WoFF wiki icon In World of Final Fantasy, short summaries of story-related objectives appear on the upper-left corner of the screen when first introduced, or when the player remains idle on the field. These objectives can be seen at any time when accessing the map. As the player continues through the story, the objectives will be replaced with another.

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Nine Wood HillsEdit

When first taking control of Lann
I need to get to North Promenade before I'm late for work.

Chapter 1Edit

Wellspring Woods, first visitEdit

When arriving at Wellspring Woods
REYNN: There has to be a way out of the woods.

When encountering the Gimme Golem
TAMA: Try-the having the look at the Gimme Golem.

After examining the Gimme Golem
TAMA: Unlock "Stroll" on the chocochick's the-Mirage Board.

After unlocking Stroll on the chocochick's Mirage Board
REYNN: Let's hunt around a little with the chocochick.

After acquiring the lusterfeaf
TAMA: Now you can the-give the Gimme Golem what it wants.

After vanquishing the Gimme Golem
REYNN: What's waiting for us further ahead?

Nine Wood HillsEdit

Sylver Park

After returning to Nine Wood Hills
TAMA: I think that stranger the-went to North Promenade.

North Promenade

After talking with Chocolatte
REYNN: We can return to Grymoire through the Main Gate in Sylver Park.

Wellspring Woods, second visitEdit

When arriving at Wellspring Woods again
REYNN: I hope we're almost out of the woods.

Chapter 2Edit

Bridge OverlookEdit

When arriving at Bridge Overlook
REYNN: What's over past the bridge? ...A town?


REYNN: Castle Cornelia is perched up at the top of the town.

After talking to Princess Sarah
TAMA: Exit Cornelia at the bottom, and then the-north we go!

Chapter 3Edit

Cornelia RegionEdit

REYNN: Princess Sarah said the Nether Nebula is northeast of Cornelia, right?

The Nether NebulaEdit

Cavern 1

LANN: I'm gonna search the caves corner to corner for Mirages!

Cavern 4

After defeating Shiva, Ramuh or Ifrit
REYNN: Why don't we head back to Cornelia?

Chapter 4Edit


LANN: Operation Lann-Storms-the-Goblin-Camp is go!

The WatchplainsEdit

Backroad 1

REYNN: Let's try and get the drop on the commander from higher up the camp.

Backroad 3

After defeating the Bahamutian Commander and Giant Goblin
TAMA: Okay, the-back to Castle Cornelia we go.

Chapter 5Edit


TAMA: Cornelia's northbound train will take us the-toward Saronia.

Pyreglow ForestEdit

LANN: Time to plow through the pretty forest. Who's with me?

Chapter 6Edit

Ice RegionEdit

TAMA: Can we stop at the inn before my ears the-freeze off?

Sherlotta's SolaceEdit

REFIA: Icicle Ridge is due north of the inn.

Icicle RidgeEdit

REFIA: We need to cross Icicle Ridge to get to Saronia.

Chapter 7Edit

Saronia HarborEdit

REYNN: No better way to learn about Saronia than by asking the locals.

After talking to the key NPCs in Saronia Harbor and Shanty Town
LANN: Let's go have a word with that Saronian thane guy.

Shanty Town

After defeating the Federation Guard
TAMA: Someone in Saronia must be able to the-point us toward a ship.

Chapter 8Edit

Saronia HarborEdit

LANN: That pirate ship on the docks sounds promising.

Chapter 9Edit

Pirate Ship - DeckEdit

REYNN: Should we tell Quistis we're ready to go?

Saronia ContinentEdit

TAMA: This fastcraft will do all the steering the-for us. Yay!

The Low SeasEdit


REYNN: We should try and get our bearings.

After rescuing the minimantoise
TAMA: Ask the adamantoise if you the-need a lift.

The Low Seas

TAMA: Yo-the-ho! Across the Low Seas we the-go!

Chapter 10Edit

The Rainbow ShoreEdit

REYNN: There's a way off the beach toward the back.

The Dragon ScarsEdit

TAMA: Last one across the cliffs is a rotten the-mandaragora!

Babil RegionEdit

REYNN: Wanna visit that town Tifa mentioned? "Nibelheim," was it?

Chapter 11Edit


TAMA: That summoner Tifa mentioned the-might be able to hep us.

After talking to Rydia
TAMA: Valley Seven is the-east of Nibelheim.

Valley SevenEdit

Cauldron 1

RYDIA: Let's see if these "keys" in the prophecy are real or a hoax.

Cauldron 2

REYNN: Rydia needs our help!

Cauldron 3

REYNN: Rydia might be able to do something about the wall of fire.

Cauldron 2

TAMA: If we look the-further into Valley Seven, we might find one of the keys.

Chapter 12Edit

The Windswept MireEdit

Fen 1

REYNN: I hope we're not stuck in the muck... Search the area for clues.

After talking to the grey toad
LANN: All I have to do is nab that golden toad...

After reverting Snow back to normal
TAMA: Hurray! We're gonna the-help Snow butt-kick the Big Jiggle!

Fen 2

REYNN: Oh, how I have missed sweet, solid ground. So long, swamp!

Chapter 13Edit

Desert RegionEdit

TAMA: I say we the-crash over at the caravan.


REYNN: Seems like north of the caravan is our only choice, so north we go.

The Phantom SandsEdit

Toil 1

REYNN: We need to cross the canyons before it gets dark.

Toil 5

REYNN: I wonder if Lightning's up for small talk...

Chapter 14Edit

Underground PrisonEdit

Ophion 1

REYNN: Hopefully someone can tell us where we are...

Ophion 2

SQUALL: The clock's ticking. I'll brief you on the way down.

Chapter 15Edit

Underground PrisonEdit

Ophion 5

LANN: Now, for the real mission! Reactor, prepare to be rocked.

Figaro CastleEdit

LANN: So where's the "colossal crossing" Edgar mentioned?

Chapter 16Edit

Desert RegionEdit

REYNN: Next stop, Big Bridge.

Big BridgeEdit

Segment 1

TAMA: Everyone, the-pile onto the elevator!

After riding the elevator
REYNN: After all that, we have to walk up the bridge?

Segment 4

After defeating Gilgamesh
REYNN: I think this is the home stretch.

Chapter 17Edit

Eclipsed RegionEdit

TAMA: There's the-bound to be a train at the station.

After riding the Cactuar Express
REYNN: That building with the only light in sight is our best bet.

Tometown of the AncientsEdit

TAMA: Follow that spiky-haired guy who the-saved our biscuits!

Library of the AncientsEdit

REYNN: Cloud said he'd take us to the Train Graveyard.

The Train GraveyardEdit

Necropolis 1

TAMA: Step the-one: find Vampire Prime. Step the-two: beat up Vampire Prime!

Necropolis 5

After defeating Vampire Prime
REYNN: We should say our good-byes to Celes and Cid.

Library of the Ancients, second visitEdit

TAMA: Start the-craning those necks, because Besaid's on the continent above Tometown!

Chapter 18Edit

Eclipsed RegionEdit

REYNN: That building north of Tometown... Could it be a...

Eclipsed Region - Train StationEdit

CONDUCTOR: All aboard! Zippity-zip!

Besaid RegionEdit

REYNN: Let's ask the people in Besaid about the Sunken Temple.

Port BesaidEdit

LANN: That "pants" person should be able to help us out.


TAMA: Swimmity-the-swim to the Sunken Temple!

The Sunken TempleEdit

Quacheon 1

REYNN: We need a quacho ruby, but don't forget we're after the key too.

Quacheon 4

After defeating Quacho Queen
REYNN: All that's left is to find the key... Hey, where'd the queen go?

Quacheon 7

After defeating King Tonberry
TAMA: Tidus is the-waiting for us to return with the ruby.

Chapter 19Edit

Besaid ShoreEdit

LANN: That Crystal Tower is just begging to be climbed.

The Crystal TowerEdit

First Floor

LANN: We've made it this far. Next stop, the tower top!

Seventh Floor

After visiting the quadrelemence barrier
TAMA: We the-have to defeat the Mirages guarding the quadrelemence barrier.

After defeating the four Mirages
LANN: That takes care of the big door, right? Let's get that sucker open!

Chapter 20Edit

The Crystal TowerEdit

The Gate

REYNN: ......

Balamb GardenEdit


REYNN: We could compare notes with Quistis.


REYNN: Tama is in Nine Wood Hills. I hope she's okay.

Nine Wood HillsEdit

Plaza 99

REYNN: I bet we'll find Wyn on Balamb Garden's deck.

Chapter 21Edit

Nine Wood HillsEdit

Plaza 99

REYNN: We can use the Girl's Tearoom to help everyone in Grymoire.

After clearing all "The Five Cogna Lords" intervention quests
TAMA: We need to find the closest the-town with a cathedral.


QUISTIS: That device in the center of the cathedral will take you to the Chainroad.

The ChainroadEdit

LANN: No chain, no gain! Up the Chainroad we go!

The Ends of GrymoireEdit

REYNN: All that's left is the Heralds' stronghold... Good luck, everyone.


Balamb GardenEdit


REYNN: First things first: we need to talk to Wyn.


REYNN: Gathering powerful Mirages and getting stronger! That's our only hope!

Nine Wood HillsEdit

Plaza 99

After recruiting all seven of the Pleiad and reviving Tama
REYNN: Think we're ready for the final showdown? Then let's talk to Serafie.

Sylver Park

After clearing the Postscript and finishing every intervention quest
LANN: Awesome adventures, here we come!

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