Oh my gosh... How many of them are wriggling around down there?
Reynn: Well, whatever the answer is...DON'T TELL ME!

(The three Sand Worms roar and initiate battle.)

(Battle: 3 Sand Worms)

Lann: These things have been under us the whole time?
Tama: More than you can possibly the-imagine.
Reynn: Aaah! I said don't tell me about it!

(After the battle.)

? ? ? (Lightning): Are you trying to get killed?!
Lann: Huh?

(The party turns around to see a Sand Worm approach them from behind. In a flash of lightning, a pink-haired Lilikin can be seen rushing to the party.)

Lightning: I won't make it...!

(An orange and blue orb of light travel to the Lilikin and merge with her, causing her to glow pink.)

Lightning: What just— Whatever, I'll take it!

(The pink-haired Lilikin rushes to the Sand Worm and dispatches of it. The Lilikin then raises her blade while facing the sun, turns it, then faces the party.)


Reynn: I don't know what you did, but thanks.
Lightning: Save it for later. The longer we all stay out here, the shorter we'll live.
Lann: Dude, what?

(The ground begins to shake as three more Sand Worms are burrowing from underground.)

Lightning: Come on!
Reynn: Uh, right!
Lann: Got it!
Tama: The-run like the wind!

(Back in Toil 5—at nighttime—known as the "Desert Nightscape")

(Upon talking to the Caravan Member near the oasis.)

Caravan Member: I just want to forget those sand worms ever existed...

(Upon talking to the Caravan Member close to the wagon.)

Caravan Member: The moon is a thing of beauty tonight.

(Upon talking to the Caravan Member near the back.)

Caravan Member: You can always find refuge from the desert here. Make sure you rest up before attempting to cross.

(Upon talking to Lightning.)

Lightning: Surprising. I never thought the Jiants from the Hills would have so much trouble crossing a desert.
Lann: Oh! So then you've heard of us.
Reynn: Why are you so happy about that? Trust me, we do not want fame.

(A female Caravan Member approaches the party.)

Hospitable Woman: This'll warm you right up.
Lann: Oh. Thanks!

(The party is each given a cup to drink. The Hospitable Woman walks off.)

(A sleeping Tama is seen floating by the twins. Reynn touches her, and she disappears.)

Lightning: The keys from the prophecy? Interesting... That explains some things.
Reynn: So you've heard of them? I don't suppose you can tell us more?
Lightning: ...There are four: earth, fire, water, and shadow, if I remember correctly.
Lann: You wouldn't also happen to know where the keys are hidden?
Lightning: ......
Reynn: Is something wrong?
Lightning: Oh... Sorry. I've never heard exactly where the keys might be hidden.
But listen—
Hospitable Woman: I might know something about that.
Reynn: Really?
Hospitable Woman: The Key of Earth...lies in the "cradle of mako's light."
The Key of Tides...that one lies in the "temple in the deep."
The Key of Shadows...lies in the "land of naught but night."
Lann: Ohhh! That sounds nice and specific.
Lightning: Wait. Is that from the Crimson Prophecy's missing verse?
Hospitable Woman: Yes. You know much, traveler.
Reynn: Time out. What is this "missing verse"?
Lightning: They say that part of the original prophecy was omitted from subsequent copies.
However, to be able to read that—
Hospitable Woman: Oh, I haven't read it myself. I heard it from someone who has.
Lann: And Bahamut's castle? You, uh...probably don't know that much.
Reynn: How would she know where that is?
Hospitable Woman: I don't know...but there are whispers.
Reynn: What?!
Lann: Seriously?!
Hospitable Woman: This is merely a rumor, but...
they say the castle you seek—the domain of the Heralds and their king—lies past the Crystal Tower, beyond the path of the gods.
Reynn: Heralds... So then, the king who founded Bahamut.
Lann: Cool! So, all we have to do is get those four keys, and then haul hiney over to the Crystal Tower, am I right?
Reynn: Yeah, from the sound of it...
Lightning: ......
Lann: *Yaaawwwn* All this reassuring info is making me sleepy.

(Lann reverts to his Jiant form.)

Reynn: *Yaaawwwn* Don't yawn, Lann. You're making me yawn too.

(Reynn reverts to her Jiant form.)

Lann: What do you say we just...turn in here for the day...
Reynn: Yeah, okay...
Lann: Good night, Reynn...
Reynn: Good night...

(As Lann and Reynn fall asleep, the Hospitable Woman is seen standing, then walks off.)

Lightning: ......

(At daytime. Lightning, Lann and Reynn are still asleep. A giant chain as seen attached to something underground, and tightens, causing the ground to shake. Lightning wakes up. The chain then begins to lift the object from underground.)

Reynn: Wh...what is...that noise?
Lann: Nnn... Now what...
Lightning: Huh?

(As Lightning gets up, she stumbles over a bit.)

Lightning: Agh?!

(The chain lifts up the object from the sands, revealing it to be a castle.)

Reynn: That chain...
Lann: The Federation... What are they doing here?

(The party is seen struggling to get up.)

Lightning: We were careless... The drinks...last night...
Reynn: What? They were—
Lann: Dude, my body... I can barely...

(The party is surrounded by several soldiers, and a Lilikin walks by.)

? ? ? (Edgar): No heroics, please.


(Lightning dashes towards Edgar, but is intercepted by the Plumed Knight.)

Lightning: Agh!

(In one blow, the Plumed Knight knocks Lightning's sword away, and sends her back against the rock wall.)

Edgar: Hey now. That is certainly no way for us to treat a lady.
Or as I frequently say, the churl never gets the girl.
Plumed Knight: Heh. Rubbish.
Lann: Who's the knight?
Reynn: The Federation. Who else could it be?
Edgar: I believe our arrangement...said the Jiants were mine to attend to.
Reynn: "Attend to"? That sounds...awfully churlish to me...!
Edgar: Ah, but no. See, you may be a Jiant, but my attention...I save for real grown-ups.
Lann: That's it! Nobody talks to her like that!

(The Plumed Knight approaches Lann, and raising their arm, casts a spell on the sigil on his arm, causing him to fall on the ground in pain.)

Lann: Aaagh!
Reynn: Lann!

(Reynn raises her arm to the Plumed Knight, but her arm's sigil reacts in the same manner, causing her to fall back.)

Reynn: Aaah!
Edgar: Let's try to keep things civil, if you don't mind. Please don't struggle.
Lann: Wh-what is going on?
Reynn: I...I don't know...

(Two soldiers approach the twins from behind, knocking them out with their spears.)

Reynn: Aaah!

Chapter 14: Lost Powers[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 14 - Lost Powers

(In Underground Prison - Ophion 1)

(From first-person perspective, Lann wakes up and sees Reynn who is also waking up.)

Lann: Sis, are you okay?
Reynn: I think so... Are you okay?
Lann: Yeah... Except...

(Lann sees the sigil on his arm.)

Lann: What did they do? ...Ow!
Agh... Also, like...what is this place?

(Upon talking to the male brown-haired Lilikin.)

Male Lilikin (1): ......

(Upon talking to the male blue-haired Lilikin.)

Male Lilikin (2): ......

(Upon talking to the hooded Lilikin.)

Reynn: Excuse me. Do you know where we are?
Man in Rags: Huh? Jiants, eh? Heh. Now what did you do to get thrown into this sorry place?
Lann: Huh?
Man in Rags: This is a prison, situated beneath Figaro Castle.
Lann: Dude, prison? For real?
Man in Rags: Well, they call it prison, but it's more like a death sentence.
Reynn: That can't be! There must be a way out of here!
Man in Rags: Oh, wouldn't that be nice? But you can forget about it.
You won't find any human guards, 'cause much worse is on patrol: sentient machines that hunt down all who try to escape.
Just surviving down here is a small miracle.
Lann: Sentient machines?
Reynn: They're not Mirages?
Man in Rags: How's a lowly prisoner like me to know? But I suppose that they must not be.
When the king of Figaro stumbled upon this place some years ago, he decided to enlist help from folks at Shinra.
But then, all the machines that Shinra brought in—they started attacking people, as if they had minds of their own.
Ultimately, the site was abandoned, and now the worst of Figaro's criminals are sent here to rot.

(After the conversation, when leaving.)

Man in Rags: Are you two heading out? Then you'd better watch your back.
One more thing. I've managed to stockpile some supplies. Best prices in prison.

(After examining the shop, the ground begins to shake.)

Lann: What'n the...
Man in Rags: That would be the castle submerging.
Reynn: Now that I think of it, the castle did seem to appear out of nowhere.
Man in Rags: I heard the first time they poked around here, the castle plowed forward, and they ended up having to redraw all the maps. Least that's the story.

(In Ophion 2)

(Upon walking to the central platform, Lann looks at his arm, and reaches out with it. The sigil on his arm glows and short circuits, causing him to kneel down.)

Lann: Nngh... Aaah!
Come on! What the honk is wrong with us?
Tama! Can you do anything about this?
Hey. Tama!
Reynn: Huh? She's not answering?
Tama! Tama? Where are you?
Lann: No way, dude. You don't think...
Reynn: Did we lose our powers? As Keepers?
Lann: Oh, come on. That's just...crazy.
Reynn: Any ideas?
Lann: "Any ideas"? I don't see a Gate.
But we do have to get out of here.
Reynn: That's for sure.
Lann: ...Yeah.
Reynn: Still, without Tama, we might just...die here.
Lann: What? We're not gonna—

(A Magitek Armor suddenly drops down, activates and walks toward the twins, initiating battle.)

(Unwinnable battle: Magitek Armor and 3 Searchers)

Reynn: How do we do this without any Mirages?
Lann: I don't know. But we've got to try!

(After the battle.)

(The twins walk back towards the guard rail of the central platform.)

Lann: No... I won't—
Reynn: I can't believe...this is it...

(A Lilikin drops down next to the twins and leaps towards the Magitek Armor.)

? ? ? (Squall): Thunder!

(The Lilikin casts Thunder on the Magitek Armor, causing it to deactivate. The Lilikin swings his gunblade and hoists it behind his soldier.)

? ? ? (Squall): You the Jiants from the Hills?


Squall: Hmm? Are you okay?
Reynn: Oh! Yes. I'm fine. Thank you.
Lann: Uh, I'm okay too. Talk about close calls.
Squall: A little too close. I'm Squall.

(Squall throws a cubical object to Lann.)

Lann: What's this?
Reynn: A box?
Squall: Sort of. It's an eldbox, a kind of artifact...with some modern improvements.
You might say it's kind of like...those things that you Keepers use to contain Mirages.
Reynn: Huh? You mean prismariums?
Squall: Aha. Is that what you call 'em?
Sure, you can just think of it like a prismarium.
The only difference is that eldboxes are for capturing machines, and not Mirages.
Reynn: Capture them?
Squall: Give it a try.

(Lann extends his arm out and launches the eldbox to the Magitek Armor. The eldbox transfers the Magitek Armor into itself and returns back to Lann.)

Lann: Whoa! Too cool!
Reynn: Squall, whose side are you on? I don't get why you'd help us.
Squall: I'll tell you on the way, but we need to go.

(Tip Jar: Eldboxes)

[Field dialogue]

Squall: Me, I'm with SeeD, a mercenary group in the League of S. We fight against the Federation.
I know who you are. Quistis filled me in.
Reynn: Quistis...was... Oh! She gave us the fastcraft!
Lann: Ohhh, so she's in the League of S! The lass in glasses.
Squall: Heh. That's right. She's an officer, in fact.
Lann: Wow! I didn't know she was a big shot.
Reynn: So why are you here helping us out like this? I don't suppose it's to...make up for the waterfall.
Squall: Hm? Sorry, but I don't think she ever mentioned a waterfall.
It was Edgar, the guy who put you in here, that asked me to help you out.
Lann: What? That creep? Why?
Squall: You've seen the anchor that's latched on to the desert castle. Edgar's kingdom?
Reynn: Yeah?
Squall: In order to break loose of it, we'll need the mako energy which lies dormant beneath this facility.
Reynn: Are you sure that this "mako" energy is that strong?
Squall: Yeah. Trust me.
Reynn: So wait, you mean...
Squall: Yep. This isn't a coincidence.
Edgar sent you here as part of the operation. To perform a job.
Lann: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. So then, why didn't he just ask us?
Squall: Figaro didn't join the Federation willingly. It's under constant watch.
Also, Edgar knew the Federation doesn't do nice things to its prisoners.
Apparently, the real thorns in their side are kept...somewhere between life and death.
Reynn: Life and death? Sounds like what that freak in the golden mask said back in Saronia.
Lann: So like, what's this job we're supposed to do?
Squall: Our target, Mako Reactor 0—it's swarming with all kinds of dangerous Mirages.
Reynn: Oh. Well, that makes sense, then.
Squall: Right. We were hoping that you two would be able to keep the Mirages at bay. looks like your powers have been suppressed.
Reynn: Well, um...we don't really know. I mean, they've never been suppressed before...
But they're useless now, I'm afraid.
Lann: Oops. So does that mean we, like, broke the master plan?
Squall: If we have to do this without any Keepers, then yes. The master plan is toast.
Lann: Uh...
Reynn: Heh heh...
Squall: But, the operation's in motion.
Use the eldboxes. And we'll just have to hope for the best.
...Hm? You know... The League of S has an agent on-site.
I think she can remove the suppressors.
Reynn: Yeah?
Squall: It's possible, but I can't promise you. Now, enough talking. Let's press on.

(Upon approaching the Searcher at the stairs, initiating a forced battle with it.)

(Battle: Searcher)

(Tip Jar: Serachers)

(Upon approaching a Zap Symbol for the first time.)

(Tip Jar: Support Abilities: Zap)

(In Ophion 4)

(At the bottom of the floor, the party walks forward until a giant, red machine drops down in front of them, initiating battle.)

(Battle: Death Machine)

Reynn: Aaah!
Lann: Aaah! This one looks a lot nastier than the others!
Reynn: Lann, be careful!

(After the battle.)

(The party stands for a bit, then a Magitek Armor drops down from behind, then many more.)

Lann: Huh?!
Reynn: Why are there so many?
Squall: Have I drawn enough Thunder? Yeah, I'm good.
The other agent is up ahead.
I'll hold these clunkers off here. Go on without me.
Lann: Hey, you can't take them all on!
Reynn: We'll stay!
Squall: No. This is my job.

(Squall dashes to the Magitek Armor.)

Squall: Go!
Lann: Uh, wait!
Reynn: Come on.
Lann: Are you serious?
Reynn: We can't help him. We'd only get in the way. Let's what he says.
Lann: ...All right.

(Lann and Reynn run off.)

Chapter 15: The Mako Reactor and the Black Mages[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 15 - The Mako Reactor and the Black Mages

Underground Prison[]

(In Ophion 5)

(Lann and Reynn run towards a female Lilikin.)

Lann: That must be the agent up there.

(The Lilikin turns around to face the twins.)


(Shelke slowly walks forward.)

Reynn: Wait. Something's not right.

(Shelke draws out her weapons, her eyes glow, and then dashes toward the twins.)

Lann: Huh?!
Reynn: Aaah!

(A battle is then initiated.)

(Unwinnable battle: Shelke)

Lann: Hey! Why's she attacking us?

(After the battle.)

(Lann and Reynn are seen on the ground, and Shelke walks toward them.)

Shelke: Should I assume I've won?
Unless you fight back, you are going to die.
Lann: Nngh... If I look dead to you, then guess again!

(Lann extends his arm out, but the sigil on his arm short circuits, causing him to fall back.)

Lann: Agh!
Reynn: Lann!

(Reynn looks to Lann, then looks to Shelke.)

Reynn: ......!

(Reynn reaches her arm out, but the sigil on her arm short circuits.)

Reynn: Agh!

(Lann catches Reynn, then looks to Shelke. Shelke smiles.)

Shelke: Good. That's more like it.

(Shelke suddenly disappears and dashes through the twins, causing a small explosion that knocks them back. Shelke puts away her weapons.)

Shelke: Countertek deployed. There is no method they can utilize...that I can't neutralize.

(Upon waking up, Tama appears.)

Tama: Wakey the-wakey wakey!
Reynn: Wha...?
Lann: Huh? Tama!
Tama: That's the-me! Boy, am I ever the-glad to see you!

(The twins get up.)

Lann: Dude. Finally!
Reynn: What a relief. We're all fixed!
Tama: When I realized I couldn't the-reach you, I was so the-upset!
Shelke: If your powers have recovered, we need to keep going.
Tama: Oh! Isn't Shelke here the-completely amazing? She's the-with the, uh... Oh, that's the-right, the League of S!
Reynn: I knew it! She is the other agent!
Shelke: So. Are you done? Because we need to keep—

(Tama floats in front of Shelke.)

Tama: That thing she did, I think that it's called Counter-the-tek?
Any-the-way, it can take any the-kind of magic or technique, any old the-move at all, and completely nullify it!
Shelke: Yes... That's right.
Lann: Whoa. That's so cool!
Tama: And that's the-what she used to remove your suppressors!
Although, she wasn't sure it the-worked, so she was kind of the-freaking the-out!
Shelke: What? Th-that is not true at all! I was...completely in control.

(Tama floats in front of Shelke again.)

Tama: If you ask the-me, she's a Champion! Woo! How can you not the-love her! Am I the-right?
Reynn: You sure are. Thank you for the help.
Lann: Yeah! You're the bestest!
Shelke: I...I don't have time for this.
We are here to work. Let's continue the operation.

(Upon talking to Shelke.)

Shelke: C-can we go? This job won't take care of itself.

Mako Reactor 0[]

(In Sector 1)

(Mako Reactor 0)
[Field dialogue]

Shelke: Watch your step here. This area is full of Mirages.
It's all up to you now. Good luck.
Lann: Hey, we got this.
Reynn: Oh yeah. This right here is our time to shine.

(When approaching a Zap symbol for the first time, with Tama.)
[Field dialogue]

Tama: This the-one is called a Zap symbol.
As you might've the-guessed, you'll need a Mirage that can z-z-zap it with electricity!

(Upon activating the generators in the incorrect order.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Huh? Why didn't it do anything?
Tama: That device had numbers the-written on it. Surely it must mean the-something?
Reynn: Hmm, numbers, huh? ...Maybe it has something to do with the order we're supposed to zap things in?
Tama: Only one way to find the-out!

(In Sector 4)
[Field dialogue]

Reynn: There's something strange about these Mirages...
Tama: I think some of them are unimprismable unless you use eldboxes like the one Squall the-gave you.
Lann: Huh? Say that again?
Reynn: You mean they're machines, not Mirages?
Tama: Maybe machines, or the-maybe...
No, that's the-impossible. Never the-mind, forget I said it!
Lann: Okay! It's forgotten!
Reynn: ...Well, at least we know how to imprism them. For now.

(Upon examining the terminal near the Save Crystal, a 15-minute counter begins counting down.)

[Field dialogue]

Tama: I've got a bad the-feeling about this.
Lann: Uh, Reynn, what do all those numbers floating above us mean?
Reynn: Hey! I said no fourth-wall stuff! Whatever it is, it's not good.
Tama: Let's get the-out of here!

(Back in Sector 1, while the timer is still counting down.)

[Field dialogue]

Lann: Huh? Isn't this the entrance?
Reynn: Keep going! Trust me, this is the right way!
Lann: Okay! Roger that, full speed ahead!
Tama: I guess we're the-doing this again!

(In Sector 5)

(Upon approaching the large group of Black Mages near the reactor's core.)

Lann: Wh...what the honk?
Tama: You don't...think they're all the-gonna...

(Suddenly, every Black Mage activates, with their eyes glowing. The Black Mages slowly approach the party.)

Reynn: Heh heh... Looks like a MAGE-er problem... Get it? "Mage"?

(The Black Mages then attack, initiating battle.)

(Battle: Vivi and 5 Black Mages)

Reynn: Do you think they're Mirages?
Tama: I can definitely the-sense a similarity!
Lann: Then we know exactly what to do with them.

(After weakening Vivi enough to be imprismed, the player imprisms him, but an explosion occurs, ending the battle.)

(After the battle.)

Lann: Aaah?!
Reynn: Whoa, what?
Vivi: *Cough cough* Hey! Who made all this smoke?


Shelke: Hm? So it can talk.
Tama: I the-heard it speak too!
Vivi: Whoa! A Mirage that can talk?!
Shelke: Hm? So she can. That is odd.
Reynn: Heh heh... You just noticed?

Lann: So, kid. Your name is Vivi?
Vivi: Mm-hm.
Reynn: So your friends there—are all of them able to talk just like you do?
Vivi: Friends? Where?

(Vivi turns around to see the Black Mages.)

Vivi: Whoa! It's a bunch of me's!
Lann: Wha— Hey!
Tama: Don't you the-realize they're dangerous?
Vivi: They are?

(The Black Mages' eyes begin to glow again.)

Vivi: Hey! You guys know better than to act mean!
Black Mage: ? ? ?

(After an explanation from Vivi to the Black Mages.)

Vivi: See, I knew they'd be reasonable. They even said they'll help us!
Lann: Whoooa.
Reynn: Color me impressed.
Shelke: Yes, bravo.
Vivi: Okay, so what can me and my friends do for you?
Shelke: Oh. Actually...

(After an explanation, Vivi and the Black Mages begin to glow, and power up the reactor's core.)

Lann: Whoa! Something's happening!
Reynn: Does this mean the reactor's working?
Tama: Figaro Castle can break the-free now!
Lann: Oh, hey! We don't wanna miss this! Come on!
Reynn: Yeah. Let's head outside!

Figaro Castle[]

(Out on the castle's balcony.)

Edgar: It's time. Now, full speed ahead!

(Two gigantic drills emerge from the desert sands and attach themselves to Figaro Castle, causing it to move forward. Lann, Reynn and Tama appear atop the castle from an elevator, and turn around to see the Federation chain attached. The drills power up and the castle breaks free from the chain.)

Lann: Woo-hoo!
Reynn: We did it!
Tama: Yeah the-baby!

(Back at the castle's balcony.)

Tama: Whew... What an ordeal all that the-was.
Lann: Yeah, no kidding.
Reynn: By the way, couldn't this be that "cradle of mako's light" that has the Key of Earth?
Vivi: You mean this key here?

(Vivi holds up the Key of Earth.)

Reynn: Huh?!
Lann: Dude! It's the second key! Ask and you shall receive.
Shelke: It appears that Vivi had it all along.
Tama: Lucky the-us!

(Reynn ponders to herself, while Lann and Tama celebrate in the background.)

Reynn: Again, it all seems just a little too lucky... But there's no point in dwelling on it right now.
Shelke: So Vivi, where will you go now?
Vivi: Hmm...
Edgar: How's this: stay in Figaro!
Lann: Hey! It's you!
Edgar: Ah, my favorite Jiants. Your help has been most invalua...ble?

(Lann and Reynn stand over Edgar, with angry expressions.)

Edgar: Um... Uh... D-didn't Squall relay my intentions?
Reynn: Yes.
Lann: GRRRRRR...
Edgar: Well...listen... I-I am sorry. The Federation was watching me like a hawk, so I...
Reynn: Ugh... What about Lightning? Is she okay?
Edgar: Oh. Yes! I made certain she escaped.
After all, she wouldn't have been out there protecting you had I not asked.
Lann: Huh? Seriously?
Reynn: She was part of this?
Oh. Then, technically you did help us...before you unhelped us.
Lann: Yeah, I guess...we're even now?
Reynn: Guess so.

(The castle shakes, and a gigantic dragon Mirage appears and flies into the sky.)

Lann: Uh, what was that?
Shelke: Where did it come from?
Edgar: Has it always been there, lurking beneath Figaro?
Tama: Incredible. That Mirage the-possessed power beyond the-belief.
Reynn: Hmm...

(Figaro Castle)

Edgar: After all that I've put you through, this hardly suffices, but I have some information.
Lann: Huh?
Edgar: One of the keys is in the "land of naught but night," correct? Well, I may know where.
Lann: Really?
Reynn: Where is it?
Edgar: To the west of here, you'll find Big Bridge: a colossal crossing that will take you to another continent.
That particular continent gets no sunlight due to the thick, dark skies overhead.
They even call it the "land of the stolen sun." Really, how can the place not be naught but night?

Chapter 16: Clash on Big Bridge[]

? ? ? (Enna Kros): Chapter 16 - Clash on Big Bridge

(In the Desert Region)

[Field dialogue]

Reynn: So, Big Bridge... It's off to the west, right?
Lann: My first colossal crossing! This is gonna be colossa-crawsome!
Tama: Now I'm getting the-hyped!

(Upon approaching Big Bridge.)
[Field dialogue]

Lann: Whoa! That thing over there has gotta be it!
Tama: Now that is one big the-bridge!
Reynn: Well, you sure can't say it doesn't live up to its name!

(In Big Bridge - Segment 1)
(Big Bridge)

Lann: Getting to the top is...
Reynn: Not gonna be fun.
Tama: I'll the-say.
Reynn: Still, you have to admire it. Who could have built something like this?
? ? ? (Eiko): Nobody ever built it. A Jiant summoned it here in ages past.

(The party turns around to see a female Lilikin.)


Eiko: The name is Eiko. My job is to look after the bridge.
You've come here to cross it, right?
Reynn: Yeah.'re saying that Big Bridge isn't man-made, that someone summoned it here. But, like...
Eiko: First, the bridge has a real name. It's Alexander, in fact.
Lann: Whuh?
Eiko: The great Mirage, Big Bridge Alexander!
Tama: Ah! It''s the-true! How did I the-miss it? I can sense the bridge's the-presence!
Lann: Dude... This thing is alive? Holy schlep!
Eiko: And that's why a summoner like me has to look after him.
Reynn: Oh wow! So you're a summoner, then!
Eiko: Yeah, but it's not like I'm the one that summoned him...
Hey, can I ask you something?
Reynn: Hm?
Eiko: Are you them? The one and only Jiants from the Hills?
Lann: You bet!
Reynn: Yeah, that's...the word.
Eiko: Sooo...I guess that means it's true.
Hm? Wait a second. If the prophecy is right...
You'd better not even think about it! Don't you dare lead us down the wrong path!
Lann: Huh?
Eiko: Nobody remembers 'cause they're so caught up in the Crimson Prophecy.
The Azure Prophecy, it very clearly says you could bring us salvation or ruin. The divergent futures!
Reynn: Oh, that's right. Princess Sarah did tell us about the divergence.
Lann: Wait, the what?
Tama: You the-mean you forgot?
Eiko: I'm starting to worry... Maybe I shouldn't let you use the bridge.
Lann: Oh, no. We're cool! Me and Reynn are totally going to reek the right future.
Reynn: Sure are...

(Eiko stares at the bridge for a bit.)

Eiko: Well, it's not like I can stop you. The prophecy's about you, not me, right?
Go on. You can cross. But don't go causing the apocalypse.
Reynn: Duly noted.
Tama: So is there some special the-trick to getting to the tippity-top of Alexander?
Eiko: Just get on. I'll handle the wake-up call.
Lann: The what?
Eiko: Alexander's kind of a sound sleeper. So it's my job to step in and sort of get things going.
Now, off you go!

(Upon talking to Eiko.)

Eiko: Now, off you go!

Intervention Quests[]

The Girl Who Forgot Her Name[]

(In Cornelia)

Warrior of Light: I never believed it to be more than a legend... A bedtime story someone concocted to fill the dreams of children.
But the Warriors of Light are real. One lives in me. Shocking, and yet, this part of me has stirred before.
Heh. I must be more tired than I thought. Far too much excitement all at once.

(The Warrior of Light turns around, and spots something at the castle.)

Warrior of Light: Hm?

(The Warrior sees a Bahamutian soldier.)

(Inside Castle Cornelia)

(The Bahamutian soldier draws his sword, but stops and looks around when they notice nobody's there.)

Warrior of Light: You won't find her.
After all, she likes spending time with her subjects. You were mistaken to search here.

(A battle is then initiated.)

(Battle: Bahamutian Soldier and 2 Goblins)

Lann: Huh? How did we get ourselves dragged into battle?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: From this room, you can take control of your friends' destinies and redirect the course of their lives by fighting their most crucial battles.
Reynn: So it's like we're helping them in secret?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: You can think of it like that. Hey, get ready.

(After the battle.)

Warrior of Light: Whew... I'm glad that Her Highness is absent. The last thing I want is for her to be abducted again.
Hm? Again? But, when has she ever been taken before?
And it's odd. While battling that Federation soldier, it though some divine force was guiding my hand to victory.
Oh yes. I am far, far more tired than I thought.

(The Warrior then turns to leave.)

(In the Girl's Tearoom)

Lann: Dah! What just happened?
Reynn: When we do that, what does the other person experience?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Even time must bend to the whims of fantasy.
This place is power. Here, dreams and reality and time all touch. All that was, and all that is, and all that will be.
From here, you changed history. You don't have to worry—the souls you help are not able to see you.
And yet, everything that you accomplish, on their behalf, becomes something that they accomplish. So if you come here,
fight someone's battle for them, and emerge victorious—what they see is the same battle won the same way, but by their own hand.
Lann: Uh, that is totally confusing, but wow! So, we get to help a bunch of people out—
and we get to keep all the prismariums we find? There's like, no downsides at all!
Reynn: But in a way, there is a downside. With that much power, we could do just as much harm as we do good.
This room of hers affects the destinies of so many... Which makes her what exactly? Is she like Enna Kros? A god?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: I wouldn't say I'm a god in the sense you're thinking of.
Reynn: Huh?!
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: But if you misuse this power, you might not like the consequences.
Reynn: Consequences?
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Me and...him?—is it "her"?—well, our fates have entwined. So now that the two of you have made it to this place,
I suppose she'd want me to share a little of this power over time and fantasy.
Reynn: We uh, won't mess around. I promise.
Girl Who Forgot Her Name: Good.


Best Helm in the Realm[]

(Upon talking to the soldier NPC in Cornelia.)

Soldier: Ugh... What am I gonna do...
Oh! Say, you wouldn't happen to be the Jiants from the Hills by any chance, would you?
You see, there's a situation I'm dealing with where I could really use your assistance, since you must know Mirages so well.
Could I trouble you to please bring me an earth hammer?
If you could, I would forever be in your debt!

(Upon talking to the soldier NPC after accepting and fulfilling his request.)

Soldier: Oh! You really brought me an earth hammer! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!
Now I can ensure my helmet is always in tip-top condition! I can't stand unsightly dents!
I know it isn't much, but, please accept this as a token of my thanks.

(Upon talking to the soldier NPC again.)

  • There's nothing better than a polished and well-maintained helmet!
  • My helmet fits perfectly! What a great feeling!

Who Watches the Watchplains?[]

(Upon talking to the blue-haired male Lilikin at the bottom of Cornelia.)

Male Lilikin: Oh! If it isn't the Jiants! I've heard you've been putting up a good fight against the Bahamutian Army.
I hope you don't mind, but I have a favor I'd like to ask you.
As I'm sure you know, the goblins that once served the Bahamutian Army have gone and taken up residence in the Watchplains.
We would like to observe them in their natural state, but I'm afraid they're too dangerous for us to handle ourselves.
Could we ask you to defeat a few of them for us? That would help us to gather the data we need.
Oh, don't worry, we won't get in your way. We can observe your battles with the goblins from a distance and collect all the data we need. So, what do you say? Will you help us?

(Upon talking to the Lilikin after accepting and fulfilling his request.)

Male Lilikin: This is great! Thanks to you, we were able to gather the data we need.
Please accept this as a reward.

(Upon talking to the Lilikin again.)

Male Lilikin: It seems that as long as we keep our distance from the plains, the goblins will keep their distance from us.

Needle for Speedle[]

(Upon talking to the olive-haired male Lilikin in Agarthir.)

Male Lilikin: Hey, hey, did you know about the nimble Mirages in the desert? They're really fast!
I'd really like to run a race against them one of these days, but... Well, they're Mirages, right?
I don't want to start a race with them only to have them attack me, so I was hoping you could check out how strong they are for me first!
Oh, they're called cactuars! If you can defeat a handful of them for me, then I'll be able to tell how strong they are!

(Upon talking to the Lilikin after accepting and fulfilling his request.)

Male Lilikin: Whoa! You defeated some?! How are they?
Hmm. It sounds like I should be okay if I challenge one to a race!
I'm gonna go throw down with one right now! Oh, yeah, this is for you!

(Upon talking to the Lilikin again.)

Male Lilikin: Just wait! I'm gonna be the fastest runner that ever lived!
Okay, so in order to find one, I've gotta be ready to wonder around the desert, right? Let's see...

Hot Hot Hunting[]

(Upon talking to the brown-haired male Lilikin in Nibelheim, near the western shop.)

Male Lilikin:'re the Jiants from the Hills, aren't you? Is there any way you could lend me a hand?
Recently a group of dangerous Mirages has appeared near town. We're all in a bind.
Can you get rid of them for us? We don't stand a chance against them ourselves.

(Upon accepting his request.)

Male Lilikin: Really? Thanks so much!
You'll find the Mirages lurking around Valley Seven.
It's not just one Mirage, but a whole pack of them out there. Good luck.

(Upon talking to the Lilikin again after fulfilling his request.)

Male Lilikin: Are you telling me the Mirages are gone? All right! Thank you!
Now they'll know to stay far away from our town!
This is for you. Thank you.

(Upon talking to the Lilikin again.)

Male Lilikin: Now they'll know to stay far away from our town!

The Birthday Present[]

(Upon talking to the older female Lilikin with brown-hair in Nibelheim, near the northern shop.)

Female Lilikin: Excuse me. I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could ask you a favor.
You see, my grandson's birthday is coming up soon, and I was hoping to give him some dragon scales.
Is there any chance you would be willing to bring me some? I'd be very grateful if you could...

(Upon accepting her request.)

Female Lilikin: You would? Oh, thank you... That's very kind of you.

(Upon talking to the Lilikin again after fulfilling her request.)

Female Lilikin: Oh, thank you! My grandson's going to be thrilled when he opens his present!
I know it's not much, but I hope you'll accept this as a reward.

(Upon talking to the Lilikin again.)

Female Lilikin: Oh, thank you! My grandson's going to be thrilled when he opens his present!

Her Jiggly Highness[]

(Upon talking to the blonde Lilikin in the Caravan, near the Gate—only if the player possesses a Flan in their party.)

Blonde Lilikin: Say, you're the proud owners of a flan too, aren't you! No need to hide it! My flan-sense never lies to me!
I love everything about flans! I love hugging their squishy little bodies... I love pinching their adorable pudgy faces... If you ask me, flans are just about the cutest things ever!
I love them so much, I could gaze at them all day long and never get bored. Ahh...
Oh, but that's not the half of it! My top secret flan sources tell me that there's one flan that commands all of flan-dom!
She's known as the flan princess, and she leads her fellow flans with dignity and grace! Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to see her for myself just once...
If you ever find the flan princess, please introduce us!

(Upon talking to the blonde Lilikin after accepting and fulfilling her request.)

Blonde Lilikin: Eee! It's really her! Those adorable eyes! That majestic presence! Oh, she's too wonderful for words!
Ahh... I wish I could be by her side forever and ever...
Oh, right! Where are my manners? Thank you so much for introducing me to her! Here, this is for you.

(Upon talking to the blonde Lilikin again.)

Blonde Lilikin: If you want to talk flan again, you know where to find me!

Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness - I[]

(Upon talking to the male merchant Lilikin in the Desert Region, near the Caravan.)

Merchant Lilikin: You there, Jiant pair! Listen-disten, you're heardy at just the right time-ity-time! I've got a problem, so lend me a hiddy-hand?
Whoa! Holdy-uppy rubber-ducky. I'm not gonna bite! I'm just a merchant with a bitty-bit of a ubiquitous streak.
I need some of these thing-a-lings so I can make some nice accessories!
What do you say-da-lay? Want to help-ity-delp me out? There'll be a reward-a-dard involved!

(Upon accepting his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: Yahooody-hoody-hoo! I'm so giddy-glad I asked you for help! We merchants are too busy-tizzy to do everything. Good luckedy-duckedy with the search-ity search.

(Upon talking to the Merchant Lilikin after fulfilling his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: Well, hello-dee-lo there! Did you bringity-bring me what I asked you for? Wonder-under-ful!
Thanky-doodle-dandy! See you soon-a-loon.

Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness - II[]

(Upon talking to the male merchant Lilikin, after fulfilling his previous request.)

Merchant Lilikin: Heydie-hey-hey. Just who I was lookit-ing for! Sorry to be a bother-other, but I've got another jobbity-job.
I'm looking for some of this so I can make some meddy-edicine!
Can you spare some time-ity-time to help a merchant out?

(Upon accepting his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: This is what I needy-need! Thanks a bunchy-bunch for doing this.

(Upon talking to the Merchant Lilikin after fulfilling his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: What do we got heredy-here? Why, it's every-da-thing I needed! I'm giddy-glad I asked you for help!
As I promised, here's your rewardy-dordy! Looking forward to working with you again-again.

Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness - III[]

(Upon talking to the male merchant Lilikin, after fulfilling his previous requests.)

Merchant Lilikin: Heydie-hey-hey! So there you are! Things may be dire around these heredy parts, but I've still got a jobbity-job for you.
One of my besty-best customers askedy-dasked me if I could findy-find this for him.
I'm a bit preoccupied-y now, so could I ask you to lookity-look for it for me?

(Upon accepting his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: I can see that I'm in excellent handy-hands! How very reassuring.

(Upon talking to the Merchant Lilikin after fulfilling his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: Well, hello-dee-lo there! Did you bringity-bring me what I asked you for? Wonder-under-ful!
Thanky-doodle-dandy! See you soon-a-loon.

Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness - IV[]

(Upon talking to the male merchant Lilikin, after fulfilling his three previous requests.)

Merchant Lilikin: Heydie-hey-hey. Just who I was lookit-ing for! Sorry to be a bother-other, but I've got another jobbity-job.
I just had a great idea-ly! If I haddy-had some of this, I could really make something super nicey-nice!
Can you spare some time-ity-time to help a merchant out?

(Upon accepting his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: This is what I needy-need! Thanks a bunchy-bunch for doing this.

(Upon talking to the Merchant Lilikin after fulfilling his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: What do we got heredy-here? Why, it's every-da-thing I needed! I'm giddy-glad I asked you for help!
As I promised, here's your rewardy-dordy! Looking forward to working with you again-again.

Taking Care of Bizzy-izzyness - V[]

(Upon talking to the male merchant Lilikin, after fulfilling his four previous requests.)

Merchant Lilikin: Heydie-hey-hey! So there you are! Things may be dire around these heredy parts, but I've still got a jobbity-job for you.
This thing-a-ding is rare, and not easily foundy-found, but one of my custo-ustomers tells me they'll pay any price-ity-price for it!
I'm a bit preoccupied-y now, so could I ask you to lookity-look for it for me?

(Upon accepting his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: I can see that I'm in excellent handy-hands! How very reassuring.

(Upon talking to the Merchant Lilikin after fulfilling his request.)

Merchant Lilikin: You really came through-dee-through for me. I am truly in your debty-debt!
This is your rewardy-dordy! Go on, you earny-earned it.

(Upon talking to the Merchant Lilikin again.)

Merchant Lilikin: You Jiants have been a great big helpity-help to me. Thanks to you, business is boomy-booming better than ever before!

The Battle for Teatime - I[]

(Upon talking to the female Lilikin in Figaro Castle, atop the castle's highest tower.)

Female Lilikin: I can't stand it, I can't stand it, I can't stand it! Oh, I can't stand it. Why do those Mirages insist on causing me trouble?
Hmm? You two... You wouldn't happen to be the Jiants from the Hills, would you? You've come at just the right time.
There are some horrible Mirages I want you to reprimand for me.
Those thieving good-for-nothings have raided every shipment of the luxury tea leaves I ordered! Ooh, it makes me furious just thinking about it!
These are the despicable fiends that've been stealing my tea leaves!
Be a dear and take care of this for me, won't you?

(Upon accepting her request.)

Female Lilikin: Hurry up and take care of those Mirages for me!

(Upon talking to the female Lilikin after fulfilling her request.)

Female Lilikin: Bravo, bravo! You two are even more competent than I anticipated. Now I can finally enjoy my afternoon tea.
Here is the reward I promised. Go on then, you earned it.

The Battle for Teatime - II[]

(Upon talking to the female Lilikin atop Figaro Castle's highest tower, after fulfilling her previous request.)

Female Lilikin: There you are. I've been waiting for you. There's another batch of Mirages standing between me and my tea. You'll take care of these for me too, won't you?
These are the Mirages I want you to reprimand for me!
I'm sure you'll be delighted to lend me your assistance, won't you?

(Upon accepting her request.)

Female Lilikin: Get rid of them for me, and I'll make sure you're well rewarded.

(Upon talking to the female Lilikin after fulfilling her request.)

Female Lilikin: This means that the tea leaves I ordered will finally get here. Splendid!
This is payment for services rendered. I'll let you know if I have any more work for you.

The Battle for Teatime - III[]

(Upon talking to the female Lilikin atop Figaro Castle's highest tower, after fulfilling her two previous requests.)

Female Lilikin: There you are. I've been waiting for you. There's another batch of Mirages standing between me and my tea. You'll take care of these for me too, won't you?
These things! These are the Mirages disrupting my afternoon tea!
Make them regret the day they ever dared to lay their foul paws on my precious tea!

(Upon accepting her request.)

Female Lilikin: Take care of this quickly, please. Tea leaves lose their flavor if they sit for too long...

(Upon talking to the female Lilikin after fulfilling her request.)

Female Lilikin: Ha ha ha ha! This is what happens to those who stand between me and my tea!
Take this, with my gratitude.

(Upon talking to the female Lilikin again.)

Female Lilikin: Now there's nothing stopping me from enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. Thank you. Your help has been invaluable.

Picking Up the Slacker's Slack[]

(Upon talking to the soldier NPC in Figaro Castle, near the eastern doorway.)

Soldier: Ugh... What a pain... Huh? Say, you wouldn't happen to be the Jiants from the Hills, would you?
Wow, what perfect timing! You see, there's a little favor I'd like to ask you...
Recently, the sand worms out in the Phantom Sands have been getting more aggressive, and have started causing trouble for the merchants that pass nearby.
Normally it's my job to go out there and deal with them, but as luck would have it, I did a number on my arm yesterday.
Could you go there in my stead and stomp out that nest of wriggly invertebrates?

(Upon accepting his request.)

Soldier: Good luck out there!

(Upon talking to the Soldier NPC after fulfilling his request.)

Soldier: Hey, you're back! Thanks for doing my job for me... I mean, boy, does my arm hurt like the dickens!
You really helped me out! Here, this is for you!

(Upon talking to the Soldier NPC again.)

Soldier: Ehh... Man, I don't want to work...



(Upon obtaining a common item by picking it up from a chest. Below are different messages shown for each specific item, where "X" is the number obtained if multiple are.)

  • Potion: Obtained a/X potion(s).
  • Hi-Potion: Obtained a/X hi-potion(s).
  • X-Potion: Obtained an/X X-potion(s).
  • Half Mega-Potion: Obtained a/X half mega-potion(s).
  • Mega-Potion: Obtained a/X mega-potion(s).
  • Ether: Obtained an/X ether(s).
  • Hi-Ether: Obtained a/X hi-ether(s).
  • Turbo Ether: Obtained a/X turbo ether(s).
  • Half Mega-Ether: Obtained a/X half mega-ether(s).
  • Mega-Ether: Obtained a/X mega-ether(s).
  • Phoenix Down: Obtained some/X phoenix down.
  • Phoenix Pinion: Obtained a/X phoenix pinion(s).
  • Mega Phoenix: Obtained a/X mega phoenix(es).
  • Elixir: Obtained an/X elixir(s).
  • Megalixir: Obtained a/X megalixir(s).
  • Frigicite: Obtained a/X frigicite.
  • Earth Hammer: Obtained an/X earth hammer(s).
  • You cannot carry anymore X.

(Upon obtaining an important item.)

  • Seraphone: Obtained a Seraphone.
  • Semi-Lifetime Passes: Obtained the semi-lifetime passes.
  • Girl's Diary, Entry 1: Obtained Girl's Diary, Entry 1.
  • WOFF Apocrypha I: Obtained WOFF Apocrypha I.

(Upon obtaining a Mirajewel, with "XX".)

  • X Mirajewel: Obtained a XX mirajewel.
  • Noctis's Champion Jewel: Obtained a Noctis's champion jewel.

(Upon obtaining an Ability Seed, with "XX".)

  • X Seed: Obtained a XX seed.

(Upon obtaining a memento, with "XX".)

  • XX: Obtained a XX memento.

(Upon obtaining a prismarium or eldbox, with "XX".)

  • XX: Obtained a XX prismarium.
  • XX: Obtained a XX eldbox.


Gimme Golems

(Upon examining the Gimme Golem.)

  • You see a lusterleaf reflected in its eye...
  • You see a sleekstone reflected in its eye...
  • You see a squishparkly reflected in its eye...
  • You see a swirlshell reflected in its eye...
  • You see a fluffiflower reflected in its eye...
  • You see a jaggejaw reflected in its eye...
  • You see a dazzledisk reflected in its eye...
  • You see a wearwheel reflected in its eye...
  • You see a charmchime reflected in its eye...
  • You see a clearcryst reflected in its eye...

(Upon obtaining a Gimme Golem item.)

  • Lusterleaf: Obtained a lusterleaf.
  • Sleekstone: Obtained a sleekstone.
  • Squishparkly: Obtained a squishparkly.
  • Swirlshell: Obtained a swirlshell.
  • Fluffiflower: Obtained a fluffiflower.
  • Jaggejaw: Obtained a jaggejaw.
  • Dazzledisk: Obtained a dazzledisk.
  • Wearwheel: Obtained a wearwheel.
  • Charmchime: Obtained a charmchime.
  • Clearcryst: Obtained a clearcryst.

(Upon examining the Gimme Golem with the item, with "X" being the item.)

  • Give it the X?

(Upon examining the Murkrift.)

  • Enter the murkrift?
  • Hauyn will now accompany you on your adventure.


Hidden Dungeon

(When an Active Effect takes place upon entering a floor.)

  • Elemental affinity is enhanced on this floor.
  • Items cannot be used on this floor.
  • Damage is increased on this floor.
  • Healing amount is increased on this floor.
  • Imprisming success rate is increased on this floor.

(When an Active Effect takes place at the start of each battle.)

  • Elemental affinity enhancement active
  • Item lockout effect active
  • Damage increase effect active
  • Healing amount increase effect active
  • Imprisming success rate increase effect active

(Upon examining a black Warp Crystal that takes the player to the desert floor.)

  • This appears to be a warp crystal that will take you to the desert, where you can return to the plains at the start. Use the warp crystal?

(Upon defeating a boss of an elemental route, with "X" being the amount of remaining routes left.)

  • Earth route has been cleared!
  • Fire route has been cleared!
  • Water route has been cleared!
  • Wind route has been cleared!
  • X route(s) remaining.
  • The fifth route has been unlocked!

(Upon clearing all routes of the Hidden Dungeon.)

  • Congratulations, you have cleared the dungeon!


  • A new Mirage! Obtained its empty prism.
  • New Mirages! Obtained their empty prisms.
  • Imprisming successful!
  • Imprisming failed.
  • Enemy stack toppled!
  • You escaped.
  • You failed to escape.
  • There is no escape!
  • The party has fallen...
  • And the battle continues...
  • A mighty force is suppressing the power of the Champions!

Acquiring Mirages[]

(Upon sending a Mirage to the Prism Case.)

  • This Mirage has been sent to the Prism Case.

Mirage Boards[]

(Upon unlocking a Mirage Board space, with "XX" being the name of the ability.)

  • Learned XX.
  • Blank space acquired.
  • Obtained a XX prism.
  • New Mirage Board unlocked.
  • Sync Bonus
    Stats have increased.
  • You don't have enough SP.

(Upon unlocking a common transfiguration of a Mirage.)

  • Chocobo: This Mirage can now transfig into a chocobo!
  • Mecha Chocobo: This Mirage can now transfig into a mecha chocobo!
  • Hyperion: This Mirage can now transfig into a hyperion!

(Upon unlocking an important transfiguration of a Mirage.)

  • Tamamohimé: This Mirage can now transfig into Tamamohimé!
  • Diva Serafie: This Mirage can now transfig into Diva Serafie!

(Upon unlocking all the spaces of a Mirage's Mirage Board, with "XX" being the name of the mastery bonus.)

  • Mirage Board mastered!
  • Choose a mastery bonus from the list below.
  • Claim XX?
  • You cannot change your mastery bonus later. Are you sure?

Loading screens[]

The following is a list of transcripts that appear on the loading screens.

  • Think you might be lost? Press [Button] to open the map and get your bearings.
  • You will be sent back to Sylver Park if you are defeated, but you won't lose any gil or experience.
  • Lann and Reynn can freely switch between Lilikin and Jiant forms. Press [Button] + [Button] to change Lann, and [Button] + [Button] to change Reynn.
  • You must expend AP to use abilities and magic. AP regenerates during battle.
  • A Mirage's Joyride ability lets you zip around the map in style. Unfortunately, though, you can't use it in town.
  • You can fully restore your HP and AP at Save Crystals.
  • While using the Defend command, you can prevent your stack from toppling.
  • The Chocolatte Mart on North Promenade sells lots of useful items.
  • Stacking matching elements isn't the only way to access new abilities. Try combining Mirages with different elements. You might be surprised!
  • You can claim your miniventure rewards from the [Button] menu's Adventure Log.
  • You can view a Mirage's stats on its Mirage Board.
  • Some Mirages, like the chocobo, have their own special music that plays using Joyride on certain outdoor maps.
  • Press [Button] on the map screen to bring up the World Map.
  • Stacking Mirages that can use Fire allows you to use Fira. Try other combinations too!
  • You can use the Rename Prism to rename almost any Mirage.
  • Adding a Mirage with the right ability to your stacks can unlock higher-tier abilities.
  • Use the Teleport Stone to return to the entrance of a dungeon.
  • Ability seeds can fill blank spaces on Mirage Boards. They're perfect for rounding out a Mirage's repertoire.
  • Press [Button] on the World Map to take control of the airship.
  • If you are defeated even once inside a threshold, it's Game Over. You will have to continue from your last save point.
  • Visit the [Button] menu's Adventure Log to view a chronicle of your journey so far.
  • Have you visited the Twins' Room yet? Inside, you can view the Mirage Manual and the Who's Who.
  • You can access your Prism Case at Gates, Save Crystals, or by using a Seraphone.
  • If your stack is about to topple, it might be a good idea to unstack yourself first.
  • By equipping Champion Jewels, you can take on the appearance of Champions and use their powers as abilities.
  • You can select Nightmare difficulty by going to "Difficulty Settings" in the Config menu. In Nightmare difficulty, enemies will be even more powerful, but the items they drop will be better, so try it out if you're up for the challenge.