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The following is a list of dialogues spoken by characters when navigating through areas in World of Final Fantasy. As with dialogues when interacting with NPCs, these dialogues appear on the bottom-left corner of the screen along with the icon of the character speaking. When obtaining an item or interacting with a Symbol, however, a character's line will repeat, and facing a random encounter and finishing the battle skips the character's line to the next.

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Nine Wood Hills[]

Plaza 99

? ? ?: Am I gonna make it? The boss hates when I'm late.

? ? ?: Then again, it's not like business has picked up any.

? ? ?: Maybe we should start selling sandwiches along with the coffee.

North Promenade

? ? ?: *Yawn*... The streets sure are quiet today.

Chapter 1[]

Wellspring Woods, first visit[]

Lann: I guess we should head straight down this path?
Reynn: It's the only direction we can go. Think you can manage to not get lost? You know, just this once?
Lann: What? I'm not gonna get lost! ...Yet.
entering Wellspring Woods for the first time

Tama: By the way, you two can the-switch between Jiant size and Lilikin size. Depending on your size, you can the-make different stacks. You aren't the-allowed to put big things on top of the-small things when creating a stack, so to get on top of a Mirage, you need to the-be in Lilikin form. The best way to the-learn is to try it once you've rounded up a few more Mirages. You'll pick it the-up in no time!
after the player imprisms the first Chocochick

Reynn: Hey, the chocochick's come along for a stroll.
when the player's Chocochick learns Stroll

Lann: Huh? It found something.
when the player's Chocochick comes across a symbol in the bushes.

Lann: Whoa! It vanished.
Reynn: That's so cool! I guess the chocochick found us just the item we needed.
Tama: Yup-the-yup! With the help of a Mirage or the-two, there's nothing that you can't accomplish. And Mirage Boards are for much the-more than unlocking abilities. You can also use them to change your Mirages into new and the-powerful forms. So be sure to keep on the-leveling up and working on your Mirage Boards! Pretty soon you'll be bouncing and the-trouncing across Grymoire like a pair of the-pros!
when the player vanquishes the Gimme Golem

Reynn: So...Tama, I noticed Mirages disappear when we defeat them. Why is that?
Tama: Most of the Mirages you see in Grymoire don't actually the-technically belong in this world. And so, when one of you guys the-gives 'em the old KO, they can't maintain their presence anymore. They fizzle the-out and go back to their own worlds.
Reynn: Huh... Wait, now that's weird. Who was it that told me all this before? Ugh, it's like...right there, on the tip of my tongue...

Nine Wood Hills[]

Plaza 99

Reynn: So...she's over at North Promenade.

North Promenade

Reynn: Oh wow. She's so tiny! Is she a... What's the word again? Lilikin?

Reynn: So hey, are you ready to head back to Grymoire?

Wellspring Woods, second visit[]

Lann: Well, that certainly cost us a chunk of time.
Reynn: And whose fault is that?
Lann: Oh, uh...yeah! I want names!

Reynn: Lann! Don't touch it this time.
Lann: I know, I know. But...could we see all this stuff before?
Tama: Now that you've fought that thing the-once, you can see all its information. And if you the-happen to know some Libra magic, you can peep at its data before you even jump in! Very good thing to keep in the-mind.
Reynn: Got it.
Tama: Yup! Very good thing to keep in the-mind, Lann.
Lann: Uh, why are you repeating it? And just for my sake?
when approaching the Behemoth Murkrift a second time

Chapter 2[]

Bridge Overlook[]

Lann: Hey Sis, is that a town over there at the end of the bridge?
Reynn: Yeah. And I don't know why, but something about it "takes me back"...

Reynn: So, think we're supposed to get on?
Tama: Abso-the-lutely! All the-aboard!
Lann: Oh, dude!


Lann: So let's find this Casa Cornelius place. Doesn't "casa" mean "up"? It's gotta be higher up!
Tama: Well, you've the-got the direction correct, even if the rest of that was completely off the-base.
Reynn: That woman must be important if she's inviting us to the castle...

Tama: Castle Cornelia is up the-near the top of the town.
Lann: Oh. Right! We should stop by.
if leaving Cornelia before vising Castle Cornelia

Reynn: It looks like we'll need to wind our way down to reach the exit.
Lann: Seems that way. What a funny way to build a town.
Tama: Oh, it's not that the-strange to the people of Grymoire. Hey, while we're here, why don't we ask around town and the-see what we can find out?

Lann: Huh? What's this thing?
Tama: Oh! I was hoping a path might link the-up here.
Lann: Hey! Tama!
Reynn: W-wait up!
when examining the Gate

Reynn: Okay. To the Nether Nebula!
when returning from Nine Wood Hills

Chapter 3[]

Cornelia Region[]

Reynn: She said the Nether Nebula is somewhere northeast of Cornelia, right?
Lann: Time to go hustle and rustle a little Mirage muscle.
Reynn: Just don't go hustle so much that you get yourself lost, okay? I might just leave you there.
Lann: Aha ha ha! When's the last time I got—
Reynn: Don't push it.
Lann: Okay.

Lann: Wow, the air here is so clean!
Reynn: Yeah, right?
Lann: Ya-hoooooo!
Reynn: You're a yahoo!
Lann: No, no, Reynn, you need to shout for it to work. Ya-hoooooo!

The Nether Nebula[]

Cavern 1

Tama: Be the-careful. The Mirages here are a lot the-stronger than any you've faced the-before.
Lann: Yeah, let's not mess around in the Nether Nebba...thinga...nabob.
Reynn: "Nether Nebula." Do you think you can do something about that habit of forgetting the name of virtually everything?

Lann: Oh. Here's another Gate.
Tama: That's the-right. Gates the-usually turn up in towns or at the start of most Mirage-infested areas. You never have to travel far to the-visit the place you've been! Whenever you want to get from point the-A to point the-B, just use the Gate as a handy little shortcut.
Lann: A "shortcut," huh?
Reynn: So like, if we wanted to go back to Cornelia right this instant, we could just take this Gate back to Nine Wood Hills, then we can take the Gate from there to Cornelia. You see? All in all, it makes for a pretty short shortcut!
Lann: Yeah! If it were hair... you'd have to call it... You'd have to call it a "buzzcut"!
Reynn: Okay...
when examining the Gate

Lann: Man, I love a good adventure! C'mon, Sis. Let's follow this rabbit hole as far as it goes.
Reynn: Yeah, fine. Just behave yourself.

Cavern 2

Lann: This dungeon is way more dungeony than I thought.
Reynn: Did you know that originally, "dungeon" referred to the biggest tower in a castle? It's what they called the castle "keep."
Lann: Ugh, how long has it been since I've heard Reynn go off on one of her educational rants? She must be pretty upset.
Tama: The-why is that?
Lann: The more upset she gets, the more she tries to cover it up by spouting random trivia.
Reynn: You know where the word "trivia" comes from?
Lann: Sis, I think we're good.

Cavern 3

Reynn: What's this for?
Tama: It's a strange switch that the-responds to Mirages. The Mirages you imprism the-inside these caves should be able to help you out!
examining Puzzle Switch

Lann: A new path! Check out that switchcraft!
Tama: Yup! Now we know "switch" way to the-go!
Reynn: Switchever one of you thinks you're being clever is about to get a knuckle sand-switch.
Lann: Guh! Did...did I just get owned?
Tama: I'm the-raising the white flag here too...

Reynn: Hey Tama, weird question: um, how come all this really useful, well-presented information keeps popping into our heads?
Tama: Oh, that? I guess Enna Kros's the-trying to give you some tips!
Lann: Dude, really? And here I thought I was some kind of super genius coming up with all the answers on my own.
Tama: I hate to the-break it to you, but you will never the-be that person.
Reynn: I know... It's so sad.
Lann: Whoa! Hey now, c'mon. You don't have to look that brokenhearted when you say it...

Cavern 4

Reynn: Uh, what's this?
Tama: Oh, that's not the-good. This is the-called a "threshold." Mirages the-create them to mark their territory. When you see a threshold, you better watch out, 'cause the Mirages inside are extremely the-powerful. And the worst part: if you cross it and lose a fight the-inside, I can't use my powers to rewind time and extricate you.
Lann: No extra-cation? Guess we'd better be "extra" careful, then! Duh ha ha ha!
Reynn: Ugh... Anyway, it sounds like if we're going in, we'd better go in fully prepared.
Tama: That's the-for sure. And don't the-forget to save your progress, too.

Nine Wood Hills[]

Sylver Park

Tama: Just head the-back to your room in Nine Wood Hills whenever you want to rest up and the-recover HP.
Reynn: While we're there, we should stop by Chocolatte's and stock up on items.
Lann: Hey, you got it.

Plaza 99

Reynn: Huh? Look at this stone! It's so pretty.
Tama: Oh! Those are the-called mirajewels. They're special the-items made by isolating a Mirage's abilities. If either the-one of you equips them, you'll be able to wield whatever the-abilities they hold. The right mirajewels with the right the-stack can make for a powerful combination!
regarding Mirajewels

Tama: If the-one of your Mirages has learned the "Stroll" ability, it will follow you around in the field, just as the-long as you include it in your lineup. Speaking of the-which, I have that ability too! So if you always the-want your adorable Tama at your side, keep me in your lineup, okay?
after visiting another area after unlocking the Windways

Chapter 4[]

Cornelia Region[]

Lann: Where's the goblin camp?
Reynn: Up on that hill. C'mon!

The Watchplains[]

Backroad 1

Tama: Cornelia's soldiers are the-fighting as hard as they can.
Lann: Let's hurry up and around and BOOOSH...knock the goblins' boss senseless!
Reynn: Ohhh-kay.
Tama: The-WHSHHH and BOOOSH!
Lann: Aw yeah!

Reynn: Huh? This thing seems awfully familiar.
when acquiring Girl's Diary, Entry 1

Backroad 2

Soldier: Ungaaahhh! How humiliating!

Soldier: You didn't have to help me! I had those freaks right where I wanted them! Still, I cannot allow your valiant efforts to go unrewarded. Here! Keep up the good work, you two!

Reynn: Are you okay?
Lann: We got this!

Brigade Captain: Good timing. Some of my soldiers swore they'd seen the princess on the battlefield. I suppose I got a bit careless.
Reynn: Princess Sarah was here?
Lann: What? No way. That can't be right.
Brigade Captain: I'd like to think so, but knowing her, it's possible. Still, we must focus on the task at hand. Don't worry about me. You two should press on. Up ahead, you will find the Bahamutian soldier in charge. He leads the goblins.
Lann: Cool. Let's do this.

Backroad 3

Reynn: Now would be a good time to stock up on items.
Lann: Good call. We've racked up a ton of gil, now that you mention it.
Reynn: You have to wonder why a bunch of Mirages are carrying so much cash.
Tama: Let's just the-say that Enna Kros—
Reynn: Never mind, I figured it was her.

Nine Wood Hills[]

Sylver Park

Reynn: So, why don't we go back to Cornelia and see Princess Sarah?

Chapter 5[]


Reynn: Okay, then let's get going to this Saronia place.
Tama: Just hop on the train and take that choo-choo the-north!

Pyreglow Forest[]

Branch 1

Lann: Holy amaze. I could stare for this place.
Reynn: Looks like we're gonna have to find a way through.

Tama: If things get the-dangerous or you need a break, don't forget that you can use the Gates to return to Nine Wood Hills and take a time out.

Branch 2

Lann: Whoa! How are we supposed to get past these vines?
Reynn: What's this symbol?
Tama: That's one of Enna Kros's the-patented Sizzle symbols!
Reynn: She got it patented?
Tama: That's your cue to the-bring along a Mirage that's learned the Sizzle ability. And if you don't have a Mirage with the Sizzle ability just the-yet, you're sure to find one close the-by, so keep looking.
when finding a Sizzle symbol for the first time

Lann: Whoooa.
Reynn: Nice!
after using a Mirage with the Sizzle ability

Reynn: Grymoire sure has no shortage of wonders, does it?
Lann: I know. How high up are we? I wonder what would happen if we jumped.
Reynn: Hey, why don't you find out?
Tama: Go on, we're the-waiting.
Lann: Uhhh, I'll pass.

Branch 3

Reynn: Huh? What's that light?

Branch 4

Lann: Reynn, my legs are about to fall off.
Reynn: Talking about it only makes it worse. But, you do have a point... I guess this is wearing me down.
Lann: Wouldn't it be great if the Mirages in our stacks could just carry us around?
Reynn: Oh come on, it's not that simple—
Tama: You can the-hitch a ride on your Mirages, as long as they've learned the Joyride ability.
Reynn: We can?!
Lann: Dude, YESSS!

Forest Lake[]

Bank 2

Reynn: Huh?
Lann: What's up, Sis?
Reynn: Oh, it's probably nothing. I just had this strange feeling...kind of familiar, but also kind of scary.

Chapter 6[]

Ice Region[]

Lann: D'ahh! I'm freezing my butt off out here!
Reynn: Brrr, n-no kidding. Hey, let's take shelter at that inn there.

Lann: Oooh! The cold doesn't seem half as bad now! Thank you, magic warmer thingy!
Reynn: You're right. I think we'll be able to cross the ice now.
Tama: Saronia, here we the-come!
after obtaining Warlock Warmer

Lann: Whoa. Is that the ridge they were talking about?
Reynn: It looks like the icicles have formed a bridge across the ravine.

Icicle Ridge[]

Slip 1

Tama: There's only one the-way to Saronia, and that's through this ridge.

Lann: Is that the Mirages she mentioned?
Reynn: Stay close to us, Refia. Okay?
Refia: Okay.

Lann: Whoa, it melted! Thanks, Sizzle!
Reynn: Thanks indeed. Let's keep going.

Lann: Whoa! Now that's slippery. Looks like there's no changing directions... We'll figure it out.
when sliding in the first maze, with Lann

Reynn: Aaah! Yikes. How are we supposed to get any traction?! There's no way to turn mid-slide. We'll need to plan ahead.
when sliding in the first maze, with Reynn

Slip 2

Reynn: That must have been those nasty Mirages Sherlotta warned us about.
Lann: We can't seem to imprism them. This'll be tricky...
after winning first battle with White Nakks

Tama: If you're not sure which the-way to go, don't be afraid to look at the map and-the get your bearings.
if having trouble in the second ice maze

Lann: Wha—? Hey! Stop running!
Reynn: They certainly like giving us a hard time.
after winning second battle with White Nakks

Slip 3

Lann: He's huge!
Reynn: Is that the Mirages' leader?
Lann: Good! Let's go after him!
regarding Grandfenrir

Slip 4

Lann: Oh-kay, that was fun.
Tama: Well, that's the-one way to do it...
Reynn: Refia, are you okay?
Refia: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you. Once we're out of here, Saronia's just a skip away.
after defeating Grandfenrir


Refia: Are you two okay?
if the player's stacks' HP is low

Refia: I'm here to help.
if the player's stacks' HP is low

Chapter 7[]

Saronia Harbor[]

Reynn: Since it's our first time here, why don't we ask around and try to learn more about the place?
Lann: Sure!

Lann: You know, from the sound of it, they must have joined up with the Federation pretty recently.
Reynn: I think now I'm starting to see what Princess Sarah meant.
Lann: Well, for now, why don't we see if we can go talk to that thane guy about the League of S?
Reynn: I'm probably wasting my breath, but try to watch what you say around here.
Lann: Uh, sure.
Tama: Looks like the thane's manor is at the very tippity the-top of the town. Let's the-out!
after talking to key NPCs in the town and Shanty Town

Shanty Town

Lann: Whoa, what happened to this place?
Reynn: I know... How can it be so different from the next road over?

Chapter 8[]

Saronia Docks[]

Station 1

Tama: Not exactly the most cheerful the-place.
Lann: Yeah, and it looks like Mirages are roaming around too.
Reynn: These docks need to get docked a few points. Let's watch our step...

Lann: What've we got?
Reynn: A cannon? What's it doing here?
Lann: Hmmm... Aha! Nice. It's a perfect FIIIIIIIIIT!
when examining a cannon for the first time

Lann: Dah! What just happened?
Tama: Naturally, this must the-be how the locals get around.
Reynn: Uh-huh. Naturally...

Station 2

Lann: Wow, that creeped me out.
Reynn: What do you mean?
Lann: That chime sounded like it could wake the dead.
Reynn: You don't mean a gh-gh-gh— AAAH!
Lann: Hey, I didn't say it!
when examining one the three bells in the area

Station 3

Lann: Ooogh, I'm really starting to get sick of all this cold...
Tama: Maybe you should have thought of that the-before you came up with this plan.
Reynn: Yeah, Lann! Nobody ever said anything about having to fight past all these stupid Mirages. Oh well. I did read that cold weather helps keep you focused, so I guess it's not all that bad. See, shivering uses less energy than a—
Lann: Ahhh! Man, do I just love the cold! Well, come on, come on! No time like the present!

Lann: Oh! This must be it: the pirate ship.
Reynn: Yeah. I don't think there's any debate about that.
Tama: Let's be the-sneaky.

Chapter 9[]

Pirate Ship - Deck[]

Quistis: Okay, right this way.
Faris: Godspeed, gents.
Lann: Thanks! Oh, right... Where's my manners? Sorry we tried to rob you!
Reynn: We really didn't mean to cause you trouble.
Faris: You can make it up to me. Perhaps... If you survive. Farewell!
Reynn: Huh?!
Quistis: Come on! This way.

Saronia Docks[]

Reynn: Wait, where does that road go?
Quistis: It's the way back to town. I mean, isn't that how you got here? The other road is crawling with Mirages. Nobody uses that anymore.
Lann: Dude! Oh, I so wish we knew about that coming in.
Reynn: Well, that figures. I thought something about these docks smelled fishy.
Tama: But at least we found some good the-Mirages! No worries, the-right?
Lann: Yeah! No worries at all! *whimper*

River to the Seas[]

Lann: Well, at least it's starting to warm up.
Reynn: Oh yeah. The breeze is really nice.
Tama: I can't the-believe they loaned us this great boat! We really lucked the-out this time.
Lann: Dude, I know, right? We don't even have to steer it. I love the easy life.
Reynn: But Lann...
Lann: Hm?
Reynn: Aren't you just a little worried about what Faris and Quistis said?
Lann: What did they say?
Tama: Now that you mention it, they did kind of make it the-sound like we weren't gonna live out the day.
Reynn: Pretty much.
Lann: Wonder why.
Reynn: Hmm... What's so bad about the Low Seas? We're just going south...right? You know, somewhere lower down on the map or something?
Tama: What if they're called "low"...because of all the lowlifes living the-there?
Reynn: That could be it.
Lann: Hey, uh, Reynn?
Reynn: Huh?
Lann: Is it just me, or is the river getting more whooshy?
Reynn: Y-you think so?
Lann: Reynn, all of a sudden, I am suddenly getting this really bad sudden feeling.
Reynn: Yeah, me too.
Tama: Bad feeling? About the-what?

The Low Seas[]


Lann: Now that our boat's busted, how are we supposed to get where we're going?
Reynn: Ugh. Don't ask me.

The Low Seas Region

Adamantoise: Now, off we go. I know little about the world above, let alone this "Babil" you seek. If you don't mind, I'll leave you to navigate.

Reynn: Something's swimming around over there.
Tama: I don't like the look of it one the-bit.
Lann: Why not?
Reynn: Lann, does this remind you of anything?
Lann: Hey! Let's try touching it!
Reynn: Oh, please don't.

Lann: That was close.
Reynn: We'd better steer clear of them.
if escaping from a Mega Sharqual battle

Adamantoise: So, shall we be on our way?
Lann: Off we go!
Reynn: Take it away!
Tama: Let's the-go!

Adamantoise: Which way do we go from here?
Lann: Umm...
Reynn: Well...

Adamantoise: Oh?
Tama: The-what is it?

Chapter 10[]

The Rainbow Shore[]

Lann: Right, so...uh, what's next?
Reynn: Well first, why don't we look for a town?
Tama: Be the-careful. Whatever's up ahead, it's causing my Mirage-dar to go the-bonkers.

The Dragon Scars[]

Scar 1

Tama: You don't want to take a spill down these the-cliffs.
Lann: Oh come on, how old do you think me and Reynn— Whoa!
Reynn: Hey Lann, slapstick's less funny if you die from it.

Reynn: The paths here are treacherous.
Lann: Yeah, watch your step or yo— Wh-the-whoa!
Reynn: Wow, it's even funnier the second time.

Scar 2

Lann: Man, I wish I was as strong as a dragon. I'd be all like "mrrrooow!"
Reynn: Which would make you one strange dragon, but I agree. The Mirages we're facing have been getting tougher and tougher.
Tama: You the-need to learn to exploit your Mirages' elemental resistances.
Lann: You want us to blow them up?
Reynn: Um, that's "explode," and while I'd love to give you credit for the first four letters, you clearly weren't listening.
Lann: I was listening! They're mental resistors.
Reynn: Ugh! That's clearly what you've got.

Reynn: So Tama, could you tell us more about exploiting resistances?
Lann: Kaboom!
Reynn: Would you stop?
Lann: Awww...
Tama: Right, where the-was I... Oh! You may have noticed the Mirages here like to the-fight with fire.
Reynn: But if you put Mirages with high fire resistance in your stacks...
Tama: You can the-reduce the damage you take from flames.

Scar 3

Lann: Dude, it all makes sense now.
Reynn: What? The elemental resistance stuff? You actually followed that?
Lann: Sure! Basically, we need to imprism as many of the Mirages around here as we can.
Tama: Wha?!
Reynn: Whoa!
Lann: Wh...what?
Tama: You're the-right!
Reynn: Somehow, you understood what to do even if you didn't understand the whys.
Lann: Ha ha ha! I'm a man of action! I don't believe in "whys"!
Tama: That much is the-obvious.
Reynn: No one in her right mind would put "Lann" and "wise" in the same sentence.

Lann: Whoa whoa whoa! What's it doing?
Tama: It the-knows how to play defense!
Reynn: I guess we'll have to give it what it wants...
if trying to get past Gimme Golem without Fluffiflower

Scar 5

Tama: Thanks again! You really saved our biscuits the-back there!
Reynn: Who knew they came in sets?
Tifa: I'm just glad you're all right. Huge dragons live in the Scars. You're lucky you only ran into the two. Normally, people don't set foot near the place, but I heard all the ruckus and knew something must be up.
Lann: It's a good thing you did. Gotta say, though, you pack quite a punch!
Tifa: Oh. Well...I might've gotten lucky.
Lann: Huh?
Tifa: That's actually one of my master's moves. That was the first time I ever managed to pull it off.
Reynn: Oh!
Tifa: I live to the north of here, in a town called Nibelheim. Come on by, if you get a chance!
after defeating Mega Red Dragon

Reynn: I guess she's a Champion too.
Lann: I'll say! She sure punches like one!
Tama: Makes you wonder what her master must be the-like!

Babil Region[]

Lann: She said her town was north of here, didn't she?
Reynn: Yeah. Wait... I think I can actually see it from here.
Tama: Brrr! S-something about that place makes my fur the-crawl! I don't know what it is, but it gives me the heebie-the-jeebies!

Lann: Are you guys seeing this town?
Reynn: Yeah... That's where Tifa lives?
Tama: It makes Nine Wood Hills look the-humble!


Lann: Well, this is a charming little town. But something feels kind of...I dunno, "off" about it. I can't quite put my finger on what it is.
Reynn: Hmmm... I think it might be a good idea for us to keep a low profile around here.
Lann: Why's that?
Reynn: Because... Oh, just do it!
Lann: Uh, okay. Low profile, Tama.
Tama: Okay. Roger the-wilco...

Chapter 11[]


Lann: All right, Placey Place! Here we come!
Reynn: Now you're forgetting entire names?

Babil Region[]

Tama: Valley Seven is east of the-here.

Valley Seven[]

Cauldron 1

Lann: Dude, I'm burning up...
Tama: Me the-too...
Reynn: Just think about cold things! ...And then think about them melting.

Reynn: One wrong step and we're finished.
Lann: Achoo!
Reynn: Aaah! Why are you sneezing?! It's like five hundred degrees in here!

Cauldron 2

Reynn: I think she went back this way, right?

Reynn: Okay, let's press on, Lann.
Lann: Right. We've got a key to find.
Tama: Best of the-luck on your adventure!
Reynn: Ha ha. You're coming too, Tama. Nice try.
after rescuing Rydia, and dispelling the pillar of fire in the area

Cauldron 4

Lann: I reeeally don't know about this place.
Reynn: I do. I know that it's really bad.
Tama: We can't the-give up now!
Reynn: Technically we can, but let's get this over with.

Chapter 12[]

The Windswept Mire[]

Fen 1

Reynn: For starters, why don't we take a took around?
Lann: Mom bombs! That is one deep swamp.
Reynn: Maybe we shouldn't go this way after all...

Chapter 13[]

Desert Region[]

Lann: Reynn...
Reynn: Yeah? What?
Lann: This whole "adventuring" thing is hard.
Reynn: Well, the word "adventure"—it used to literally mean "bad stuff happening to you."
Lann: Thanks for that uplifting bit of trivia.
Tama: Wait! I the-hear some activity over thata-the-way. I think we're not far from a place to the-rest! Let's go take the-five over there!

Lann: Finally, a town.
Reynn: We can't go in.
Lann: What? Why not?
Reynn: It's another Federation town. We'd better steer clear.
Tama: We don't want to run the-into those creeps.
when approaching the town in the background


Lann: Now I'm all lathered up, I can smell 'em.
Reynn: Smell what?
Lann: Mirages! Over there!
Tama: Over the-where? To the north?

The Phantom Sands[]

Toil 1

Lann: Despite the harsh desert climate, Mirages here are full of life.
Reynn: When did we step into a documentary?
Lann: Uh...a docu-what?

Toil 3

Lann: Um, Reynn? That creepy noise that we've been hearing—I think it's getting the opposite of not less quieter.
Reynn: 'Scuse me? I'm not even going to attempt to untangle that statement...
Tama: In other the-words, this isn't going to end the-well...

Toil 4

Lann: Huh? The sky's gone all orangey.
Reynn: It's getting late. We're taking too long.
Tama: We'd better get the-clear of here before the sun goes down.

Chapter 14[]

Underground Prison[]

Ophion 1

Prisoner Merchant: Are you two heading out? Then you'd better watch your back. One more thing, I've manged to stockpile some supplies. Best prices in prison.

Lann: What'n the...
Prisoner Merchant: That would be the castle submerging.
Reynn: Now that I think of it, the castle did seem to appear out of nowhere.
Prisoner Merchant: I hear the first time they poked around here, the castle plowed forward, and they ended up having to redraw all the maps. Least that's the story.

Ophion 2

Squall: Me, I'm with SeeD, a mercenary group in the League of S. We fight against the Federation. I know who you are. Quistis filled me in.
Reynn: Quistis...was... Oh! She gave us the fastcraft!
Lann: Ohhh, so she's in the League of S! The lass in glasses.
Squall: Heh. That's right. She's an officer, in fact.
Lann: Wow! I didn't know she was a big shot.
Reynn: So why are you here helping us out like this? I don't suppose it's to...make up for the waterfall.
Squall: Hm? Sorry, but I don't think she ever mentioned a waterfall. It was Edgar, the guy who put you in here, that asked me to help you out.
Lann: What? That creep? Why?
Squall: You've seen the anchor that's latched on to the desert castle. Edgar's kingdom?
Reynn: Yeah?
Squall: In order to break loose of it, we'll need the mako energy which lies dormant beneath this facility.
Reynn: Are you sure that this "mako" energy is that strong?
Squall: Yeah. Trust me.
Reynn: So wait, you mean...
Squall: Yep. This isn't a coincidence. Edgar sent you here as part of the operation. To perform a job.
Lann: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. So then, why didn't he just ask us?
Squall: Figaro didn't join the Federation willingly. It's under constant watch. Also, Edgar knew the Federation doesn't do nice things to its prisoners. Apparently, the real thorns in their side are kept...somewhere between life and death.
Reynn: Life and death? Sounds like what that freak in the golden mask said back in Saronia.
Lann: So like, what's this job we're supposed to do?
Squall: Our target, Mako Reactor 0—it's swarming with all kinds of dangerous Mirages.
Reynn: Oh. Well, that makes sense, then.
Squall: Right. We were hoping that you two would be able to keep the Mirages at bay. looks like your powers have been suppressed.
Reynn: Well, um...we don't really know. I mean, they've never been suppressed before... But they're useless now, I'm afraid.
Lann: Oops. So does that mean we, like, broke the master plan?
Squall: If we have to do this without any Keepers, then yes. The master plan is toast.
Lann: Uh...
Reynn: Heh heh...
Squall: But, the operation's in motion. Use the eldboxes. And we'll just have to hope for the best. ...Hm? You know... The League of S has an agent on-site. I think she can remove the suppressors.
Reynn: Yeah?
Squall: It's possible, but I can't promise you. Now, enough talking. Let's press on.

Chapter 15[]

Mako Reactor 0[]

Sector 1

Shelke: Watch your step here. This area is full of Mirages. It's all up to you now. Good luck.
Lann: Hey, we got this.
Reynn: Oh yeah. This right here is our time to shine.

Tama: This the-one is called a Zap symbol. As you might've the-guessed, you'll need a Mirage that can z-z-zap it with electricity!
when finding a Zap symbol for the first time

Lann: Huh? Why didn't it do anything?
Tama: That device had numbers the-written on it. Surely it must mean the-something?
Reynn: Hmm, numbers, huh? ...Maybe it has something to do with the order we're supposed to zap things in?
Tama: Only one way to find the-out!
when failing to activate terminals in correct order

Sector 4

Reynn: There's something strange about these Mirages...
Tama: I think some of them are unimprismable unless you use eldboxes like the one Squall the-gave you.
Lann: Huh? Say that again?
Reynn: You mean they're machines, not Mirages?
Tama: Maybe machines, or the-maybe... No, that's the-impossible. Never the-mind, forget I said it!
Lann: Okay! It's forgotten!
Reynn: ...Well, at least we know how to imprism them. For now.

Tama: I've got a bad the-feeling about this.
Lann: Uh, Reynn, what do all those numbers floating above us mean?
Reynn: Hey! I said no fourth-wall stuff! Whatever it is, it's not good.
Tama: Let's get the-out of here!
after setting off the alarm

Sector 1

Lann: Huh? Isn't this the entrance?
Reynn: Keep going! Trust me, this is the right way!
Lann: Okay! Roger that, full speed ahead!
Tama: I guess we're the-doing this again!
when returning from Sector 4 while the alarm goes off

Chapter 16[]

Desert Region[]

Reynn: So, Big Bridge... It's off to the west, right?
Lann: My first colossal crossing! This is gonna be colossa-crawsome!
Tama: Now I'm getting the-hyped!

Lann: Whoa! That thing over there has gotta be it!
Tama: Now that is one big the-bridge!
Reynn: Well, you sure can't say it doesn't live up to its name!

Big Bridge[]

Segment 1

Lann: You okay, Reynn?
Reynn: A friend of mine used to go to this school way up on a hill, and it would close down even at the slightest hint of snow.
Tama: The-why is that?
Reynn: Because the only thing worse than climbing a slippery hill is trying to come back down. Anyway—
Lann: She's so upset, we've moved beyond trivia.

Segment 2

Bartz: Now your turn.
after demonstrating a Jump Pad

Bartz: You guys going up?
Reynn: Yes, that's right.
Bartz: Okay, then why don't I tag along? The more the merrier, I say!

Bartz: You know, this might be my first time ever meeting an ordinary Jiant. Back when I was a kid, I heard some towns still had folks like you. But nowadays, the only Jiants you run into are the soldiers of the Bahamutian Army.
Reynn: Oh... I wonder what happened to them.
Tama: By the way, Bartz, you wouldn't the-happen to be a summoner?
Bartz: Me? No way! Boko here is just a really good friend.
Boko: Kweh!
Bartz: You know, there are plenty of Mirages who live alongside humans by their own choice. There's chocobos, and moogles...
Lann: Now that you mention it, I have seen some moogles and chocobos wandering around Grymoire's towns.
Tama: And Captain Faris was the-living with moogles, too.
Reynn: Well, considering she's best buddies with a giant sea dragon, I'd say she's closer to something like a summoner or a Mirage Keeper.
Bartz: Really? You sure know some interesting people.

Segment 3

Lann: Oh no. An abstraction!
Tama: What is that supposed to the-mean?
Reynn: We need to get that Mirage out of the way.
Tama: Oh. An obstruction. I think I the-need to take some classes in Lann-ese.

Lann: Hey, listen, Sis—
Reynn: You know that expression, "Cross that bridge when you come to it"? Don't you think that's kind of a strange turn of phrase? I mean, it's not like you can cross a bridge before you come to it. It doesn't make any sense. If you ask me—
Lann: I didn't, I didn't. Please make it stop.

Segment 4

Lann: Ohhh-kay! The final dash!
Reynn: Have fun.
Tama: I'll be the-taking my time.
Lann: Oh come on, live a little!

Chapter 17[]

Eclipsed Region[]

Lann: It's night...
Tama: The moon is the-so pretty!
Reynn: So uh, are we really sure there's a key around here?
Lann: Well, I am getting some seriously intense naught-but-night vibes from this place.
Tama: I say we go the-check out that town in the distance—the one with the light on!
Reynn: Hey, is that...uh, the, uh...train?

Lann: Hey, hold up.
Reynn: I know. An anchor.
Tama: The Federation must the-control this place.
Reynn: Let's be careful.

Tometown of the Ancients, first visit[]

Cloud: Come on!
if attempting to leave the area

Library of the Ancients[]

Cloud: I'll take you to the Graveyard. Just say the word. I'll be around.

Cloud: In case it wasn't obvious, the town is still a big mess. I wish I could help you guys fight, but they need my help. Are you sure you'll be able to face the Prime on your own?
Lann: I know we got off on the wrong foot. But I think you've seen by now we can handle ourselves. We got it covered.
Reynn: Yup! You just worry about the town.
Cloud: Will do. If things settle down, I'll come find you later. So! Next stop: the Train Graveyard. You ready?

The Train Graveyard[]

Necropolis 1

Tama: Hwooow... Just the-look at all these choo-choos.
Lann: I'm definitely getting that "graveyard" vibe. It's like a ghost could pop up at any second.
Reynn: Oh my gosh, Lann. That is not funny at all!

Lann: Whoa! That's what I call a lift!
Reynn: Nothing can surprise us now, huh?
Lann: Hey, is that a ghost?
Reynn: Wah!
Lann: Gotcha.
Reynn: Want me to turn this into a Lann graveyard?
Lann: Ha ha. No thank you.
when activating the lift

Lann: Hey, know what they call a locomotive with vampire fangs?
Tama: I sense a bad the-joke coming...
Reynn: Honestly, I'm more impressed he knows the word "locomotive."
Lann: A "chew-chew" train. Because it's got fangs. Fangs that chew.
Reynn: I...think I need a pillow to cry in.
Tama: There's just no hope for us any-the-more.

Necropolis 2

Lann: Whoa!
Reynn: Aaah!
Tama: That-the startled me!
when activating the lift

Tama: This train graveyard is a really the-fascinating—
Reynn: Tama!
Tama: Wh-what's the-wrong?
Reynn: This is a rail-yard. Not a you-know-what-yard. Okay? Let's get our terminology straight.
Tama: Y-yes the-ma'am.

Necropolis 4

Lann: It just hit me. Look how far up we are!
Tama: That bat must the-really like high altitudes.
Lann: Who? Me?
Reynn: The Prime, dummy. She said "bat," not "batty"...

Reynn: Looks like we've climbed up even higher.
Lann: Yo-de-lay-hee-heeee!
Tama: Yo-de-lay-the-heeee!
Reynn: Either that or we've sunk to a new low...

Necropolis 5

Lann: Just hang on, Sis.

Necropolis 6

Tama: They're the-straight ahead!

Tometown of the Ancients, second visit[]

Lann: Oh! Looks like everyone is back to normal now.
Tama: Another day has been the-saved!
Lann: Alrighty then, next up is... What were we after again?
Reynn: The Key of Tides.
Tama: "Will Reynn and the-Lann succeed in their noble adventure? Stay the-tuned!"
Reynn: Tama! Hey! Who gave you permission to cut to a commercial break? Put us back on the air!
Lann: "And now...back to the Adventures of Lann and Reynn and Tama and a Bunch of Mirages and Lann!"
Reynn: Oh, whatever... So what are we doing? Anybody? Should we go pay one last visit to Celes and Cid before we head out?

Chapter 18[]

Eclipsed Region[]

Reynn: Huh? That's not the usual train whistle.
Lann: Look over there. I think I see some lights that weren't there before.
Tama: That's the-north of us! Maybe the train'll take us to the upper the-continent!

Besaid Region[]

Female NPC: Aloha! And a warm welcome to the Empyreum.

Tama: Hoh, I am the-loving this weather!
Lann: It makes me just wanna laugh out loud! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Reynn: I have no idea how to react to that, so I'm just gonna ignore you. Now, what do you say we head for that town over there?

Port Besaid[]

Reynn: Okay, we've got a temple in the deep to find. Why don't we start by asking around?

Tama: Well, it sounds like every-the-one's heard about the temple we're after.
Lann: Thing is, none of these people have actually been there.
Reynn: What'd you expect? It's the "temple in the deep." You think people would call it that if it was swimmable?
Lann: And from the look of it, the train probably doesn't stop there either. "Pantaloggist... Always Here to Assist"?
Tama: Wow. A person that studies the-pants? They think of the-everything!
Lann: Yeah. Pants must be serious business.
Reynn: It's "pantologist," dummy. The prefix is "pan."
Lann: Cookware, huh? Neat!
Reynn: Not those pans. As in "all"! Like they do a little of everything.
Lann: Ohhh! Well, if they do a little of everything, then maybe they can do a little of helping us get down to that sunken temple. Let's hit the pants!
Reynn: Wha— Wait! Lann!

Lann: This looks like the place.
when approaching Besaid Laboratory

The Sea[]

Reynn: But...just a minute. Does this mean we can't return to Nine Wood Hills?
Tama: Oh, you can still go the-back there.
Lann: Hey, I didn't know you could breathe underwater too.
Tama: Don't go the-confusing me with your average mortal. I'm special!
Reynn: Okay, but then why didn't you just go to the temple for us?
Tama: What? Are you the-crazy?! Every the-inch between us and that key is crawling with a mirage of Barrages—I mean a barrage of Mirages! If you sent me in there alone, I'd get annihi-the-lated!
Reynn: Sor-ry. So, did you mean it when you said that we could go back to Nine Wood Hills?
Tama: Well, that place isn't just immune to the-time. It can dispel the-magic and other mystical manipulations. So, that means you can go back to Nine Wood Hills without the-choking to death.
Reynn: Thank goodness. Although, I guess that means we won't be able to travel anywhere else, huh?
Lann: Meh. Let's just finish our dunk to the Sunken Temple and...wait. If we find the key, will we change back?
Tidus: Oh! Don't worry. Dr. Shantotto gave me the antidote to the curse.
Reynn: Whew, what a relief! I thought we'd end up stuck like this... Wait, did you just say "curse"?!
Lann: Dude!
Tidus: Shyeah? I mean, curses are the doc's specialty.
Reynn: Uh...first we've heard of that. Well, as long as she's planning on fixing us up...
Tidus: Sorta. Ya see, the doc said— "Tell those twin losers the antidote costs, so bring me a quacho ruby or they can get lost." So good luck! I am not crossing her.
Lann: She...said all that?
Reynn: Twin losers? Whaaat?! Where does she get off calling me a loser? Lann is the loser here!
Lann: You're mad about the name-calling?!

Tama: Question for you: what the-exactly is a quacho ruby?
Reynn: Oh, good point. What is a quacho?
Tidus: A quacho? Oh! There's some right over there. Their queen cries red tears which are called "quacho rubies."
Reynn: Now I see... But, those sound like they must be just about impossible to get.
Tidus: True enough. They say she only sheds one tear every decade. The rubies go for at least a hundred million gil.
Lann: A hundred mil?!
Reynn: I swear, that is the last time I ever consult a pantologist.

Lann: Hey, Tidus. How come you can breathe underwater?
Tidus: Well, if you've tossed enough blitzballs around... Uh?
Lann: What?
Tidus: Hmm... Eh, I'll tell you about it some other time.

Tidus: Hey! There it is!

The Sunken Temple[]

Quacheon 1

Reynn: Let's just find the key, get the ruby we need, and trade for the antidote.
Lann:Rubies... Rubies... Baby, I wanna be a quacho zillionare

Lann: Woo! This is fun!
Reynn: I have to admit, it is.
Lann: I'm a ninja! Wacha!
Reynn: I'm pretty sure ninjas are supposed to be quiet. Remember why we're here.
Tama: To the-find that ruby! ♪ Baby, I the-wanna be a quacho zillionare
Reynn: No, it was something about a key...
when climbing up the walls

Quacheon 2

Lann: Hey, check out these big statues!
Reynn: Neat. Was each of these a famous quacho?
Tama: They all the-look the same to me.
Reynn: I know.

Reynn: This temple is immense.
Lann: sure it's not a womanse?
Tama: The-dude!
Reynn: Yes, Lann, the temple is male.
Lann: Reynn! You mean can tell?!
Tama: And all this time, I thought we were walking on lifeless the-stone!
Reynn: Why do I even bother?

Lann: Dude! How'd one of these get down here?
Reynn: I know. They're everywhere.
Tama: How long has it been the-holding its breath?
Reynn: Please don't ask "Lann questions."
when approaching the Gimme Golem

Quacheon 3

Lann: You know, as fun as it is to breathe water and walk on the bottom of the ocean, this place is really starting to get to—
Reynn: You ever wonder why the ocean is salty? The rain that fills up the ocean isn't salty. Well, there's a reason for it.
Lann: Whoooa. That's nice. How 'bout you tell me about it another time?

Quacheon 4

Reynn: Let's track down those tonberries. And hope they still have it!

Quacheon 3

Reynn: Is that the queen?

Lann: Oh cool, that thing just opened.

Reynn: Do you think she's going after those tonberries she mentioned?
Tama: We'd better the-tail her.

Quacheon 5

Lann: Whoooa whoa whoa! I'm getting dizzy!
Tama: I've lost all the-sense of direction!
Reynn: No you haven't. Come on.

Lann: Hey, Sis.
Reynn: Hey what?
Lann: I...I don't think I'm moving forward anymore.
Reynn: Of course you're not moving forward, you're moving... straight down.
Lann: I knew it! Help me, Sis!
Reynn: You're not falling, dummy.

Quacheon 6

Reynn: This place is starting to look less and less like a temple.
Lann: Is it still a manse?
Tama: Maybe we've the-fallen into a manse-hole.
Reynn: Yes. That must be it.

Quacheon 7

Tama: I the-made it so the Exit Gate will take you the-right to where Tidus is waiting.
Reynn: Right. We need to get a hold of that antidote.

Chapter 19[]

Besaid Shore[]

Lann: Say, uh, the stairs here aren't gonna do anything crazy like collapse, right?
Tama: Don't let a little thing like that the-stop you.
Lann: You do know we can't fly, right?!

Nonary Region[]

Lann: Huh? How did we wind up back home?
Tama: We the-didn't. Take a closer the-look.
Reynn: Yeah. It's similar, but not the same. It's...
Lann: Old-fashioned...I guess you might say?
Reynn: Yeah. And unlike Nine Wood Hills, this is a real ghost town.

The Crystal Tower[]

First Floor

Lann: It's really different inside too.
Reynn: And I don't see any elevators.
Lann: Aw, no way.
Tama: We'll just have to climb up one the-step at a time. C'mon! I know we can the-do it!
Lann: Yeah, easy! Says the fox hitching a ride!

Lann: Whoa! Is this...
Reynn: Hm?
when activating the Warp Crystal

Second Floor

Lann: Tama! Stand by for Warp Ten!
Tama: Roger the-wilco! Standing by!
Lann: WARP! Aha ha ha ha ha!
Tama: Aha ha ha ha ha!
Reynn: Oh, good old warp drive. But let's be realistic. Everyone knows Warp Ten is the limit, and we're clearly not moving at infinite speed.
Lann: Dude.
Tama: Uh, does she know we were the-kidding?
when activating the Warp Crystal

Third Floor

Tama: Lann, are we there the-yet? 'Cause I think my legs are about to the-fall off.
Lann: I hear you. I'm about ready to... Hey, wait, you're not even walking!
Reynn: ......
Lann: Sis?
Tama: Hweh? Reynn, is something the-wrong?
Lann: No trivia... So I guess that means she isn't upset at me. Hellooo? Reynn?
Reynn: Uh, what's up?
Lann: That's what I wanna know. What's the deal?
Reynn: Uh, it's hard to explain. I guess I sort of get the feeling...I've been here before.
Lann: Well, it does look like Nine Wood Hills.
Tama: It might the-be déjà vu!
Lann: The Day of Javoo? Is that, like, doomsday? "Bow before the mighty Javoo, humans!"
Tama: We'll just pretend he's not the-here. Reynn, do you the-want to take a break? I don't the-mind.
Reynn: Oh, no, I'll be fine. Thanks, Tama. Let's keep moving!
Tama: Roger the-dodger!
Lann: But what about the mighty Javoo?!

Fourth Floor

Lann: I'm sick and tired of this place.
Reynn: You're not allowed to be sick and tired.
Lann: Okay, then I'm just tired.
Reynn: You're gonna have to stick it out, Lann.
Lann: Okay, then I'm just sticky.
Reynn: If you're sticky, then would you glue your mouth shut? Permanently?

Lann: Who knew just how far the twin adventurers had come.
Reynn: Who indeed.
Tama: Why are you talking in the third the-person?

Fifth Floor

Reynn: We must be getting near the top.
Tama: This place feels less the-welcoming the further we climb.
Lann: The Mirages are getting stronger as we go, too.
Reynn: Yeah. Stay on your toes.
Tama: Use a Teleport Stone if you need to turn the-back. And you can the-access the Prism Case via the Seraphone.

Seventh Floor

Lann: Where are we now?
Tama: Wherever this is, it's the-crawling with powerful Mirages.
Reynn: I can feel it too. Let's be careful.

Chamber of Wind and Earth

Tama: They look the-really strong!
Lann: But you know who's stronger? Us! Maybe!
when confronting Asterius and Tiamat

Chamber of Fire and Water

Reynn: Get ready! They're coming this way!
when confronting Buer and Kraken

Seventh Floor

Tama: That took the-care of two of the locks at once.
Lann: Oh, nice!
Reynn: Since we beat two Mirages, we just need one more pair.
when defeating first set of Mirages

Lann: That's the last one! Woo-hoo!
Reynn: Uh, right...
Tama: I think this could be the-it: the final showdown!
when defeating last set of Mirages

Chapter 20[]

The Crystal Tower[]

The Gate

Reynn: Huh?
Lann: Whoa. Check it out. This place is...
Tama: It's the-beautiful.
Reynn: Something about it makes me...
Lann: Feel safe.
Reynn: Y-yeah... You think...Mom could be here?
Lann: Maybe. Let's find her.

Nine Wood Hills[]

Sylver Park

Lann: Huh? We can't go anywhere else?
Reynn: Hey, you don't think...? Tama!
Lann: Hey! Tama! Tama-Tama-Tama-Tamaaa!
Reynn: I knew it. As long as Tama's mind is wandering, we won't be able to activate these Gates.
Lann: Dude, really?
Reynn: Why don't we just give her some time? At least we can still get back to Balamb Garden, right?
Lann: All right then, fine. Let's head back there and keep exploring, then.
if attempting to activate the Gate

Balamb Garden[]


Quistis: Well, I know that you two have been through a lot recently but...why don't we start out by sharing our intel? Everyone's on deck, except the injured. This way.


Quistis: Sorry, guys. I need to get back to the control room and handle this mess. Look, I realize that you two are trustworthy. But the League does have its rules. Until you get clearance, restricted areas like the infirmary are off limits. If you want to explore, keep it to here and the lobby. Okay? Catch up later.
Lann: So basically, she doesn't trust us at all.
Reynn: Well, you can't blame her.
Lann: Okay, so, what do we do now?
Reynn: Hmmm... I'm worried about all our friends. We really do need to talk to Tama.
Lann: Yeah, that's for sure. I keep calling her, but she doesn't show up.
Reynn: I don't think she plans to leave Nine Wood Hills. C'mon, why don't we go see if we can cheer her up.


Reynn: It's good that we're helping the League out, but remember, we need to round up more Mirages. Tama, these "Cogna" things—can you tell us more about them? They look powerful.
Tama: Like Mirages, some the-Cogna are strong, and some not so the-much. Then again, the tough ones are really, the-really the-tough. In fact, some of the Cogna have such powerful defenses that regular attacks the-won't even leave a scratch on them.
Lann: Dude, what?! How are we supposed to stop them then?
Reynn: Remember, we're not the only ones out there fighting. There's Cloud, Squall, Lightning... We're all gonna have to learn to help each other out.
Lann: Right. Good point!
after talking to Hauyn

Chapter 21[]

Airship Interior[]

Lann: Okay, so where are we supposed to start?
Reynn: Well, if we can track down Cloud, Squall and Lightning, they could probably use a little help with the Cogna.
Lann: Right, but where are they? Rrrgh, we need more intel!
Tama: Oh! For that the-kind of stuff, you should definitely consult with Serafie. Hang on while I go and the-get her!

Serafie: Yeah, hi. So I suppose you're gonna make me break out the old Rumor Radar for you.
Reynn: Rumor Radar?
Serafie: Oh, that's my secret power, hon. It lets me instantly snap up every bit of gossip within my threshold. In a teensy world like this, that basically only amounts to everything.
Lann: Whoa, now that's cool.
Serafie: Huh? Is it cool?
Lann: Well, I'm no expert, but I'd say it is!
Serafie: Wooo-hooo. I thought I'd never be one of those cool pixies.
Tama: Well, you'd be the-cooler if you picked up facts instead of rumors.
Serafie: Thanks for that reminder.
Reynn: Uh, well... So do you mind trying it?
Serafie: Yeah, sure. I guess I'll start us out by narrowing down the search to those Cogna we're after. Sound good?

Lann: So like, things are basically terrible everywhere?
Reynn: That's a problem. We can't be in all of those places at once.
Lann: Tiiime...I command you to stop! Okay, can we just build a time machine or something?
Serafie: Inside Nine Wood Hills, you do realize that time is essentially stopped?
Reynn: Oh! Wait. That girl behind the door in Nine Wood Hills—couldn't she help us reach everyone?
Lann: You're right! Inside her room, we can skip around to any point in time that we want!

Saronia Docks[]

Lann: What the honk?
Reynn: Did the Cogna take over Saronia too?
Lann: Dude... The buildings, the entrance, it's all one big mess.
Reynn: I don't think we'll be getting in.
if attempting to enter the corrupted Saronia Harbor

Nine Wood Hills[]

Plaza 99

Reynn: A cathedral, huh?
Lann: Where are we supposed to find that?
Reynn: Well, Quistis said we'd find one at the heart of every Federation town.
Tama: Oh! Remember that town that gave me the heebie-the-jeebies? We've seen lots of towns like that the-since. We shouldn't have to go the-far to find one!


Lann: Wh...what happened here?
Tama: Once the Cogna invade a town and take the-control, it looks like the town becomes the-corrupted.
Reynn: There's Mirages here. Be careful.

Lann: So, the building in the center of town is the cathe...the
Tama: Hweh? Did you want to the-listen to some music or something?
Reynn: It's "cathedral." Just keep an eye out for Mirages, okay?


Tama: If you're not the-sure you're strong enough yet, I think you should get out there and the-round up some more Mirages.
Shelke: Yes. And the world continues to struggle. Don't forget about all the people down here. They need your help. Don't you think?
Quistis: Remember, that castle is Bahamut's stronghold. When you do go, make sure you go prepared.

The Chainroad[]

Ascent 1

Lann: I'm starting to get chain-sick.
Tama: Careful, the Mirages here mean the-business.
Reynn: Good, because the stronger they are, the stronger they can make us. Right, Lann?
Lann: Right...

Ascent 2

Reynn: I hope we can catch up to Wyn in time.
Lann: Another sister...

Ascent 3

Lann: Reynn, I'm sorry!
Reynn: Huh? For what?
Lann: I give up. I don't wanna climb this thing anymooore.
Tama: H-hey! It's too early to give the-up!
Reynn: Ugh. If Wyn could make the climb, then we can make it too. At least, I hope so...

Ascent 4

Reynn: Can you tell us more about the Exnine Knights?
Tama: They're no-good nefarious the-meanies who want to fill Enna Kros's worlds with hatred.
Lann: Nuh, nuh-fair... So what you're saying is that they don't play fair.
Reynn: Well, that much goes without saying.

Ascent 5

Lann: Well, we beat him once, we can beat him again!
Reynn: I don't think that Brandelis guy was even trying before.
Lann: Well, so what! I wasn't trying either!
Tama: Thanks, Lann, that's the-good to know.
Reynn: Yeah, veeery encouraging!
Lann: Hey, uh... What can I say?

Ascent 6

Reynn: Tama, do you know anything else about those three Hearlds?
Tama: Nothing the-firsthand. The Exnine Knights are the-like an army. They have the-lots of members, so it's no the-wonder I haven't met the three here in Grymoire.
Lann: There's that many of them? Dude!
Tama: Not only that, the ones with names and the-numbers are the cruelest and most dangerous of all. Each is responsible for the-destroying many of Enna Kros's the-worlds.
Reynn: Didn't the Champions rise up to stop them?
Tama: Of course they the-tried. Without the Champions, the whole googolplex of worlds would have the-fallen.
Lann: But, wait. Don't all three of the Heralds have names?
Tama: They sure the-do. We've the-heard them call each other by those names. I've never the-seen three of them in one place before.
Reynn: Well, don't worry. We have the Champions and a whole host of Mirages to help us protect Grymoire.
Lann: Right. So c'mon! Let's get this done!

The Ends of Grymoire[]

Lann: This silence is giving me the heebie-jeebies.
Tama: I'll the-say. Way the-too creepy.

Castle Exnine[]

Ordeal 1

Lann: Look at this. It's just...
Reynn: Beyond description.
Lann: It's too strange to belong in this world.
Reynn: Sometimes I think you are too... But, yeah...

Tama: Remember, we're probably inside the-one of the Heralds' thresholds, if not all three.
Lann: Fresh what?
Reynn: Don't even pretend you forgot what that is. So, we're already inside the danger zone?
Tama: I think the-so. They're powerful enough to recreate bits and the-pieces of their own worlds inside the threshold. Just the-like this.
Lann: Wait, but that means that if we go kaput...
Tama: I might not be the-able to rewind you to safety. You have to be very the-careful.

Ordeal 2

Reynn: Thresholds are more than just barriers, aren't they?
Tama: Technically, they're more like a powerful force field, inside of which the world's rules can be the-bent and great feats performed.
Reynn: So, whenever we step through a threshold, we're stepping inside someone else's private world?
Tama: That's the-right. I knew it wouldn't take the-long for you to understand. But for someone to the-create a world this physical, this real inside their threshold, they would have to expend a tremendous the-amount of energy. Not just anyone can the-do it.
Reynn: All that soul crystal being sent here...
Lann: Right, it's, uh, probably doing the, um...
Reynn: It's okay, Lann. You don't have to contribute. Well, whatever form a threshold takes, we know how they work in general, so, at least we'll be ready.
Tama: That's the-right. And you may not have the-noticed, but both of you have thresholds too.
Reynn: Whoa, really?
Lann: Wha—but—I—the— PSHHHhhh...
Tama: Hweh? I think Lann's head is the-starting to smoke.
Reynn: All this info must have finally blown his mind.

Ordeal 3

Lann: Why are there so many Mirages here? Doesn't the Federation worry about sharing a castle with them?
Reynn: Somehow I doubt it. After all, a wolf knows better than to bare its fangs at a behemoth.
Tama: They don't the-stand a chance against the King of Bahamut. There's just the-something about him that feels fundamentally the-different than the other two Heralds.

Ordeal 4

Tama: The Exnine Knights' threshold is too the-strong. I can't the-make a Gate here. If things get the-hairy, let's retreat to the entrance.

Lann: Huh? A dead end.
Reynn: Something's not right.
Tama: I'll the-say. Something definitely feels the-off!
Lann: How off does it feel?
if approaching the dead end before defeating the Carbuncle

Reynn: Isn't that the carbuncle that was with Hauyn—I mean, the woman in the mask?

Lann: Did we beat him?
Tama: I don't the-feel his presence.
Reynn: Hopefully that means he's gone from the castle, if nothing else.
after defeating the Carbuncle

Reynn: Come on. Let's keep going.
Lann: Right.

Ordeal 6

Lann: Rrrgh! Just how far does this go, anyway?!
Reynn: Lann, just keep it cool.
Lann: Oh, sorry. I'm just so excited we're finally gonna beat those guys that I'm getting impatient. Heh heh...

Ordeal 7

Reynn: Isn't it great how there's so many Mirages to find here?
Lann: Oh yeah, this place is the best.

Ordeal 9

Tama: Come on, hang in there, you the-two. We're getting a little the-bit closer to them every step that we— Aaah!
Lann: Huh?! Wh-what's the matter, Tama?
Tama: N-nothing... Something just the-gave me a start. That's all that it was.


Balamb Garden[]


Reynn: Hey, let's go wait on the deck.


Serafie: FYI, if you're looking for some more Mirages, don't forget which pixie's rockin' the old Rumor Radar.

Nine Wood Hills[]

Plaza 99

Reynn: Hey, Lann, do you remember the Pleiad?
Lann: The pleed? What's a "pleed"?
Reynn: I'm still a little hazy on the details myself, but... remember how it seemed like Ifrit and Shiva and Ramuh seemed to recognize us?
Lann: I remember them mentioning something like that.
Reynn: I think there were more Mirages like that—seven of them.
Lann: Oh, I get it. Is that what "pleed" means then?
Reynn: Pleiad, but yes. So I think that might mean there are four more other powerful Mirages we knew besides Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh.
Lann: Huh, no kidding. Well, considering how tough that trio is, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get the rest of them on our side.
Reynn: Yup! My thoughts exactly.

Icicle Ridge[]

Slip ? ? ?

Serafie: Wuh-oh. If we let that karmic kook find the black fox and kill it, won't that ruin all of our chances?
Lann: D'agh! Let's go after him, Reynn!
Reynn: Right!


Flutter Symbol

Reynn: This symbol is new, right?
Tama: Yes, the-sir, that's the Flutter symbol. You'll the need a Mirage with the Flutter ability.
when finding a Flutter symbol for the first time


Lann: Whoa! What's it...
Reynn: O-o-okay?!

Lann: Flying sure is fun! I could fly around all day! Boy oh boy oh boy.
Reynn: Did you just accidentally come up with a haiku? And who says "boy oh boy"?
after using Flutter for the first time

Aquiring a Master Mirage for the first time

Tama: Dun-dun-da-dun! You the-get a ★star! Applause!
Lann: Uh, what are you talking about?
Tama: Whenever you the-sucessfully unlock all of a Mirage's abilities, I get to certify that Mirage as a Master Mirage... and commemerate it by the-giving you a ★star.
Lann: Uh, okay. Thank you.
Tama: You're going to want to thank me even the-more in a sec! Once a Mirage gets its ★star, I can the-reward it a stat bonus or a bonus ability! The-neat, huh? Maybe you've already the-noticed?
Lann: Aw, now that's what I call service!
Reynn: Wow, we'd better create as many Master Mirages as we can. Look at all the upsides!
Lann: Oh, hey, Tama! Give me a ★star too!
Tama: Uhh... Sorry Lann, but I'm afraid you just aren't the-what I'd call "master" material.
Reynn: I know, can you imagine? "Master" Lann? Aha ha ha, aha ha ha ha ha!
Tama: That's the silliest thing I've ever the-heard. "Master" Lann? Hee hee hee, aha ha ha ha ha!
Lann: Hey, what's so funny? I could totally be "Master" Lann... Ha ha, aha ha ha ha! "Master" Lann... Aha ha ha ha!
Enna Kros: I'm starting to wonder if I've put Grymoire in the right hands. But, for now I'll just laugh along. Ha ha ha ha!

Spoilers end here.