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This is a list of abilities enemies can use in World of Final Fantasy.



Ability Description Enemy
Abyss Inflict magical dark damage. Exnine Bahamut, King of Bahamut, Kyubi
Aero Inflict magical wind damage. Valefor
Aeroga Inflict magical wind damage. King of Bahamut
Aeroja Inflict magical wind damage. Exnine Bahamut (final boss)
Aerora Inflict magical wind damage. Diva Serafie
Arcarmanent 1-4-6 Exnine Bahamut
Arcarmanent 2-8-10 Exnine Bahamut
Arcarmanent 3-11-12 Exnine Bahamut
Arcarmanent 5-7-9 Exnine Bahamut
Atomic Impact Inflict physical dark damage. Omega God


Ability Description Enemy
Banishra Inflict magical light damage. Exnine Bahamut
Bio Inflict neutral magical damage/poison. Shantotto
Blade Dance Inflict neutral physical damage. High critical chance. Knight in the Golden Mask, Segwarides, Marilith
Blast Wave Knight in the Golden Mask
Blaze Inflict magical fire damage. Brandelis, Elefenrir, Kyubi, Marilith, Garland
Blizzaga Inflict magical ice damage. Exnine Bahamut (final boss)
Blizzaja Inflict magical ice damage. Exnine Bahamut (final boss), Enna Kros
Blizzara Inflict magical ice damage. Plumed Knight (2nd), Shiva (2nd), Vivi
Blizzard Inflict magical ice damage. Black Mage, Shiva (1st), Terra, White Nakk
Bloody Claw Pellinore
Bold Maneuver Inflict neutral magical damage. Omega God
Bravery Raise physical damage. Memecoleous, The Immortal Dark Dragon


Ability Description Enemy
Call For Help Summon other Mirages. Grandfenrir, Vampire Prime
Chaos Pulse Exnine Bahamut (final boss) (2nd)
Chaotic Impulse Exnine Bahamut (final boss)
Counter Allows non-ranged attacks to sometimes be countered.
Can only counter physical attacks.
Behemonster, Entom Soldier, The Immortal Dark Dragon
Counterstance Enter counterstance and retaliate against magical attacks. The Immortal Dark Dragon
Crush Golden Flan
Cure Restore HP. Valefor


Ability Description Enemy
Dark Inflict magical dark damage/Blindness. Imp, Kraken (Hidden Dungeon)
Dark Revels Exnine Bahamut (final boss)
Dark Summon Replica The Immortal Dark Dragon
Death Inflict Death. Mimic Queen, The Immortal Dark Dragon, Garland
Disaster Inflict confusion / blindness / oblivion / doom. Segwarides
Dispelga Remove positive status effects. Brandelis, King of Bahamut, Kraken (Hidden Dungeon)
Double Cut Inflict neutral physical damage. Hits 4 times. Exnine Bahamut, Odin
Dragon Dive The Immortal Dark Dragon


Ability Description Enemy
Earthquake Inflict magical earth damage. Brandelis
Eerie Soundwave Knight in the Golden Mask, Segwarides
Excalibur Gilgamesh
Excalipoor Gilgamesh


Ability Description Enemy
Faith Raise magical damage. Tama
Fira Inflict magical fire damage. Gleefrit, Ifreeta, Ifrit (2nd), King Bomb, Marilith, Plumed Knight
Firaga Inflict magical fire damage. Buer, Gleefrit, King Bomb, Pellinore, Shantotto
Firaja Inflict magical fire damage. Exnine Bahamut (final boss)
Fire Inflict magical fire damage. Black Mage, Ifreeta, King Bomb, Terra
Flare Inflict neutral magical damage. Brandelis, Exnine Bahamut, Enna Kros
Flare Star+ Inflict magical fire damage. Mega Red Dragon
Flash Inflict Blindness. Buer
Focus Raise the damage dealt by one’s next attack. Valefor, The Immortal Dark Dragon (replica)
Freezing Dust Pellinore, Plumed Knight
Full Power! Inflict neutral physical damage and raise the power of your next attack. Supraltima Weapon


Ability Description Enemy
Gnaw Inflict neutral physical damage. Grandfenrir
Gravity Counter Allows one to sometimes counter with Gravity. Enna Kros


Ability Description Enemy
Haste Speed how often the target takes a turn. Rairamuh, Tama


Ability Description Enemy
Ice Storm Inflict magical ice damage. White Nakk, Tiamat
Impulse King of Bahamut


Ability Description Enemy
Kinda Sorta Holy Enna Kros


Ability Description Enemy
Leech Use dark power to absorb HP. Vampire Prime
Loud Whisperwind Serafie


Ability Description Enemy
Magic Counter Allows magical attacks to sometimes be countered. The Immortal Dark Dragon
Magic Shield Knight in the Golden Mask, Segwarides
Magitek Missile Terra
Megaflare Cannon Exnine Bahamut (final boss)
Meteor Inflict neutral physical damage. Hits 4 times. Behemonster, The Immortal Dark Dragon
Mind Blast Inflict neutral magical damage/Confusion/Oblivion. Ultros (2nd)


Ability Description Enemy
Pretty Strong Holy Enna Kros
Protect Lessen physical damage taken. Valefor
Punch Inflict neutral physical damage. Vampire Prime


Ability Description Enemy
Quake Asterius, Exnine Bahamut (final boss), King of Bahamut, Plumed Knight (2nd), Shantotto, Enna Kros


Ability Description Enemy
Random Shock Inflict magical thunder damage. Hits multiple times. Omega God
Reflect Cause a target to reflect magic back at casters. Omega, Omega Bane
Regen Gradually restore HP. Tama
Rend Plumed Knight
Rumor Radar Serafie


Ability Description Enemy
Shell Lessen magical damage taken. Valefor
Shock Spear Shelke
Shooting Ray Valefor
Slash Inflict neutral physical damage. The Immortal Dark Dragon, Garland
Sleep Inflict Sleep. Diabolos
Super Gobsmacker Giant Goblin


Ability Description Enemy
Thundaga Inflict magical thunder damage. Pellinore, Plumed Knight (2nd), Shantotto
Thundaja Inflict magical thunder damage. Exnine Bahamut (final boss), Enna Kros
Thundara Inflict magical thunder damage. Golden Flan, Plumed Knight, Rairamuh, Vivi
Thunder Inflict magical thunder damage. Black Mage, Terra
Thunderstorm Syldra★
Timewalk Tama
Tower Breaker Federation Guard
Tri-Disaster Pellinore
Tsunami Inflict magical water damage. Brandelis


Ability Description Enemy
Ultima Inflict neutral magical damage. Ultima Weapon


Ability Description Enemy
Venom Lance Inflicts physical poison damage. Federation Guard


Ability Description Enemy
Wait The Immortal Dark Dragon, The Immortal Dark Dragon (replica)
Water Inflict magical water damage. Yuna
Watera Inflict magical water damage. Bismarck
Waterga Inflict magical water damage. Kraken
Waterja Inflict magical water damage. Enna Kros
Whirlwind Inflict magical wind damage. Brandelis, Omega Bane, Tiamat
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